136 Angel Tattoo Designs That Will Have You Looking to the Heavens


136 Angel Tattoo Designs for your viewing pleasure. Angels are significant supernatural beings in many cultures and religions often regarded as watchers or guardians. These winged beings take the form of androgynous humans, often depicted as aesthetically beautiful with wings. Apparently according to religion angels live in heaven with God, except of course those that have fallen from grace. The fallen angels who walk the earth amongst us or below in the depths of hell such as Lucifer or Satan. Angels have been the subject of many paintings and sculptures so it’s only natural that they would eventually make their way into the tattoo world.


Angels or Demons

Angels are widely known as being protectors and the above tattoo is a classic depiction of an angel that can be seen in religious scriptures and art dating back to the Christian and Catholic eras.

Cherubs in the Sky

Here is a baby angel also know as a cherub. This is a cute tattoo of a child with wings or angel and his pet bird. You can see by the red marks that it’s fresh AF.

Everyone’s Child is an Angel

Every parent thinks their child is an angel until they grow up to be teenagers. Then they turn into little devils with a foul mouth and a penchant for mischief. This angel tattoo is of the child when they are in the first stage of life before they turn into devils.

The Arch Angel

The Birdman or archangel has long been popular in comics books flying around and saving damsels in distress. The artist has done well with the fine detail on the wings.

A Fallen Angel

This angel tattoo features a fallen angel that fell from grace and it’s hanging it’s head in shame or perhaps he is kneeling before the Almighty in a plea for forgiveness.

Shoulder Angel Tattoo

This is a very nice shoulder angel tattoo done in mono color. The shading work in this tattoo is amazing and the tattoo artist deserves full credit for this masterpiece.


Ready for Battle

Angels were perceived as warriors in the constant battle between good and evil forever in the service of God to keep the demons away. This angel tattoo features an angel in full battle gear ready to defend all that’s good in the world.

Azrael the Angel

The angel Azrael is associated with death and retribution in many different religions. As you will notice from the list that most angel tattoos contain very fine detail and intricate line work. The tattoo artist really has their job cut out for them when they take on a big shoulder tattoo like this. The shading is absolutely stunning.


A Cross to Bare

This shoulder angel tattoo is a little bit disturbing and evokes emotions of sadness and vulnerability. I love the way the artist has made the cross appear to be three dimensional.


Battle Ready

If you thought angels were whimsical little things that flutter around, think again. This angel tattoo features an angel that is battle ready with shield and sword in hand.

Floating on a Cloud

This would be the total opposite of the tattoo above. This a cute rendition of an angel tattoo that you would find in a children’s book.

Forearm Angel Tattoo

Detailed angel tattoos are great for covering large spaces. This is a ripper of a tattoo with an angel in the ever popular crouched position. It connotes that the angel has shamed themselves in the eyes of God.


Honey with a Halo

This angel tattoo features a very attractive women sitting on a cloud and of course, the halo above her head means that she is a good one. The detail of the linework on the wings looks amazing. The tattoo as a whole is a nice piece of work.


Say a Little Prayer

This angel tattoo uses black as it’s primary color and it creates a really cool effect. It’s dark with an innocent nature.


Back Angel Tattoo

This tattoo is cool AF. I love the way the artist has used a geometrical triangle to a segment of a portion and then doused it in color to create diversity. It’s a very interesting style indeed and it’s giving me some inspiration for my next tattoo.


Skull Angel Tattoo

Skull tattoos aren’t that common and it really takes a die-hard tattoo fan to get one. The dedication involved means that you have to continuously shave your head. I guess it’s a good option if you are bald to brighten up your shiny dome.

Bicep Angel Tattoo

Wow, there is so much going on here. It’s so innocent yet disturbingly sinister. I’m not exactly sure what is going on but the tattoo artist did an amazing job.


Big, Bearded, and Bad Ass

This big angel is ready for anything as he gazes up to the oncoming adventure. It’s another great angel shoulder tattoo.

Torso Angel Tattoo

This angel tattoo is a depiction of good triumphing over evil. The good angel is about to go in for the head stomp and finish the angel of death to restore balance to the universe.


Sketch Style Angel Tattoo

I love this tattoo. The ambiguous sketch style is one of my favorites and the good thing about it is that it requires less time in the chair saving you some pain and some money.

Good Vs Evil

Angels and demons are the classic tales of good versus evil. In this angel tattoo, the good guys prevailed.

Big and Brooding Back Angel Tattoo

This warrior with wings looks like he has had a rough day on the battlefield.

Another Large Torso Angel Tattoo

The artist has done really well to incorporate the natural tone of the skin color and has used it as the main color. This style creates amazing effects and the color changes as your skin tone does throughout the seasons.


Chest Angel Tattoo

Like I said before angel tattoos have the ability to cover large spaces so the chest is a great spot to get one. This is a simple line drawing yet it looks amazing. This guy could probably use some exercise but this post is about tattoos, not health tips. haha.


Oh My God

There is so much going in this tattoo I don’t know where to start. So instead of commentary I will let you enjoy the splendor of this fine angel tattoo.

Dark and Disturbing

The tattoo artistry in this piece is amazing but the meaning behind is beyond my recognition.

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Abstract Angel Tattoo

This abstract angel tattoo leaves a lot open for interpretation. Notice the hole in the ground where the angel has possibly shot up from hell.


Finally Some Color

Here is nice and whimsical color angell. The artist has done well and the flowers add an extra element to the piece.


Serious Dedication

This tattoo is huge and this guy must have spent some serious time and money at the tattoo parlor. The end result is worth it, don’t you think?

The Siren

Some say angels still walk among us. This angel has been shopping and changed from her traditional garb into something a little sexier.


Not All Angels Are Good

Here is a demonic looking angel. She will lure you in with her beauty then eat your soul.


The Duality of Life

This angel tattoo symbolizes the duality of life. The angel and the devil in one. It’s sexy and Satanic at the same time.



More Angel Tattoos for Large Back Pieces

The following tattoos are some amazing works that are suited for larger areas such as the back and the torso.


Angel Wings

Do you want to be an angel? Well, you don’t have to wait. Just pop into your local tattoo shop and get some wings inked on and your halfway there. Then all you have to do is decide if you want to be a good angel or bad angel.


Getting Tribal

This is a unique take on angel wings. It uses a tribal style and the results look pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

The Afterlife

This tattoo is a nice tribute to a fallen comrade. It’s a nice to think that after death we ascend to a different place but the truth is no one know’s but let deceased not be forgotten and live on through our memories.

Head Hung Low

Angels with their head hung low usually signifies that they have shamed themselves in the grace of God. No one is perfect and that includes angels as well.


Super Heroes and Villians

This is a cool superhero looking angel tattoo compete with cool leggings and mask.

Simple and Charming


The healing process after getting a tattoo is very important for your tattoo to maintain it’s original look. The better you look after the better your tattoo will look after all the scarring and scabs have healed. Talk to your tattooist as they know best.

A Modern Day Angel

This angel tattoo features an angel rocking some modern clothes. It’s cool take on the traditional angel and giving him a wardrobe upgrade.


This is what Conan the barbarian looks like in angel form.

Angel of Oden

This angel is badass and ready for battle. This is some serious work done by a seriously good tattoo artist. The detail and depth are amazing. This angel just dealt out some serious punishment for those who attempt poison and destroy the virtues of man.


Holy Sh&%T

This is by far my favorite on the list so far. This angel tattoo encompasses everything that is beautiful and the artist is a dedicated champion. This would have taken numerous hours to complete and the final product is nothing short of brilliant.

Depth and Perspective

Great visual art is about using all elements available to create a well-balanced image that contains depth and perspective as well as being pleasing to the eye. This tattoo artist really knows his craft and has absolutely nailed this back mural.


Good Angel Bad Angel

We have all had those moments when we have to make a choice and the two voices or two angels appear and argue over which decision is best. This angel tattoo is a fine representation of that.

Check Out the Wing Span

Physics will dictate the size of the wingspan needed in order to lift a certain mass off the ground and this back tattoo. This angel tattoo looks like it could be proportionately right but who am I kidding. I failed science in high school. It nice to speculate though.


Stylistically Challenging

I love this style, the way it effortlessly works and doesn’t rely on heavy outlines to create the image.


Holy Mary, mother of God pray for us sinners or perhaps shes in the middle of applause.

The Lords Prayer

This angel tattoo contains the words from the Lord’s prayer they were also said in the lyrics of the Metallica song Enter Sandman. I think it sounded better in the Metalica song.


And the War Wages On

This angel tattoo on the chest depicts a massive battlefield of supernatural creatures. There is a lot to take in and you could spend hours looking at it and still finding different elements.


Negative Space

Ink is cool. But using the body to naturally provide texture and depth to a tattoo is a real skill in itself and this artist has done well to incorporate these elements into a large back angel tattoo.


Big is Back

These next few tattoos are some fine examples of when size does matter. The good thing about large tattoos is that you can combine many different elements and a good tattoo artist will work out a way to tie them all together so the piece is complete.

Poignant and Powerful

This angel takes inspiration from the superheroes comics of the early 80’s. The artist is definitely inspired by Manga and Marvel and has turned this angel into a comic creation.


The Ascension to Enlightenment

The halo on angels represents that they have been touched by the grace of God or are enlighted creatures. The circle also means purity and unification of mind body and soul.


Finally, an angel tattoo that is a little on the lighter side. I was beginning to think that all these tattoos were going to be about the perplexities of ideology and life and death.

And that’s the ball game. 157 angel tattoos ranging from heaven and hell. Hopefully, you got some inspiration and ideas for your next tattoo whether it be great or small. For me, the list is definitely eye-opening and a good insight into how tattooing has progressed to a very high standard. Grow some wings and fly, or at least get some inked on your back. haha



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