157 Bangin Ankle Tattoo Design


Here are some ankle tattoo designs. The ankle is one of my favorite spots for tattoos. It’s a cool spot to get something small and quirky or big and scary, it’s all up to you my friends and here is a list to get you inspired and hopefully get some ideas for your next tattoo.


All the Way

Why not make your leg tattoo go all the way down and carry onto to your ankle and then onto your foot as this young lady has done. I know this post is about ankle tattoos but I especially love the symetrical roses on her knees. Oh and how could I forget about the cat on her shin. Now that is some damn fine art work.

Sickles are not Fickle

This is a very cool ankle tattoo that features a sickle crossed with a piano and flute perhaps. It’s a very interesting combination of ideas that somehow worked out for the best. Sickle tattoos are a symbol of death. It is the weapon of choice of the grim reaper.


Mother Nature is the Greatest Creator. Flower Ankle Tattoos

Art takes inspiration from mother nature constantly. Take the golden mean for example. The golden mean is a mathematical ratio found in nature on shells and flowers alike. It is a ratio that has been used in famous artworks and creates balance and harmony throughout the creation. It’s also known as the golden spiral and can be found on famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa. Flowers are a popular tattoo not only for their beauty but different flowers have different meanings.

The above tattoo is a cute mono color version of flower that uses simple line work and minimal shading. It’s simple in design and looks great on the lower leg and ankle area of the body.

Cursive Creation

Cursive writing or some creative caligraphy makes for great tattoos. The aesthetics of text is an art form in itself and the vast amount of fonts and words available are an endless bank of inspiration.

High Heels on the Heel

Here is a clever little play on word for a clever tattoo. This person has an ankle tattoo of high heels on, or very near her heels. It’s worth mentioning the tattoos above as they are seriously fine art. The silhouettes from the film “Where the Wild Things Are”, are a cute addition and are done so to perfection that they are unmistakable.

Combining Styles

This ankle tattoo combines a sketch style with watercolors. The styles work in unison to create the entire piece and add depth, color, and variation. The rear view of the girl on the swing creates an atmosphere of distance and longing. If you look closely the text says homesick. The image and text convey the message precisely.



Simple Lines

The simple lines of the Himalayas paired with a night sky make for a nice and quaint ankle tattoo. Perhaps this is a reminder of a travel experience.


Go Troppo

Tropical fruits make for fun tattoos. Pineapples, cherries, and bananas are quite popular and the above tattoo features a rough outline of pineapple. It’s not the greatest of artworks but still delivers a message of fun and whimsical satire.


More Flowers

Daisy, Daisy how does your garden grow. Above is a cute little daisy ankle tattoo with simple line work. Daisies are said to signify innocence and growth like the natural progression of a flower.

The Elephant in the Room or On the Ankle

Here is a version of an elephant in an Indian style. In Hindu culture, the elephant represents wisdom, intellect, and protection. Lord Ganesha, a Hindu deity was created by Shatki to protect the castle from evil spirits when Shiva was away.


Whale Tale

This tattoo is great because it leaves a lot to the imagination. I’m not quite sure if the tail is part of a complete fish or it finishes at the shoe line. Either way, it has been executed to perfection. The fine detail and artisty are a testament to the tattoo artist.



Whatever It Is

It’s hard to make out exactly what these tattoos are but they do give you an idea of what a bottom leg piece with large coverage will look like from a distance.




Mandalas make for great tattoos. The above tattoo is a mixture between Henna art and a mandala. The concentric circles and patterns create symmetry with an amazing visual appeal.

You Don’t Have to Be A Botanist to Appreciate A Flower

I’m no botanist but I know a good looking flower when I see one. This is one of the best flower ankle tattoos on the list and is definitely worth a mention. Kudos to the tattoo artist for doing such an amazing job and kudos to the subject for displaying such a fine piece of artwork.

Ankle Bands Tattoos

Ankle tatoos in the form of bands are like permanent jewellery and your only limited to your imagination as to what you can create. The above tattoo is nice little piece featuring a crest on the front.



Queen of the Castle

This castle reminds of me Disneyland. It’s the classic castle featured in many Disney movies, usually with a princess trapped in the bell tower waiting to be freed by a handsome prince.



Geometric Nature Cat

This is one cool cat with geometric patterns and some very lovely dot work. It comes across a tribal Inca style design mixed with the dot work of Australian Aborigines.




The Classic Anchor

The anchor tattoo have a variety of different meaning such as composure and salvation. It was also popular and still is to patrons of the navy and other adventureres of the sea.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

You will probably notice that this list of ankle tattoos is full of flowers and you may very well get sick of hearing about them but this one is exceptional. The attention to detail exquisite.


A Little Bit Koi

This ankle tattoo is a beautiful rendition of a Chinese Koi fish. The Koi fish sybolizes the overcoming of adversity and good luck.



Nature and Geometry

In nature, patterns emerge in all places such as flowers and seashells. This tattoo is a perfect example of these two elements merging to form a something special.


Ugly Ankles With A Pretty Ankle Tattoo

Hyper Color Styles

This ink splash style paired with some bold line work is a thing a beauty and of course, who doesn’t love turtles. I mean what’s not to love about turtles and this ankle tattoo. Turtles symbolize calmness and long life


Crow’s Feet

Well not quite. More like crow’s ankles and what’s better than one crow ankle tattoo? Two crow ankle tattoos of course.



This is so cute. This lady has cute little paws tattood on her paws. It’s not really an ankle tattoo, but who cares.

Choose Life

As the film Trainspotting says “Choose Life”, and if you are ever confronted with the option this tattoo will show the direction to go if you decide to choose life.


Matryoshka doll

These classic Russian dolls are icons and are synonymous with Russian art. They feature dolls within dolls within dolls within dolls.

Bow Tie Me Down and Zip Me Up

The bow tie is cute and the zipper is a representation that beauty is only skin deep and we all bleed red and are same on the inside.



Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Arrow tattoos symbolize moving forward. They are also a symbol of friendship and look good wrapped around the ankle. May your arrow fly straight and true.


I am Woman Hear me Roar

Women have been wearing bows in their hair and clothes for aeons. The bow is a symbol of feminimity and a bow tattoo is a symbol of a bad ass bitch. 🙂


High Tea Anyone?

A tempest in a teapot or a storm in a tea cup. The tea pot could represent the calm before the storm or this person may just love tea. Regardless it’s a cute tatto.

Lizard Queen

Small ankle tattoos are cute especially if they are of something menacing like a dinosaur. When thinking of your ankle tattoo design try think outside the box and come up with something that is perfect for you.


A Tribute to the Late Great Dr. Gonzo

Back in the 70’s Dr. Hunter S Thompson acclaimed writer of Fear and Loathing in Lost Vegas was a figurehead for all the freaks and hippies of the world. He ran for Mayor in his hometown of Aspen his campaign poster featured a fist similar to this. It’s obvious that this tattoo has taken some inspiration from the poster and combined it with a rose.


Love is in the Air

This couple has gone for matching heart ankle tattoos. It almost enough to make you gush, or make you sick. It all depends on your perspective.


Enough With the Flowers Already

Well except for this one. The artwork is amazing. The detail and shading are nothing short of perfection and the artist deserves a shout out. Good Job!


Origami Elephants

There is not alot to say about this little tattoo except it’s so freakin cool. Elephants make for great tattoos and origami elephants make for excellent tattoos.


Follow the Compass of Your Heart and You will Never Get Lost

Compass tattoo’s symbolize direction and guidance.  If you ever get lost pop into your local tattoo artist and get a compass you will find your way. To where, I don’t know but I’m sure you will get somewhere.

Pizza Steve

If you have ever watched the cartoon Uncle Grampa you will recognize this character immediately. Pizza Steve is cool party loving slice that is the antagonist. He can always be counted on for starting the party and getting into trouble often leading his friends astray. I think there is a little bit of Pizza Steve in all of us.


Here is another fine example of an elephant done in traditional Indian style.

Colors Colors

I love the color work in this ankle tattoo. The lightly saturated blues and greens look great together and of course we can’t forget the beautiful design.


Dream Weaver

This ankle tattoo has a bit of a dream catcher vibe going on. It’s inspired by the indian dream catches that are hung over your bed to catch the bad spirits and stop them from entering your dreams as you sleep.


Flash Ain’t Got Sh*%t on Me

The flash can go jump in a lake with his lightning bolts because this guy has wings on his ankles. Ankle tattoos featuring wings are quite common for a good reason. They are pretty damn cool and represent haste and freedom.




The Crest is Best

This is a beautifully designed crest featuring beautiful line work and balance.

Why the Long Neck?

There used to be many short neck giraffes roaming the plains of Africa but as an evolutionary tale goes, they eventually ran out of food and those with the long neck survived. The giraffe is said to symbolize intuition.

Locket it Up

Above is a cute tattoo of an antique locket. It’s a nice piece of permanent jewellery.

Get on the Hogwarts Express

This ankle tattoo is a reference to one of our favorite little wizards. That’s right it’s from the book or film of Harry Potter.

Abstract Anamorph

Here is nice little abstract piece of turtle that encapsulates the enviroment as well. This person is obvioulsy a lover of the ocean.



Jewels of the Damned

Wow! This is one detailed and intricate piece of permanent jewellery. At first glance, it appears so pretty and innocent but if you look closely there is an element of darkness represented by the skull.


Lilo and Sketch

Here is a nice little sketch of the character from Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Get a Silhouette

Silhouette tattoos are super cool and this palm tree is no excpetion. The detail of the outline is some very handy work and the tattoo artist must have the steady hands of surgion.



Gun Control

This person is doing their bit for gun control in America. Instead of buying a pistol they got one tattooed on their ankle. It’s just as good as the real thing, only safer.

The Wild West

This tattoo is very rough and sketchy yet cool and charming.


The Octopus

The octopus is one of the smartest animals in the ocean and they have been known to unscrew glass jars and predict football results. Well, the scientific evidence behind the predicting football results is inconclusive but it’s a nice thought.

Cascading Stars

If you have stars in your eyes or stars on your ankles it doesn’t matter. We all came from stardust and one day we will return.

The Ladybugs Picnic


More Jewellery

Permanent Jewellery, especially on the feet or as ankle tattoos are quite popular and the best part about it is that you get to be the designer.

Surf’s Up

This is a simple yet awesome tattoo for a surf lover. The hand simple actually mean hang loose which is a surfing term. It is also the universal symbol for “Let’s go for a smoke”.


Tiny Tattoos

This ankle tattoo is tiny. The tattoo artist must have had to use a magnifying glass.


Foxy Lady

Here is an ode to the Jimi Hendrix song Foxy Lady. Well, maybe not but it’s a nice thought. Anyway, the fox is a cute tattoo and is a symbol of being clever.


Native American Feather

Native American adorned their body in feathers and the meaning varies depending on which bird the feather originated from.

The Lucky Frog

Frog tattoos sybolize good luck. This colorful frog is chilling out on a leaf.

Too Cute

Here is the perfect tattoo to get if your mother hates tattoos. She will be appalled and flattered at the same time and it will open up the gateway to her acceptance of tattoos.


Legalize It!

Here is a beautiful marijuana leaf executed with precision. It’s about time that this magical plant is legalized for recreational use all over the world. This person is representin the herb and good on them.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at, but I love it.

Hey Mickey you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!

She sells sea shells by the sea shore so she got an ankle tattoo of her logo to promote her business. Clever girls.

The Cherry On Top

Well isn’t this just the sweetest thing. An ankle tattoo of a cute little cupcake with a cherry on top. But watch out! If you eat it you might shrink like our good friend Alice in Wonderland.


Ankle Bracelet

Here is a cute tattoo of a leather ankle bracelet. People usually go for a the metallic jewellery designs but I think I like this one better.

Ms. Punisher

Did you know that Ms. Pacman is just Pacman with a bow in his hair. Same goes for this Punisher tattoo.


Little Wing

Another tattoo that represents a famous Hendrix song. That song of course is Little Wing.


Esoteric Vines

I love these abstract and esocteric vines that start on the feet and creep over the ankle and onto the leg. The possibilities are endless.

The Lion King

One day everything the light touches will be yours.



I’m not sure what exactly what I’ looking at but it’s pretty darn cool. Sometimes tattoos don’t have to be images and can be patterns to decorate the body.

The Savanah is Calling

This is a beautiful ankle tattoo of a giraffe. I love the dot work and the geometric flowers.



Some more mandala magnificence.

The coin isn’t a tattoo by the way.

Take Flight and Get a Bird Tattoo

The All Seeing The All Knowing

The owl symbolizes wisdom. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite tattoos on the list even though it’s not on the ankle per say. The design is amazing and radiates a profoundity that I cannot explain.


We didn’t start the fire.

Aren’t We All Hopeless Romantics unless of course you’re a sociopath.

Dream Catcher Tattoo


And Again with the nature. I’m sure you get the idea and hopefully you get some inspiration. I won’t bore you with my commentry over all these but there is some beautiful work over the next few pictures so be sure to check them out.


There it is. The list of 157 ankle tattoo designs that will hopefully inspire you to go out spend some time in the chair and get an ankle tattoo. After you get your ankle tattoo to be sure to ask your tattoo artist for some tips on taking care of it. It’s an awkward position and due to the constant movement of the joint, they can be tricky to look after.  Keep it dry and keep it moist.


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