155 Best Anchor Tattoos for 2019 (with Meanings & Placement Ideas)


Tattoos are not only a form of art but also a sense of expression. Anchor tattoos have become quite popular and are considered to be quite versatile and carry different meanings to do different people. To the sailors at sea, wearing anchor tattoo symbolizes stability as the feeling of being steady creates some element of assurance while at sea.

There are different meanings that are associated with the anchor tattoo; and part from the sea its also away of hiding the cross symbol.


Best Anchor Tattoos with Meanings

Before you wear any tattoo; it’s great that you take time and find out what the tattoos actually mean. Anchor tattoos look simple yet very stylish and that’s one reason that endears many people to them. The anchor tattoos can be worn by both men and women and they look quite chic and classy on women.

Anchor tattoos were originally worn by sailors ad they used the tattoos to design their way of life. The tattoo design below looks quite intricate with the colours used blending well.

The origin of anchor tattoos is associated with sailors, however; the tattoos have featured in most of the Native American cultures. Anchor tattoos have been used to express diverse things ad carry different meanings to different people. The tattoos have been used to express, dreams, history, warfare, hunting amongst other historical activities.

There are limitless ideas that you can use for designing anchor tattoos. If you find the historical features to be inspiring then you can incorporate some historical ideas in the design

Placement of Anchor Tattoos

If you have designed a beautiful tattoo then it looks great when its placed in a place that’s visually appealing. Places like the upper and lower parts of the arm look great with arrow tattoos. The lower abdomen is another epic place for wearing the tattoo just like in the design below.

You can also give the tattoos a real personal touch by incorporating it with some personal ideas. The design below looks quite complex and equally cool with several elements incorporated in the design.

Anchor tattoos can be as simple as the one below. It looks cool on the upper arm where its placed with the sky blue colour creating a magnificent outlook.

Apart from choosing the right place to wear the tattoos, it looks great when its incorporated with adorable elements. The tattoo design below is quite eye-catching with the colours used blending so well.

The meaning of the anchor tattoo can also be derived from how its design and where it’s worn. The design below is fascinating with the combination of colours blending well.

There are several meanings that are associated with an anchor tattoo. The tattoo can be worn in places that are significant such as the finger if you want a tiny piece of the design.

Amazing anchor tattoo designs

The design below is quite elegant and looks cool on the arm where it’s worn. The beautiful splashes of blue with the red shades look stunning.

The anchor tattoo acts as a way of hiding the symbol of the cross. It’s possible to still feel stable and grounded without raising eyebrows.

Most anchor tattoos take very tiny shapes and styles or even wider and large shapes. The place you are wearing the tattoo on should be taken into account before inking the tattoo. The design below fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

Since an anchor is a component used in holding ships in place; wearing one is symbolic of having your life secured. The one coloured tattoo design looks cute with the chain element well fastened on the anchor.

Wearing anchor tattoo brings some element of ope that despite the life storms, you will stay grounded. The beautiful blend of the colours in the tattoo below enhances the outlook of the wearer.

Stunning Arrow Tattoo Designs

The design below looks spectacular and seems to carry rich memories going by the elements incorporated. The colour combination with the little stars creates such an adorable outlook.

Anchor tattoo designs look elegant regardless of whether they are decorated or not. The stylish design below with the beautiful flowers looks magnificent.

Tattoos have a way of expressing culture, feelings and emotions. The anchor tattoo design below is beautifully designed and fits well on the arm.

The below is a magnificent way of expressing the anchor tattoo. It looks cute on the legs of the wearer and expresses some feminine qualities with elegance.

The way colours are used when designing anchor tattoo designs is another key issue. Well balanced colours are visually appealing and enhance body features.

Flowery anchor tattoo designs

Incorporating beautiful flowers with an anchor tattoo has a way of enhancing the beauty of the design. The tattoo below is not only stylish but looks amazing on the lady’s thighs. The design is also large enough and covers the entire space quite well.

Anchor tattoos can be worn anywhere in the body right from the fingers, legs, thighs hands, and any other part. All you need is choosing the best design and working with an artist that’s well versed in inking the designs. The bold grey tattoo design below looks spectacular on the legs.

The below anchor tattoo is a beautifully hidden cross that looks stunning. The design is slim and fits well at the back of the neck where it is worn. The design is classy and looks great on a lady.

A subtle way of wearing an anchor tattoo with the one colour creating a cool outlook. If you don’t feel comfortable with huge designs then you can still draw inspiration from the tiny designs.

Beautiful anchor tattoo designs

The anchor tattoo design below looks great with the butterfly element enhancing the oerall outlook. The dark shades used in the design also creates such an appealing visual outlook.

Flowery anchor tattoo below looks epic and blends with the wearer’s complexion well. Flowers have a way of bringing life to a design and it fits well on the leg where it’s worn.

The anchor tattoo design below looks magnificent with all the elements used blending quite well. It enhances the association of anchor tattoos with the sea and oceans and the beautiful red and blue colours create such a breathtaking appeal.

The below design is such a classic anchor that fits well on the back where it’s worn. Its a cool depiction of dark shades and blends well with the wearer’s complexion.

Roses are beautiful flowers and look great when incorporated with anchor tattoos. The below design is such a classy piece of artwork with the dots, rope and flowery elements creating a dynamic outlook.

Small anchor tattoos have a way of creating some feminine appeal. The design below looks simple yet quite elegant.

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Tattoo Aftercare Tips

As you decide on the tattoo to wear and the ideal size; it’s also important to note that it needs proper care. Failure to take good care of the tattoo after you have inked them can lead to unnecessary infection. Aftercare begins immediately you are done with inking the tattoo.

Here are some of the aftercare ideas that you can consider;

  • Ensure that your skin is kept clean daily and treated in order to prevent bacteria from infecting the wound.
  • Ensure that your hands are clean whenever you are dressing the tattoo or even touching it.
  • If you notice signs of infection then you should immediately notify your doctor or the tattoo artist.

After inking the tattoo; you need to avoid engaging in the following;

  • Try to avoid covering the tattoo with a sunblock until its fully healed.
  • You can also avoid scratching or picking at the tattoo
  • Wearing a very fitting and tight clothing over the tattoo should also be avoided
  • Avoid swimming or immersing your entire body in water before the tattoo heals.


Below is a classy arrow tattoo design. It’s tiny and looks great on the wearer.

The flowery anchor tattoo design is cool with the bold black colours and flowery elements creating an adorable outlook.

For aftercare services; it’s important to note that your faster healing depends on the kind of care that you give the tattoo. For big tattoos like the one below; you need to be quite careful on how you handle the tattoo after the inking.

Unique anchor tattoo designs

The below anchor tattoo design looks cool and fits well next to the ear where it’s worn. The bold dark colours used also gives the design a distinct outlook

The anchor tattoo design below is quite detailed with the beautiful flowers giving it more life. The combination of grey and darker shades also look cool alongside the elements used.

The tiny tattoo design behind the ear looks classy with the initial connected to the string enhancing the beauty. Places like behind the ear are great for wearing small versions of anchor tattoos.

The beautiful colour combination in the design below creates an air of feminity and elegance. The design sits perfectly well on the leg where it’s worn.

If you fancy wearing bracelets then there isn’t a better way to enhance the beauty of the bracelents like wearing a tattoo around the wrist. Just like in the design below; it slooks stylish.

Several elements can be used to enhance the beauty of anchor tattoos and that makes them unique. The combination of the numerical signs with the design carries a great meaning for the wearer.

Faith, hope and love are some of the emotions that get expressed with anchor tattoos. The bright coloured flowers bring life and elegance to the design.

The fading tattoo design below looks elegant and is creatively designed. The design also fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

The anchor below acts as a good replacement for a ring. It’s dynamic and looks brigher on the wearer.

Appealing anchor tattoo design ideas for both men and women

Anchor tattoos can be worn by both men and women. The elements used also has a way of enhancing the overall outlook.

Colouring and traditional styling are great ways to enhance the beauty of the anchor tattoo. The deep blue colour looks magnificent with the red flowers creating an adorable look.

This minimalist anchor tattoo sits well on the ankle where it’s worn. You can enhance your visual outlook by wearing tiny tattoos like the one below in preferred places.

The combination of the compass and the anchor is a clear expression of direction and stability. The dark shades look great and fit well on the wearer.

Outstanding anchor tattoo designs

If you love bold and visually appealing designs then the below design is a good inspiration. Its quite visually appealing and enhances the masculine features of the wearer.

The design below expresses a cool way of having a tattoo as a bracelet. The connection of the breaking anchor tattoo with the flying birds looks amazing.

When combining several elements with your anchor tattoo, use of colours has a way of making the design distinct. The beautiful flowers that are chained to the anchor express such a complex style.

Factors to consider before inking a tattoo

Before deciding on inking a tattoo; there are factors that one should put into consideration. Apart from choosing a design that fits you well; you also need to work with an artist that’s well versed with the design.

Inquire about the price and settle for what you’re comfortable with. The choice of the design may not matter quitemuch if the artist is not well versed with it.

Consider having some insight on the expected before and aftercare. There are some artists that are not careful enough and they might use needles that are not sterilized when working on your design. Take time and ensure that the artist has taken the neccesary precautions in ensuring that you are safe.

Whether you’re inking a tiny minimalist tattoo or a larger one; you need to choose your placement well. Wear it in a place where you will be comfortable with in the long-term.

Trendy anchor tattoo designs

Wearing tattoos have become a popular trend with many people associating them with diverse meanings. Anchor tattoos are not only cool but very trendy and you can combine the designs with diverse elements.

When deciding on the placement for your tattoo; ensure that you wear it in a place you’re comfortable with. The design below enhances the outlook of the wearer’s upper features.

The anchor tattoo design below looks cools on the hand. It can easily be confused for a ring. The bold black colour used on the design looks great and fits well on the place it’s worn.

The 3D version of the anchor tatoo design looks elegant. The crowned anchor design is artistcally designed and looks great on the wearer.

Colourful anchor tattoo designs

When styling a tattoo design; how colour is used is quite critical. Colours have the potential of enhancing the beauty and elegance of the design. The yellow chain hangs well on the below-coloured design.

You can make the anchor tattoos as versatile as you may want. Just ensure that you have a talented artist that’s capable of bringing out the elements well.

Elements used alongside the anchor tattoos has a way of adding complexity and style to the design. The shades of grey with the anchored elements look great and blend so well.

If you’re comfortable with bold designs then the below anchor tattoo design is a great inspiration. The numerous colour shades and elements used blends perfectly well.

Cool anchor tattoo design ideas

The beautiful flowery anchor with the heart shape looks elegant and expresses a cool outlook. The magnificent way in which the elements intertwine is quite inspiring.

Even as you go for large anchor tattoo designs; you need to ensure that space you choose to place it is big enough. The below design is not only cool but also fits well on the place it’s worn.

A combination of bright and dull colours blends quite well. The magnificent anchor tattoo design looks amazing and the colours blend well.

Anchor tattoos normally mean stability, peace, determination and passion alongside other great virtues. The below design encompasses most of the meanings that the anchor tattoos are associated with.

Symbols associated with anchor tattoos

There are amazing symbols and elements that are associated with an anchor tattoo. Symbols such as the heart; rope and compass amongst others help in enhancing the beauty of the design.

Flowery anchor tattoos don’t only look great on women but on men as well. The below tattoo looks cool on the upper shoulder where it’s worn.

Another dynamic symbol is the cross used in the design below and it expresses faith and deep beliefs. Wearing the tattoo can act as a reminder to what one believes in and their connection to their faith.

The symbol of flowers and the heart expresses love and beauty. The tattoo looks cool with the colour combination enhancing visual appeal.

Several symbols used in the anchor tattoo below expresses a cool meaning. The cross symbol looks significant in the design.

The combination of grey and black colours in the design below looks stylish. The anchor tattoo design is filled with an array of cool flowers.

The compass and the hummingbird are great symbols to incorporate in the design. It expresses a sense of direction and beauty.

The 3D anchor tattoo design below looks spectacular. The grey shades and the compass symbol creates such a magnificent outlook.

Best places to wear anchor tattoos

One of the best places that you can consider wearing an anchor tattoo is the leg. You can get inspiration from the design below. It looks cool with the bright red colours blending well with the grey and yellow colours.

Another amazing place to wear an anchor tattoo is the arm. The sprouting flowers bring life and beauty to the design.

The upper body part is another cool place to wear the tattoo. If you don’t intend to expose your beautiful design to everyone then you can consider the place.

The way colour shades have been used in the design below expresses such a spectacular outlook. The background of faded blue with light dark shades looks epic.

Such an artistic design that looks cool on the back where it’s been worn. The theme expresses a sense of patriotism and belonging.

Traditional anchor tattoo designs

There is no greater way to express your connection with your culture than wearing a themed tattoo. There are symbols that are rich in expressing culture, Incorporating them into the design is a perfect way to stay connected with the culture.

A ship anchor expresses the constant change in life that people experience. The splashing waters act as a reminder of how we need anchors to hold on to.

The writings on the anchor tattoo below alongside the symbols used looks magnificent. The tattoo looks cool on the leg where it’s worn.

There is no other way to feel connected to a family member always like inking their names. Wearing a tattoo with the name of your loved once expresses sincere love and connection.

Anchor and wheel designs

Most of the anchor tattoo designs have the combination of both anchor and the wheel. The one colour used in the designs looks great. The quote from the bible also expresses a strong belief in the word.

If you are a fun of high definition inking then you can get some inspiration from the below design. It looks cool with the chain well intertwined.

Another simple design of the anchor and the wheel design. It’s stylish and gives a clear expression of the sea.

The design below looks quite surreal and with a cool colour combination. The tattoo fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

The blend of beautiful bright colours is not for everyone. You need a great stylist that can harmonize the colours in a way that’s appealing.

A colourful anchor and wheel design below looks spectacular. The yellow, blue and pink colours used blends quite well.

Adorable anchor tattoo designs

The bold colours used in the design below blends quite well with the design. The beautiful yellow, red and dominant blue enhances the visual appeal of the design.

If you are a fan of big and bold tattoos then the anchor tattoo design below is a great inspiration. The colours blend quite well and enhance the overall outlook of the design.

The shades of grey and black in the design below blends quite well. The chain also joins the wheel and anchor elements perfectly.

Having a symbolism of the sea alongside the anchor tattoo expresses a deeper meaning of the tattoo. It demonstrates stability and focus in the midst of the storm.

If you prefer the larger anchor tattoo designs like the one below then the back seems perfect. The tattoo design below is quite magnanimous and require artistic skills if its to look great.

Classic anchor tattoo designs

Rose flowers symbolize femininity and beauty. The anchor tattoo design below looks cool with the yellow, blue and red colours expressing a vibrant outlook.

There is no better way of expressing a connection with a dear one unlike having their names linked. The design below is quite classy and appealing.

Use of background shades of orange bring life and elegance to the design. The tattoo looks great and fits well in the place it’s worn.

The symbol of birds flying above the anchor with a name tag looks visually appealing. The colour combination and the symbols used blends quite well.

Best anchor tattoo designs

Get inspiration from a range of complex and appealing anchor tattoo designs. The complexity is evident in the beautiful choice of colours and how they all blend well.

Most of the anchor tattoos look great when worn at the upper part of the body such as the arm. It’s spacious enough and looks magnificent. The design below is a combination of several symbols that blends well with a dynamic design.

Such a classy and elegant anchor tattoo design. It fits quite well on the le where it’s worn. The colour choice is cool and blends so well.

Wearing the anchor tattoo on the upper part of the back is beautiful and enhances the outlook of the wearer. The place is spacious and brings out the beauty and elegance of the tattoo.

The below design enhances the masculine features of the wearer and looks great. The shades of black and grey also blend quite well.

You can also consider the chest as another cool place for wearing anchor tattoo designs. The beautiful blend of colours and the overlapping wings enhance the features of the wearer.


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