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100+ Amazing Virgo Tattoos That Anyone Passionate About Astrology Will Love

There are many ways that people use to express themselves. Some choose to compose a song or write poems while others just prefer to write their thoughts on the skin. Tattoos are one of the most popular methods people use to tell what they are thinking about. Apart from tattooing the names of their beloved one, drawing their astrological sign is one of the symbols that people prefer to use and send a message to those around them.

If you were born between the 22nd of August and the 23rd of September, then you are a Virgo. Even though it may seem an astrological sign like all the others, Virgos have many meanings behind them. In comparison to all the other constellations, Virgo is the second in size, being also the sixth Zodiac sign. If you wonder how the Virgo sign looks like, then you should think of an “m” with the third leg containing a loop. Despite looking pretty simple, the Virgo symbol is a heavy one, saying a lot about those who are born under this sign. Take a look at some of the most popular Virgo tattoos listed below.


It is believed that this sign comes from Greek mythology and it is often associated with purity and innocence. Back in the ancient times, there was a Greek goddess named Astraea who is considered to be the one who inspired astrologists to create this sign.

Meanings of a Virgo Tattoo

The first thing someone thinks of when he sees the Virgo tattoo is the idea of virginity. The legend says that it is an Earth Zodiac Sign because Astraea was the last Immortal who left the Earth. Moreover, the Virgo symbol was also associated with the harvest idea. Therefore, there are many people who combine this Zodiac Sign with a field full of crops.

Moreover, the Virgo constellation cannot be visible all year round. You can see it only during the spring. Why? The explanation goes back to the Greeks as well. The Greek mythology talks about Ceres who was the goddess for harvest. Thus, if you want to transmit the idea of prosperity and wealth, you can combine the Virgo sign with the sun.

Based on these meanings, there are various ways how you can tattoo the Virgo on your body. If you want to be discrete, you can draw the astrological sign only. You can go even further and choose the Virgo constellation as a sign of more in-depth knowledge of astrology. For those of you who are passionate about the Greek gods and mythology, you can draw the image of Astraea. If you want your message to be less obvious, you can induce the idea of purity and innocence associated with the Virgo sign by drawing a small child on your body. Purity can be also symbolized by drawing nudes.

If you want to connect yourself to the idea of harvest and prosperity, then having the goddess Ceres on your body is the way to go. On the other hand, the place where you choose to position your tattoo can also influence your message. If you want to be more discrete, you can ink it on your neck, lower back, or abdomen. You can choose to tattoo your arm or leg with the Virgo symbol and transmit a powerful message to the people around you.

What should you know about a Virgo personality?

If you have a Virgo in your life, then you should do anything you can to keep him or her in your life forever. Virgos are one of a kind humans, possessing unique personality traits. The person born in the sign of Virgo possesses high observing skills, being also extremely analytical. When it comes to their professional life, Virgos work very hard and will not give up until they deliver the task as requested. They are also highly practical and use a variety of methods to make things happen.

On top of that, Virgos are extremely kind. They will never leave a friend or relative in need to suffer without trying everything they can to solve their problem. They will take care of other people’s wellbeing and do their best to contribute to an increased state of happiness for the people around them. The people from their network appreciate Virgos for their ability to solve things fast and without errors. In addition, Virgos are considered to be some of the best friends thanks to their ability to stay open-minded and offer valuable advice on any cause.

On the other hand, Virgos can also be very shy and would rather prefer less attention from others than being on the spot. Their analytical skills help them be successful in domains like mathematics or science, as well as arts or literature. Their great attention to detail helps them obtain excellent results in these areas. In addition, Virgos calculate every step they make, which makes them never leave something to chance. They like to have everything well-organized and have predictability over what it’s going to happen next.

What variations can you use on Virgo tattoos?

Virgo tattoos are one of a kind. This sign is very special and given its variety of meanings it can be combined with various design elements to transmit a more powerful message. Moreover, given its high versatility, it is very easy to create a unique design and never meet someone with a similar tattoo than yours. You can draw this Zodiac Sign using a variety of colors, shapes, and combining it with many other symbols. Take a look at the examples below and get your inspiration for your next Virgo tattoo.

You can also choose to draw a very discrete symbol on your wrist, leg, or arm. You can draw even the tiniest Virgo symbol on your body, but you cannot diminish its power. Drawing this Zodiac Sign shows power, but also innocence and purity.

You can also combine the Virgo symbol with colors. Think of Ceres, the goddess of harvest, who transmits the idea of prosperity and wealth. Use vivid colors to show the world who you are and let your tattoo speak for itself. A tattoo full of colors shows that you are a happy person who enjoys life. In general, optimistic and happy persons are the ones who manage to obtain anything they want in their life. Moreover, if you are also a Virgo, then it becomes normal to follow your dreams with ambition and don’t give up until you succeed. Therefore, a tattoo full of color will always rememeber you about your dreams and will bring you back on track when you feel that things become too difficult.

The Virgo constellation is one of a kind. Being the second biggest constellation, it can be transformed in a great tattoo. Drawing the Virgo constellation on your body shows a higher understanding of this astrology sign and shows the others how proud you are to be born on such a strong Zodiac Sign.

Moreover, if you think of the tattoo placement, the Virgo constellation fits practically eveywhere. There are various drawings of this constellations. Therefore, you have enough flexibility to choose the one that represents your sign best and is also suitable for the place where you want to make your tattoo. In addition, this constellation looks good in any size and location. If you want to make people wonder what is your tattoo representing, then you can draw it on your arm or in a very visible place. On the other hand, if you want to keep this tattoo just for yourself, then having it in a rather hidden place like the back or chest can be a more suitable idea.

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The Virgo sign is suitable for any part of the body. You can draw it on your arm and combine it with other Zodiac signs and symbols. Moreover, if you want to draw the goddess symbolizing the Virgo, then the arm is the perfect place where you can try it.

On the other hand, if you opt for the minimalistic version, then you can ink it in smaller places like behind the year, on your back, or on your wrist. It doesn’t matter how big or small your Virgo tattoo is. It will transmit the same powerful message on any variation.

When you are a Virgo and you want a tattoo with this Zodiac sign, you know very well who you are and what you want to expose about your personality. Therefore, it happens often times that people add close to their Virgo tattoo also two or three of their character traits. So, the next time you meet someone who doesn’t know too much about you, it is enough to just show your tattoo and it will speak for you. Moreover, the shape you choose for your Virgo sign transmits a message as well. For example, if you want to emphasize your analytical skills, then you will more likely add geometrical precision and draw clear lines for your astrology signs. On the other hand, if you want to talk about your playful side, then you combine your sign with flowers, poetry, or stars.

Tattoo FAQs

What are the basic rules to follow to prepare for a tattoo?

It is very important that you keep your skin hydrated and you are rested. When you have taken care of your skin, the pain will be a bit less intense as you will be more relaxed and have a higher tolerance to pain. Moreover, if you are planning to have a tattoo covering a large size of your body part, then you should eat well before leaving home and eventually take a friend or two with you to accompany you.

What are the best clothes to wear while having a tattoo?

You should wear comfortable clothes. Imagine that you will spend hours on the tattoo chair and stay still in the same position. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that if you would wear tight clothes you wouldn’t feel comfortable.

DOs and DON’Ts when having a tattoo

It is recommended that you take a shower before and be ready to spend several hours on the tattoo chair. You should also have a talk in advance with the artist and prepare all the requested documentation. Finally, you should eat well and also have a desert in advance as your sugar level might drop.

How painful is actually a tattoo?

If you think of a scale from 1 to 10, then having a tattoo is at level 3. In comparison to a tattoo, having a piercing is on a scale of 7 out of 10. You can compare it with the moments when you had a scratch on a sunburn. Moreover, the pain is not constant while you are having your tattoo done.

How much time will your skin need to heal?

In general, your skin will heal in about two weeks. However, not all skins are the same which means that the healing process might be different from one person to another. You should wait between 4 to 6 weeks until you have your skin back to its initial state.

Is getting a tattoo safe for everyone?

A tattoo is perfectly safe as long as you have a healthy skin. Your tattoo artist will ask you a set of questions before doing your tattoo and ask you for a set of documents to prove that you are a healthy person.

Bottom Line

Having the Virgo symbol tattooed on your skin talks a lot about your personality. Virgos are considered to be innocent and pure, but they are also some of the most reliable friends. If you are proud of your birth Sign and you want to always remember that you are a powerful person, then drawing the Virgo symbol is the best idea you can have. Live your life to its fullest and use tattoos to express your feelings and messages. This article will help you decide which drawing of your Virgo sign works best for your personality. Moreover, it will help you understand if you should colors and where is the best place on your body to add it.

100+ Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas That Show You Are a Sagittarian

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign. Sagittarius symbol is an archer, with the Jupiter being the ruler of the sign. It is a sun sign, which is why it has all the fire traits, associated with aggressive, rebel, and warrior-like nature.

If you were born between November 22 and December 22, getting a Sagittarius tattoo design would fit a personality like yours. Wait no more and check out 10+ ravishing Sagittarius tattoo ideas listed below.


Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

Floral Archer

Archer made of flowers tattoo looks tempting. The placement options are immense, such as wrist, back of the neck, shoulders, foot, and fingers (wrapped as a ring). The color code depends on the wearer’s mindset if they want a subtle tattoo, then black would work fine. Otherwise, a colored floral archer would look attractive and highly intriguing. The structure that looks good on such a tattoo is thick-lined design.

Symbolic Meaning: The Floral archer tattoo symbolizes that the wearer has the patience to wait for the right moment and believes in new beginnings.

Warrior with an Archer

Warrior with an archer tattoo looks fierce and bold. The placement options are great, such as shoulders, back, knees, side or back of the neck, and forearm.  The color code that mostly suits an individual is black and grey.

The structure option is suitable, such as a thickly lined inking looks the best. In addition, many wearers felt that they could resonate with the tattoo when in black and thick lines. The reason being, it gave the aggressive and bold vibes.

Symbolic Meaning: The tattoo represents aggression, willpower, and strength to take stand against the unjust.

Bow Archer

Looking for a combination of cute and bold tattoo design?

If yes, a bow Archer tattoo is a perfect choice. The placement options are many, for example, wrist, fingers, back of the neck, shoulders, forearm, knees, foot, and back of the ear. The color code solely depends on the wearer. However, the colored bow archer tattoo looks best. In addition, a simple, thin-lined structure adds up to the overall appeal of the tattoo.

Symbolic Meaning: The bow archer tattoo symbolizes strong bonds with close ones. In addition, the wearer has a keen eye for those who want to hurt his/her loved ones. In a nutshell, it is a love-hate tattoo.

Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoo looks appalling. There are various placement options for such an attractive tattoo design, such as the wrist, finger, back of the neck, hand, shoulders, knees, forearm, and foot. The Sagittarius is a fire sign, which is why the sun is the strongest portrayal of all. You might think a colored sun would look great. Unfortunately, it kills the vibe. The best option is to get the sun tattoo in black, dark blue or ash grey.

Symbolic Meaning: The sun tattoo represents energy, strength, clear mindset, determination, and life itself.

Fire Within

A fire within the Tattoo looks savage. The placement options are diverse, such as you can wear the tattoo on your wrist, finger, neck, hand, shoulders, foot, and back of the ear. The color code is pre-set. Mostly, colored ones look childish and dull, but a combination of black and ash grey gives the perfect vibes that a wearer wishes to feel and give off.  The structure blends with shading and variations in line width.

Symbolic Meaning: The Fire tattoo represents zeal, superiority, and control.

Three Tangled Arrows

Three tangled arrows tattoo is an interesting concept. It holds aesthetic vibes to it. Moreover, there are multiple placement options, such as wrist, shoulders, knees, back of the neck, back of the ear, and foot. The color code is simple. The arrows are black or grey, while the rope tie features a different color.

The structure is a little complicated, the arrows have thin lines, and the rope has thick lines. The reason being, the arrows should look weak so they tangle up easily by a thick-lined rope.

Symbolic Meaning:  The tattoo represents that if the wearer has a weak eye on its rebel/goal, it might strangle and divert the focus, resulting in you appearing weak and shattered.

Fighter Women

The Fighter women tattoo possesses women targeting with an archer. The tattoo looks appealing and bold. The placement options include wrist, shoulders, fingers, back of the neck, foot, and back of the ear. The color options depend on the wearer. However, if reviews considered, a colored fighter women tattoo looks best. The structure is bold as well, Such as thick lines and dark shades.

Symbolic Meaning:  Fighter Women tattoo represents women as strong, able to defend and take a stand for their rights.

Finger Arrows

A finger arrow tattoo looks cute and alluring. You can pair these arrows with feathers, flowers, or any other generic symbol. A thin line structure fits the finger area.

Symbolic Meaning: The finger tattoo represents the power is in the hands of the believer. In addition, who dares to stay patient and persistence with his/her actions?

Arrows Along With Strong Words

Arrows paired up with words tattoo looks creative and impactful. There are numerous placement options, such as wrist, fingers, back of the neck, shoulders, and foot. Black as a color code looks perfect. In addition, a thickly lined structure looks best; it makes the words visible from far and appealing from near.

Symbolic Meaning: The tattoo represents strength, determination, motivates the wearer to move forward. Also, not give up easily.

Archer Behind the Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear, archer tattoo looks great. The color code depends on the wearer. For instance, black, purple, and red looks perfect in such tattoos. The tattoo adds up to the appeal of the ear piercings largely.

Symbolic meaning: The tattoo represents the wearer as a good listener, also who has strong, impactful opinions.


Archer Abstract

The archer abstract tattoo looks suspicious, yet charming. The placement options include wrist, shoulders, forearms, knees, and back of the neck. A combination of dull and dark colors looks best in abstract tattoos.

Symbolic Meaning: The tattoo represents intelligence, strength, and will to take actions.


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What to Do Before the Tattoo Appointment

There is a bunch of stuff to look forward to before you visit the store for the appointment. Such as,

  • Take a long, steam bath
  • You should not be sleep-deprived; low energy levels will increase the pain. Therefore, sleep early the night before the appointment. At least 8 to 9 hours of sleep is important.
  • Shave the area you want the tattoo on
  • Staying hydrated is the key to endurance. At least eight glasses of water are advisable.
  • Make sure your stomach is half-empty and not too full.
  • Charge all the digital devices, which you are planning to take along with you, to escape the boredom, and divert your attention during the inking.

What to Do After the Tattoo Appointment

After the appointment, duties are a lot easier. First, take a sigh of relief that the procedure went well if there were zero injuries. Secondly, expose the tattoo to air. Therefore, wear loose clothes. Third, do not apply any moisturizer or beauty product; it might create a skin reaction.

Moreover, after a week damp a cotton ball into the cleansing liquid and sweep over the design. It will eradicate any chances of infections. Lastly, try to cover the tattoo when out on a sunny day, as the UV rays will cause the tattoo to fade away, if not permanent yet.

On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Much Does It Hurt?

A tattoo freak would rate it a three, while a first-timer would rate it a 4-5. The more tattoos you get, the less pain you feel over the time.

Can I Get A Tan After Or Before The Tan?

You can get a tan one week before the tattoo appointment after the tattoo tan is dangerous, as the tattoo takes at least three weeks to heal. The tan would intervene in the healing process.

Is Getting A Tattoo Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe for those who do not have any serious medical condition or skin problem.

What Is The Total Healing Time?

Minimum healing time is three weeks, but in some cases, it prolongs to 5 weeks as well.

When Should I Not Get A Tattoo?

There are multiple scenarios where you should avoid getting a tattoo. Some of which is listed below.

  • When you’re high on drugs
  • Pre-surgery
  • Post-Surgery
  • Pregnancy
  • If you recently got a tan
  • If you have a skin problem, and the treatment is due.
  • If you forgot your ID at home
  • If you brought your kids along to the appointment
  • If you have been saving for something huge, then tattoo would be a waste of money.
  • If you are unsure of the tattoo design, you chose on your first visit.

Bottom Line

Getting your star sign as a tattoo can be an overwhelming experience. Make sure you ask a friend to record it for you. Above all, make every moment count.

Happy Sagittarius Tattoo to you!


219 Amazing Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas

Dream catchers are an integral part of Native American tradition in the Ojibwe and Lakota tribes. They play an important role in the folk lore and legends passed down through tribal generations and have also gained in popularity among non-Native Americans as well, thanks to the American Indian Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The legend of the dream catcher states that when hung over the bed, bad dreams and negative energy get tangled in the web while the good dreams and positive energy are allowed to flow through. For this reason, dream catchers have become a symbol of protection of sorts among both tribal and non-tribal people.

How Dream Catchers Work

The Native American people believed that, as a person sleeps, energy and dreams flow through the air and make their way into our bodies. A dream catcher hung over the bed meant that all energy had to pass through the web of the dream catcher and the negativity would get caught in the web while the positive was allowed to pass through. The positive energy and good dreams would flow down the feathers of the dream catcher and into the head of the person below as they sleep. In the morning, the negative energy caught in the web of the dream catcher would be burned by the rising sun.

The Significance Of Dreams In Native American Cultures

Those who are not familiar with Native American cultures may be wondering why dreams were important enough to the Native American people that they needed to be protected. To Native Americans, dreams weren’t just entertaining displays from our subconscious minds. They delivered visions of the future, babies names to the elders, guidance and the answers to prayers. Native American people believed that important information was sent via their dreams from the Spirit World so protecting the passageway to the dreams was vital.

How Dream Catchers Are Made

Traditionally, dream catchers were small and crafted out of a hoop made from willow tree wood. Natural fibers were used to weave the web in the center, with beads and other trinkets added for decoration. Leather was wrapped around the hoop for added support and to give a finished appearance. Feathers and more beads were then fastened to bits of leather and tied to the bottom of the hoop to create the finished product. Today, it is not easy to find a traditional dream catcher as they were created by the Native American tribes. Most are mass produced using cheaper materials of a lower quality. However, some tribal nations have their own stores where handmade dream catchers are still being sold.

What The Parts Of A Dream Catcher Mean

Dream catchers are made from four parts: the hoop, the web or net, beads and feathers. Each one of these four parts plays an important role in the significance of the dream catcher.


The hoop is the foundation of the dream catcher and symbolizes the circle of life. We are born, we live, we get old, we die and then we are born again into the next incarnation, coming full circle.


The web in the center of the dream catcher attached to the hoop is what filters the good dreams from the bad dreams. The web is created in such a way that only the good dreams and energy are allowed to pass through while the negativity gets trapped.


There are beads in the center of the dream catcher have many purposes. They represent the caretaker and creator of the web – the spider. They are also to help catch the bad energies in the web and for adornment as well.


The feathers on a dream catcher serve a few purposes as well. Traditionally, feathers of sacred birds like the eagle were used in creating the dream catchers as an offering to the spirits sending the dreams. Since they are hung at the bottom of the dream catchers, it is also believed that they create a soft path down for the dreams to follow on their way to the person sleeping below. Of course, feathers are also used in dream catchers for adornment as well.

Choosing A Dream Catcher Tattoo

There are many reasons a person may choose to get a tattoo. Of course, those of Native American ancestry may get a dream catcher tattoo to represent their heritage. People who are not of Native American decent often opt for dream catcher tattoos as a symbol of protection against evil energies in the world. Sometimes, people just like the way dream catchers look and make their choice based solely on aesthetic appeal.

Obviously, the only way you can know for sure why someone chose a dream catcher tattoo is to ask them. Regardless of the reason behind them, they are super cool looking and can be customized to add your own personal touch. If you are trying to decide whether you want a dream catcher tattoo – keep reading! We have compiled a list (with pictures) of the best dream catcher tattoos out there to give you a little bit of inspiration.


Here’s a simple, understated dream catcher tattoo with a double hoop. You can see the hoops have been wrapped in leather or some other material, as in traditional designs, as well as the bead work in the middle. Three feathers hang below and are attached to small, thin strings.
This is another double hoop dream catcher tattoo. This one features twisted hoops instead of hoops that have been wrapped in leather. There are six feathers in this design as well as bead work that looks pearlized, which is super cool. Three skulls have been added to the top hoop for interest and detail.
As with any other tattoo, dream catcher tattoos can be altered to suit virtually any creative vision you may have. This awesome dream catcher tattoo features an owl holding the hoop with four feathers hanging below. The owl is significant in this tattoo because the Native American people believed owls were associated with the supernatural because they are creatures of the night. Owls also symbolize protection and wisdom.
Here’s a gorgeous example of how beautiful dream catcher tattoos can be. Just look at all the colors! The hoop of the dream catcher features twisted bits of fabric in muted shades and colorful random beads in the center. There is a wide array of various types of feathers hanging from beaded strings at the bottom. We think this type of dream catcher tattoo would look amazing on a woman, but some guys may opt for it as well.
This is another dream catcher tattoo featuring the wise owl symbol. Instead of holding the hoop as we saw in the previous one, this owl is perched upon the hoop in the center. This dream catcher features beads all the way around the hoop, as well as in the center. There is a key hanging on a string from the owl’s tail at the bottom while colorful pink feathers flank it on either side. This dream catcher tattoo also incorporates names at the top and the bottom of the design. The colors and details of this one are fabulous!
This dream catcher tattoo features a very intricate design with smooth, clean lines. The hoop of the dream catcher is plain, but the web is very detailed in a star flower pattern. There is a gorgeous gemstone jewel in the center along with beads and a beaded hoop at the top for hanging. Additional strings of beads hang from the bottom in a swag fashion and longer beaded strings with small feathers below. There are two additional hoops at the bottom along with an interesting moon charm that adds a mystical flare. Even though this dream catcher tattoo is beautiful as is, it would be especially stunning in color.
This dream catcher tattoo has a rustic vibe to it because of the twisted rope hoop and chunky beads around the edges. This design features a triple hoop and the other two have the same rope edges and chunky beads as well. The feathers are dark and worn which adds to the overall rustic charm of this piece. Even though this tattoo is more of a masculine design, we think it would look great on a man or a woman.
There is so much beauty and detail in this dream catcher tattoo that we don’t even know where to begin! The hoop is wrapped in a beautiful blue green ribbon and has lovely pearlized beads around the flower shaped web. There is a gorgeous gemstone at the bottom of the hoop, along with beautiful green feathers on beaded pink ribbons. The pink flowers and green leaves at the top of the hoop tie the colors all together and add a lovely feminine touch. Truly a stunning example of ink art!
This lovely little dream catcher tattoo is both rugged and feminine at the same time. It has a twisted rope hoop with large chunky beads and a dainty flower shaped web with a pearlized bead in the center. There are more pearlized beads hanging from the bottom of the hoop with very detailed feathers attached to them. The pretty flowers along the edges of the rugged hoop add a touch of girly softness to the design. While it is lovely as it is, this dream catcher tattoo would really be pretty in color.
This is a very interesting dream catcher tattoo because of the amazing detailed work put into it. If you look closely at the hoop, you can almost see the fibers in the string used to wrap it and create the web. The web itself is very tightly fashioned and features realistic pearlized beads in the center. On the bottom of the hoop are several ribbons with large, pearlized beads and two glittery feathers attached. We love this tattoo simply because it’s so unique.
The feathers on this dream catcher tattoo are what make it look so realistic. The exquisite detail used in their design makes them come to life. The shading and the lovely blue coloring really makes them pop. The hoop of the dream catcher features traditional leather wrapping around the edges with a flower shaped netting and small beads in the center. The feathers are attached to the hoop with leather strings that feature large chunky beads on either end. This dream catcher tattoo would be absolutely gorgeous filled in with color.
This cute little dream catcher tattoo features a fun, whimsical design for the young at heart. The hoop is a wrapped rope design with a beaded web in the center and five feathers evenly spaced across the bottom – everything you would expect to find in a traditional dream catcher. However, the folk style owl perched on top along with the roses on either side is what makes this awesome little tattoo so unique.
This is, by far, one of the most beautifully done dream catcher tattoos we’ve seen yet. The main hoop of this dream catcher tattoo is wrapped in traditional leather and features a colorful, intricate web in the center. Also in the center of the hoop is a large Jewish Start of David, which is likely a tribute to the wearer’s faith. There are four other leather wrapped hoops at the bottom of this dream catcher tattoo and each one features the same colorful web in the center. The lower hoops are adorned with gorgeous glass beads and stunning life-like feathers in coordinating colors finish off this amazing dream catcher tattoo.
Here’s another dream catcher tattoo that we love because of it’s rustic folk vibe. Instead of the traditional leather wrapped hoop, this one features a wooden one bound in place by small twigs. The web in the center has large, chunky beads with strands of smaller beads hanging from the bottom. Three lovely feathers are attached to beaded strands below, which a pretty sprig of wildflowers adorns the top edge. This really is a unique tattoo that would be a great choice for a female who is looking for a more non-traditional dream catcher tattoo design.
This is one of those 3D designs that jumps out and catches your eye. We love the details in this one! Even though this dream catcher tattoo does not have much color, the shading used in creating it really makes it pop. In the center of the hoop are pearlized beads on the web and three smaller hoops are attached below. Each one of the hoops has a twisted design that creates interest for the eye. The smaller hoops also have pearlized beads in the center and the gorgeous feathers at the bottom feature more of the pretty beads at the top of each one. We thing this one would look amazing on either a man or a woman just as it is!
If you are a fan of the Old West or the cowboy culture in general, this dream catcher might be the one for you! It features a beaded band across the top that looks like a band worn on a cowboy hat. The dream catcher itself hangs from the band and features a twisted rope design around the edges. Three large blue feathers at the bottom perfectly match the blue used in the beads throughout the design. We love this one!
Here’s another example of how dream catchers do not have to be colorful to be beautiful. This one has a very large hoop and a very tight web in the center with a large opening to draw the eye in. Three smaller hoops are attached to the bottom by pieces of rope and feature a twisted design and a flower shaped web in the center of each one. The double feathers at the bottom, while not colorful, are still very detailed and realistic, which complements the rest of the design perfectly.

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This is something you don’t see every day – sunflowers and daisies mixed in with a dream catcher! But as you can see, it totally works. The hoop itself is a leather wrapped design and the shiny colored beads in the center really draw the eye in. The feathers at the bottom are quite pretty, too – and feature more of the same colorful beads as in the web. This is a lovely feminine design that would be a great choice for any female considering getting a dream catcher tattoo.
This dream catcher tattoo is so tastefully done, it looks like a page out of a book rather than ink art on someone’s arm. The clean lines, small details and overall softness of this tattoo are what makes it perfect. The jewel in the center of the web adds a fancy touch and perfectly complements the strands of small beads that hang across the bottom, connected to each other. There is another small hoop on either side of an interesting moon charm in the center. Longer strands of beads hang beside the feathers, which look so very realistic. This dream catcher tattoo is an amazing example of how dream catcher tattoos don’t have to be traditional to be beautiful.

125 Of The Best Cat Tattoos Ever!

Cats are believed to be the oldest domesticated animals in the world. They also have a long, rich history in cultural symbolism, especially with the ancient Egyptians. Some cultures believed that having a cat was a status symbol of sorts and were usually only owned by the wealthy. In fact, Egyptian hieroglyphics have been found depicting cats as god-like creatures that were adorned in gold and jewels. In later times, having a common house cat wasn’t enough. People began purchasing bigger, more exotic cats – like lions, tigers and panthers as their pets. Again, only the wealthy could afford a pet like that so maybe there is something to the old belief that cats are only for the wealthy!

Cat were also believed to be incarnations of important goddesses in various cultures. If you were to research most cultures extensively, you would likely find that people believed in the divine presenting themselves in feline form. The Egyptians believed that cats were an incarnation of a moon goddess and therefore, they were highly revered. The Romans believed that cats were an incarnation of Diana, the goddess of motherhood, so cats were very respected in that culture as well.

However, cats were not always revered as symbols of divinity. Some cultures associated cats with the occult and witchcraft, both of which were punishable by death. In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that cats were omens of death and misfortune. Because cats have traditionally been the pets of choice for people who were believed to be witches, it is no wonder that cats got a bad rap from people who feared witchcraft and dark-sided things. That said, black cats were thought to be especially evil simply because of their color! Black cats are not really bad luck, although this superstition remains prevalent in virtually every country in the world today. Let’s take a look at some other myths about cats and see how much truth there is to any of them.

Four Cat Myths – Debunked

Cats have nine lives.

Like any other living creature, cats only have one life. This rumor probably got started by the ancient Egyptians and other cultures who believed gods were reincarnated as cats over and over, thus seeming like nine times. Cats are also notorious for surviving falls, captivity in small spaces and many other dangerous situations as well, making them seem a bit immortal.

Cats are nocturnal.

Nope – cats are not nocturnal. They tend to be most active at dusk and dawn – which makes them crepuscular. Cats do have amazing vision in low-light situations, but they cannot see in total darkness, much like their human counterparts. Some cats may change their routines to match their owner’s, meaning they may become more active during the day and less active at night – much like people!

Cats do not get along with other animals.

There actually may be some truth to this one. Cats do prefer to be the only animal in the home because they tend to be very territorial and private. Introducing another animal – be it cat or dog – into the environment likely will not sit well with a cat because they are used to being in charge of their space. On the other hand, cats who are raised together and live together as adults do fare better when it comes to relationships, but there will always be a bit of friction between them throughout their adult lives.

Cats absolutely need milk in their diet.

Actually, cats do not need milk and it could do them more harm than good. As they age, most cats become lactose-intolerant, which means milk can make them sick. All cats need is a good brand of cat food that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients to provide them with a balanced diet to help them thrive.

More Interesting Cat Facts

  • The first year of a cat’s life is equal to 15 human years, in terms of development.

  • Cats cannot taste sweetness.

  • Cats sweat through the pads of their feet.

  • A purring cat doesn’t always mean a content cat. They also purr when feeling stressed, excited or sick as well.

  • Cats rub against people to mark their territory – not because they particularly like them.

  • Black cats are symbols of good luck in the United Kingdom and Australia.

  • Cats have 24 more bones than humans and can rotate their ears 180 degrees.

  • Cats use their whiskers for navigation, sensing their surroundings and recognizing danger, not for balance.

  • Cats close their eyes when happy or content – not just when they are napping.

  • Cats can make 100 different sounds, compared to dogs who can only produce about 10.

  • Cats can jump five times their height.

  • Most cats sleep around 16 hours per day, which is 70% of their lives.

  • Pregnant cats reach full term gestation in about nine weeks, compared to a human’s nine months!

  • Like Eskimos, cats greet each other by rubbing noses together – assuming they are in the mood to be friendly!

  • Domesticated cats have been around for 3,000+ years.

  • Cats have 30 teeth – and they are super sharp!

As you can see, cats are pretty cool for a lot of reasons. It is no wonder so many people have them as pets or can relate to them on some level. In fact, some people think that cats are so cool that they want to have them tattooed on their skin. Here’s a pictorial overview of some of the best cat tattoos that we have found.

This is an interesting cat tattoo because it is very different from what you would expect a cat to look like. It has all the feline features and characteristics, but it could be a cartoon or even an alien cat. The mystery about what it actually is only adds to the coolness of this design.
This gorgeous cat tattoo is likely a tribute to someone’s beloved pet. The fur, whiskers and eyes on this cat are so realistic, you might expect to hear him purr! The blue background really makes this design pop, while the ball of yarn at the bottom adds a great punch of color.

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This beautiful tattoos pays tribute to both a pig and a cat. Notice the realistic features on their faces created by shaded details. The pretty flowers surrounding the two add a nice touch and lots of details to this piece. The words “There is no difference” probably means the wearer owns both a pig and a cat and is of the opinion that pigs are not a source of food, but pets just like a cat would be.
We don’t know why this cat looks so angry – or bloody – or injured, but it seems like he is not having a good day at all.
This cat tattoo features a very regal creature dressed in Egyptian garb. He is probably the Cat King of something because he is very fancy with his scarf, earring and eye makeup. The wearer of this tattoo may be of Egyptian heritage and is paying tribute to that through this unique cat tattoo.
Awww. Who said cats do not like to cuddle? This lovely little cat tattoo features two cats – one black and one white – cuddled together to form a nice, tight, warm ball. Maybe these cats are siblings. Maybe they are a couple. Maybe they are BFFs. Regardless of their relationship to each other, they are cute and cuddly for sure.
This cat tattoo is super cool because it looks like the cat is poking its head through the wearer’s skin. The details of the face, eyes and whiskers are extremely life-like and create a very realistic effect. The interesting thing about this cat tattoo is the third eye in the forehead area. The Third Eye comes from a Hindu belief that everyone has a third eye in their forehead area that deals with deeper wisdom and the ability to sense the unseen.
Even though we do not know the story behind this cat tattoo, we still love it because it is so unique. The cat itself is gorgeous and has a long mane under its chin, a realistic nose and beautiful multicolored eyes. The blue and pink paint splatters of the background put emphasis on the outline of the cat in the center, drawing the eye in.,
What is better than a beautiful grey cat with gorgeous green eyes? A beautiful grey cat with gorgeous green eyes hiding in a garden of colorful flowers! We love this design because it is so colorful and so well done that you can almost picture this scene in your mind in real life. This definitely must be a tribute to someone’s beloved pet.
Half cat, half bionic feline! The best of both worlds, for sure. The cat half is very realistic and features perfect shading and life-like details in the fur and whiskers. The bionic feline half looks just like something out of a sci-fi movie. Super nerdy, yet super cool.
We have not seen many black cat tattoos yet. Perhaps, that’s because of some of the superstitions we spoke of earlier in this piece. This cat tattoo seems to agree with the beliefs that black cats are associated with the occult, Wicca and Paganism due to the pentagram appearing on the collar. On a side note, the pink inside his ears and the gorgeous green eyes really bring this interesting tattoo to life.
Here’s an interesting cat tattoo that features the side profile of the head instead of the actual face. Isn’t he gorgeous? His long neck gives a very regal appearance and the wispy lashes and whiskers add a soft, yet very artsy touch. This cat seems to be wearing eyeliner, which makes him even more mysterious. We do not know who he is, but we think you will agree that he’s quite fancy!
Mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the most gorgeous cat of all? Why, you are, beautiful calico one! Even though the cat image in this tattoo is quite basic of any other calico cat, it’s the gorgeous ornate mirror with jewels that make it beautiful. Perhaps this cat tattoo is a tribute to someone’s beloved pet that enjoys looking at himself in the mirror.
This adorable cat tattoo is a perfect example of how tattoos do not have to be elaborate to be beautiful. This simple outline drawing perfectly depicts a cat in its natural form using just a few soft lines. It is almost elegant in its simplicity and that’s why we adore it!
These fun little cat tattoos are the perfect tributes to that special pet in your life. The black and white one seems to be indifferent about being immortalized in ink on its owner’s arm while the grey one looks almost afraid! We do not know these cats, but we are sure they are loads of fun to be around – even if only in tattoo form.
Everyone knows cats are stealthy creatures and this one portrays that role perfectly. The face is done in random blank shapes that almost look like a paint-by-number design. He is peeking out from behind what looks like a wall – keeping a watchful eye on his owner. This tattoo would be beautiful colored in, especially the eyes.
Everyone can relate to Alice In Wonderland. If you did not read the book as a child, you surely saw the movie. This fun cat tattoo pays tribute to the Cheshire Cat character in the story and features his wide, toothy grin. A quote from the story appears at the bottom of the design and reads, “We are all mad here.”
Have you ever seen a punk rock cat? We haven’t either, but this guy is definitely the coolest of the cool cats. He’s sporting a leather jacket, graphic tee, rocker belt, animal print leggings and hip combat boots. He even has on studded shades and is playing an electric guitar! The mohawk hair do is the perfect finishing touch to his rock star ensemble.

226 Best Forearm Tattoo Designs EVER (For Men & Women)

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo, but weren’t sure where to start – the forearm might be a good place. Forearm tattoos are very popular, especially among men, and are more cost-effective and less time-consuming than having a full sleeve done. The forearm is a favorite location for tattoos because of the all the blank space it provides for creating. Also, because the forearm is such a prominent part of the body, any tattoo that you put there has maximum visibility.

Although forearm tattoos are usually associated with men, women are also jumping on the forearm tattoo bandwagon lately as well. Gone are the days when women sat meekly by, turning their noses up at tattooed men. These days, women are getting just as many tattoos as men and proudly showing them off! Not just on their forearms, but all over their bodies as well.

Today, forearm tattoos are a method of creative self-expression. People get all kinds of things tattooed on themselves that usually have some special meaning to the wearer. The names of loved ones, important dates in their lives and tributes to live and love are some of the things that people choose to immortalize in their ink art. However, this used to not be the case. Throughout history, forearm tattoos were used as affiliation markings or and brands of sorts – not just for creative self-expression. Some tribal people would get forearm tattoos to signify being a member of a certain social class or group while others were tattooed with their specific trade in life, like a baker or carpenter. Tattoos were an integral part of certain cultures and just about everyone had one.

The fact that you do not see too many older people with tattoos says a lot about how the tattooed lifestyle used to be portrayed by society. Many people in the early twentieth century believed that only the rough crowd got tattoos so if you had one, you must have been some sort of rebel or outcast because no decent person would get them. Well, there might be a bit of truth to that, seeing as how tattoos have always been popular with bikers, sailors and other traditionally (back then) “unsavory” types. It is possible that the same mindset still exists in some parts of society today, but it is also just as likely that less people care what other people think of them and choose to live their lives on their terms without conforming to socially acceptable norms.

What ever the case may be, forearm tattoos are still one of the most popular types of tattoos out there today and there are lots of reasons why. First, the forearm is a part of the body that is least likely to change as we age. This is partly because the skin in that area does not sag or stretch in a way that a tattoo would get distorted over time. The forearm is almost never exposed to direct sunlight, which helps to preserve the integrity of the tattoo as well.

Another reason that forearm tattoos are popular is because those who lift weights and body build like to draw attention to their efforts. Let’s face it. Guys (and girls) like to show off their muscles. What better way to do that than to slap some eye-catching ink art right on top of those ripped bodies? On the other hand, forearm tattoos can easily be covered up with long-sleeves, if the situation warrants. For instance, just because forearm tattoos are okay with the management where you work now doesn’t mean the boss you have five, ten years down the road is going to feel the same way. Tattoos are never going to be acceptable to some people so it is a good idea to have them in a place where you can conceal them when the need arises – if you care!

Here’s a look at some of the absolute BEST forearm tattoos for both men and women, along with a brief overview of their meanings. Check ’em out.

forearm tattoos
This lovely lady makes a beautiful forearm tattoo. She’s a mermaid – of course – with pretty green hair and realistic facial features. We can also see different types of sea life, fish and shells surrounding her head while a ship sails just off a beach in the distance.
What the buck? This super cool deer tattoo features a half realistic head and half bionic head – both of which share a huge rack of gorgeous antlers. This would be an awesome forearm tattoo choice for an avid hunter or outdoorsman.
Ohana means family – and not just the kind you are blood related to. In the Hawaiian culture, ohana can also include friends and loved ones, too. This forearm tattoo pays a wonderful tribute to that culture and is highlighted by a beautiful hibiscus flower with a pretty pink tint and lovely green leaves.
Everyone loves compass tattoos and matching tattoos are also a favorite as well. This gorgeous puzzle-piece tattoo combines them both to create a true work of art. There are two halves of a compass surrounded by a beautiful frame of leaves that fit together to create a whole design. Beneath each half is a date in Roman numerals, likely depicting when the happy couple first met or even their anniversary date. This is a beautiful, heartwarming choice for anyone who is considering a matching tattoo with their mate.
Roses are always a nice, feminine choice for tattoos and this one is especially lovely. It features the four stages of growth – from a bud to a full grown rose – in beautiful shades of red. This forearm tattoo likely depicts the cycle of human life, too and reminds the wearer that even the tightest of buds can bloom into gorgeous fully bloomed flowers.
As we said previously, names are a popular choice in forearm tattoo designs and this one is a gorgeous example. The background features big, beautiful roses with lovely shaded details. The name “Paisley” was created in lovely, cursive font emphasized by the flowers in the background. We think this is likely the name of the wearer’s daughter – such a beautiful tribute to a little one.
Dia de Los Muertos is a popular cultural event in Latin American countries that celebrates loved one who have passed on. This cultural influence is gaining popularity in countries that did not traditionally celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, including the artwork associated with the event. This amazing Dia de Los Muertos tattoo features a beautiful girl in traditional sugar skull makeup, wide eyes and lovely flowers in her long, shiny hair. The detail in her features is amazing – despite the tattoo being a completely greyscale design.

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American flag tattoo designs will never go out of style. This super cool flag design features a faded greyscale color scheme that creates the illusion of a well-worn, well-loved flag. Even though there is no color in the design. the shading creates a waving effect on the flag and the design is instantly recognizable. USA all the way!
Nature-inspired tattoos are a nice choice for someone wanting an earthy vibe for their design. These kinds of tattoos are a way of bringing nature with you when you can’t get out into it as often as you would like. These forearm tattoos are beautiful fern leaves that are incredibly realistic in their design. We think these look great as they are, but would be even more amazing with a little life-like greenery mixed in.
The dove of peace! Such a beautiful little bird. We love the backdrop of color splashes that bring this lovely bird to life. This is a pretty feminine choice for anyone who is looking for a tattoo design to remind them to always find their peace.
Sometimes life isn’t kind and we end up with a broken heart. We’ve all been on the receiving end of that painful experience and usually don’t want to be reminded of it. This tattoo is a tribute to a broken heart – and uses lots of black to emphasize those dark feelings. There’s a dagger through the center and features cool engraving on the blade and on the handle. The flowers along either side of the tattoo give it a softer edge, despite it being such a bold and heavy piece.
Latin phrases are very popular, even among people who are not fluent in the language. This Latin phrase translates “Always toward better things” and serves as a simple, yet effective reminder to keep moving toward bigger, better things in life – always!
We love tribal tattoos! They are cool, bold and super unique. This one is a double band of geometric shapes with solid bands in the center and would look amazing on anyone that is wanting a forearm tattoo with an ethnic feel.
Here is another example of matching tattoos for couples. These feature song lyrics to You Are My Sunshine and each side has a tiny little sun on one end. This would be a great idea for a couple’s tattoo that reminds them that they are each other’s bright spot in life.
As you can see from these examples, couple’s tattoos are wildly popular. Couple’s tattoos don’t have to be matching to be complimentary. You can be as unique and personal as you want to – so long as the design has meaning to you and your significant other. One side of this design features a colorful feather and whimsical colored birds in the background along with the phrase, “I’ll be your wings….”. The other one features a nautical design with an anchor and sea gulls – along with the phrase, “I’ll be your anchor…..”
We don’t know who this girl is, but she is absolutely stunning. She seems to be of Hawaiian decent with a lovely hibiscus flower in her hair and a lei around her neck. Her gorgeous hair is incredibly life-like, as are her facial features. Is she someone’s girlfriend? Someone’s wife? We may never know, but it’s fun to wonder.
Look! A sloth! Who doesn’t love a sloth? They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they do a whole lot of nothing all day long. This guy is just hanging out on a tree limb and looks perfectly content to do so. We should all take a little time out of our days to act like sloths!
Lions are majestic creatures that are known for their many endearing traits. Lions are associated with pride, loyalty, strength, royalty, respect and leadership. It is no wonder why they are considered the kings of the jungle. Perhaps the wearer of this lion forearm tattoo can relate to that mindset and considers himself the king of everything, too!
Women are a popular subject when it comes to forearm tattoos for men. Usually, you will see a depiction of a female loved one on their arms, like a wife, mother or child. Sometimes, it’s a tribute to someone famous, like Marilyn Monroe. Other people just choose random females to be part of their ink art because of how cool the design looks – like this one! It’s a female warrior dressed in full battle gear carrying a giant engraved sword. We don’t know who she is, but she sure looks tough.
Here’s another forearm tattoo inspired by Dia de Los Muertos. It features a beautiful sugar skull surrounded by gorgeous pink roses and greenery. The wearer of this tattoo may be of Latino decent and got this tattoo to honor a loved one who has passed on or they may simply may be a fan of the art. Whatever the reason behind it, this sugar skull forearm tattoo would be a great choice for a man or a woman.
We love tattoos that obviously have a personal meaning for the wearer and this one is absolutely a beautiful example of such. It features the incredibly life-like face of a young Navy sailor, possibly dating back to the World War II era. His eyes seem to be staring off in the distance and the shading on his face gives him a bit of a worried look. The words U.S. Navy are clearly visible across the front of his military-issued hat. This tattoo was probably a tattoo artist’s rendition of a treasured family photo provided by the wearer. What a truly awesome tribute to their special sailor!
This romantic little forearm tattoo could be from a page in a book. It features a couple locking in an embrace, sharing an umbrella as raindrops fall around them. The trees and grass in the background provide a great backdrop to this lovely scene. This would be a good choice for a forearm tattoo for a woman, but it would actually look great anywhere on the body.
While this forearm tattoo hasn’t been completely filled in yet, the stunning detail in the large rose in the center gives you some idea of how fabulous it is going to look when done. The shading, highlights and coloring on the petals are so realistic that it almost looks like a real rose laid upon the skin. The backdrop of this design features other flowers and greenery that tie the whole design together to create a gorgeous piece of ink art.
Here is another beautiful tribute tattoo to a loved one. It features a beautiful angel with large wings praying at a cross. There is a white dove of peace and pretty roses along the edge. At the bottom of this tribute, you will find a set of dog tags with the name and military identification numbers, which likely means this tattoo was meant to honor a fallen soldier. So touching.
Whimsical tattoos like this one are always a fun choice for anyone looking for a non-traditional tattoo design. This one is a gorgeous wide-eyed crescent moon with large pouty lips curled into a smile. The moon is brightly colored with floral shapes and a single star hangs in the center. This would be a nice tattoo choice for an astrology fan or anyone looking for a fun, whimsical design for their next – or first – piece of ink art.
This beautiful Indian maiden will be the center of attention wherever you bring her. She is wearing a stunning headdress with a beaded band and gorgeous feather accents. All of her facial features are shaded in a way that makes her appear incredibly life-like. If you look closely, you can see the outline of her war paint as well. We think this would be a great choice for someone of Native American decent or someone who just wants to be reminded of their inner warrior goddess.

135 Awesome Compass Tattoos And Their Meanings

The compass was invented more than 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty in China. Oddly enough, the first compasses were not created for guidance in direction. The Chinese used compasses in fortune telling. Over time, the compass became the main navigational aide for ships, soldiers, pilots and other travelers. Compasses are still used today in locations where GPS technology is unavailable and by outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Much like anchors, compasses were popular tattoo choices for people serving in the Navy, captains of ships and other travelers by trade. Today, compass tattoos are worn by a variety of people and can symbolize many different things. Some may choose a compass tattoo to remind them to follow their “true north” while, for others, a compass tattoo signifies being guided by something bigger than one’s self.

You could ask 100 people the meaning of their compass tattoo and get 100 different answers. Although some compass tattoos have traditional meanings, they are still a very personal choice for the wearer and can symbolize anything and everything they desire.

Are you considering a compass tattoo? You’ll find lots of inspiration here! We have comprised a list of the best compass tattoos and a brief overview and interpretation of each one to make your search for the perfect compass tattoo a little bit easier.

compass tattoo
This small and dainty compass tattoo has clean lines and is elegant in its simplicity. The arrows on the compass may be to remind the wearer to follow their own arrow wherever it points.
Compass tattoos that include roses in the design usually indicate a search for love or passion. They could also mean they have found their place in life with the person that they love or that they will not stop searching for the love of their life, regardless of where they are.
Traditionally, anchor tattoos have symbolized being firmly grounded, secure and steady. They are also sometimes used as signs of the Christian faith, meaning the person is “grounded” in their Christian beliefs. When paired with compass tattoos, anchors could symbolize being grounded along life’s journey or a reminder that you can pick up or drop anchor anywhere you’d like along the way.
Thing interesting compass tattoo features a cutaway design showing parts of a globe and a mountain scene at the stop. This sort of compass tattoo may symbolize that the wilderness or out of the way places will always be their “true north”.
This compass tattoo is pretty amazing, simply because of the splashes of color featured around the edges. If you look closely, you will see an arrow to the north and an anchor to the south that have been incorporated into the design. These added elements could be a reminder to follow your arrow wherever it points, but always stay grounded.
Here’s another nicely done compass tattoo that’s quite unique. It has red and blue accent colors in the middle, along with an arrow traveling northward. Perhaps this tattoo is a tribute to finding a path in life that’s straight as an arrow leading you to where you are meant to be.
Compass tattoos are sometimes the tattoos of choice for people who like to travel and explore. They signify having no real destination and kind of just wandering around wherever the road takes you. This tattoo is a tribute to the wandering spirit. The quote below it, although partially covered by the tattoo shading, reads “All who wander are not lost.”
This amazing sleeve tattoo incorporates a compass in the middle of the design. Above and below the compass you will find words that have special meaning to the wearer inked that have been inked upon banners. Two beautiful roses frame the compass, which add a touch of romance to the finished design.
This beautiful compass tattoos features amazing coloring and shading that create a sort of Alice In Wonderland effect. The compass itself has a cool 3D effect with extremely vivid details. Just above the compass are Roman numerals and initials that are of special significance to the wearer. At the top and bottom of the sleeve design are the words Faith and Love in bold, colorful font with a banner background. This really is a super nice tattoo and would look just as great on the leg.
This beautifully feminine compass tattoo features many of the same elements we’ve already talked about. In the middle, you have the compass that is perfectly centered on an anchored featuring beautiful woodwork designs and a soft, red rose at the bottom. These three things have their own meanings separately, but make a more dramatic statement when put together.

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This compass tattoo is one of the more unique ones that we have seen. The base of the tattoo is a cutaway of a globe with continents on it and two different kinds of compasses on the ends. The countries featured in this design could signify the person’s heritage and the compass over each one may indicate two people finding their way back to each other, despite being separated by distance. The grayscale color scheme of this tattoo creates a very artistic, yet understated look.
This stunning compass tattoo looks like a page from a fairytale! It features an amazingly realistic lighthouse scene in the background, complete with a caretaker’s house, billowing clouds and seagulls. In the foreground are crashing waves and a very intricate compass leading one to the safety of the lighthouse. A truly amazing piece of ink art right here!
If you are suffering from a case of “Tattoo Regret”, you may be considering your options to cover up your mistake. A compass tattoo may be the perfect solution. This tattoo started off as a poorly defined dream catcher tattoo that had faded over time. Using large, gorgeous roses and a strategically placed compass, this tattoo artist was able to turn regret into some pretty amazing ink art.
At first glance, this compass looks extremely realistic. You may not even realize it’s a tattoo! It features amazing depth and detail that really bring the design to life. Beneath the compass is a map and the word “Miami” – which could possibly mean that Miami is this person’s home and the compass is always with them to guide them back, should they lose their way.
Here’s another compass tattoo that is so realistic, it looks like it came from the pages of a magazine. It features a map and the names of various cities as the backdrop and stunningly detailed compasses adorn each end. This tattoo could tell the story of a pilot that travels often with one compass to guide him on his journeys and the other to guide him back home again.
This large compass tattoo is another one that pays tribute to the wandering soul. It also features large letters to denote the directions of the four winds along with the quote, “Not all those who wander are lost.” This tattoo would be a good reminder that just because they wander whichever way the wind blows, does not mean they have lost their way.
Sometimes, less is more. This simple, yet elegant compass tattoo reminds us that not every tattoo has to be colorful. large and bold. It features capital letters for the directions of the four winds and two crossed arrows in the middle. This tattoo also has a raised finished so it isn’t flat and uninteresting like the typical compass tattoos that you usually see.
Here’s another amazing example of 3D tattoos that are sure to “wow” anyone. At first glance, it looks as if you’re seeing a photograph, not an actual work of art on someone’s skin! The compass in the middle has rich details and a 3D effect that creates movement in the compass needle and depth to the perimeter. The gorgeous rose at the top of the design has water droplets on it that creates a very realistic effect. The lotus flower at the bottom is extremely lifelike as well. Such an amazing piece of work!
This compass tattoo is another one that pays tribute to a special place and time in the wearer’s life. It features the outlines of a few countries that could possibly be located in the direction the compass arrows are pointing. There are also dates and letters in the design that tie all the elements together to create a beautiful tribute for the wearer.
This cute and colorful compass tattoo probably doesn’t mean anything beyond being cute and colorful. It is a very unique design, tho. The compass in the middle is surrounded by paint splatters that add a creative artistic touch. We haven’t talked much about tattoos on the top of the feet, but they are a popular tattoo choice for women.
Whimsical designs make charming tattoos, as you can see in this example of a compass tattoo. The shading around the thicker parts are the perfect complement to the light and airy lines used in the design. The anchor at the bottom of the tattoo could be a reminder to stay grounded in your beliefs as you travel the whimsical path of life.
Compasses have been used to guide ships for hundreds of years and are a favorite choice for sailors. This compass tattoos pays homage to the sailor life with a pelican wearing a cool captain’s hat – complete with a peg leg and a pipe! on the bottom corner, there is a cutout of a map, perhaps of his home or some other place of special significance in his life.
This compass tattoo is another one that features a map and land masses, which likely represent the wearer’s native country. The compass is at the bottom of the design while the shaded outline of a cross can be seen just above it. This tattoo could represent being guided by faith.
Tribute tattoos are very popular among all social classes. Sometimes, they represent the likeness of a loved one or a name – while others commemorate special dates or events in a person’s life. This compass tattoo appears to be a tribute to a sailor of some sort, as it features a ship’s wheel and an anchor. The date reads September 22, 1934 – surely a special date the wearer wanted to remember forever.
Maps are common elements that appear with compass tattoos. Some of them are quite realistic – as you can see in this example. The map, land masses and longitude/latitude likes are extremely well-done in this piece. The compass is also shaded to perfection, creating a 3D affect with depth. The scroll and pen at the bottom and rope across the top add a touch of nostalgia to the design and pulls it all together to create an Old World effect.
We have already seen that compass tattoos and the sailor life go hand and hand. This one actually features a tall ship in the scene, surrounded by a land body. The land mass has a star, which likely indicates a port of significance for the wearer. The compass features a bold, yet elegant design along with large decorative font in the letters of the four winds. A beautiful piece with a nostalgic feel.
This compass tattoo is another example of simple elegance. It features clean lines, no shading and a very light and airy feel. There are various land masses in the center, which likely hold some sort of significance for the wearer. There is a also a tiny plan in the center, flying between the land masses, which indicates travelling – perhaps for work, perhaps for love or perhaps, just because.
This amazing compass tattoo has a gorgeous vintage look to it with the brown shading used to create the effect of patina on old wood. The compass in the center of the design is a very old style compass, which adds to the overall antique feel. There is an anchor and a rosary at the bottom of the design, which likely signifies the wearer being anchored in their faith, no matter where they may travel in life.
Here’s a gorgeous example of a tribute compass tattoo to someone’s homeland. There is a large map of Germany in the background, along with longitude and latitude lines and degrees, perfectly mapping the location on the wearer’s arm. The word “Germany” is prominently placed across the land mass and the actual coordinates of a German city appear right above the compass itself in the lower right side. This would be a great idea for anyone wanting to pay tribute to their native country with an awesome tattoo.
This is another compass featuring a tribute to someone’s native country. Here, you will see the Pacific coastline of Canada with a map dot locating Vancouver on the map. The compass itself features a vintage pocket-watch design instead of the more common one piece compass varieties generally found within compass tattoos. Again, this is another great idea for someone who wants to pay homage to their heritage or homeland in a tattoo.
We love this compass tattoo, simply because of the colors! But if you look closely, you will see that it also has a sparkle effect mixed in with the paint splatters – which is super cool. Beside the whimsical compass, you will see the word “Wanderlust” – which means a strong desire to travel. The moral of this tattoo? Travel when you get the urge – and remember to sparkle as you go!
We love colorful tattoos. They make for much more interesting designs. This gorgeous compass tattoo features a heart shaped rope with an amazingly detailed map inside. This map is so well-done, it even includes the names of cities and a lake! There is a lovely pink rose on one side and a compass on the other to create a perfectly balanced work of art.
This compass tattoo is one of those that has a 3D effect, due to the creative shading used in the design. It’s very cool and looks super realistic on the skin. Below the compass, you will see the silhouette of a mysterious traveler walking along some railroad tracks holding a lantern. Perhaps this tattoo is a tribute to wandering through the mysterious paths of life while keeping an eye on the light that guides you home.
Some of the most unique tattoos don’t look like tattoos at all -but more like pen drawings that someone just free-handed on the skin on a whim. This compass tattoo features two sets of coordinates above it, along with land masses in the background. This design is likely a tribute to a particular place in the world that holds a special importance for the wearer.
This is an interesting design for a compass tattoo that we have not seen before. The middle of the compass features a land mass denoting a country and the points of the four winds are done in large, elegant letters. The compass sits in the middle of half a dream catcher, as you can see along the left edge – while the feathers from the dream catcher fall around the bottom of the design and are adorned with beads. This could be a great choice for someone with Native American heritage or anyone else who appreciates the beauty of dream catchers.

125 Best Semicolon Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos have long been a way of expressing one’s creativity and celebrating their uniqueness. Most of us probably pass hundreds of people bearing tattoos every single week of our lives, but never really give much thought to what they may mean. We just appreciate their beauty and admire them from afar.

People get tattoos for inspiration, to honor loved ones, to commemorate special occasions or just because they like how they look. More often than not, there is a deeper meaning behind someone’s tattoo than just what’s on the surface and those meanings are quite personal for the wearer.

Getting a tattoo is a personal choice – one the wearer is going to have to live with forever. So it stands to reason that they would want to give lots of thought to what they are putting on their bodies instead of just following meaningless trends because everyone else is doing it. Or worse – getting a tattoo they will eventually regret – usually sooner, rather than later.

Tattoo trends featuring one single design usually don’t happen. The whole idea of getting a tattoo is to be unique and different. So why would you want to go around sporting the same tired design as thousands of other people? Well, believe it or not – there is actually one tattoo trend that is gaining popularity and has inspired people from all walks of life to do just that.

The semicolon tattoo has united millions of people across the globe in a show of support for people who are struggling with mental illness, depression and thoughts of suicide. A semicolon tattoo also represents someone who is battling those issues themselves. It is crazy to think that something as simple as a tiny punctuation mark can have such significance for so many people, but the creator of the semicolon movement intended it that way.

Amy Bleuel was the founder of Project Semicolon – an organization dedicated to the prevention of suicide. The semicolon movement began when Bleuel challenged people to draw a semicolon on their bodies and show it off on social media in support of those who are affected by mental illness or if they struggle with mental issues themselves.

Bleuel was asked why she chose the semicolon to illustrate her cause.

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life,” said Bleuel.

Bleuel herself struggled with depression and mental illness all of her life, due to various traumas she had experienced for 20+ years of her life. Sadly, at the age of 31, Bleuel took her own life, but left behind a legacy that has reached more than five million people since Project Semicolon began in 2013. Today, Project Semicolon remains a vocal advocate for the prevention of suicide and offers a wealth of resources and support for those who may be suffering with thoughts of suicide.

Here’s a look at some great examples of semicolon tattoos.

This semicolon tattoo is embellished with two arrows. Perhaps the arrows are to remind the wearer that their story can take any direction they wish for it to at any time.
While semicolon tattoos are usually small, this large example of the popular design looks great, too. It features an arrow down the center of the semicolon and the phrase, “My story isn’t over.” A beautiful reminder to follow your arrow and live your story on your terms.
This simple and understated semicolon tattoo is in the perfect spot to be a reminder for the wearer and anyone who sees it that their stories, too – are not over.
Feathers have long been associated with the desire for freedom – the ability to spread your wings and fly away at any time, regardless of whether you can see the ground or not. The semicolon outline in the middle of this feather is significant because reminds the wearer that they can fly away and continue their story elsewhere at any time. The phrase, “Stay strong” at the bottom is a testament to their strength to endure. Just a beautiful, meaningful design for anyone.
This color splash semicolon tattoo is a cool variation of the typical design. The watercolor background showcases the dark ink perfectly and makes it appear more vivid. It’s also light and fun, too!
This semicolon tattoo reminds us that, “Where we suffer, we find the will to live.” That means we have to hold on, be strong and find our reason for continuing our story right where we are. It is a hopeful message that we can pull ourselves out of our suffering eventually and to be strong until that time comes.
Where some people choose to have a tear drop tattoo to signify some loss or trauma they have endured, this person chose to have a semicolon tattoo. This design is unique because it is a fresh take on two of the more popular tattoo designs and we like it very much!
This is a simple semicolon design in a not so prominent area – sort of like a special secret reminder for the wearer. We think inconspicuous tattoos are even more meaningful because they are created solely for the wearer- and no one else.


Here’s another tiny semicolon tattoo. It’s small, personal and discreet. Despite its small size, it has a powerful message for the wearer and they can look at it any time they need a reminder that their story is not over.
We love this semicolon tattoo for so many reasons! The semicolon itself is purple, which adds a lovely punch of color to the design to make it unique. The phrase, “I am the author” reminds the wearer that their story is not only not over, but also that they are the author of it and that they get to choose how it ends – no one else.
Semicolon tattoos don’t have to be stand alone designs in order to be meaningful. They don’t have to follow any sort of pattern, which creates endless opportunities to incorporate them into larger designs. This one features a semicolon as one half of a heart – perhaps a reminder for the wearer to love themselves as they continue their story.
Simple, elegant and understated – this semicolon tattoo makes a bold statement in a quiet way.
There are no hard and fast rules about where a semicolon has to be in order to count. It is YOUR story after all, remember? It’s also your tattoo and your reminder. Put it wherever you like – even on your foot! The location doesn’t make its meaning any less significant.
Rainbow colors are always great and in this tattoo design, they’re absolutely fantastic! We love the way the colors blend into each other, as if they have been melted and dripped onto the skin. The colorful backdrop is the perfect finishing touch to this larger-scale semicolon tattoo. The colors really make the dark ink pop!
This tattoo has so much detail and things going on that we hardly know where to begin to describe it. Your eye is first drawn in by all the fabulous colors that have been incorporated into this design because they blend with and complement each other so well. The dots in the center of each tiny shape give the design a 3D appearance. They are so realistic, it seems you could actually feel each little bump. At the center of this gorgeous mosaic is the semicolon surrounded by more lovely colors to complete this fabulous design.
In previous designs, we have talked about the significance of arrows in tattoos and how they can be reminders to follow your own arrow wherever it points or to simply keep moving forward. The semicolon in the center is a reminder to the wearer that their story is not over and that they may continue it in any direction they choose.
This semicolon tattoo is interesting because of the color splash in the background. It could just be a random drip of colors, but if you look closer, you can see that it could also be a dark cloud on the left right with blue skies or rain on the left. Another unique thing about this design is that the semicolon in the center is left blank instead of being shaded in with dark ink. A really cool design for someone who prefers a more unique semicolon tattoo.
This tattoo is a beautiful reminder to, “Just breathe” – something we all need to slow down and practice. The watercolor background provides a lovely canvas for the phrase and the semicolon’s dark ink as a nice contrast to the soft colors of the backdrop. Perhaps this tattoo is a reminder for the wearer, too, to just breathe as they continue their story.
Here is another tattoo featuring arrows in the design. These are crossed arrows which signifies friendship. We aren’t sure the significance of these arrows on this tattoo, but they make a beautiful backdrop for the semicolon in the center.
We love creative tattoos that incorporate different elements in the design. The body of this lovely butterfly is the semicolon and the gorgeous wings span out from it in pretty shades of pinks, purples and blues. A butterfly signifies transformation – overcoming darkness to recreate yourself into something beautiful. Perhaps this tattoo is a reminder that our stories will tell the wonders of our amazing transformations.
Hope. What a beautiful word. It’s something we all need to get through our stories with grace, peace of mind and the gentle reminder that we can choose how – and when – or stories end.
A balloon and an anchor accent this semicolon in the center. Perhaps the balloon is to remind the wearer that they can fly away from their struggles at any time they wish and the anchor could be to remind them to be anchored at all times – no matter how high they go.
This beautiful tattoo features a hear beat and a heart – to remind the wearer that so long as their heart is beating, their story is not over. Their heart beat is their purpose. The phrase, “Just be” is to remind them that all they have to do is just…….be. Be here. Be present. Be the author of their story.
semicolon tattoo
Here’s another small, discreet semicolon tattoo. This person chose to have their’s done behind the ear. It features a heart shape with the semicolon forming one side of the design. Perhaps it’s to remind the wearer to remember to love themselves all through their story.
Turn the page – what an inspiring message for all of us! The main part of this design features a beautiful butterfly with watercolor wings and the semicolon for the body. This tattoo is a gorgeous reminder to always turn the page of our story. Keep going! Our stories are not over yet because, just like the with butterfly, we are changing and transforming all the time.
Bird tattoos symbolize being able to soar and fly away from your circumstances, whatever they may be. Freedom at its best. With the intricate design of the wings, you hardly notice the semicolon in the center, but it’s there – and serves as a reminder that this person’s story is not over and that they will soar through the chapters with beauty, grace and hope – just like the bird.
This semicolon tattoo sits higher up on the forearm, which means that it can be covered with clothing if the wearer chooses. But the wearer will always have the comfort of knowing their reminder is there any time they need it – and that their story is not over.
The semicolon tattoo is followed by the phrase, “Miles to go” to remind the wearer that they still have so many miles to go before their story is over.
We love this semicolon tattoo because it’s so inspirational and unique. It features the word “Warrior” with the semicolon showcased as the i in the word. This tattoo would serve as a great reminder to the wearer that they are a warrior and they can persevere through whatever their story brings.
A cross and a semicolon tattoo work together to remind the wearer to keep the faith as they continue their story – that they will make it through to the end.
This one word inspirational semicolon tattoo is powerful: Continue. Just simply continue. Don’t end your story. Keep on going.
Here’s another simple, yet powerful reminder using one single word: Alive. This inspiring semicolon tattoo reminds the wearer that as long as they are alive, they still have a purpose and that their story is not over.

Facts About Depression and Suicide:

  • More than 300 people from all ages suffer from depression.
  • Prolonged, unmanaged depression is the leading cause of suicide.
  • Women are twice as likely to be affected by depression than men.
  • Only one out of five people who suffer from depression receive regular treatment for their condition.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reports 800,000 commit suicide each year. That’s one person every 40 seconds.
  • WHO also reports that suicide is the second leading cause of death among people in the 15-29 age bracket.
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.
  • 40% of people who commit suicide have attempted to at least once before.
  • Males are four times more likely to die by suicide.
  • 90% of suicide cases are affected by some mental disorder.
  • Europe has the highest suicide rate while The Mediterranean and parts of Asia have the lowest.

There used to be a stigma attached to mental illness. It was one of those deep, dark secrets that no one talked about because they didn’t want anyone to know their struggles. That’s not the case today. Millions of people openly and honestly talk about their mental illness and share their stories with others to inspire them not to suffer in silence. The world has become a safer place for those who are affected with mental illness to reach out and find the hope and support they so desperately need. Celebrities have done wonders for raising awareness about mental illness. Several well-known musicians and actors have openly discussed their struggles with their fans and have given other sufferers hope that they are not alone.

If you happen to see someone with a semicolon tattoo, chances are that person struggles with mental illness. However, these people do not want to be viewed as victims, as these tattoos are not brands of shame. Instead, they are badges of courage and symbols of strength that they choose to continue their sentence instead of ending it – and the promise to themselves that their stories are not over.

Here’s a creative and dainty take on the traditional tattoo – a dragonfly. Traditionally, dragonfly tattoos mean transformation and freedom – both things we all need to continue our stories and make the best of them.


125 Awesome Dragon Tattoos: The Ultimate Guide

Dragons are the most popular mythological creatures there are. In virtually every culture you will find stories and legends involving these mythical beasts. Even though dragons never really walked the earth, they do bear a striking resemblance to dinosaurs and other large reptiles, which is likely where the tall tales of dragons began. Dragons play an integral role in movies, books, films and folklore, although it’s not quite clear where these stories originated from.

Despite resembling dinosaurs, dragons had features uniquely their own, which varied between cultures. Generally speaking, dragons were said to be large flying serpents that breathed fire and had rough, scaly skin that had the ability to change colors. Depending on the legend, dragons could be known for being protective and friendly or dangerous and threatening. For hundreds of years, we have been reading plot lines about how heroes slayed the menacing dragons to save humankind.

Dragons did not live among people. Most often they were said to live in caves, in the mountains, at the bottom of the sea, somewhere deep in a magical forest and even at the center of the earth. All of these places were scary to the mortal man so it’s no wonder a scary beast must inhabit them and no mere mortal man should dare venture near.

One of these “dragons” appeared from the sea during the time that Christopher Columbus sailed off to the new world. Back in those days, people believed that the earth was flat and that dragons lived at the edges so only the very brave would ever explore into their boundaries. That’s why “Here be dragons” was printed on most of the sea charts and maps during those times!

Dragons first appeared in folklore about 4,000 years ago so they were around way before people started exploring the edges of the earth. Greek mythology has several stories that depict dragons, including the one about Perseus where a queen almost sacrificed her daughter to a dragon to appease him. Dragons were also believed to be the guardians of treasures, portals to magic lands and sometimes of maidens in distress whom they have kidnapped.

Dragons weren’t always depicted as being scary, evil or in need of slaying. Sometimes, they were popular characters in children’s stories, too – like Puff The Magic Dragon. Even today, dragons remain a popular character in video games, role playing games and animated films – like How To Tame Your Dragon.

Dragon Tattoo Meanings

As you are already aware, tattoos mean different things to different people. The same can be said of dragon tattoos. In some cultures, dragons are seen as symbols of strength and power while other cultures view them as things to be feared and annihilated. Some of the more common meanings of dragon tattoos are:

  • Luck
  • Prosperity
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Masculinity
  • Good luck
  • Wealth
  • Earth elements

There are some dragon tattoos that have more elaborate meanings and those tend to be the more popular dragon tattoo designs. Here are some examples of those.

Sleeping Dragon

There is a saying that you should let sleeping dragons lie. This phrase is a warning not to awaken a beast because you will have to deal with its wrath if you do.

Rising Dragon

A dragon rising out of the ruins is a testament to overcoming adversity in life and rising above any obstacles in your way.

Asian Dragon

Dragons are a popular theme in the Asian culture because they have a very prominent place in their history. Asian dragon tattoos are usually associated with wealth and prosperity – nothing, but good omens.

Horned Dragon

A dragon with horns is believed to be the “top dragon” because he is said to be more powerful than all other kinds.

Dragon tattoos are popular with men and are usually considered to be a masculine design. However, women are fans of dragon tattoos as well, although theirs tend to be smaller and more elaborate. Here’s a look at some of the best dragon tattoo designs we have found and brief overview about what each design may mean.

dragon tattoos
This is a bearded dragon with horns, fangs and huge talons. He looks quite intimidating! If you look closely at his back, you will see large scales and possibly spikes sticking up in the center. We definitely hope this guy would be on our side if we ever met him in real life. This dragon tattoo is in its beginning stages of outlining, but it’s going to look AWESOME once its all filled in with color.
This dragon tattoo is kind of creepy, yet kind of cool at the same time. He has horns, a long tongue and crazy eyes that make him look a bit disturbed. We don’t know the meaning behind this one, but it definitely looks to be Asian-inspired.
Even though this tattoo is dark and without much color, it still creates an amazing story. It’s a battle scene between a knight in armor with a sword and a shield bravely slaying a winged dragon. The red on the coat of arms in the shield adds a pop of color for interest. We love how this was created with just simple highlights on a black background. Amazing talent right here!
Here’s a gorgeous Asian-inspired dragon tattoo with lots of color and detail. Every scale on his body was inked singly to create this cool 3-D effect. He has a bearded face, horns and a fire breathing tongue. The colors range from a soft purple at the bottom of the tail to flaming orange horns at the top. This is a super cool design that would look great anywhere on the body.
This is another Asian-inspired tattoo that is a bit different from the others. He seems to be more serpent-like and a ground dweller, compared to the winged ones we usually see. He also has those crazy eyes that make him look a bit creepy and his wild color scheme definitely set him apart from the rest.
This dragon tattoo definitely has a dark-side to it and appears quite evil. He looks like a cross between a demon and a dragon – and he walks on two legs instead of four. The interesting thing is that he is holding a baby dragon in his arms while another one is hanging on to his leg. Another small dragon is seated on top of his head and they all have the same red and black color scheme. A tribute to Satan and The Underworld, perhaps?
We don’t know whether to call this a dragon, a snake or a combination of both. The body of the dragon looks like a scaly snake wrapped around the wearer’s whole arm. As you get to the torso, he takes on more of a dragon appearance, with a chest plate of scales, large talons on his arms and a bearded dragon head with teeth. This is a really cool, really unique dragon tattoo that would definitely draw attention wherever you go.
Usually, a three horned dragon would probably be scary, but this guy doesn’t look harmful at all. He’s a pretty purple color and has large orange winds and a long, scaly tail. The sharp talons on his claws are exposed and ready to attack. His beard and sideburns give him a soft, ancient look, but we think he might be pretty young still!
When you think of dragons from The Underworld, something like this one likely comes to mind. His face is serpent-like, but the fin on his back gives him more of a dinosaur appearance. His slender body and Gothic wings make him look sinister and the barbed tail and long talons add to that sinister effect. We would definitely hate to run into this guy on a dark night!
Here’s another Asian-inspired dragon tattoo that have become so popular. He has a long, scaly serpentine body and walks around on four legs with huge talon. He has a belly plate than runs the length of his body on the underside and a long row of barbs down his back. We can’t tell if the stuff surrounding him is smoke or fire because it isn’t colored in, but whatever it is, it’s coming from his mouth which is full of sharp teeth and long fangs. He’s a scary guy for sure.
So far, the dragon tattoos that we have seen have been on the smaller scale and confined to just a thigh or a forearm. This one, however, is a large, beautiful example of just how amazing dragon tattoos can be when created on a larger canvas. This one covers her entire back and reaches past her waist to her lower hips. He is gorgeously done in amazing details that show off every scale on his body, his claws, teeth and even facial hair. This dragon is another one that walks on four legs and slithers on the ground, opposed to the winged varieties that fly. He has a bit of an Asian look to him and we think he would look stunning completely filled in with lots of color.

Fun Facts About Dragons

  • The word dragon comes from the Latin word ‘draconeum’, which means huge serpent.
  • Most dragons could breathe fire, but there were some very special ones that could breathe ice.
  • Knights from the Middle Ages were sent out to fight and slay dragons as a testament to their bravery.
  • The legend of the dragon likely stemmed from dinosaur fossils that were found by people who imagined what kind of creature they must have come from.
  • Some dragons were said to have horns.
  • There were different sized dragons, some of which were quite small.
This dragon tattoo is unique because of his body shape. Usually when we see winged dragons, they have legs to walk around on, too. When we see dragons with a serpentine body, they usually have legs and no wings. This guy has the serpentine body, wings and no legs – which basically makes him a flying snake dragon! He has a huge mouth with sharp teeth and barbs all across his head. The bony plates on his lower back mean he is ready for battle and we think he might win.
This is another unique dragon tattoo. He kind of looks like a hybrid dragon. His muscular body with long, barbed tail resembles a dinosaur but his head looks more like a snake. He has huge, sharp talons on his claws and is surrounded by yellow and red flames – which he, no doubt, breathed into existence himself. There is also a yin and yang reference in this tattoo, which is the Asian symbol for balance in life.
Despite being a greyscale tattoo without any color in this tattoo, the amazing attention to detail on this design makes it absolutely amazing. Look at how intricately every part of his body was created. Every single scale is visible, the strands of hair in his tail, his sharp, pointed teeth and the glowing eyes all pop out at you when you look at it. The tattoo artist was able to use shading detail to create a smoky effect, as if the dragon is rising out of a plume of smoke. This is an awesome dragon tattoo design that would also look great on the back and would work for a man or a woman.
Here’s a mystical dragon tattoo design and we love the colors in it! It features a winged dragon perched atop of a gorgeous blue rose with pretty greenery and a sparkly, celestial backdrop that creates movement and interest in the design. We think this is more of a feminine dragon tattoo design and that it would look just as good on other parts of the body as well – not just the arm.
At first glance, the dragon isn’t visible in this tattoo. We though it was a floral design. But if you look closely, you will see the dragon’s head in the center of the bicep, beautifully done in red. His red scaly body circles around the arm completely from shoulder to wrist and there are other shapes and designs scattered throughout to create an entire sleeve. This is an amazing piece of ink art for someone who is looking for a cool, intricate design with lots of detail. And a big one, too!
When you look at this dragon tattoo, the first thing that likely comes to mind is that he is ready for battle. The bold blue and orange color scheme really bring his guy to life. His tail is barbed and ready for attacking any opponent that comes his way and his sharp talons are ready to strike. The horns on his head give him a sinister look, as do his yellow serpentine eyes and rows of sharp teeth. He also has large wings that are ready to carry him away from battle, once he has finished off the enemy. This guy is just super cool all the way around!
When a dragon is breathing fire, you know he means business. This guy is definitely not playing around! His green, scaly body looks like a snake, but he has strong legs with claws and barbed wings, too – which means he can attack on multiple levels to defeat any opponent. His teeth are long, strong and sharp as are the barbs on his winding tail. The yellow on his belly plate complement the yellow of the flames, so all parts of the design tie together perfectly. His face looks more like what usually comes to mind when we think of dragons, unlike some of the more serpentine varieties. This would be a cool choice for any dragon fan or someone who just wants a unique and interesting design for their next piece of ink art.
Even though dragons are mystical creatures, we haven’t seen many dragon tattoos that focus on this mystic aspect. This one does, however – and we love it. It features a long-bodied dragon clutching the earth between his talons with his body and tail wrapped around it. Inside the earth, you can see various landscapes of mountains, trees and oceans, along with the sun, moon and clouds. Maybe this guy is protecting the earth. Maybe he has conquered it for himself. Who knows, but we think it’s a really cool design because it is so unique. As nice as it is like this, we know it would be really awesome if filled in with color.

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250+ Henna Tattoo Designs that will Stain your Brain

Henna tattoos are temporary tattoos are made from a dye prepared from the Henna tree also known as the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet. It has been primarily used in the middle east throughout the ages to dye skin, hair, and also textiles such as silk,wool, and leather.

Henna leaves are crushed and made into a paste to make the dye available to artists who can then paint it on the skin. Henna is applied in many different ways depending on the location. In Morocco it’s common practice to use a stick to create henna tattoos whereas in other cultures a piping bag is used similar to what a baker would use to apply icing on a cake.

henna tattoo

Hand Henna Tattoo

This hand henna tattoo looks like has been freshly done. With henna tattoos the pastes is applied and left six to eight hours and sometimes even overnight. The paste in then cleaned off to reveal the tattoo. The above henna tattoo is the color when the tattoo has first been cleaned off. When cleaning your henna tattoo you can’t use water as it interferes with the oxidization process. Cooking oil is recommended.

Some Handy Work

Henna tattoos usually incorporate radial patterns such as flowers and swirls to form mandala like pieces of art. The good thing about henna is that it’s not permanent so if you don’t like the design you can always get another one done in a few weeks time.

Leg Henna Tattoos

The top of the thigh is great place for henna tattoos. It has a large surface area and gives the artist big canvas to create their beautiful creations.

Arm Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos go through a color shift from the time they are done until the time they disappear. The above tattoo is about mid way through the cycles. As you can see from the amber hue that the tattoo is still visible but has softened in color from when it was first done.

Freshly Done

The above henna tattoo has been freshly done. You can tell because the paste is yet to be washed off. It’s a very dark dye and once the paste is washed will lighten to a deep red then eventually to an amber color.

Back Henna Tattoo

The above back tattoo has some really intricate work. The artist must have taken some serious time and care along with having a steady hand. Usually henna tattoos are as detailed and the line work is a lot thicker. I wonder what the artist used to apply the henna?


Solar Flare Henna Tattoo

This is nice little freshly done solar flare tattoo on the inside of the wrist. It’s a very simple design and perfect for the henna style.

Semi Permanent Jewels

This Arabian inspired henna tattoo looks like jewellery. I love the ring style on the fingers more than I like real jewellery.

Henna Tattoos to Woo

Henna tattoos were used in the middle ages as women adorned them at special holidays or when they were going to meet their future husbands. They basically like make up of yesteryear except more interesting.


Sleeve Henna Tattoo

Wow what a beautiful creation. The women above is plastered in henna from feet to fingers and it looks amazing. The artist has done a fine job and the work is intricate. It must have taken hours to complete and a lot of henna paste but the results are worth it.



Extreme Close Up

Here is a close look at a henna tattoo on the hand. Humans weren’t the only ones to receive henna. It was common practice at celebrations to paint your horse or donkey in henna. At wedding, battle victories and celebrations Arabs used to paint the hooves of horses and donkeys.


Punisher Henna Tattoo

This is a henna tattoo with the symbol of the comic book character from the famous series. It’s the Punisher logo which he used to wear on his superhero kit. Unlike other super heroes the Punisher struggled between fighting for good or evil. But as per usual in the end he fought for good.

Cross Culture Designs

Henna originated in Arabia and went down as far as south east Asia. This henna tattoo features Chinese or Japanese symbols and is mixing two cultures together.

More Henna Hand Tattoos

The hand is a very common place for hand tattoos. The Arab women used to cover up so there was not many places to showcase their beautiful henna artwork hence the hand tattoo is so popular.


Henna and Nails a Girls Best Friend

The above picture is an interesting view. Next time you get a henna tattoo try matching your nails color with the color of the henna to create a masterpiece.


Kids Henna Tattoo

Kids may not be able to get real tattoos but they are totally allowed to get henna tattoos. Hopefully it will get them interested in tattoos so when they are old enough they can get the real deal. Or it could work the other way and turn them off tattoos for life.

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

If you can’t afford really diamonds get then done in henna. It’s a lot cheaper.


Henna Tattoo Kits

If you are interested in doing some henna on yourself or friends kits are available online and feature different colored dyes so you can mix and match to your liking. Henna tattooing is a fun way to get started and maybe once you have henna down you can get a tattoo gun and step it up a notch into something more permanent.


Foot Henna Tattoo

The good thing about tattoos is that they don’t hurt a bit. There are no needles involved and you don’t have to spend weeks healing.

Almost Time for a New Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo is on it’s way out. It won’t be long before it has disappeared and the skin will be ready for a new one. Henna tattoos usually last about a week but can last up until three weeks depending on how much your skin exfoliates.

Globules of Henna Paste

I love the look of freshly done henna with it’s beautiful patterns and textures that the globules create. I wish you didn’t have to wash the paste off.


Weddings Bells and Henna Tattoos

In India, Hindu, Moslem, and Sikh culture henna is applied to the brides hands and feet before the wedding ceremony, and it was thought that the darker the Henna tattoos were the more the bride’s husband would love her.

The Different Shades of Henna

Henna usually comes in three different shades of color. There’s dark henna which is very brown. Then there is red henna and an bronze amber henna, although recently more colors are becoming available as people are experimenting and mixing the colors.

Henna and the Middle East

Henna is widely used in the middle east for all celebratory occasion and that includes anything from birthdays to weddings, pretty much all occasions that require traditional dress.

Arm Henna Tattoo

Henna is a great way of seeing what a real tattoo will look like on certain parts of the body. Even if its not the desired design you will some idea of how an image will look.

Love Henna Tattoos

This is a dark henna tattoo which in some cultures means that her husband will love her as with much intensity.

Lots of Henna

This is an amazing looking henna tattoo on the forearm and stretches all the way to the hand. Its a very concentrated piece that doesn’t leave much skin uncovered. The intricate patterns are precisely done using the piping method. Its kind of like icing a cake but replace the cake with skin and the icing with henna.

Tribal Band Henna Tattoo

The above tattoo features a beautiful tribal band with a flower as the centerpiece. That’s the beauty of working with ink or henna. The artist has the freedom to design and execute any image they can imagine.

White Henna?!

The white paint featured in the above tattoo is often referred to as white henna but in fact, its not henna at all. It’s a white adhesive used for decorative purposes and can be used to create beautiful body art.


Flora Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos often contain flora and natural designs such as flowers and ferns. The above henna tattoo features some very nice line work and I especially love the fingertips. It kind of looks like reverse finger less gloves.

Red Handed

This person was caught red handed with some amazing henna designs. This henna tattoo looks fresh as a daisy as it retains a very solid color throughout. The design is very uniform and is clearly the work of seasoned professional.

Mandala Magic

This is a fine example of a henna mandala and deserves the title of magic. I love the concentric circles with the leaves on that curl outwards from the main pattern. The whole arm has been done to perfection and is balanced and even. When doing you henna design think of the arm as canvas and try to balance your henna work in a holistic manner.


Ying and Yang with feathers are a Thang.

Well this pretty cool, a ying and yang symbol with a touch of native American influence.

Marilyn Monroe Henna Tattoo

Happy birthday Mr President. Wow, here is a cool rendition of Marilyn Monroe done in henna. May her soul rest in peace and her spirit live on through the art of henna.

Wedding Time

As you can see in the above picture they have used “white henna” or the body adhesive to stick jewels on this blushing brides hand and judging by the color of the henna she is in for some intense loving after she ties the knot.

Fancy Feet Amazing Arms

The above henna tattoos look absolutely superb and have been executed in a marvelous fashion. The artist had high ambition when embarking on such a journey and has nailed it. This probably the best work I have seen on the list so far.


Sexy Hands

The combination of manicured nails and henna tattoos are super sexy and the above image is proof of that. It reminds of the Taj Mahal for some reason perhaps the sparkle and opulence of the nails and the lines of henna. It has an Indian feel.

Shoulder Henna Tattoo

This a cool mandala shoulder henna tattoo. Its a simple design but sometimes simple things are the best.


Ankle Henna Tattoo

This is an interesting take on the a henna tattoo. It’s a bit different from patterns we have seen earlier in the list. It has more a western influence.

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Fine Arts and Fingers

Here are some pixie inspired designs that will get you wanting to get your own henna tattoo kit and become a henna artist. You can easily pick up henna tattoo kits online and they are quite cheap so there’s no excuse not to get your kit and start being creative.


Getting Tribal

Here is a Maori inspired Henna tattoo. The Maori are indigenous to New Zealand and often have tribal tattoos similar to the one featured in the image. They are also famous for having tattoos on their face.

A Work in Progress

In the above image you can see the henna artist at work with their piping tubes carefully applying the henna. The woman in blue has just received a masterpiece. Lucky her.

Here Comes the Sun

We love the sun. We worship the sun so why not celebrate the fact by getting a nice and juicy henna tattoo as a tribute.


Copper or Bronze

This is one of my favorite tone of henna. It’s beautiful bronze copper look really sparkles in the light. Its a very unique color that gels well with the natural tones of the skin.



There is puppy love in the air and why not show it off with a henna tattoo. As legend has it the darker the henna the more you love your puppy.

Green Henna

What a lovely shade of green featured in the above henna tattoo. It looks so natural and is hard to replicate without using natural dies. This lady is covered in it and would camouflage well in the jungle.


An Interesting Piece of Work

This henna tattoo strays from the traditional work but looks great anyway. I love the way it carries over to the other fingers in a flowing motion. The fingertips are the cherry on top and further enhance the look.



Thumbs Up

This is some seriously nice henna. It’s a thumbs up from me.


Under the Veil

This is a beautiful piece of artwork that reminds me of a middle eastern brides veil. I love the moon and the symbols on the toes.


Friends who Henna Tattoo Together are Friends Forever.

Lower Leg Henna Tattoo

Featured above is some beautiful henna work. The flower looks absolutely stunning paired with the vines and the patterns. I cannot look away.


Some More Red Henna

The red henna tattoos paired with the beautifully bejeweled nails is a winner in my book. Check out how the detailed work on the nails and the henna.


Egyptian Henna Tattoo

Walk like an Egyptian. Here some precise looking Egyptian styled henna tattoos on the hands. It looks awesome paired with the silver jewelry and black nails.

My Oh My

The above image is the perfect example of some serious henna artwork. The artist would have some serious time on this piece. I especially like the designs on the feet and toes.


Fingers and Henna Bling Rings

Finger tattoos are in at the moment and if your not willing to go the whole hog and get something permanent henna tattoos are the perfect alternative.

Faded not Jaded

This henna tattoo is on its way out yet still looks amazing. It’s a bit more subtle than freshly done henna but I like it anyway.


Henna Tattoo Gloves

There is no need for gloves at your wedding when you have a henna tattoo artist on hand. Get it. On hand. OK, so my jokes aren’t great but I hope you have enjoyed the list. Its a fine display of what can be achieved with some natural dye and an cake icing applicator.

Simply Beautiful

This is some beautiful henna art. I love the design above the wrist and the band around the wrist just sets it off. It has to be one of my favorite designs in the list. I can’t help but mention the designs on the fingers. They look fantastic.


Well, there it is. 120 henna tattoos that will give you inkling of what can be done with henna. If you do decide to get a kit and get creative try using multiple colors and see what amazing designs you can come up with. This list will give some ideas and inspiration whether you want to give or received some henna. The best part is that’s it’s totally naturally and doesn’t is harmful to human skin.

175 Heart Tattoo Designs That You Will Love

Heart tattoos are one of the classics. Whether it’s a life like heart or a whimsical heart that you would draw when saying I <3 you. Heart tattoos are a great way of saying I love you or attaching meaning to the moment you cherish. The heart can also symbolize bravery and courage in the face of adversity. Well, it takes a lot of heart to sit in a chair and put up with the pain of getting a heart tattoo. Unless of course you’re a bit sadistic like me and love it. Let’s take a look at some heart tattoo designs, shall we?


Arm Heart Tattoo

The above arm tattoo is a black piece featuring some intricate line work and beautiful roses. Oh, and of course a human heart. Does this person love roses? The artist has done some exemplary dot work for the shading.

Forearm Heart Tattoo

Where ever this guy goes there will always be a home in heart for Holland. If he ever forgets he just has to look down at his arm to remind himself of his home.

Leg Heart Tattoo

This is a brightly colored leg heart tattoo with ventricles and arteries. It’s a cartoon style with thick outlines that really set the piece off. The highlights give the artwork a three-dimensional effect and it really leaps off the skin.

Thigh Heart Tattoo

This is some seriously nice line work. The heart tattoo in only an outline but it looks amazing. The detail on the sunflowers is quite in depth. I love the flowers growing out of the arteries.

Chest Heart Tattoo

OK, so I think we are seeing a common theme here of heart tattoos growing flowers out of there ventricles. I think when I die I will get my heart turned into a vase or a nice pot plant.


Simplicity at its Best

This arm heart tattoo is so simple yet looks so cool. I love the heavy line work with simple detail. It has a sketch aesthetic and uses the natural color of the skin nicely.

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Bicep Heart Tattoo

I love the colors in this bicep heart tattoo. The gradient from the stunning grey to orange then to deep red really make the tattoo pop. The vivid outline paired with cool detail make this tattoo an absolute winner and full credit should be given to the artist whoever that may be.


We All Bleed

This heart arm tattoo has a slogan we should all live by. We all bleed the same color regardless of what’s on the outside. Everybody should be treated with equal respect. If you hate everyone you should hate everyone equally. Jokes.


Shoulder Heart Tattoo

Wow, this tattoo is intense. It has a skull and a clock which is a reminder that death is imminent. The heart is attached to the skull which looks pretty cool. The arteries look like hair in a strange sort of way.


Pectoral Heart Tattoo

The above heart tattoo is a spectacular piece of artwork. The detail is absolutely amazing. It almost looks real. The positioning is directly over this mans heart. This tattoo would have taken quite some time. The artist has done a tremendous job of creating a lifelike heart tattoo.


Side Body Heart  Tattoo

Just when I thought that I had seen it all and then this masterpiece piece come along gleaming its beautiful indifference. The detail is tremendous and I would be delighted to have this tattoo on my body.


Sternum Heart Tattoo

Wow! This is a huge heart tattoo with a chastity cage to boot. Let your heart guide you and you will never be lost but if your heart is caged you may lose yourself. I don’t know who said that but it’s a nice thought. It may have even been me.

Bloody Heart Tattoo

The above heart tattoo is the result of a messy heart transplant. As the doctor was lifting the heart out he dropped on the hospital floor and blood splattered everywhere. It went all over the nurses and on the doctor’s spectacles. But luckily he had those novelty glasses with built-in windshield wipers.


Arm Heart Tattoo

Here is a nice colorful rendition of a heart tattoo with an arrow going through it. It makes getting heart broken fun. The fractals are a nice touch and add some color to the piece. If you look closely you will notice the arrow is broken as well.


Memories Marked

Heart tattoos are a great way of marking an occasion like the birth of a child. This guy has both his kids marked on there. I wonder will happen if he gets a third. It might be time for new a tattoo.

Weird and Wonderful

This is a bit wild. The colors are amazing and really come alive. The artist has used solid shading and some nice dot work to add texture and depth to the heart tattoo.

Black and White Heart Tattoo

This is a very detailed black and white heart tattoo that looks absolutely stunning. This list of heart tattoos is pretty impressive. It features some of the best work I’ve seen in ages. The detail on this tattoo looks like something out of a graphic novel.

Geometric Heart Tattoo

This is a near perfect tattoo featuring some sacred geometry and amazing patterns. The designer has done a great job and has used multiple elements to create a work of art. It’s absolutely brilliant.

The Heart of Gold

OMG! This tattoo is almost too realistic. The artist has done a fine job. It must have taken them a long time and steady handwork to complete such a task. The arrow looks super cool and the blood drips jump off the skin.


My Babies Got My Heart


Old School Cool

This heart tattoo is in the classic styling made famous by Ed Hardy back in the day.  It’s simple but somehow works a treat.


The Tree of Life

From the heart grows love and from love grows happiness. Love is the key to peace. I think the Beatles were onto something when they coined that phrase. Well, it was something like that anyway.


Two Strong Hearts

Two strong hearts sticking together like the honey and the bee. These matching hearts are a beautiful sentiment signifying the couples everlasting love for one another.


The Key to My Heart Tattoo

Would you believe me if I told you you’re the key to my heart? This is a cool heart tattoo featuring a lock. I wonder who has the key?




Hearts and Flowers

The above tattoo is a beautiful design. I love the flowers. They are so simple but so prominent and are like the cherry on top of the cake.

Super Cute

Home is where the heart tattoo is.


Paper Planes and Colorful Circles

I love the colors in this heart tattoo. They are so vivid and the paper plane is a nice touch. It looks like this person loves to travel and the tattoo is a constant reminder that a rolling stone gathers no moss.


Yes Yes Yes

I’m almost lost for words. Almost I said. This heart tattoo is worth a mention for its uniqueness.

Another Cracker of a Colorful Design

This heart tattoo is absolutely stunning and uses negative space to well. It’s a fine example of what can be achieved with a little imagination.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

If you want your tattoo to really stand out fill the background in with a contrasting color to the design. If your tattoo is red, a black background will really intensify the imagery. Alternatively, you could do the opposite for a similar effect.


Hand Heart Tattoo

Put your hand or your heart tattoo and tell me it’s all over. They are almost the lyrics from a Kylie Minogue song. Almost but not quite. Anyway enough about Kylie and more about tattoos.

Black Heart Tattoo

The black heart is a symbol of someone incapable of love. I think vampires also have black hearts.


Dot Heart Tattoo

Dot work is becoming more popular in the tattoo world because it creates an interesting effect and adds an extra element of texture to the work.

Heart in a Bottle

When you break up with someone and tear out their heart it’s best to store it in a bottle full of formaldehyde to preserve it for years to come and don’t worry about their feelings they won’t need them in the future.

Full Chest Hear Tattoo with Wings

This is one badass heart tattoo on the chest. It bloody huge. The wings are a nice touch and it would have taken many hours to complete. The colors used compliment each other well. This tattoo is absolute fire.



This heart tattoo looks like it’s the result of a dare. It’s a bit funny. The artist done a great job and I’m sure he wondering what the F this person was doing.

Neck Heart Tattoo

Neck tattoos are becoming more popular as tattoo culture is accepted in society. Gone are the days of having to hide your tattoos from potential employers. This tattoo is a cracker.


Stomach Heart Tattoo

This is a whimsical heart tattoo on an interesting part of the body. Oh, I get it now. Her heart is in stomach meaning she loves food. The pudgy stomach is a dead give away.


Heart Tattoo Designs

This is a cool design and I would gladly put it on my skin for life. It has a Japanese feel and the colors are bold. It’s a great design.

Sketch Style Heart Tattoo

The sketch style tattoos are simple in design but look great. If you ever want a tattoo using only one color sketch style is the way to go. The shading has been done using a cross-hatching method which is also used in comics.


Wandering into the Unknown

Falling in love can feel like wandering into the unknown as you leave yourself vulnerable and open to get your heart broken. But love is worth the heart break. The suffering comes from a persons inability to adapt to an ever-changing life. So enjoy life for what it is right now. You will be happier that way.

More Geometry

This geometric heart tattoo is a great design and a little different in a good way. Geometric patterns can make the most boring tattoo subjects interesting. So if you want to spice up your design try using some geometric patterns.



She Loves Birds

This lady loves a robin. Or could she mean that she is a love bird? That’s the beauty of tattoos is that they are open for interpretation.

Three Dimensional Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is really leaping off the skin. The shading and detail really do add another dimension. It’s all about the way the artist uses highlights to create depth.


Tattoo After Care

Caring for your tattoo after it’s finished is very important if you want the tattoo last and look as fresh as it did when you first get. Always consult your tattoo artist for the best way of looking after your tattoo. Try and keep it out of the water until its healed and always make sure the tattoo is moist to avoid it cracking and tarnishing the line work. Your tattooist will tell you exactly how to care for it. Bepanthem cream is generally used for aftercare.


For the Love of Puppies

Puppy love is something that should be shown all the time especially in tattoos as this person has. It a fun and whimsical take on the tattoo.

Locket Heart Tattoo

Another beautiful heart tattoo in the form of a locket. It’s some tidy work that uses the natural color of the skin for highlights. It’s a clever way to save on ink and create amazing effects.

A Small Heart Tattoo

Sometimes small tattoos are just as good as big tattoos. I think I prefer to have lots of small tattoos rather than one big one. Small tattoos mean you can have many different designs.


Vietnam is Cheap

If your looking for a great holiday destination and a place to get cheap tattoos Vietnam is a beautiful country with cheap tattoos. If you go to the old quarter in Hanoi you will find many tattoo parlors. They do good work at the fraction of the price of a Western tattoo joint. All the good things in life are cheap there also like beer, food, and cigarettes.


Crying Heart Tattoo

A crying heart is not very funny but this tattoo makes it fun. It’s cute and simple yet still looks great. That’s the beauty of tattoos.


Small Wrist Heart Tattoo

Small heart tattoos on the fingers or wrist look really cool. Try a small tattoo next time your in the chair.


Wrist Heart Tattoo

What’s better than one heart tattoo? Two heart tattoos of course. The hearts contain the fingerprint of her children. It’s a clever way to express your love and make it personal.

Mother and Baby Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo is a splendid way to mark the occasion of a newborn child. The above tattoo has some beautiful colors and the simple outline of mother and baby embracing for the first time. There is nothing more powerful than a mothers love for her children.

Water Color Heart Tattoo

The watercolor effect in tattoos is gaining popularity. The washed out colors can be hard to achieve in the tattoo medium and takes the work of a real professional to pull off. The above heart tattoo does it nicely. The colors wash into to one another and drip down to the geometric pattern of lotus. It’s simply beautiful.


Side Belly Heart Tattoo

Here is a cool tattoo using only black. The simple outlines create a memory from childhood wrapped in a big old heart. It’s heart warming and belly good.


Don’t Seal it With a Kiss

Seal your love with a heart tattoo. That way when you break up there is no need to get it removed. It beats getting someone’s name tattooed on your skin.

Palm Heart Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it would have hurt like hell and that’s probably why the heart is crying. It represents what this person felt when the needle is being dragged across their skin. Of course, they are tears of joy though.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This is a huge forearm heart tattoo is a work of art. The linework is impeccable and the artist has shown some real skill. The shading work is what makes this tattoo a great and it would have taken a long time to do.


Well folks, there it is. All 175 heart tattoo designs to get you in the mood to jump in the chair and get some ink. Hopefully, you have got some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo. Tattooing isn’t just ink on the skin, it becomes a lifestyle and one could say it’s very close to the heart. So what are you waiting for? Book in and see your tattooist and get some more ink done!