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135 Feather Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Fly

Feather tattoo can have many different meanings such as freedom, travel, friendship, courage, and bravery. Some cultures often adorned themselves in feathers and the type of feather varied from culture to culture. Now we adorn ourselves in feather tattoos. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best feathers tattoos and some of the worst.


Arm Feather Tattoo

A feather tattoo looks great everywhere and that includes the arm. The lady above has some great work on her arm. The feather designs look simple but are quite intricate due to the line work involved.

Colorful Feather Tattoo

The best thing about tattoos is that you get them any color you want and don’t have to stick to traditional colors. If you want a pink and purple feather tattoo you can get a pink and purple feather tattoo.

Wacky Feather Tattoo

This tattoo is a bit wild and I like it. It combines geometric patterns, color, and feathers to nicely and looks great as a whole piece.

Forearm Feather Tattoo

This feather tattoo is a nice addition to the list. The artist has done a great job of recreating the flowing state of a feather. It looks like it’s being blown around in the breeze.

Bird’s of a Feather Flock Together

What a weird and wonderful feather tattoo we have here. It’s leg feather tattoo with a unique twist. I wonder where he got the inspiration for something like this.


Bicep Feather Tattoo

The bicep is a great spot for a feather tattoo. It’s long and slender unless of course you’re a beefcake. The above tattoo features a nice red feather with black lowlights and is some very tidy work indeed.

Chest Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather is one of the most beautiful feathers of them all and it makes for a great tattoo. This lady has got a nice one right on her chest. I especially love the coloring on this one.

Dreamweaver Feather Tattoo

Holy moly! This is an absolutely stunning leg tattoo featuring some beautiful colors and line work. The artist has really outdone themselves on this one. I love the bold outlines and vivid colors.

Back Feather Tattoo

Here is a superb example of a back tattoo. The feather has been done in three different colors. If you look carefully you can see some jigsaw puzzle pieces. I wonder what this means?

Forearm Feather Tattoo

Here are multiple views of the same tattoo. It features some pretty cool lettering with a nice quote to top it off. “Roots to Grow. Wings to Fly”.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather is an integral part of Hindu culture. The god of war, Lord Kartikeya rode one around. Imagine that! Riding a peacock to work every day instead of driving a car.

Leg Feather Tattoo

Here is a nice version of a leg tattoo featuring a dream catcher and a feather. The artist has used shadowing to make the tattoo leap off the skin. The shading looks especially cool on the dreamcatcher and would have taken a steady hand to do.

Neck Feather Tattoo

A tattoo behind the ear on the upper side of the neck is a great spot for something pretty small. A feather looks great there. I have also seen some musical notes and even a smiley face. The options are unlimited.

Forearm Feather Tattoo

Here is a big forearm tattoo that has taken inspiration from nature. I like the way the artist has incorporated flowers into the design.

Big, Badass Back Tattoo

This tattoo nicely combines the three elements of the rose, the feather, and the skull. It’s a huge tattoo and would have taken a very long time and multiple visits to the tattoo studio to complete.

Side Body Feather Tattoo

There is a common theme going on here. A lot of Native American inspired artwork. The above tattoo is of a dreamcatcher with some brightly colored feathers attached to it. The Native Americans believe that an eagle has an attachment to the heavens because it flies so high.

Color Me Bad

No not the boy band from the late eighties or early nineties. This feather tattoo features some seriously iridescent colors. When getting bright colorful tattoos, it’s important that you look after them well so the colors don’t fade. Try to avoid getting them sunburnt as this will make the colors fade.

Tattoo Within A Tattoo

The above feather tattoo is a very cool approach to getting a tattoo. The outline is a feather and peering out is a well drawn jungle cat that looks like it’s stalking prey.


Wrist Feather Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are good for those who want to show some discretion. They can be easily hidden or covered up with a long sleeve shirt if you are working at a prudent establishment that still finds visible tattoos repulsive. In a perfect world, we would be allowed to get tattoos wherever we please.


Lower Leg Feather Tattoo

This is a pretty cool lower leg piece that is done is solid black. Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best and that goes for tattoos as well.

Chest Feather Tattoo

Chest tattoos look pretty cool if you have the muscles to back them up. If you have man boobs and want a chest tattoo it might just be the incentive you need to hit the gym and get fit. The last thing you want to see is a man with boobs with a chest tattoo flopping around everywhere as he walks.


Geometric Feather Tattoo

Adding geometric designs or shapes to your tattoo can turn something conventional into something a bit more askew. Get creative and have fun with it, and if you can’t draw, don’t worry. You can tell your tattoo artist your idea and they will come up with something.


Leg Feather Tattoo

This a bold design and uses a lot of black ink in the process. It would have taken a seriously long time to get this piece done. The jewel on the bottom is the cherry on top if you catch my drift.


An Expanse of Feathers

This feather tattoo is vast and expansive. I love the way the feather fan and create the entire image. It spans across this person’s whole upper arm and around the bicep.

Eagle Feather Tattoo

The eagle is one of the most majestic birds to ever fly the sky. The Native American Indians worshipped the eagles in one of the oldest religions. Animism is said to be one of the oldest religions where animals are the subject of worship. You can find a lot of signs of Animism in Native American art and culture.


Full Leg Feather Tattoo

Woah! This a huge leg piece that looks amazing. It’s a very fine tattoo indeed and the artwork is amazing. This would have taken quite some time in the studio.


Adorned in Feathers

The feather in this piece isn’t really the main focus but that’s okay. It’s good to get creative and combine multiple elements to make for an interesting tattoo.


Tri-color Feather Tattoo

This simple tri-color tattoo is done to perfection and the colors work well together. The bold outline makes the tattoo jump off the skin.

Owl About It

This owl is looking is looking mighty fine on the skin. The single color and patterns on the owl make it a top-notch tattoo. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and perception.

Jewelry Feather Tattoo

Do you always lose your jewelry? If the answer to this question is yes, try getting it tattooed on your skin. That way it will be almost impossible to lose.


Spine Feather Tattoo

A tattoo on the spine adds definition and tone to the area. It also follows the bodies natural contours which makes for a good tattoo.


Watercolor Feather Tattoo Magic

This is a cool and uniques take on the feather tattoo. It uses a watercolor effect blended with some solid line and looks stunning. The birds cap it off nicely to create a masterpiece.

A Pen Feather

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but before the ballpoint pen was invented people used to dip feathers in ink and write like that. Can you imagine how long it would have taken to write a book back in the day? The idea of writing with a feather is romantic but the practicality isn’t there.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal designs usually feature thick line work and are a bit blocky. Just because they lack detail it doesn’t make them as beautiful as more intricate designs.

Johnny Cash Feather Tattoo

Correct me if I’m wrong but is that Johnny Cash walking on down the railroad. The man in black strikes again in this super cool tattoo.

Feather Make Wings. Wings Make You Fly

Wing tattoos are pretty cool and the above tattoo is no exception. On the shoulder or a big set on the back looks amazing.


Simple Yet Effective

Here is a lovely quaint feather done superbly. The linework is A one and the simple style compliments this part of the body well. In contrast to one down below which is highly detailed and very solid in color. It stands out a lot more than the one above.

Mural Tattoo

A mural tattoo is a good way to combine multiple elements that don’t necessarily have any relationship to one another. Mural tattoos are good for sleaves or full back pieces.

The Best

This would have to be one of my absolute favorites on the list. It combines multiple different elements and I also like the fact that it doesn’t use too much color and leaves something to the imagination.

Ink Spattered Style

This ink spattered is really cool. The solid black goes well against the pale background of the skin.

Tattoo Aftercare

Caring for your tattoo is very important so that your tattoo maintains it vigor and it will prevent infection. It’s very important to keep the area clean and away from dirt and grime. Also, keep the area nice and moist using a moisturizer that is antibacterial. There are a number of products on the market that will do the job. Also, consult your tattooist as they will know the best way to look after your fresh new tattoo. Avoid getting sunburnt or going swimming until your tattoo has healed. Your tattoo artist will give you the rundown after you have received it and if they don’t ask as many questions as possible.

Arrows in Quiver

This guy must love archery or love having an old school quiver as large as life on his back. It’s an interesting choice for a tattoo and man is it huge. It some very good artwork and it would taken many hours and a lot of money.


Hakuna Matata

It means no worries for the rest of your days according to the song that Timon and Pumba sang in the lion king. Let’s hope that it remains true for this person or for everyone for that matter. This is such a cool tattoo. It’s fun and colorful.

A Coool Tribal Style

The next few tattoos are a bit tribal and bit colorful. They are very cool indeed.



Cool and Unique

This is a cool take on the feather tattoo. It uses a layering effect like that you would see using photoshop or doing a colage. It adds depth and dimension to a tattoo and could be worth a try next time your in the chair.

Another classic peacock feather tattoo spanning the length of the forearm. I like the lover heart in the middle with it’s beautiful colors. The blue and green work great together.

Old School Cool

This tattoo is bit old school featuring an anchor and feather. It’s the perfect spot for it and loos amazing.


Well, that’s about it for the list. 135 feather tattoos for you to wrap your eyes around. There were some amazing tattoos on the list from simple small ones to big bold and beautiful ones. Hopefully you got some ideas for your next stint in the chair. I know I did.

68 Dragonfly Tattoo Designs That’ll Make Your Heart Soar

The dragonflies are great. They look really cool and the best thing is that they eat mosquitos. If it wasn’t for dragonflies we would be swatting away mosquitos all damn day. They are also a symbol of overcoming obstacles and moving forward which is a good thing. In this post, we take a look at some of the best and worst tattoos on the internet. There are some amazing ones and some real shockers as you will see from the list.

Wrist Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a cute dragonfly tattoo on the wrist. The silhouette style is great for small tattoos as there is not much detail yet the image is clear and easily deciphered.

Back Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a cool mandala style dragonfly tattoo paired with a mandala. It’s easy to get lost in the patterns and the beautiful outline of the vines in the piece.


Shoulder Dragonfly Tattoo

Did you know there are heaps of different types of dragonflies? There are over 5000 different species and they all have teeth. They sting at all but use their teeth to have a nibble. This lady looks like she’s getting bitten on the shoulder.

Foot Dragonfly Tattoo

I love the colors in this tattoo. Some nice light purple with green and pink markings. It’s a very cool looking dragonfly indeed. The shadow effect gives it some lift off the skin. It also makes the tattoo more prominent.

Lower Back Dragonfly Tattoo

This kind of tattoo used to be called a tramp stamp and was quite popular back in the 90’s. The spot has a bad reputation as girls were getting around in skimpy outfit displaying these tattoos. Each to their own I guess.


Upper Back Dragonfly Tattoo

This is the opposite of tramp stamp. This is one classy tattoo with beautiful iridescent colors. It’s cool how the artist has used disjointed lines to create the dragonfly.

Another Certified Tramp Stamp Dragonfly Tattoo


Arm Dragonfly Tattoo

Now this is more like it. This tattoo has style and is done in a beautiful watercolor design. I love the fact that it’s a bit rough and messy. The artist has done this on purpose for a more rustic approach.

Leg Dragonfly Tattoo

Here is another watercolor tattoo masterpiece. It’ in a sketch style with beautiful colors bleeding into each other.

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Forearm Dragonfly Tattoo

This little guy is throwing colors around making a pretty mess all over this person’s arm. Luckily it looks awesome and the tattoo artist did a tidy job.



Matching Dragonfly Tattoos

This person has got some matching dragonflies. It’s a cool concept to get two of the same tattoo on your body. It gives the artwork some repetition.


Spine Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a nicely done piece where the dragonflies tail stretches down this ladies spine. The colors look amazing. The tail trails down with the contour of the spine leading the eye down the back.


More Watercolor Madness

Black Dragonfly Tattoo

Ok so now we are getting to some good old-fashioned black dragonfly tattoos. Don’t get me wrong they look every bit as amazing as color, some are even better.


Forearm Dragonfly Tattoo

The forearm is the perfect size for a dragonfly tattoo due to the shape of the arm and the body of the dragonfly fit well together. When planning your next tattoo always take into consideration how the tattoo will look on your body.

Negative Space

This is a cool silhouette using negative space wisely. It uses the natural skin tone instead of the of ink to make the shape of a dragon fly.

Neck Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a bit sexy. A hot woman with a long neck rocking a dragonfly tattoo. She could fit about three on there her neck is so long.


Forearm Dragonfly Tattoo

Here is a couple of rocking forearm dragonfly tattoos. The top one is cool and uses some geometry to spice it and the bottom is a huge beast with plenty of color and detail to mix things up.

Huge Dragonfly Tattoo

This dragonfly is a monster. Luckily they are not that big in real life or they would probably be running the world and biting large chunks out of unsuspecting people.


Big Badass Wrist Tattoo

This wrist tattoo is big, black and bold. It would have hurt as the wrist is quite a sensitive spot. This person must have been pretty tough to sit through this and deserves a medal. Or maybe an ice cream at least.

This one is even bigger. It’s a little too realistic for my liking and a bit freaky indeed. Look at it’s tiny little head bobbing away. The flowers are a nice touch though.


Weird Dragonfly Myths

There are some weird dragon fly myths getting around such as the one about how dragonflies can heal snakes. What kind of crazy person came up that idea. People were so dumb before the internet.


Cute Dragonfly Tattoo

This dragonfly tattoo adds a touch of whimsy to the whole scenario. It’s very cartoon-like and uses vivid colors to pretty it up.


Another Huge Back Dragonfly Tattoo

Fun Fact: Dragonflies have six legs but are hopeless at walking on them and they would rather fly. They are so good at flying and have been recorded to reach speeds of up thirty-six miles an hours. That’s pretty damn fast when you think about it. They need to be fast because they have a lot of predators like frogs, toads, and fish.

The Swarm

Above is a swarm of butterflies flying up this ladies spine. It’s a cool idea and a neat way to get more coverage and unity.

A Bunch of Wrist Butterfly Tattoos

Wrist tattoos, especially on the inside are a great spot if you want to show a little discretion yet still be out there loud and proud.



Side Wrist Dragon Fly Tattoo

Adult dragonflies only live short lives that can last from a few weeks to a few months. They spent most of their time as larvae flapping around in the water. So all the dragonflies you see cruising around in the air are almost dead. That means they don’t get much time to chew on mosquitos.


Hand Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonflies only hang around clean water. If you see dragonflies hanging around a body of water apparently it’s good. I wouldn’t drink it without boiling it first though. Dragonflies huge eyes allow them to have 360-degree vision and also allow them to see prey in the through the reflection in the water. They are known to eat a variety of insects and have been known to eat tadpoles and small fish.


The Cycle of Life

In this tattoo, there is a swallow about to nail the dragonfly. I hope he gets away in time. Fly little dragonfly. The tattoo is a nice sleeve with a lot going on including a compass.


Life Like Dragonfly Tattoo

This tattoo is almost too realistic. It looks like the dragonfly is about to take a chunk out her neck. The artist has done an amazing job. The detail is so fine and the wings are a standout feature.


Another Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo

Here is a realistic dragonfly done in black and white. The artist has done a spectacular job. The dragonfly is having a nibble on this person’s back.


Dragonfly Tattoo Fight

This dragonfly is having its way with the butterfly. The bloody battle wages on and it looks like the dragonfly will prevail in this epic battle of good vs evil.


Butterfly and Dragonfly Tattoo

The classic tattoo duo of butterfly and dragonfly.


Shoulder Blade Dragonfly Tattoo

Bees use flap their wings approximately three hundred times a minute to fly whereas dragonflies only have to do it thirty times. They do have two sets of wings of course giving them the advantage.


Hip Butterfly Tattoo

Here is a simple little butterfly tattoo on the hip. It’s cute and the picture could really go anywhere even on the hand and foot.


Another Spine Dragonfly Tattoo

Here is a sexy little dragonfly.

Foot Dragonfly Tattoo

Here is a whimsical little foot tattoo of a dragonfly.



Toes Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a cool little tattoo on the toe. It’s pretty rare in these lists to come across a toe tattoo. That gives me a good idea for my next tattoo.


Ankle Dragonfly Tattoo

Here are a bunch of ankle tattoos. The ankle is a cool spot but it hurts a bit more than other places. There must be more nerve endings in that part of the body and the bone is closer to the surface. Have you ever hit your ankle on the something hard on a cold morning? It bloody hurts.

Dragonfly Tattoo Trails

The above and below tattoos feature trails. It’s a nice way to fill up space and add an extra element to your next tattoo.


Mandala Magic

This dragonfly tattoo has some great mandala designs and is one of the best on the list so far. It contains some very tidy line work with dot patterns in the background.

The Formation

All dragonflies report for mandala formation. We are going in for the attack. We have a few bogey mosquitos to take down for our dinner. Roger Copy That.


Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

This is a big and beautiful tattoo featuring some nice understated colors. The line work is very tidy and so is the shading.


Dragonflies and Flowers

Here is another watercolor style dragonfly tattoo with some beautiful flowers that compliment the piece and add some depth and variety.


Side Body Dragonfly Tattoo

A Harvard study revealed that dragonflies are very efficient hunters. They catch their prey by the feet and caught ninety percent of their prey.




Dragonfly Kiss

Dragonflies are keen migrators and will migrate with other species of dragonflies. Most species have been found to only travel every third day averaging a distance of 7.5 miles a day although one dragonfly traveled one hundred miles in a single day. The longest migration of a dragonfly was 11000 miles over the Indian ocean. I bet they were exhausted after that trip. Scientist attached tracking devices to their wings to track the journey.


Tattoo Aftercare

Caring for your tattoos after they are done is almost as important as getting them done. Tattoos need serious aftercare if you want them to maintain the color and line work and also keep it free from infection. The best thing to do is after you have received your tattoo ask the tattoo artist on the best way to care for it. If they don’t give you much information there is a wealth of knowledge on the internet. Alternatively, you can see your doctor and they might be able to give you some advice.


Big Back Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonflies are said to be over 300 million years old. That’s older than the dinosaurs and could even be the first flying insect. They have stuck around all these years to keep the mosquito population in check. Well maybe.


Huge Dragonfly Tattoo

This is a huge pair of dragonfly wings. Dragonflies are great at flying. They have full mobility in the air and one of the best out of the insect popualtion. They can fly forwards, backwards, up, down, and can even hover in one spot.



Chest Dragonfly Tattoo

What’s better than a dragonfly on the chest? A dragonfly on the chest. Here is a super large tattoo on this girls chest. It looks a bit dodgy but as long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

More Watercolor Surprises

Here is another watercolor tattoo this time using fatter lines and more washed out colors than the others. I epecially like how the flower has been done in a paintbrush stroke manner giving it a very natural appeal.

And the list complete. It was a long one and there were some beautiful tattoos there. Hopefully, you got some ideas for your next tattoo. This has been a fun ride and an educational one at that. Remember tattoos are permanent so choose wisely or you may just regret your decision and have to get a cover-up. Or you could just live with. After all it’s only a tattoo.


92 Wolf Tattoo Designs To Get You Howling at the Moon

The wolf is a creature of power and mystique. Humans have embedded the wolf into our culture through film, art, music and of course tattoos. Everybody loves wolves from the werewolf to the mountain unless of course you’re little red riding hood. In this post, we take a look at some of the most banging wolf tattoos online. Get ready to howl at the moon while you scroll through these absolutely stunning wolf tattoo designs.

wolf tattoos

Arm Wolf Tattoo

This wolf tattoo is a blend of some druid style art and a cartoon wolf. It’s a good way of mixing it up and creating something unique. When going for your next tattoo you could maybe try something like this. Maybe bionic meets nature.

Wolf and Prey

The wolf wrapped in sheep clothing is a common saying meaning that you’re a boss dressed as a peasant or something like that. Is the sheep wearing a wolf hat or is the wolf eating the sheep?

Tricep Wolf Tattoo

This is another mash-up wolf tattoo featuring a wolf and a nautical star. It features some very tidy line work. The shading on the wolf is done using dots and lines making for an interesting looking tattoo.


Lower Arm Tattoo

This is an interesting piece. I like how the artist has used shapes to design the wolf. The colors are dark and haunting making this piece an absolute winner.

Gypsy and the Wolf

This wolf tattoo is done in the old school Sailor Jerry style. It has a gypsy with her spirit animal, a big bad wolf. The colors are not too bright which is nice sometimes when you’re going for a more sedated or natural look.

Bionic Wolf

This tattoo is totally badass. The bionic wolf has circuitry and everything. The blues and greens are stunning. A fine tattoo indeed.


Forrest Wolf

A wolf is his natural environment. He is probably staking little red riding hood, waiting for her grandma to get home and for a nice tasty meal.

Fractal Wolf Tattoo

Another split wolf tattoo featuring some beautiful fractal work on one side of his its face. Its blue eyes finish off the piece nicely and create a haunting effect.

Forearm Tattoo

Here is a nice portrait of a wolf in a triangle. It kind of looks like a hunters trophy. The detail is fine and it’s a very tidy piece of work overall.

Also See:

Dead Wolf

This little wolf drew the wrong end of the stick. He got stabbed through the stomach on his way to the river and now it’s dead. But its legend will live on through the tattoo.

Leg Wolf Tattoo

Here is a huge leg tattoo. The hamstring is an ideal spot for big tattoos as it has lots of surface area. This tattoo clearly needs some more work done.


Shoulder Wolf Tattoo

Wow! That’s one vicious looking wolf. The Native Americans were one of the first humans to ever interact with wolves. Some even had them for pets. There are many Native American folktales with wolf characters.

Head Wolf Tattoo

This head tattoo is pretty gnarly. It’s an evil looking skull tattoo. Skull tattoos are more popualr than ever as society is embracing the tattoo culture.

Hand Wolf Tattoo

This sleeve tattoo is enormous and brightly colored to boot. If you look closely you can see the wolf on his hand. It’s a bit cartoony although features tremendous detail.


Thigh Wolf Tattoo

Here is a big old doe-eyed wolf tattoo right on the thigh. The blue of the eyes really sets it if off and mingles well with the blue jewelry.

Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cool wolf tattoo on the bicep. The artist has done a bang-up job using brush strokes to create a very realistic portrait of the noble wolf.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Let’s get tribal. This is a tribal wolf tattoo. It looks like something from the Maori culture. It’s very old school and was done a long time ago as you can see from the fading.

What on Earth is going on Here?

This a strange wolf tattoo. At first, it seems kind of messy then emerges as a work of art the more you look at it. It looks like it has been done with crayon.


Princess Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos don’t have to be big and scary. This wolf tattoo has an element of femininity. The wolf looks very girly and the flowers reinforce this appeal.

Chest Wolf Tattoo

Here is a big and badass chest tattoo of a wolf or bear. It’s hard to distinguish. The shortness of the snout would suggest a bear but the ear would suggest a wolf. Anyway, I’m confused. Not to worry.


Crescent Moon Wolf Tattoo

The classic tale of the wolf and the moon. A man turns into a werewolf on a full moon. So that’s only once a month. Luckily or we would have to fend them off more often. Luckily it’s only a crescent moon in this tattoo so we should be ok.


Hand Wolf Tattoo

This is an interesting take on a wolf tattoo. It’s a colorful snarling little beast that looks pretty damn cool.


Simple Wolf Tattoo

I like this one. It’s a simple design of a wolf using minimal color. The framing of the forest completes the piece.

Japanese Style Wolf Tattoo

These next few tattoos look a bit Asian. It’s a very cool style and a colorful one at that. The wolf tattoo below features a heavy outline and some really nice shading.

Colorful Tattoo

This is a unique take on a wolf tattoo. It’s fun and whimsical far from the big and scary like the other ones. The colors gel well together and it’s a really cool design.


Black and White Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cool black and white wolf tattoo. It’s big, bold, black, and badass. The eyes are left glazed over which is a cool effect.

Old Blue Eyes

Not Frank Sinatra. It’s a wolf tattoo featuring some really cool blues. The highlights of the tattoo create a three-dimensional aesthetic. Overall, this tattoo is a winner in my book.


Full Moon Wolf Tattoo

The classic full moon and wolf with some sacred geometry weaved in there too. The detail is amazing on the wolf and the moon.


Bold Wolf Tattoo

This wolf tattoo uses heavy shading to get the message across and that message across. It has really heavy shading which would have taken quite some time to do.

Paisley Wolf Tattoo

You wouldn’t think that paisley and wolf tattoos go together but the artist had made this one work. It’s a unique take on the half and half tattoo. It represents the dualistic nature of the wolf.

Leg Tattoo

This is some seriously good tattooing. It contains some very nice lines with uniques symbols. The artist is a very creative cookie indeed.

Chest Wolf Tattoo

Here is a wolf vomiting up a skull. Wolves eat all the fleshy bits and leave the bones for the vultures. The bones can get caught in their throat and cause them to choke.


Visually Stunning

This wolf tattoo is absolutely amazing. The detail is on point and the artist has nailed it. The wolf’s gaze is ambiguous and vacant.


Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

The above tattoo features a watercolor effect which has become quite popular in the tattoo world. In watercolor tattoos an outline is never used so the colors can wash into each other creating a cool natural paint effect.



Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are getting more and popular as culture has accepted the tattoo culture into society. If you ever wanted to get a neck tattoo now is the time to do it. This one features some really nice line work. The artist has done some nice work.


Tattoo Aftercare

It’s very important to take good care of your tattoos after you get them so they maintain their original color and lines. Always keep the area moist using a cream recommended by your tattooist. If you have any problems give your tattooist a call or head to your local doctor. The internet is also a wealth of information when it comes to tattoos.


Big Bad Leg Tattoo

I’ve seen this picture on a shirt. It’s a classic image of the forest and a wolf howling at a full moon. It some really handy work and the tattoo artist did an amazing recreation.

Sternum Tattoo

The sternum is another spot to get a tattoo rather than on the pectoral. The wolf tattoo above looks as fresh as a daisy as you can see the redness around it.


Flowers and Wolf Tattoos

Pairing a badass wolf with some flowers is a nice way to freshen the whole situation. It makes the wolf seem not as scary and powerful.

Amidst the Forest

Wolves love to prowl around in forests and eat people’s grandmothers then wait for their grandkids to come over and try to eat them too.


Calf Wolf Tattoo

This wolf tattoo is still new. Look at red this pale man’s leg is. It’s a cool rendition using a natural sketch style. The coloring is not too in your face which is a nice change from the more vivid looking tattoos.



Logo Tattoo

This is a simple yet cool design for a wolf tattoo. It kind of looks like a logo from a band or product. If you have any skills in graphic design you won’t have any trouble whipping up your own tattoo.


I don’t know what is going on here. But I like it. The above tattoo is one crazy style but I can still make out that it’s a wolf. The end result is amazing.

Side View Front View Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cool double take of an angry wolf. The tattoo features a wolf from two perspectives which is a nice little touch.

She Wolf

The wolf mother or she-wolf is a symbol of strength courage and power. It’s a great way to show you’re proud of being a woman.

Arm Tattoo

This is one hefty arm tattoo and would be hard not to spot if you were walking down the street. The red background really brings the wolf to the forefront and the red scratches blend the overall images together.

Asian Styles

Here is a cool Asian style tattoo. If you look closely you can see that it’s a cover-up job. The artist has done nicely to cover up the old tattoo.

Upper Stomach Wolf Tattoo

This is one crazy looking wolf with some nice geometric pattern. The artist has done an interesting job on the tattoo and has nailed it.


Here is another cool design. The wolf has a third eye. hahaha. It’s a very cool style and features no outlines. It’s all simple thin lines and some nice coloring.

The Prize for Most Unique Wolf Tattoo Goes to This One!

I love this tattoo. It’s so simple. All the elements work well together and it’s a very unique take on a wolf tattoo.




Is it a horse, or a wolf tattoo. I would have to say it’s wolf due to the big teeth but the elongated neck would suggest a horse. Anyway, I’m confused and I hope you are too.

Back Wolf Tattoo

Here is one of the first back tattoos on the list. The back is the ideal spot for getting large murals. You could even get a number of different large back tattoos, there is plenty of room back there.


There it is people. The ninety-two wolf tattoos. There was quite a variety on the list so I hope you got some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo. If you didn’t wait until there is a full moon and go howl at it. The ideas will come flooding in and before you know it you will be slung down in a chair enduring some of that lovely tattoo pain that we all love. Good luck and may the spirit of the wolf be with you on your journey down the road of life.


180 Palm Tree Tattoo Designs that will Transport you to the Tropics.

Here we go 180 palm tree tattoo designs for your viewing pleasure. Seeing palm trees conjures up images of sunsets on the beach, pina colada’s all to the soundtrack of Harry Nilsson. It sounds cliche, I know. But sometimes cliches,s are a good thing. They provide a sense of familiarity and a universal understanding of what’s good in the world. Although like every aspect of human behavior there is the opposite. I think they call it duality or some shit like that. But this post is about cool palm tree art inked on the skin to give you some ideas for your next tattoo. Or even just for your viewing pleasure.


The Sihoulette Palm Tree Tattoo

Like an island in the sun and everyone’s having fun. Here is a nice postcard style palm tree tattoo. It’s a very simple design and the colors are very easy on the eye.

The Panther Chasing Coconuts

This panther loves a coconut or two. I love the tribalistic nature of this tattoo. It features great line work.

Shoulder Palm Tree Tattoo

Take me away to a tropical place to island filled with sunshine and palm trees, please. This is an interesting palm tree tattoo that uses color lots of color. It’s like the Hawaiian shirt of tattoos.

Forearm Palm tree tattoo

Palm tree designs can as simple or complex as you like. The one above is very simple but it looks good.

Hiding in the Shade

The shading in this palm tree tattoo is some really good work. It’s a little more subtle as opposed to those with a stronger outline.

Palm Tree Inspired Sleave

This is a cool sleeve with a tropical theme. It some very nice artwork that melds well and does the theme justice. Overall it’s a nice piece of art.

Palm Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a clever play on words and artwork. This guy is obviously a bit of a joker. I like his style.

Back Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a big old palm tree full of coconuts ripe for the pickings. The line work is very tidy. I look forward to seeing the end result with color.


Palms on the Arms

This is another fine example of palm trees on the arm. The rose is a bit off topic but somehow works well and balances the tattoo.

One Two Three on the Tree

Here is a simple design featuring three palm trees lining the shore of a beach. It leaves a lot to the imagination.


Torso Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a cool palm tree tattoo with skulls instead of coconuts.

Nice Breaks

This tattoo reminds of the Hawai. The surf is rolling on through and framed by two beautiful palm trees.

Cartoon Fun

Above is a fun cartoon style. I really like the different shades of green on the leaves.

It’s Bearable

I don’t really know what inspired this man to mix palm trees and bears but why the hell not. It’s his tattoo to bear.

Shoulder Palm Tree Tattoo

This palm tree tattoo has been done in a unique style. Simple yet detailed at the same time. The shading on the whale is subtle and really makes the tattoo pop.

The Skies are a Blazing

What an array of colors. The skies were ignited that day and this brush style tattoo looks great. It almost looks like a painting.

Shady Daze

The shading on this tattoo really sets it apart and makes the highlights really stand out. I especially love the islands in the background as they add depth to the design.

Trinomial Palm

A nice and simple forearm tattoo with some triangles in there for good measure. Triangle tattoos are often linked to greek as a representation of wisdom.


A Striking Piece of Art

This tattoo is easy on eye. The tattoo artist has done a great job with the use of colors as all the tones and hues match perfectly. The vortex at the top is a cool addition to add a bit of texture.

Leg Palm Tree Tattoo

The leg is as good as spot as any to get a palm tree tattoo.

This is a cool palm tree tattoo on the lower leg.

Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a detailed palm tree tattoo that uses a single color to perfection. The silhouette of the stalk tops it off to make a well rounded piece.

Color Me Bad

I don’t know if I’m showing my age here by mentioning that crappy pop group from the 80’s. Well, this is quite the opposite. I would call this palm tree tattoo. Color me good. The beautiful sunset is getting me thirsty for a pina colada or ten.

Voodoo People

This is a cool skull tattoo featuring a palm tree and the pyramids. It has a bit of a Voodoo black magic vibe.


This is an impressive sleave. The detail is fantastic although the eye on the right hand side is creeping me out.

Style for Days

I love this playful style of tattoo. It features heavy line work, pretty colors and is a bit child like in nature.

Mermaids, Sunsets, Flowers and Palm Trees

What more could you possibly want in a tattoo.

Simple Yet Effective

Side Body Palm Tree Tattoo

This a big old side body palm tree tattoo with great utilization of negative space.

Palm Across the Globe

This is a very detailed palm tree tattoo on the leg. The antique globe is a cool effect.


Japanese Style

I love the playful colors and simplicity of this tattoo. The line work has been done to perfection.

Skull Island

This reminds of the movie King Kong and skull island. A land where time forgot.

Simply Magnificent

What a fine specimen of a tattoo. The detail and color are truly amazing and the artist deserves some credit. The boat in the is also a nice touch.

Traditional Style

This is in the style made famous by Ed Hardy. It may be even one of his.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs always make for a great tattoo and this one is no different. I have no clue what it means but I like it.

Pink flamingo fun palm tree tattoo on the shoulder.

Sleave Palm Tree Tattoo

There is a lot going on in this tattoo. Each aspect is of a different nature yet it all blends well together.

A small island in the middle of nowhere.

Back Palm Tree Tattoo

Surf is cranking in this palm tree tattoo. That’s one huge wave. This guy must love to surf.

Tattoo After Care

It’s especially important to look after your tattoo once you have had it done. The healing process is an important phase and if you don’t look after it can become infected. That’s worst case scenario though. If you don’t look after it properly it will have an effect on the appearance and you may have to go back and get some touch ups.

Foot Tattoo

What a weird and wacky colorful tattoo. I love it and the foot is a great spot for it.

Tropical Sleave

The tattoo artist done a great job and the colors have really turned out superbly. It’s a pretty piece with nice shading and line work.

Tribal Styles

I love the tribal styles that we have seen on the list of palm tree tattoos. They simple and really represent the island life.

Brush Stroke Style

This brush stroke style is a testament to the artist and how the art of tattoo has progressed ove the years from humble beginnings.

Chest Palm Tree Tattoo

The chest is a good spot for getting larger tattoos for obvious reasons. The artist has used the contour of the body to his advantage by incorporating it into the design of the palm tree.

Surfer’s Paradise

A surfer’s paradise depicted in tattoo form.

In some cultures, palm fronds are a symbol of the Gods.

Take Me There

This is a scenario we all dream of. A magical moment of hitting the road with surfboards in the car searching for the endless summer.

Mighty Fine Coastlines WInding down the Seaside,

Happiness is work in the rearview mirror.

Another cool foot palm tree tattoo.

Here are some sweet silhouettes palm tree tattoos looking uber cool.

The Curse of Lono Strikes Again

If you are familiar with Dr. Hunter S Thompson you may be familiar with one of his books called the curse of Lono. Lono is a Hawaiian god and believes me you don’t want to upset him.


Leg Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is another crack at a colorful number and it’s damn fine job at the that. The silhouette of the person gazing out to the sun conjures up feelings of detachment and longing and the contrasting images of a complete and beautiful setting reflect the irony of the two feelings.

Using the Skin Wisely

Do you notice the way the sunshining is using the natural color skin. It’s a nice touch and the kids playing on the beach just make the tattoo.


Image and Text

This palm tree tattoo incorporates text. It’s a nice way to add depth and break up the image. It also adds an extra element.

Solid Black Palm Tree Tattoo

This solid black leg palm tree tattoo is a unique take and feature nicely done, solid line work. It’s a fresh take on a cool idea.

Hang Loose My Dude

Why don’t you stay just a little bit longer?

Torso Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a cool tattoo with many elements going on. I love the guy sitting on the shore meditating. It also uses simple line and dot work. It’s very nicely done.

Here is some good advice for all y’all.

Arrrrh Me Arties

By jingo, this is a huge pirate-themed tattoo with wench, treasure, and a sweet palm tree.

Calve Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a nice mono-color palm tree tattoo on the calf muscle or back of the leg.

Tropical Gold

The images, color, and style are the epitome of Hawaii.

Tiger Vs Snake

A fierce battle ensues at the beautiful setting under a palm tree on a deserted island. Who will win?

Good things can come from the strangest places.

Note to Self

This is a good reminder to take it slow and enjoy life.

A Mural of Paradise

This a mural encapsulates everything that is paradise. The linework is amazing and the shading is too.

A Play on Words

Nice Style

This style strays from the more prominent cartoon style that we have seen on the list. I like it. It’s a more realistic version of the palm tree.

More and More Forearm Palms

Matching Tattoos

This is pretty cute. These two have matching palm tree tattoos.

Some Handy Work

This tattoo uses color to its full potential and creates an amazing piece of art.

Another Palm on the Arm

What a cool collage of line and texture. No color needed, it’s fabulous without.

The Serpent

This is a take on the serpent eating the forbidden fruit. It has many connotations but I would prefer to leave it up to the individual to find meaning.

Big and Bold

This is a cool rendition of a palm tree tattoo. I like it how the artist has gone for a realistic approach. It spans all the way up the arm and then some.

Hello Hawai

This is a beautifully colored shoulder tattoo of a Hawaiian beach. Oh lord take me back. The waves are huge and the flowers are pretty.

Bicep Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a cool version of palm tree tattoo. It looks like it has been painted on.

Pink Flamingo

Pink flamingos are one of the most pretty birds and symbolize beauty and opulence.

This tattoo is downright cool.

Palm tree tattoos look great on any part of the body and are a fun and playful tattoo that reminds us of the islands.

Well, that’s the list of palm tree tattoos and what a big one it was. There were big, small, with all different styles. Hopefully, you got some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo and or even just enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful art work.


147 Aztec Tattoo Designs That Will Make Your Head Roll

Aztec Tattoo Designs

The Aztecs were a nomadic tribe in mesoamerica dating back to the 13th century and quickly established a mega city with a political, religious, and societal organization. They quickly became a dominant force and rulers of up to 15 million people in Central America and Mexico. Their religion was based around the worship of the sun and elements as they were much an agriculturally based society.

The Aztecs were far from pro-life and enjoyed a human sacrifice or two or a million. For one ceremony they sacrificed over 84 000 people over the course of the four-day event. But all the sacrificed victims didn’t go to waste as the Aztec people didn’t mind the taste of human flesh. Yes, that’s right they were cannibals.

Shoulder Aztec Tattoo

The Aztecs were violent rulers but they did love art and produced ceramics, paintings, and sculptures with amazing precision. They are also known for their featherwork which is a style of design using feathers.

Forearm Aztec Tattoo

Above is a nice forearm Aztec tattoo featuring the sun. They worshipped the elements so you will notice that a lot of these tattoos are based around the sun as the Aztec’s main crop was maize. They made sacrifices to ensure the sun would shine and give them a yield from the harvest.


Aztec Sleeve Tattoo

The Aztec art was based around the flora and fauna that surrounded them. This sleeve features a serpent with feathers and the classic sun god. The tattoo artist has done some nice line work and the use of neutral colors works well with this style.

Chest Aztec Tattoo

Chest tattoos look great on men if you have nice pectoral muscles. This tattoo features an Aztec warrior with bird helm and feather crested shield.


Back Aztec Tattoo

Aztecs were into Animism which is the belief that each living thing has a soul or essence and this can be found in most of their artworks. Animism is said to be the oldest religion or social construct dating back to the hunter and gatherer tribes all across the globe. The Aztec in this tattoo is wearing a cool leopard headpiece. Back tattoos are great for big pieces as there is a lot of surface area to work with.

Leg Aztec Tattoo

This is a huge leg tattoo that has an Aztec warrior princess. Think Xena Warrior Princess but instead of in New Zealand she in Central America sporting one hell of a headpiece. That’s one big lizard.

Arm Aztec Tattoo

The Aztec were dedicated to worshipping the gods so much so they would sacrifice almost anything they could get the hands-on including people. I hope the Gods appreciated their dedication and showered them with the sun and rain for their crops.

Also See:

The Bird is the Word

Here is another chest Aztec tattoo featuring a bird helmet. The artist has done a nice job with some nice thick line work and heavy shading.

Tribal Styles

This tribal Aztec tattoo is succinct to their artwork. Most Aztec paintings were done on the animal hide of creatures and tribal designs much like the ones featured in these tattoos.



Neck Aztec Tattoo

Here are some neck Aztec tattoos that resemble some of the attire worn by the elite of the Aztec society. The Aztec’s weren’t all farmers and due to the excess of food had time to craft many things such as cotton and other goods such as precision tools made of obsidian. These neck tattoos are typical Aztec designs that revolve around the worship of the sun.


Snakes and the Aztecs

This arm Aztec tattoo features a snake which is quite common in the Aztec art. One of their goddesses wears a skirt made entirely of snakes.


The Sun and Temples

The Great Temple or altar is where most of the Aztec sacrifices were made. This tribal style Aztec tattoo is a tribute to the Sun God and the temple where the sacrifices were made.

Neck Aztec Tattoo

Neck tattoos are becoming popular as more and more rappers and artists are making them popular in today’s culture. They are more accepted which is a good thing. This tattoo features a fallen Aztec soldier sporting headgear with patterns that are synonymous with Aztec culture.

Let’s Get Tribal

This is a finely crafted Aztec tattoo in the traditional tribal style. It features a snake winding around the sun with the face of God in the center.

Shades of the Aztecs

This is a highly detailed tattoo and deserves some recognition for the fine shading work that has been achieved. It features one of the Aztec temples and the mask that were usually worn by the elite.


More tribal sun worshipping madness. I must say out of all the tribal tattoos the Aztecs designs are my favorite. Some are a bit cartoony but that doesn’t matter they still look cool.

Voodoo Magic

The above tattoo is an absolute monster. When I say monster I mean huge. The sun shield on his torso is finely detailed and the artist has really done some great work. The arm tattoo, however, is freaking me out a little. It’s like some sort of jester that is possessed by the devil. Even though it is scary AF, the artist has done some really nice work.


Armor of the Aztecs

This shoulder Aztec tattoo is symbolic of armor that was worn into the war. It’s very tough looking except for the chicken on the shoulder which adds a touch of whimsy to the piece. It features very nice line work and really dark heavily inked patches. Overall it’s a great shoulder tattoo and has me itching to get back into the chair.


Here are some more birds of prey flying high as Jim Morrison would put. Did you know that Jim Morrison thought he was possessed by the spirit of a dead Indian and that’s how he got the name Chief Mojo Rising?

Skull Duggery

I love the Aztec tattoo below as it looks like a rock carving of the early Aztec art. The artist has done well to create such a realistic effect.

Simple and Sweet

This is just an outline of an Aztec God but looks so cool. I love it how the God has his hands in the devil horn position which is synonymous with heavy metal music. The line work is absolutely perfect and I can’t fault this tattoo at all. Not that I’m looking for faults. It’s a compliment.

Radial and Radiant

You will notice that a lot of the Aztec tattoos are round in shape as this reflects the Aztecs worship of the Sun Gods. Also, the Aztecs used two calendars, one for marking days of the year which was 365 days long and the other for ceremonial use. When I say ceremonial I mean they sacrificial and boy did they love a good sacrifice. I don’t think it would have been a pleasant time to be around especially if you weren’t part of the elite or you were their enemy. The Aztecs ruled with brute force and scared the living daylights out their enemies and people. This tactic worked well for three hundred years until they were eventually toppled by the Spanish who had far superior weapons.

Foot Aztec Tattoo

Feet and ankle tattoos are probably my favorite. I’m not saying I have a foot fetish but they make for nice small tattoos that look neat and are easily concealed. This foot tattoo features a tribal bird. It’s done in segments which is a cool effect.


Behold the Mighty Birdman

I wouldn’t like to run into this birdman in a dark alley. He sure does look scary but who knows he might be a nice guy once you get to know him. All jokes aside, the artist has done some really nice work on the detail of the feathers and body.


Scary but Amazing

Here are some big and bold Aztec tattoos. The top features some great work using dark fill. They are a very unique design and that’s probably why I like them so much.

Big and Badass

The following Aztec tattoo designs are big, bold and badass. These people must be really dedicated to getting ink as this would have taken a long time to do. Many hours in the chair and many dollars spent.

A Crest on the Chest is Sometimes Best

Chest Aztec crests are the best. They look cool because they incorporate the contour of the body into the design of the tattoo. The one above is half done. He still has a long way to go and I look forward to seeing the finished product.


Tattoo After Care

Caring for your tattoos after they are done is very important if you want them to look as fresh as possible. You should keep the area nice and moist with a tattoo cream to avoid the scabs peeling off too early and removing chunks of your tattoo at the same time. Your tattoo artist will give you the necessary information after they finish their work and even suggest the best products to use. After all the tattoo is a reflection of the tattoo artist’s work and they don’t want people getting around with dodgy looking tattoos.

The Hero

This Aztec tattoo features a hero. When he wasn’t cutting off people heads at the time he was saving damsels in distress. He might even be carrying her off to be sacrificed. It’s hard to tell whether he is a hero or villain.

It’s All About the Detail

This Aztec tattoo has some really fine detailed work. The artist must have spent a long time on this one. He must have spent a long time in the chair with multiple sittings. The line work is amazing the shading is even better. Good job matey.


The Aztec Eye

The Aztec eye, or Ollin, or third eye whatever you want to call it is a symbol of intuition and has been adopted by cultures and religions. It also means heart in the Aztec tradition.

The Aztec Calendar

This is a classic Aztec tattoo. It features their calendar. It looks much cooler than any western calendar I’ve seen. But I’m sure it wasn’t designed by a boring man in a button-up shirt then printed at Tescos.


Great God Batman

The Aztecs sacrificed lot’s of people to the Gods. I wonder if they got the message right. Maybe the God was telling them to chill out and love one another and they misinterpreted it as “kill for me”. You never know. There were fifteen million people in the Aztec community so I guess they had the numbers to spare a few and send them on an early vacation up above.


Little Aztec

This Aztec tattoo features a little kid. Maybe a warrior in the making. Whatever it is it’s great artwork and the tattoo artist has done a great job. Portrait pieces can be tough but this artist made it look easy with this fine display of tattooing.


Aztec Skull Tattoo

Now I know why so many Aztec tattoos feature skulls. The grounds around the great temple were scattered with the remains of millions of people sacrificed for the gods. This is some great work and features the Aztec geometric designs similar to many of the other tattoos on this list.


Blocks and Mortar

This is cool block design of a crocodile. The artist has used a bunch of simple shapes to create the mystical creature. It pretty cool how the tattoo starts on the shoulder and moves to the chest. There are a few others on the list like this and when it comes to getting your next tattoo it might be an option for you.


Dark Days

This Aztec tattoo is dark and ominous. It’s very cool and features the great temple and the third eye or ollin on a skull to remind us that death is imminent and we will be shot up into the galaxy ourselves one day.


Fun and Funky

Not all Aztec tattoos have to be dark and sullen designs. The Aztec tattoo above is a whimsical take on an Aztec design. The line work has been done to perfection and the overall result is of great standards.


Eagle Warriors

Eagle warriors were the elite soldiers of the Aztec army, kind of like the green berets are to the American armed forces. Only the best of the best could wear the eagle helmet. The Aztecs were constantly at war and searching for prisoners to take to sacrifice to their gods. It was a tough life for the soldiers and more so the prisoners.


Finally some Color

In case you haven’t noticed, most of the tattoos on this list have been absent of color and it’s nice to finally see some. I love this design and the colors used gel well together. The artist has done a fine job of incorporating color into an otherwise colorless topic.

Aztec Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are all the rage these days. I have five. This is a very brash and bold hand tattoo of an Aztec crest.


A Warrior Princess or a Killer

This is a very detailed Aztec tattoo of a warrior princess. She seems to be sitting on a big thrown with a jaguar soldier in her lap. Jaguar soldiers were of one of the higher ranking soldiers in the Aztec army much like the eagle warriors. They were of higher order and protected by the elite. Their job was to search and find victims or prisoners for the multitude of sacrificial ceremonies on the Aztec calendar.


Lower Leg Aztec Tattoo

This big Aztec tattoo features the Aztec calendar and the great temple as most of them do but this one has been done in unique way. The lower leg is a great spot for a medium-sized tattoo. The artist has done a great job on this part of the body and the used heavy shading to create a masterpiece.


Na Na Na its Birdman

Well, it’s an eagle warrior actually and a fine one at that. This tattoo contains very fine detail and the artist has done a great job with shading and line work. This must have taken a few sessions and many hours to complete.


Fusion Neo Apocalypse

Wow. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking at here but it’s pretty spectacular. It looks like some sort of bionic dragon fused with a bird from outer space. Regardless it’s pretty damn cool and it’s a thumbs up from me.


Wow. What a list!? The Aztecs sure were some crazy people with a lust for blood. Their food production skills were so good that they had excess which gave people time to do other things other than hunt and gather. That’s why their art was such a prominent part of their culture and as you can see from some of these designs they were really good at it. So I hope this list gave you some ideas for your next tattoo. I know it did for me. Until next time I bid farewell and may you live in peace.


35 Hindu Tattoo Designs That Will Have You In Awe

Some tantalizing Hindu tattoo designs that will give some inspiration and insight into the amazing culture. The Hindu religion and way of life is a diverse and interesting tapestry of science, belief, and mythology. The many deities of the Hindu religion take the form of many different spirits and assume interesting forms that make for amazing artwork and it’s only natural that the world of tattooing would adopt this beautiful culture and create some inked masterpieces. The colorful country of India is rich in culture, vibrant colors, and beautiful food


Ganesha Hindu Tattoo

Ganesha is one of the most famous and easily recognizable Indian deities due to his elephant head. He is known to be the patron arts, sciences and the remover of obstacles and is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is often the subject of much Indian art due to his uniques and interesting appearance. A god with elephants and head a man’s body.

There are many stories about how Ganesha got his elephant head but I find the most interesting one is that Parvati created him out of clay to protect the kingdom while Shiva was away. When Shiva arrived home riding on his elephant Ganesha refused him entry to the kingdom. But Shiva being the supreme lord that he is, chopped off his head to Parvarti dismay. She was very upset, so Shiva cut the beheaded the elephant he was riding and put it on Ganesha’s body. How cool is that? Well maybe not for Ganesha but it makes for a cool story.

Shiva Arm Hindu Tattoo

Shiva is the supreme god or deity in Hindu culture. He is the protector, the creator, the destroyer, He is often depicted in art and sculptures with a snake around his neck and holding his famous trident. Shiva is also the said to be the original Yogi that transcended in reality and is often referred to as the lord of Yoga.

Cute and Colorful

This Hindu tattoo features Lord Ganesha looking pretty damn cool and blinged up with all his amazing jewelry. This some great work by the artist and the style is fun and detailed.


Torso Hindu Tattoo

This is a cool yet freaky depiction of the Deity Pavrati. It’s very tribalistic in nature and features mandalas all around her face. I love the detailed and art and jewelry.

Also See:

Female Hindu Tattoos

Parvati also was known as Shakti is the goddess of love, fertility, devotion, and divine strength and power. She is an inspiration to women across the world as you can see by the tattoos she is a badass babe and wears some seriously cool outfits and jewels.


Take No Prisoners

I wouldn’t want to mess with this goddess or I might end up like that guy. She looks menacing and oddly beautiful at the same time. I wonder why she is always poking out her tongue.


Worshipping the Cow

In Hindu, culture cows are revered and worshipped for their gentle nature and being the givers of life as well as providing Indian people with much of their dairy products. In some festivals, cows are decorated and adorned with headpieces and jewels as a sign of respect to the divine creature.

Leg Hindu Tattoo

Here is a cool tattoo of Shiva holding his famous trident with a beautiful mandala in the background. The artist has done great work and the shading is and line work is not far from perfect. Namaste.


Old School Cool

This is an old school Hindu tattoo featuring Shiva and is a good representation of early Hindu art that can be found in sculptures and paintings dating back to the early orientation of the religion and way of life.


Blue Cool for School

I love the color work in this tattoo. The blue and purples really bring the tattoo to life and I believe it’s a Hindu tattoo of Shakti daughter and of course the faithful and majestical cow.

Om Tattoo

The Om symbol in Hindu culture represents the essence of ultimate reality and is used in prayer and meditation techniques to clear the mind. It is the sacred sound of the Hindu culture and is often chanted in ceremonies and prayer.


Big and Beautiful

The above Hindu tattoo features a very detailed elephant that was often Shiva’s mode of transport. I love the beautiful and colorful mandala’s in the background. This is some seriously nice color and line work.


Shoulder Hindu Tattoo

Here is an Indian Goddess with flute in hand. She embodies the feminine side of the balance in the universe.


Arm Hindu Tattoo

Here is a tidy yet simple tattoo design featuring a lotus flower and the Om symbol. The lotus flower is the national flower for India and looks great when it’s inked.


The Famous Hindu Tattoo

This is a classic version of a Ganesha picture tattooed to perfection. The artist has done some fine intricate work and absolutely nailed it. Good effort.


Sleave Hindu Tattoo

This a beautiful Indian Hindu inspired tattoo that uses color to perfection. It has depth, range, and dimension. It’s a very impressive sleave.


Ganesha Tattoo

Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu tattoos because he looks so damn cool with his elephant head and amazing jewelry and headpieces.

Simple Line Work

Above is a simple tattoo of Ganesha that has been inked with a simple outline. I wonder if she is going to get some color. Regardless it’s a nice leg tattoo.



Say Hello to Hanuman

In this Hindu tattoo is of Hanuman. He is the deity that represents inner self-control, faith. He is also part man part monkey.

Wow Wow Wow

This is an awe-inspiring Hindu tattoo of Ganesha is outstanding. From it’s electric colors to its amazing design its a fine piece of artwork and the tattoo artist deserves a mention and a medal.

Finger Hindu Tattoos

The Om symbol is a great tattoo for those smaller areas such as on the fingers on behind the ear. I have a Shiva’s trident tattooed on my middle finger. Namaste.


More Ganesha

Another great tattoo of Ganesh in mono-color with impeccable linework and design.



Close up portrait of attractive tattooed Caucasian woman in Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Kali Hindu Tattoo

This is a mean and nasty version of Kali one of the Hindu goddesses. This huge back tattoo that would have taken a long time to complete and a lot of money. The color and detail are amazing. I wish I had the dedication to get a piece of artwork that big inked on my body. Pity I can’t sit still for long enough but luckily, I still get to admire the great works.


Hand Tattoo

Well, this is super cool. I love how the trunk extends onto the finger and fine detail of the work makes for a very fine tattoo. This is one my favorites so far.


Back tattoo

What a huge mono-color back tattoo that embodies Indian artworks to the fullest. The detail is very intricate and the tattoo artist really had their work cut out for them but they executed it to perfection. The detail on the snake is amazing.

Shakti Hindu Tattoo

This a nice piece of colorful work of the goddess Shakti. I love the artist use of simple color and design with accentuated facial features and the cheeky poking on out of the tongue.

Side Body Tattoo

This is visually stunning. The detail and design of one of the most recognizable Hindu deities, Ganesh is remarkable and no amount of adjectives will do it justice. It’s simply amazing.


Another cute colorful version of Ganesha done with precision and style.

Hindu Tattoo Jewellery

Buying jewelry is expensive and you always have to be careful not to lose it. Although jewelry inked on your body is a sure fire way of looking great and you don’t have to worry about losing it. This tattoo features beautiful line work and design is amazing.



Colorful Culture

India is a very colorful and vibrant country filled and a feast for the eyes. It is certainly represented in their artwork and fashion and of course, the tattoo world has embraced it with open arms and created beautifully colored artworks.

Shiva Hindu Tattoo

As you can see, this is a very detailed and very colorful tattoo of Lord Shiva. It covers the shoulder all the way down to the elbow. Furthermore, it contains many integral parts of Indian culture and if you look carefully you can see many cobras emanating from the radiant glow. There is so much going on in this tattoo. It would be easy to get lost while gazing at it for hours.


That’s the list of 35 Hindu tattoos of all sizes, all gods and goddess, some containing vibrant colors and others relying on the fine detail. We hope that this list will give you some inspiration and ideas for your next tattoo and who knows you might even get the travel bug and go to India to explore the weird and wonderful world filled with amazing artwork and immense history and culture.

157 Bangin Ankle Tattoo Design

Here are some ankle tattoo designs. The ankle is one of my favorite spots for tattoos. It’s a cool spot to get something small and quirky or big and scary, it’s all up to you my friends and here is a list to get you inspired and hopefully get some ideas for your next tattoo.


All the Way

Why not make your leg tattoo go all the way down and carry onto to your ankle and then onto your foot as this young lady has done. I know this post is about ankle tattoos but I especially love the symetrical roses on her knees. Oh and how could I forget about the cat on her shin. Now that is some damn fine art work.

Sickles are not Fickle

This is a very cool ankle tattoo that features a sickle crossed with a piano and flute perhaps. It’s a very interesting combination of ideas that somehow worked out for the best. Sickle tattoos are a symbol of death. It is the weapon of choice of the grim reaper.


Mother Nature is the Greatest Creator. Flower Ankle Tattoos

Art takes inspiration from mother nature constantly. Take the golden mean for example. The golden mean is a mathematical ratio found in nature on shells and flowers alike. It is a ratio that has been used in famous artworks and creates balance and harmony throughout the creation. It’s also known as the golden spiral and can be found on famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa. Flowers are a popular tattoo not only for their beauty but different flowers have different meanings.

The above tattoo is a cute mono color version of flower that uses simple line work and minimal shading. It’s simple in design and looks great on the lower leg and ankle area of the body.

Cursive Creation

Cursive writing or some creative caligraphy makes for great tattoos. The aesthetics of text is an art form in itself and the vast amount of fonts and words available are an endless bank of inspiration.

High Heels on the Heel

Here is a clever little play on word for a clever tattoo. This person has an ankle tattoo of high heels on, or very near her heels. It’s worth mentioning the tattoos above as they are seriously fine art. The silhouettes from the film “Where the Wild Things Are”, are a cute addition and are done so to perfection that they are unmistakable.

Combining Styles

This ankle tattoo combines a sketch style with watercolors. The styles work in unison to create the entire piece and add depth, color, and variation. The rear view of the girl on the swing creates an atmosphere of distance and longing. If you look closely the text says homesick. The image and text convey the message precisely.



Simple Lines

The simple lines of the Himalayas paired with a night sky make for a nice and quaint ankle tattoo. Perhaps this is a reminder of a travel experience.


Go Troppo

Tropical fruits make for fun tattoos. Pineapples, cherries, and bananas are quite popular and the above tattoo features a rough outline of pineapple. It’s not the greatest of artworks but still delivers a message of fun and whimsical satire.


More Flowers

Daisy, Daisy how does your garden grow. Above is a cute little daisy ankle tattoo with simple line work. Daisies are said to signify innocence and growth like the natural progression of a flower.

The Elephant in the Room or On the Ankle

Here is a version of an elephant in an Indian style. In Hindu culture, the elephant represents wisdom, intellect, and protection. Lord Ganesha, a Hindu deity was created by Shatki to protect the castle from evil spirits when Shiva was away.


Whale Tale

This tattoo is great because it leaves a lot to the imagination. I’m not quite sure if the tail is part of a complete fish or it finishes at the shoe line. Either way, it has been executed to perfection. The fine detail and artisty are a testament to the tattoo artist.



Whatever It Is

It’s hard to make out exactly what these tattoos are but they do give you an idea of what a bottom leg piece with large coverage will look like from a distance.




Mandalas make for great tattoos. The above tattoo is a mixture between Henna art and a mandala. The concentric circles and patterns create symmetry with an amazing visual appeal.

You Don’t Have to Be A Botanist to Appreciate A Flower

I’m no botanist but I know a good looking flower when I see one. This is one of the best flower ankle tattoos on the list and is definitely worth a mention. Kudos to the tattoo artist for doing such an amazing job and kudos to the subject for displaying such a fine piece of artwork.

Ankle Bands Tattoos

Ankle tatoos in the form of bands are like permanent jewellery and your only limited to your imagination as to what you can create. The above tattoo is nice little piece featuring a crest on the front.



Queen of the Castle

This castle reminds of me Disneyland. It’s the classic castle featured in many Disney movies, usually with a princess trapped in the bell tower waiting to be freed by a handsome prince.



Geometric Nature Cat

This is one cool cat with geometric patterns and some very lovely dot work. It comes across a tribal Inca style design mixed with the dot work of Australian Aborigines.




The Classic Anchor

The anchor tattoo have a variety of different meaning such as composure and salvation. It was also popular and still is to patrons of the navy and other adventureres of the sea.

Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

You will probably notice that this list of ankle tattoos is full of flowers and you may very well get sick of hearing about them but this one is exceptional. The attention to detail exquisite.


A Little Bit Koi

This ankle tattoo is a beautiful rendition of a Chinese Koi fish. The Koi fish sybolizes the overcoming of adversity and good luck.



Nature and Geometry

In nature, patterns emerge in all places such as flowers and seashells. This tattoo is a perfect example of these two elements merging to form a something special.


Ugly Ankles With A Pretty Ankle Tattoo

Hyper Color Styles

This ink splash style paired with some bold line work is a thing a beauty and of course, who doesn’t love turtles. I mean what’s not to love about turtles and this ankle tattoo. Turtles symbolize calmness and long life


Crow’s Feet

Well not quite. More like crow’s ankles and what’s better than one crow ankle tattoo? Two crow ankle tattoos of course.



This is so cute. This lady has cute little paws tattood on her paws. It’s not really an ankle tattoo, but who cares.

Choose Life

As the film Trainspotting says “Choose Life”, and if you are ever confronted with the option this tattoo will show the direction to go if you decide to choose life.


Matryoshka doll

These classic Russian dolls are icons and are synonymous with Russian art. They feature dolls within dolls within dolls within dolls.

Bow Tie Me Down and Zip Me Up

The bow tie is cute and the zipper is a representation that beauty is only skin deep and we all bleed red and are same on the inside.



Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Arrow tattoos symbolize moving forward. They are also a symbol of friendship and look good wrapped around the ankle. May your arrow fly straight and true.


I am Woman Hear me Roar

Women have been wearing bows in their hair and clothes for aeons. The bow is a symbol of feminimity and a bow tattoo is a symbol of a bad ass bitch. 🙂


High Tea Anyone?

A tempest in a teapot or a storm in a tea cup. The tea pot could represent the calm before the storm or this person may just love tea. Regardless it’s a cute tatto.

Lizard Queen

Small ankle tattoos are cute especially if they are of something menacing like a dinosaur. When thinking of your ankle tattoo design try think outside the box and come up with something that is perfect for you.


A Tribute to the Late Great Dr. Gonzo

Back in the 70’s Dr. Hunter S Thompson acclaimed writer of Fear and Loathing in Lost Vegas was a figurehead for all the freaks and hippies of the world. He ran for Mayor in his hometown of Aspen his campaign poster featured a fist similar to this. It’s obvious that this tattoo has taken some inspiration from the poster and combined it with a rose.


Love is in the Air

This couple has gone for matching heart ankle tattoos. It almost enough to make you gush, or make you sick. It all depends on your perspective.


Enough With the Flowers Already

Well except for this one. The artwork is amazing. The detail and shading are nothing short of perfection and the artist deserves a shout out. Good Job!


Origami Elephants

There is not alot to say about this little tattoo except it’s so freakin cool. Elephants make for great tattoos and origami elephants make for excellent tattoos.


Follow the Compass of Your Heart and You will Never Get Lost

Compass tattoo’s symbolize direction and guidance.  If you ever get lost pop into your local tattoo artist and get a compass you will find your way. To where, I don’t know but I’m sure you will get somewhere.

Pizza Steve

If you have ever watched the cartoon Uncle Grampa you will recognize this character immediately. Pizza Steve is cool party loving slice that is the antagonist. He can always be counted on for starting the party and getting into trouble often leading his friends astray. I think there is a little bit of Pizza Steve in all of us.


Here is another fine example of an elephant done in traditional Indian style.

Colors Colors

I love the color work in this ankle tattoo. The lightly saturated blues and greens look great together and of course we can’t forget the beautiful design.


Dream Weaver

This ankle tattoo has a bit of a dream catcher vibe going on. It’s inspired by the indian dream catches that are hung over your bed to catch the bad spirits and stop them from entering your dreams as you sleep.


Flash Ain’t Got Sh*%t on Me

The flash can go jump in a lake with his lightning bolts because this guy has wings on his ankles. Ankle tattoos featuring wings are quite common for a good reason. They are pretty damn cool and represent haste and freedom.




The Crest is Best

This is a beautifully designed crest featuring beautiful line work and balance.

Why the Long Neck?

There used to be many short neck giraffes roaming the plains of Africa but as an evolutionary tale goes, they eventually ran out of food and those with the long neck survived. The giraffe is said to symbolize intuition.

Locket it Up

Above is a cute tattoo of an antique locket. It’s a nice piece of permanent jewellery.

Get on the Hogwarts Express

This ankle tattoo is a reference to one of our favorite little wizards. That’s right it’s from the book or film of Harry Potter.

Abstract Anamorph

Here is nice little abstract piece of turtle that encapsulates the enviroment as well. This person is obvioulsy a lover of the ocean.



Jewels of the Damned

Wow! This is one detailed and intricate piece of permanent jewellery. At first glance, it appears so pretty and innocent but if you look closely there is an element of darkness represented by the skull.


Lilo and Sketch

Here is a nice little sketch of the character from Stitch from the movie Lilo and Stitch.

Get a Silhouette

Silhouette tattoos are super cool and this palm tree is no excpetion. The detail of the outline is some very handy work and the tattoo artist must have the steady hands of surgion.



Gun Control

This person is doing their bit for gun control in America. Instead of buying a pistol they got one tattooed on their ankle. It’s just as good as the real thing, only safer.

The Wild West

This tattoo is very rough and sketchy yet cool and charming.


The Octopus

The octopus is one of the smartest animals in the ocean and they have been known to unscrew glass jars and predict football results. Well, the scientific evidence behind the predicting football results is inconclusive but it’s a nice thought.

Cascading Stars

If you have stars in your eyes or stars on your ankles it doesn’t matter. We all came from stardust and one day we will return.

The Ladybugs Picnic


More Jewellery

Permanent Jewellery, especially on the feet or as ankle tattoos are quite popular and the best part about it is that you get to be the designer.

Surf’s Up

This is a simple yet awesome tattoo for a surf lover. The hand simple actually mean hang loose which is a surfing term. It is also the universal symbol for “Let’s go for a smoke”.


Tiny Tattoos

This ankle tattoo is tiny. The tattoo artist must have had to use a magnifying glass.


Foxy Lady

Here is an ode to the Jimi Hendrix song Foxy Lady. Well, maybe not but it’s a nice thought. Anyway, the fox is a cute tattoo and is a symbol of being clever.


Native American Feather

Native American adorned their body in feathers and the meaning varies depending on which bird the feather originated from.

The Lucky Frog

Frog tattoos sybolize good luck. This colorful frog is chilling out on a leaf.

Too Cute

Here is the perfect tattoo to get if your mother hates tattoos. She will be appalled and flattered at the same time and it will open up the gateway to her acceptance of tattoos.


Legalize It!

Here is a beautiful marijuana leaf executed with precision. It’s about time that this magical plant is legalized for recreational use all over the world. This person is representin the herb and good on them.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at, but I love it.

Hey Mickey you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!

She sells sea shells by the sea shore so she got an ankle tattoo of her logo to promote her business. Clever girls.

The Cherry On Top

Well isn’t this just the sweetest thing. An ankle tattoo of a cute little cupcake with a cherry on top. But watch out! If you eat it you might shrink like our good friend Alice in Wonderland.


Ankle Bracelet

Here is a cute tattoo of a leather ankle bracelet. People usually go for a the metallic jewellery designs but I think I like this one better.

Ms. Punisher

Did you know that Ms. Pacman is just Pacman with a bow in his hair. Same goes for this Punisher tattoo.


Little Wing

Another tattoo that represents a famous Hendrix song. That song of course is Little Wing.


Esoteric Vines

I love these abstract and esocteric vines that start on the feet and creep over the ankle and onto the leg. The possibilities are endless.

The Lion King

One day everything the light touches will be yours.



I’m not sure what exactly what I’ looking at but it’s pretty darn cool. Sometimes tattoos don’t have to be images and can be patterns to decorate the body.

The Savanah is Calling

This is a beautiful ankle tattoo of a giraffe. I love the dot work and the geometric flowers.



Some more mandala magnificence.

The coin isn’t a tattoo by the way.

Take Flight and Get a Bird Tattoo

The All Seeing The All Knowing

The owl symbolizes wisdom. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite tattoos on the list even though it’s not on the ankle per say. The design is amazing and radiates a profoundity that I cannot explain.


We didn’t start the fire.

Aren’t We All Hopeless Romantics unless of course you’re a sociopath.

Dream Catcher Tattoo


And Again with the nature. I’m sure you get the idea and hopefully you get some inspiration. I won’t bore you with my commentry over all these but there is some beautiful work over the next few pictures so be sure to check them out.


There it is. The list of 157 ankle tattoo designs that will hopefully inspire you to go out spend some time in the chair and get an ankle tattoo. After you get your ankle tattoo to be sure to ask your tattoo artist for some tips on taking care of it. It’s an awkward position and due to the constant movement of the joint, they can be tricky to look after.  Keep it dry and keep it moist.

136 Angel Tattoo Designs That Will Have You Looking to the Heavens

136 Angel Tattoo Designs for your viewing pleasure. Angels are significant supernatural beings in many cultures and religions often regarded as watchers or guardians. These winged beings take the form of androgynous humans, often depicted as aesthetically beautiful with wings. Apparently according to religion angels live in heaven with God, except of course those that have fallen from grace. The fallen angels who walk the earth amongst us or below in the depths of hell such as Lucifer or Satan. Angels have been the subject of many paintings and sculptures so it’s only natural that they would eventually make their way into the tattoo world.


Angels or Demons

Angels are widely known as being protectors and the above tattoo is a classic depiction of an angel that can be seen in religious scriptures and art dating back to the Christian and Catholic eras.

Cherubs in the Sky

Here is a baby angel also know as a cherub. This is a cute tattoo of a child with wings or angel and his pet bird. You can see by the red marks that it’s fresh AF.

Everyone’s Child is an Angel

Every parent thinks their child is an angel until they grow up to be teenagers. Then they turn into little devils with a foul mouth and a penchant for mischief. This angel tattoo is of the child when they are in the first stage of life before they turn into devils.

The Arch Angel

The Birdman or archangel has long been popular in comics books flying around and saving damsels in distress. The artist has done well with the fine detail on the wings.

A Fallen Angel

This angel tattoo features a fallen angel that fell from grace and it’s hanging it’s head in shame or perhaps he is kneeling before the Almighty in a plea for forgiveness.

Shoulder Angel Tattoo

This is a very nice shoulder angel tattoo done in mono color. The shading work in this tattoo is amazing and the tattoo artist deserves full credit for this masterpiece.


Ready for Battle

Angels were perceived as warriors in the constant battle between good and evil forever in the service of God to keep the demons away. This angel tattoo features an angel in full battle gear ready to defend all that’s good in the world.

Azrael the Angel

The angel Azrael is associated with death and retribution in many different religions. As you will notice from the list that most angel tattoos contain very fine detail and intricate line work. The tattoo artist really has their job cut out for them when they take on a big shoulder tattoo like this. The shading is absolutely stunning.


A Cross to Bare

This shoulder angel tattoo is a little bit disturbing and evokes emotions of sadness and vulnerability. I love the way the artist has made the cross appear to be three dimensional.


Battle Ready

If you thought angels were whimsical little things that flutter around, think again. This angel tattoo features an angel that is battle ready with shield and sword in hand.

Floating on a Cloud

This would be the total opposite of the tattoo above. This a cute rendition of an angel tattoo that you would find in a children’s book.

Forearm Angel Tattoo

Detailed angel tattoos are great for covering large spaces. This is a ripper of a tattoo with an angel in the ever popular crouched position. It connotes that the angel has shamed themselves in the eyes of God.


Honey with a Halo

This angel tattoo features a very attractive women sitting on a cloud and of course, the halo above her head means that she is a good one. The detail of the linework on the wings looks amazing. The tattoo as a whole is a nice piece of work.


Say a Little Prayer

This angel tattoo uses black as it’s primary color and it creates a really cool effect. It’s dark with an innocent nature.


Back Angel Tattoo

This tattoo is cool AF. I love the way the artist has used a geometrical triangle to a segment of a portion and then doused it in color to create diversity. It’s a very interesting style indeed and it’s giving me some inspiration for my next tattoo.


Skull Angel Tattoo

Skull tattoos aren’t that common and it really takes a die-hard tattoo fan to get one. The dedication involved means that you have to continuously shave your head. I guess it’s a good option if you are bald to brighten up your shiny dome.

Bicep Angel Tattoo

Wow, there is so much going on here. It’s so innocent yet disturbingly sinister. I’m not exactly sure what is going on but the tattoo artist did an amazing job.


Big, Bearded, and Bad Ass

This big angel is ready for anything as he gazes up to the oncoming adventure. It’s another great angel shoulder tattoo.

Torso Angel Tattoo

This angel tattoo is a depiction of good triumphing over evil. The good angel is about to go in for the head stomp and finish the angel of death to restore balance to the universe.


Sketch Style Angel Tattoo

I love this tattoo. The ambiguous sketch style is one of my favorites and the good thing about it is that it requires less time in the chair saving you some pain and some money.

Good Vs Evil

Angels and demons are the classic tales of good versus evil. In this angel tattoo, the good guys prevailed.

Big and Brooding Back Angel Tattoo

This warrior with wings looks like he has had a rough day on the battlefield.

Another Large Torso Angel Tattoo

The artist has done really well to incorporate the natural tone of the skin color and has used it as the main color. This style creates amazing effects and the color changes as your skin tone does throughout the seasons.


Chest Angel Tattoo

Like I said before angel tattoos have the ability to cover large spaces so the chest is a great spot to get one. This is a simple line drawing yet it looks amazing. This guy could probably use some exercise but this post is about tattoos, not health tips. haha.


Oh My God

There is so much going in this tattoo I don’t know where to start. So instead of commentary I will let you enjoy the splendor of this fine angel tattoo.

Dark and Disturbing

The tattoo artistry in this piece is amazing but the meaning behind is beyond my recognition.

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Abstract Angel Tattoo

This abstract angel tattoo leaves a lot open for interpretation. Notice the hole in the ground where the angel has possibly shot up from hell.


Finally Some Color

Here is nice and whimsical color angell. The artist has done well and the flowers add an extra element to the piece.


Serious Dedication

This tattoo is huge and this guy must have spent some serious time and money at the tattoo parlor. The end result is worth it, don’t you think?

The Siren

Some say angels still walk among us. This angel has been shopping and changed from her traditional garb into something a little sexier.


Not All Angels Are Good

Here is a demonic looking angel. She will lure you in with her beauty then eat your soul.


The Duality of Life

This angel tattoo symbolizes the duality of life. The angel and the devil in one. It’s sexy and Satanic at the same time.



More Angel Tattoos for Large Back Pieces

The following tattoos are some amazing works that are suited for larger areas such as the back and the torso.


Angel Wings

Do you want to be an angel? Well, you don’t have to wait. Just pop into your local tattoo shop and get some wings inked on and your halfway there. Then all you have to do is decide if you want to be a good angel or bad angel.


Getting Tribal

This is a unique take on angel wings. It uses a tribal style and the results look pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

The Afterlife

This tattoo is a nice tribute to a fallen comrade. It’s a nice to think that after death we ascend to a different place but the truth is no one know’s but let deceased not be forgotten and live on through our memories.

Head Hung Low

Angels with their head hung low usually signifies that they have shamed themselves in the grace of God. No one is perfect and that includes angels as well.


Super Heroes and Villians

This is a cool superhero looking angel tattoo compete with cool leggings and mask.

Simple and Charming


The healing process after getting a tattoo is very important for your tattoo to maintain it’s original look. The better you look after the better your tattoo will look after all the scarring and scabs have healed. Talk to your tattooist as they know best.

A Modern Day Angel

This angel tattoo features an angel rocking some modern clothes. It’s cool take on the traditional angel and giving him a wardrobe upgrade.


This is what Conan the barbarian looks like in angel form.

Angel of Oden

This angel is badass and ready for battle. This is some serious work done by a seriously good tattoo artist. The detail and depth are amazing. This angel just dealt out some serious punishment for those who attempt poison and destroy the virtues of man.


Holy Sh&%T

This is by far my favorite on the list so far. This angel tattoo encompasses everything that is beautiful and the artist is a dedicated champion. This would have taken numerous hours to complete and the final product is nothing short of brilliant.

Depth and Perspective

Great visual art is about using all elements available to create a well-balanced image that contains depth and perspective as well as being pleasing to the eye. This tattoo artist really knows his craft and has absolutely nailed this back mural.


Good Angel Bad Angel

We have all had those moments when we have to make a choice and the two voices or two angels appear and argue over which decision is best. This angel tattoo is a fine representation of that.

Check Out the Wing Span

Physics will dictate the size of the wingspan needed in order to lift a certain mass off the ground and this back tattoo. This angel tattoo looks like it could be proportionately right but who am I kidding. I failed science in high school. It nice to speculate though.


Stylistically Challenging

I love this style, the way it effortlessly works and doesn’t rely on heavy outlines to create the image.


Holy Mary, mother of God pray for us sinners or perhaps shes in the middle of applause.

The Lords Prayer

This angel tattoo contains the words from the Lord’s prayer they were also said in the lyrics of the Metallica song Enter Sandman. I think it sounded better in the Metalica song.


And the War Wages On

This angel tattoo on the chest depicts a massive battlefield of supernatural creatures. There is a lot to take in and you could spend hours looking at it and still finding different elements.


Negative Space

Ink is cool. But using the body to naturally provide texture and depth to a tattoo is a real skill in itself and this artist has done well to incorporate these elements into a large back angel tattoo.


Big is Back

These next few tattoos are some fine examples of when size does matter. The good thing about large tattoos is that you can combine many different elements and a good tattoo artist will work out a way to tie them all together so the piece is complete.

Poignant and Powerful

This angel takes inspiration from the superheroes comics of the early 80’s. The artist is definitely inspired by Manga and Marvel and has turned this angel into a comic creation.


The Ascension to Enlightenment

The halo on angels represents that they have been touched by the grace of God or are enlighted creatures. The circle also means purity and unification of mind body and soul.


Finally, an angel tattoo that is a little on the lighter side. I was beginning to think that all these tattoos were going to be about the perplexities of ideology and life and death.

And that’s the ball game. 157 angel tattoos ranging from heaven and hell. Hopefully, you got some inspiration and ideas for your next tattoo whether it be great or small. For me, the list is definitely eye-opening and a good insight into how tattooing has progressed to a very high standard. Grow some wings and fly, or at least get some inked on your back. haha


90 Cross Tattoos from Heaven and Hell

The ever-popular cross tattoo has many meanings from the triumph of good to the death of the old and the birth of new. This diverse tattoo contains the meaning of all different facets of life, like cultural, personal and religious.

Cross tattoos are fun to play with for the tattoo artist because of the simplicity allows the artist room to get creative.

The Original Meaning

The cross represents the father, the son and the holy spirit. It is also where Jesus was crucified.  It mainly a Christian symbol but has been adopted by people of faiths, especially the heavy metal and tattoo scene.

The cross is instantly recognized as all over the world. Although the meaning can vary from location to location, person to person.


Counter Culture Cross Tattoo

The iron cross was adopted by renegades and fringe dwellers since the 60’s. Surfers first adopted wearing the iron cross as a symbol of rebellion when they were trying to evade the draft. Many early rockers also wore the cross, some due to their belief in god, others for status and even for appeal to a wide audience.

The cross started to get popular in the heavy metal scene in the late seventies and the tradition has been carried on by such metallers as James Hetfield.

Finger Tattoos

A common place for a cross tattoo is on the fingers. The simple design makes it ideal for small places that don’t have the room to get detail, but will still stand out and make a statement.

Forearm Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos are extremely versatile and look good nearly everywhere. As you can see below they great on the forearm as well.

Bicep Cross Tattoo

The cross looks great on the bicep on the side or directly on the bicep. It’s the perfect shape any large or small area and provides good coverage and it’s so versatile that there are a myriad of designs to check out and the simplicity of the cross makes it easy to design a tattoo yourself.

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3D Cross Tattoo

This is an awesome version of a 3D cross tattoo and uses shading and shadow to create the 3D effect. It also uses a great mix of colors to really bring it to life. This tattoo uses pictures, text, and colors well and they all work harmoniously together.

Cross tattoos are so diverse and the imagination is the only limit. As you can see above there are some 2D and 3D versions. Also, cross tattoos look good with or without color. They can be complemented by text or as you can see above a tribal design that weaves in and out the cross can add another dimension to your tattoo.

Go Big

This guy has opted for a big intricate cross tattoo on the should. This cross tattoo has a lot of detail considering the artist has only used one color. The artist has created depth and dimension using shading and has done a bang up job in the process.

Rosary Beads

Christians use rosary beads for prayer and this guy has taken it to the next level and got them permanently around his neck. That way he can’t lose them and they will never break. What a very clever man?

Shoulder Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos are the perfect dimensions for a big shoulder tattoo. The above shoulder cross tattoo uses the breakthrough method to create texture and dimension throughout the tattoo. This is a great use of negative space and the skin’s natural coloring for artistic purposes.

A very common theme for cross tattoos is to commemorate or remember someone who has fallen. The cross has been used as a headstone for graves for centuries because people believed that a cross can protect them from evil spirits and allow them a peaceful afterlife.

Ankle Cross Tattoo

Tattoos on the ankle look cool and they are a great place to get one if you are concerned with your tattoo being too visible. But, bear in mind that the ankle moves a lot and extra care should be taken during the healing phase. Be sure to apply moisturizer regularly to ensure the skin remains supple so the tattoo heals without losing color.

Jesus and the Cross Tattoo

The Cross or crucifix is was made famous by a man called Jesus. You’ve probably heard of him before and if you haven’t, what rock have you been hiding under. The story of Jesus goes that he was crucified on the cross after being betrayed by one of his disciples. After he had died he was placed in a tomb and after day three he rose from the dead. These classic tales have been told to generations of Christians to which the cross has ample significance.

Oh My God!

This is a classic depiction of Jesus on the cross. Notice the crown of thorns around his head.  Jesus was nailed to the cross through his wrists. On the above tattoo, the artist has made use of the person’s body and incorporated into the tattoo design. If you look at the persons wristed you will see the tattoo of the wound where the nail was.

Back Cross Tattoo

This is a big bold cross tattoo providing vast coverage on the back. The artist has done a great job using only one color.  Again, it’s the classic Jesus on the cross. This guy looks pretty tough and gnarly. I wonder if he’s religious.

The cross was used on shields throughout the ages as an emblem and signified the grace of God watching over the brave soldiers as they marched into battle. The above tattoo features an angel carrying a shield with the cross etched into it.

Behind the Ear Cross Tattoo

Behind the ear tattoos are subtle and heaps cool. This lady has opted for a cheeky little cross just behind the ear. It’s badass and super simple yet super effective.

Leg Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo on the front of the lower leg is quite common. The cross is great for filling up verticle spaces due to its shape and is ideal for the leg. The simple outline of a cross can be filled with anything really, color, textures, text. Have a browse at some featured in this list for some inspiration.


Legs 11

Leg tattoos are sexy. This girl has got it sorted doting some beautiful tattoos and of course, as this post is about cross tattoos she has a big bold cross filled with roses on the shin.

Before Care

Before getting your tattoo you should have some idea of what you want. It’s a good idea to have a look online for ideas and inspiration. Take ideas from a variety of sources and piece together something original of your own.

Also selecting the right tattoo artist for your style is another crucial part in getting the tattoo you want. Tattooist’s usually specializing in a certain style so find the right artist to match your style.

Crosses don’t always signify religious faith. Even if you not religious, a cross can signify whatever you want it to. People have been using this symbol for centuries in various cultures throughout the world with a myriad of different meaning so it’s only natural that you can create your own meaning and attach it to the symbol.


Aftercare is a really important stage of the tattooing process and if you do it correctly your tattoo will be looking it’s best. If you don’t care for it properly it will fade and sometimes even need to be retouched. A few hours after your tattoo has been done you can take the bandage off with some warm soapy water. Then immediately apply petroleum ointment or something similar. Keep applying this to the tattoo once a day for the next few days. It will help your tattoo heal and provide a protective coating. Ensure not to get your tattoo wet as this will stop the healing process and tarnish your tattoo. Avoid going to the beach or getting sunburnt to the tattooed area. Keep applying moisturizer to it so the skin remains supple and repairs itself nicely. A tattoo, like any wound, needs to be taken care of so that you don’t become at risk of infection. If your tattoo does become infected contact your tattooist or doctor immediately so they can advise you of the right precautions to take.

The Upside Down Cross

The upside cross has been adopted by black metal bands throughout the world as a symbol of their connection to the occult. The origins are quite different. The first appearance of the upside down cross was involved of the crucifixion of ST. Peter. He felt he wasn’t worthy of being crucified the same way as Jesus and insisted his cross be inverted or turned upside down.



Motherly Love

Do you love your mother? Well I don’t see a cross tattoo with her name on your leg.

Neck Cross Tattoo

Neck tattoos have been gaining popularity in the past decade as tattoos are no longer taboo and are widely accepted by mainstream society.  Gone are the days of being rejected for a job or being judged tattoos. Thank god. Visible tattoos are now more widely accepted. So what are you waiting for?


Kissing Reptiles

If you’re ever short on ideas for your tattoos you can always sass it up with some kissing animals. Snakes are always good.


Texture and Depth

The simple cross outline lends a perfect shape to fill with anything that you desire. These two pictures feature some fine examples of imaginative fill.

Eye of the Tiger

This guy has the eye of the tiger. This is another example of the diversity of the cross. You pretty much fill the basic outline with as much or as little as you like.

Get your feet off the table Bradley!

The Hounds of Hell

Here is a cute puppy to match the cute little cross on the fingers. The cross is upside down which could mean the mark of the devil. That means that this cute puppy could be a hellhound and should be feared. But it’s way to adorable to work carry out the evil deeds of Satan.

Coathanger Cross

The cross is a diverse tattoo that can be paired with anything that you feel passionatlley about. This person has a love for crosses and coathangers so they got it permanently tattood on their middle finger. YOLO!

Hip Tattoo

If you get to see a cross tattoo in this position you are probably getting lucky. This is a sexy little spot, on the hip just above the underwear line and will make your lover red hot when they see it. It works great on guys and dolls.



Back of the Neck Cross Tattoo

Tattoos on the back of the neck are getting more and more popular these days as younger generations are embracing tattoos. The back of the neck is no different and an awesome spot for a medium-sized tattoo. The good thing about it is if you’re not happy with it, it’s pretty much invisible to you.


The back of the ankle is a sensitive area and these three cross tattoos would have hurt. Luckily the simple designs means that this person wouldn’t have to endure the pain for an extended period of time.

The Snus Box

The snus box is the little divot that is inbetween your forefinger and thumb. It was coined that because people used to, and still do put a powdered tobacco there and sniff it. The powdered tobacco is called snus hence the name the snus box.

More Finger Tattoos.

Open Up and Say Ahhhhhh!

Back of the Bicep Tattoo

The back of the bicep is an ideal spot for a medium-sized tattoo and is a little more discreet than other places.

Big Lips

Yes I know this post is about tattoos but this lady’s lips are huge. I didn’t know you could have lips that big.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

We have seen some huge back tattoos but that doesn’t mean they are better. If you’re going for something more feminine you can always scale it down a bit and add some fine details.

Unusual Placement

This is an unusual spot for a tattoo but it looks great. Sometimes the most unexpected places are the most fun and tattoos are no different.

Small Wrist Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos look amazing great or small. In this, case it’s a little baby cross nicely positioned on the inner wrist.

On the Feet

Here is another fine cross tattoo on the feet. When getting feet tattoos be cautious that will have the time to allow to heal. For a tattoo like this you won’t be able to wear shoes and socks for a few weeks after.

Chest Tattoos

This is a big old chest piece that would have taken a long time to finish I’d imagine.

A Fine Specimen

This is a fine specimen of a cross tattoo. The detail is very intricate and the overall execution is spot on. It’s a very fine specimen indeed!


Big and Badass Back Tattoos

These two gentlemen wanted their tattoo to be seen. They are big and badass and that works for some people.



This is an interesting tattoo that uses negative space to create a sunrise effect. It’s a clever way of using the natural skin tone of the body to incorporate it into the tattoo.

Celtic Pride

The Celtic people migrated from central Europe before taking up residence in Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Celtic Cross is their own version of the Christian cross and was featured in early Celtic artworks dating back 500 B.C

The Cross and Circle

The can often be seen with a circle around and in Celtic and Druid culture the circle means eternity and the cross is a symbol of faith. The tattoo above has used the circle and creates texture through the woven leather. The circle really adds to it and makes it the perfect shape for a shoulder tattoo.

The Cross and the Thistle

This tattoo features the interesting combination between a celtic cross and a thistle. Flowers are usually pretty common in the tattoo world but no so much thistles.

Flower Power

Flowers in transform from something average in something blooming and beautiful. They can also transform a boring tattoo into something special. As you can see above this guy as paired a simple cross with a beautiful rose.

Getting Medieval

Crosses don’t have to take on a religious nature. This person is obviously a fan of medieval times and has gone with some dragons and magic on a Celtic cross

Pop Art Cross

This tattoo style is of the new school and is very cartoon-like. You could call it pop art or pin-up art. Regardless of the name, it looks cool.

No Outline and that’s Totally Fine

This tattoo is uniques because it doesn’t have an outline. It’s fill and it still looks great. I’m getting itchy skin for my next tattoo. I might use the no outline method.

God Bless America!

156 Collarbone Tattoo Designs That You’ll Be Daring to Bare

The collarbone is a very specific and interesting place to get a tattoo. The collarbone area provides a specific contour that can be enhanced by tattoos and they can look fantastic. It ones of those areas that can be quite painful but the pain is worth when you see the final result.

Branches of Humanity

Tattoos were apart of ancient cultures dating back to the 4th millennium BC. They have been found on defrosted ice man and even on mummies from way back when. Ancient societies all across the world have used tattoos as a representation of status and also for deep and powerful spiritual reason. It was a matter of time before they made their way over to the west and since then have flourished to what they are today. The tattoo industry is huge as more and more people feel the need to express themselves through body art.


A Whale of Time

I’m loving this whale as a collarbone tattoo. It looks as though it’s swimming peacefully in the ocean. The whale is a large majestic mammal of the sea and the tattoo represents grace and poise.


Text Collarbone Tattoo

Text looks great along the collarbone as it runs along the natural contour of the bone. It’s a cool way of getting one of your favorite quotes permanently on your body.


Flower in Bloom

This is a very nice piece of work using a sketch style paired with watercolors. I’m not sure what kind of flower this is because I’m not a botanist but who cares, it looks great.


The Mirror Effect

Collarbone tattoos are a great place to use the mirror effect as they are on both sides separated by the sternum. The space between the tattoo leaves something to the imagination.


Simplicity and Nature

Flowers don’t have to always contain color to look good. As you can see from the above tattoo. This is a nice little collarbone tattoo that has been executed nicely to create a cute little piece of art.


To the Moon and Back

Fill in the blanks. I don’t think it has to do with space travel either. This is a very nice sentiment for the person it’s intended for.

Branches and Nature

If you think of the human skeleton as nature everything seems to branch off the spine. So it’s only natural that collarbone tattoos frequently contain the use of nature in particular branches of tree or bush.


Back in Black

There is something about using only black that is attractive to many people who get tattoos. Just because it’s one color doesn’t mean it has to be simple or bland. As you can see in the above tattoo. It’s a quite intricate and detailed piece of what I believe may be a thistle.


Line and Color

Line and color in even balance are often used in great works of art to convey a certain meaning or message. This is collarbone tattoo is no different.


High Energy

Above is some simple text using the word energy. The text and the meaning of the word are represented by the font used. It’s nice little piece of work.



This lady has a part of a letter hand written by her child then had it tattooed permanently on her skin. It’s very cute and original at the same time.

Love Goes Where the Roses Grow

Here some nice little symetrical roses perched nicely on the collarbones. This collarbone tattoo is quaint and cute with perfect placement.



Cursive Font

This is a very nice and fluent cursive font and is the signature of her partner. It sits perfectly on the collarbone and is cute way of expressing her dedication to the love of her life.


One Color One Love

I’m talking about tattoos here. This tattoo is nicely done using a fine outline and sometimes that is all you need. Less is more, more or less.


I have no idea what urdently means but I am in love with font they have used. It looks like a school child that has just learned cursive and has miss spelled the word urgently.

America! F@#K Yeah!

Another proud American getting some ink to make a statement of their love of their country. Politics aside, America is a beautiful country with vast and expansive landscapes that are truly diverse.

Good Advice

Follow your joy. This collarbone tattoo reinforces the message and if I were walking by her in the street it would definitely bring a smile to my face. God bless her cotton socks.


Branching Out

Like a tree, we as humans should branch and explore the many facets of life and that includes tattoos. Don’t be afraid to explore new territory when it comes to tattoos as you may find out that you love it.

Not Need for Interpretation

I have no idea what this collarbone says or even means, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the individual is happy and understands the meaning and is happy with the end result.

Me and You

This is a great way of expressing love for your partner without the embarrassment of having your partners name tattooed on your skin even after you break up.

Origami Bird

This is a bit meta. The origami bird is a fantastic idea. Origami is a Japanese past time and is the art of folding paper into different shapes. It is used as a form of meditation and it provides decoration for various festivals.

A Whole Bunch of Kisses

Kisses and hugs represent love and this lady is full of it and has some x collarbone tattoos. Not the X as in ex lover but the good kind. Kisses.


To Fern or Not to Fern

Yolo. Yes of course fern. These ferns look amazing as a collarbone tattoo and sit nicely on the contour of the bone.


Everyone’s a Comedian

Well, maybe not everyone but this guy certainly is. Sometimes tattoos are done as dare or on a drunkin whima and sometimes they are the most fun.


No Fear

Be fearless in the face of adversity is a great skill that can take many years to aquire. For some it comes naturally and to those we solute.

The Old Pocket

This is an interesting ode to a fallen comrade collarbone tattoo. In the west or the countryside everyone carries a pocket knife because you never know when you might need one.

Fly High

Don’t be afraid to fly like a bird or soar like an eagle. A collarbone tattoo can represent that you a carefree.


She Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes

Mountain tattoos represent strength and stillness. Or it may just be a tribute to one of her favorite places in the world. The Colorado Rockies. Just like the John Denver song.


The Classic Rose

The rose tattoo is said to represent balance and protection due to its sharp thorns. It’s also the name of a seminal Australian rock band that was prolific in the 1980’s fronted by the small, bald, and energetic front man Angry Anderson.


Sketch at Best

This is a nice little flower collarbone tattoo that uses the sketch style and it uses it well. Simpe and effective. How can you go wrong?

Cool AF

Babe does look super cool now that she has nice collarbone tattoo with an endearing quote from her lover.


The Bible Never Lies

Or maybe it does but it doesn’t matter. The bible is full of cool quotes that can transferred to your life regardless of whether your religious or not.


The Vast Expanse

If you want something a little more prominent, a little more out there get a full piece that goes all the way across the chest from collarbone to collarbone.


Favorite Flowers

The flower power movement of the 60’s may well be dead and buried but lives on through getting some permanent ink. These flower look very familiar. I especially love the flowing petals.

Small and Cute

Here is a fine example of a small and cute collarbone tattoo and proves that bigger isn’t always better.


The Whole Hog

This guy has utilized the whole colorbone and as the text follows the contour of the collarbone it creates a natural tattoo necklace. It’s better than bling because you can’t lose it.


A Rose on the Shoulder is Worth One Hundred In a Vase

Above is a simple sketch of rose on the shoulder. It quite subtle but works all the same.

The Lover Who’s Bird Has Flown

The lover who’s bird has flown catches nothing only grains of sand. Well that is what the lyrics of the famous deep purple song predicate.

Anchors for Days

The anchor tattoo was popular with the Navy and seamen alike. In this case, it means stability and sturdiness. These are all characteristics that everyone should possess or at least aim to possess.

An Arrow Through the Heart

Wow! This is an accurate drawing of a heart with an arrow going straight through it. If you look closely the arrow is a paint brush which would lead one to think that this guy is an artist.


Hearts Are a Beating

This is a tattoo of a babies her babies heartbeat that has is registered on the machine that detects the heatbeat of an unborn babie and transduces it to an electronic signal. It’s so cute.


Match Stick Puzzle

We’ve all tried them. Puzzles where you have to move one match stick to create a certain shape. Why not get one as a tattoo and bust it out at a party. But guess what there is no moving these match sticks. They are staying right where they are.


Butterfly me Away

Here is a nice butterfly collarbone tattoo that sits nicely on the collarbone. The artist has used shadows to create the effect of butterflies popping off the skin.


Some Mirrored Roses

The mirror effect looks great especially as a collarbone tattoo. So use your imagination and come up with your own version, obviously it doesn’t have to roses there are a myriad of things that would look great on the collarbones.


Nice Font

I have no idea what this collarbone tattoo says or means but it doesn’t matter it looks really cool. Using a nice font makes for a great tattoo regardless of what it says.

Howling Wolf

Omg what a beast. This is a very interesting take on a wolf tattoo. I love the artist technique of not having a distinct outline.


Dedication is a Beautiful Thing

Tattoos of dedication are a beautiful thing as long as it’s not too specific like the name of your partner because you never know what the future holds. The ever changing nature of life can bring many suprises.


Too Cute

Yes, this collarbone tattoo is almost too cute and makes me wanna throw up. I like the way the artist has incorporated the collarbone into the tattoo as kind of a obstaclefor the puppy to peer over.

Text is Best

Here is another fine example of text looking amazing as it runs along the collarbone. You can’t really see what it says from this picture but who cares. It looks good and I’m sure it has some sort of meaning this girl.


The Not Tattoo

This is clearly not a tattoo and has been done with a bubble paint pen. It looks pretty cool and has texture though. Ha.


In Bloom

This collarbone tattoo is cool featuring a rose in different stages. It signifies the everchanging evergrowing aspects of life and love.

Where am I?

Sometimes it’s not necessary to know where you’re going as long as you know where you are at the present time. Getting lost is fun because you never know where you might end up. Probably someplace you have never been before. It’s a beautiful thing.


Detailed Flowers

The above collarbone tattoo is a prime example of what some detailed linework and color can do. It’s a beautiful flower in the perfect spot and is a fine place for it.


A Guide to the Galaxy

If you get lost easily it’s not a bad idea to get a map to your home tattooed on your body. The same goes for people who travel the cosmos. The above collarbone tattoo is the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy map.


An Oldie But A Goodie

This tattoo has been cemented into popular culture and features a childs hand reaching for it’s mother. It definitely makes for a cute tattoo. It’s quaint and small but has alot meaning.


Hello Sally!

A nice black tattoo paired with a little black dress and some pretty hair is a fashion statement. And boy isn’t Sally Rocking it well.


Would You Believe Me If I Told You You’re the Beat of My Heart!

This is a cute tattoo is an ode to the ever faithful man’s best friend and strength to carry on. I love the use of the heart monitor blip.



Roses Are Not Always Red

The Rare and exquisite black rose being displayed in tattoo form is a thing of beauty. From the stem all the way to blossuming flower has been penned to perfection.


Hefty Hearts

Carrying someone’s heart sound like a heavy task. On a positive note, it would be good excercise and before you know it the pounds would be flying off.



In the Mirror

Forget the collarbone tattoo. Check out the day of the dead inspired mickey and minnie tattoos in the background. Although this post is about collarbone tattoos, so it would be silly not mention the tattoo on the collarbone. Check it, front and back!


Freedom Baby!

Even though everyone has a different perspective of it. Everyone wants it and that’s freedom baby. And the sheer notiong is definitely worth some ink and real estate on your skin.



A Little Bit Mysterious

Who would have thought an eye suspended in goo in an oversized snow globe would look so good.


To the Brave Warrior Within

This collarbone tattoo is a reminder to summon the warrior within and be strong in all circumstances. Being strong does not necessarily mean shutting out emotions and avoiding vulnerability, it also can mean embracing these things and converting the energy to something positive.




Another Affirmation

This is such a lovely sentiment and positive way to start the day when you looking in the mirror getting ready for the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Glamour Girl

This girl looks like she could be a model for the sucide girls. The crossbones of her collarbone tattoo make me when a holla!. Let me hear you say “Hell Yeah”!


Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together as you can see by this woman’s hummng birds humming away on both her collarbones.

The Native Plant

People often go for the iconic rose or the cherry blossom but this woman has gone for a more natural native plant. It looks a bit like an Australian plant I once encountered while doing a bush walk.

The Animal Lover

This is a super cute collarbone tattoo for the animal lover. It’s so damn adorable to think about the puppies prints rubbing dog crap all over your freshly shampooed carpets.



I Heart Collarbone Tattoos

A cute little heart is all it takes too melt the coldest heart.


Nice and Fresh

As you can see from the redness around the tattoo this one was freshly done. Don’t forget to care for you tattoo after. It’s very important so your tattoo maintain its look.


Always ask your tattooist the best way to look after your tattoo so you get the best result.

Always keep the tattoo area moist and supple so that it flexes with the skin and maintains it first impression.

The flora is dense in the collarbone tattoo world. There is a good reason for that, it looks amazing.

Growing Pains

Well I guess growing pains are a must for you to grow and this girl feels it and has a constant reminder to stand tough and stand tall.


Pollenate Me

Yes, that’s right and yet another flower.

The beauty about tattoo’s or that any art form of that matter is that possibilities are endless although it’s said that knowing when to stop can be the real dilemma. The endless possibilities are the blessing and knowing what element to put together is the skill. collarbone-tattoo-design

Affirmation Nation

And yes lady, one day somebody will and they will also love your sweet tattoo butterfly and all

Only time will tell if this statement comes true. Have you ever wonder if reality is just some big dream anyway.

Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Arrow chest tattoo designs are quite popular and contain a significant meaning. Arrow tattoos have a dual meaning one being the about moving forward the other meaning is about protection.


Bright and Beautiful

The mighty Canadian maple leaf and the irish clover living harmoniously on this womans collarbones in tattoo form.


Doting on Quote Collarbone Tattoos

This list is a clear representation that a lot of the collarbone tattoo designs have text involved. Some amazing and some not so amazing but it doesn’t matter tattoos can personal or drunken fun. Regardless they will always mark a moment in your life and help you remember the time and place and the way you felt.


Small and Effective

I like these nifty little tattoos that use this style of cursive. They look great and are not too in your face.


A cheeky little heart tattoo in a cheeky position.

These women clearly love birds, flowers, and text.

The Wrap Around

This tattoo has a cool concept. It wraps around from his shoulder blades to his collarbone and that add an extra element to the tattoo. I wonder if hes going to get it filled.


Here are some more flower collarbone tattoos.


The Peacock Feather

The peacock flares it’s beautiful feathers to a potential mate. This is a beautiful looking peacock tattoo feather and the colors work so well together.


Something a Little Different

There is something foxy about this tattoo. Here is something we haven’t seen on the list yet a beautifully inked fox.

The Cats Meow

This a cute little version. I love the abstract shading and the nice line work.

What a cool looking hicky. This chest tattoo is a unique take on a set of lips and uses a an interesting splash style painting effect.


Look, everyone! It’s sweet baby Ruth.

So as you can see from the list there are plenty of bangin collarbone tattoos that look amazing from simple to most the intricate. Hopefully this list has got you skin itcing for your next collarbone tattoo.