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173 Big, Bold and Bad ass Chest Tattoo Designs to Feast Your Eyes On

Chest Tattoo Designs

Here are some amazing chest tattoo designs to feat your eyes on. The chest is one of the largest areas on the body to get a tattoo done and if you want to fill up the whole area you should get ready for some serious time in the chair. We have compiled a list of 173 chest tattoos large and small, to provide you with some inspiration for your next chest tattoo.


It’s Time to Sail Away on a Magical Journey of Chest Tattoos

Ship tattoos are quite popular and represent the swashbuckling freedom of explorers and pirates alike. This is a huge chest tattoo that covers the full expanse of the abdomen.  It looks like it has been done over a fair expanse of time and has been added to gradually.

A Cog in the Machine

This chest tattoo features many different cogs and is a constant reminder that we are all cogs in the machine trying to break free and live our true purpose.

The Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is home to sushi, fast trains and a distinct style of art that has filtered into the western tattoo scene. These guys have chest tattoos of Japanese inspired dragons that seep over to the sleep. If you are getting a chest tattoo it’s a good idea to leave it open to be added to later. You might decide that want to cover your shoulders and arms and make a big old mural.

East Meets West

In eastern culture, the dragon represents strength, wisdom, and power.  There are a variety of different dragons that have different meanings and it’s interesting to look into. In some cultures, dragons represent darkness and evil. Either way, they make for great tattoo’s and there is a myriad of styles to choose from. Do your research and discover the dragon that will suit your personality or aesthetics.

Pectoral Pieces of Art

Chest tattoos don’t have to expand over the whole chest or even begin in the center. This guy has opted for a pectoral piece featuring a dragon and tiger. It’s such a fierce combination of animals that bring out the inner power within.

Chinese Dragon

This guy has a Chinese dragon chest tattoo. In the Chinese culture, dragons are a representation of power, strength and, fear. This huge tattoo features detailed and colorful work that spans across his chest and abdomen. It’s a tidy piece of work that would have taken a really long time and many man-hours to complete.

This is another classic Chinese dragon with smoke emanating from the nostrils. It’s quite a popular style in the tattoo world. As you can see the tail the spirals around the arm and into another Asian inspired samurai design. It a cool way of linking one tattoo to the other.

Duality of Pectorals

Here is a nice chest tattoo that features two different tattoos that cascade onto the shoulder while meeting head-on in the sternum region. If you look closely they have very cute and dainty flowers in their ears.

The Beast from Below

This is one badass dragon that’s climbing onto this guys chest. The eyes are spitfire red and look like they will burn holes through your body. It’s a very tidy piece of art using only two colors.

Deer Skull Madness

This is my favorite one so far although we aren’t very far down the list. This an amazing chest tattoo of stag skull that incorporates a crow’s feathers that form the left ears. Mind=Blown.

Dragons are a popular choice for chest tattoos.

Japanese Style

The above tattoo has been done in a Japanese style made famous by the notorious Yakuza gang of Japan. The Yakuza first formed in the early 1600’s and are famous for their full body tattoos featuring ancient Japnese artworks. They often get their full bodies adorned in tattoos that are done the old fashioned way with a steel needle or bamboo.

Stone the Crows

What an amazing sight. This a unique and interesting chest tattoo. I love how the artist has inverted the circles on each shoulder. There are so many objects in this tattoo but it really ties together well.

Elementary Elephant

My god that is a big tattoo. Don’t worry about the elephant in the room, look out for the elephant on this guy. Elephants are a noble, strong and powerful beast and their tattoo represent something along the lines according to these traits. Oh yeah, and they look super cool.


And the Birds flew North

Here are is cool ink to sate your eyes. Here are some very nice chest tattoo of birds. Well crows as a matter of fact and these dark and mysterious birds represent, love, and the days yet to be had. The owl, on the other hand, is the almighty power and the almighty wise bird of the bunch. The sketch style chest tattoo done below is rockin’.

Center Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos can come in a variety of different alignment and orientations. A centre chest tattoo focuses on the tattoo on the ceter or sternum of the chest.

Left Side Chest Tattoo

This chest tattoo is off camber from the sternum and is sitting nicely on the left pectoral. It’s a good idea to think about placement when designing your tattoo because some pictures will naturally look better in different places onthe body.

Heart Beats and Angels Flutter

Whatever that means. This is a cool tattoo using the skin’s natural tone as the rays of light radiating from the heart.


Outline Time

When embarking on the journey of getting a large chest tattoo the first part is usually getting the outline done. The above tattoo has really intricate line work. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it has had the color work done.

Wing Tattoo

The wing tattoo is a symbol of flight, freedom, and overcoming obstacles. The chest and the back are the most common places to get wings although the feet and ankles are also a great spot for wings also.


Say a Little Prayer for Me

Wings are associated with angels and angels are associated with heaven or hell. Angels are also associated with protection and being watched over by a ethereal being.

King of the Angels

The crown with wings can portray flight and power. As you can see above this tattoo is partially complete. The wings are yet to be shaded but if the outline is anything to go by this chest tattoo is going to look amazing.


Religious Mural

The chest tattoos have a large area to cover and you could even say it’s a wall for a mural tattoo. The above tattoo features art from early religious pictures. The detail is quite intricate and it’s spectacular.

Balance Is Key

Balance is key to a happy life. Like the ying and the yang, these scales represent the good and the evil, the input and output of life.

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Angel Tattoo

Angels are the protector between heaven and earth. This angel is seen praying to the fallen. See the halo above her head that uses the negative space of the skin color. It’s a clever way of using negative space.

Negative Space

Using negative space, rather than color is great for when your only using black for your tattoo. It creates depth and dimension and really brings a tattoo to life.

The Inner Goth

This tattoo really exemplifies the neo-goth movement featuring an angel with a gas mask clutching what appears to be a weird doll. It’s a very interesting chest tattoo and has been executed to perfection.

Angel Of Life

This angel is the protector of the heart. She is the one who watches over us when we embark on the journey of life. It also means that if you are guided by your heart you will never be lost.

Geometric Tattoo

These tattoos rely on repetition and form rather than spectacular images. Geometric tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and can be traced back to the mandalas in India. Mandalas first appeared in Hindu and Buddhism religion and represent the universe. Each different mandala represents a different diety and aspect of the world.


Scratch Style

This tattoo uses scratch or sketch style to create some nifty looking wings and is looks great as a chest tattoo. Don’t you think?

Sailor Jerry

Norman Keith Collins also nicknamed Sailor Jerry is one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world. He coined this style and was a prominent figure in the tattoo world in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Sailor Gerry was responsible for many tattoos on sailors at the time and his style has been emulated throughout the years. He even has a brand of rum named after him as his legacy continues on today.

Panther and Roses

Here you can see a panther done in the famous Sailor Gerry style. This distinct style lends itself to bright vivid colors. Sailor Jerry was famous for experimenting with colors and he even created his own pigments by mixing colors.

Soaring Like an Eagle

The bald eagle is an American icon and has been the subject of many tattoos. The eagle represents courage and focus and makes a damn fine tattoo.


Truth, Justice and The American Way

The eagle tatoo also stands for truth and justice. America has adopted the bald eagle on their emblem and is the totem animal for many Native tribes.


Owl Tattoos

Owl tattoos are probably one of the most common bird tattoos of the bunch. It would be a close tie between the eagle, the crow and the owl. An owl tattoo usually mean wisdom and foresight.

If You Can’t Grow Them

If you can’t grow wings and fly the second best option is to get them tattooed on your chest. Perhaps you’re a wayward angel that lost their wings forced to roam the earth with mortals until you redeem yourself.

Serious Ink

Some people are really serious about their ink. This guy definitely is and is covered has covered in tattoos. He has spent alot of money and alot of time in the chair resulting in some nice art work. The tirbal tiger is a great chest tattoo.

A Dagger Through the Heart

This tattoo represents a heart that is broken and as it mends stronger than ever before and elevates this man to be stronger and more resilient to cruel and beautiful world of love.


Dare to be Bare

Omg, this is my second favorite tattoo. Or is it my first? I can’t decide, either way, this a beautiful chest tattoo that uses color that blend well while looking amazing.

A Blend of Style

This tattoo demostrates that you can blend styles effectively if you choose the right elements. It’s not how you do it, it’s the way it’s contructed and it looks great.

The Moth

This big old moth chest tattoo is a fine piece of work. Moth tattoos represent transformation as the moth transforms from a grub to a beautiful creature with expansive wings.

The Old Chestnut

This tattoo has been replicated in some way or another countless times. The bikers adopted the wings and skull as their crest and the chest is the perfect spot for it.


Abstract Art

Abstract art tattoo is ambiguous and allows the observer to make their own interpretations. The above piece is open to interprestation. The art work is very well done and it’s fine example of what can be done with a needle and ink.

This is an abstract chest tattoo that combines the human eye with the gears of a clock leaving the viewer to interpret it as they please.

Heart Beat

The heartbeat and time have been associated by the beating heart is relevant to the ticking of clock. As the heart pumps without missing a beat so do watches. Well until they break of run out of battery. haha.

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the tiger is the famous song from the movie Rocky. Who can forget the training montage that ends with him running up the stair with his arms raised in the air for victory.

Get in Touch with your Tribal Side

Tribal tattoos were very popular in the early ninties and slowly subsided. They are making a come back and recent years. Tribal tattoos are a great way of covering large areas and they are fun to have a go at designing one yourself.


Octopus Tattoos

The octopus represents complexity, mystery and the diversity of life. They are also one of the smartest creatives in the ocean and have been known to able to unscrew lids of jars to get food.

Negative Space

Instead of color trying using the negative and the tone of your skin to create interesting tattoos. Using negative space not only looks cool but acts an extra element to place with when designing your tattoo.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan was a great film and this guy obviously love it enough to get this extremely detailed chest tattoo.


This owl has been done in the Sailor Jerry Motif.

Here is a tattoo that has been executed nicely in the Japanese style.

Rockin Robin

Rockin Robin tweet tweet. The robin has transformed the innocent singing creature into a beautiful beast.

The Mystic

Mystics have long been apart of different cultures throughout the world. They were generally sought after for advice and to predict the future of a battle won or lost.


Old School Cool

These old-school cool chest tattoo are amazing and it just goes to show that some things never change. If it works, why mess with it.

Collage Coalition

Collage tattoo use elements from all aspects of life and do that don’t neccesarily mean anything but that look great so who cares.

Gypsy Rover

This gyspsy chest tattoo uses different elements to create the mural. The gyspy is renowned for their ability to look into the future.

Native American Tattoos

Native American tattoos were very popular before everyone got so polictally correct. Now for a person to wear one is quite a taboo.


Deconstructed Eagle

This interesting chest tattoo is of an eagle. One could percieve it as the breaking down of the American moral standard of truth and justice.

Bat Shit Crazy

This chest tattoo of the bat is a bit loco, as in crazy. But it looks really cool none the less. One thing I love about the tattoo is the choice of colors. The deep greens and blues which are apparently not to be seen together work like charm.


Samurai Love

This tattoo is the depiction of a samurai love story that has echoed through the ages and has been passed down from generation to generation.


Wild Horses

Just like the Neil Young song these horses are wild. Wildly cool that is. This is an interesting tattoo and encompasses many uniques elements.

And the Ships be Sailing

It’s hard to get over the detail of this work. The artist has done an amazing job on this chest tattoo and has all the elements of a briliant piece of art.

Never Look Back

Never look back is really good advice as you don’t want to live in the past. Live in the now and make plans for the future.

Fine Outlines

As a tattoo takes shape and outline is complete you can  really use your imagination to see what the fill will look like. Sometimes it’s good to get the outline done first and then you have time to deliberate and ponder which fill colors you might want to use.

The Owl and Snake

The mighty owl is one of that birds that can take down the dangerous snakes of the world. They can often be seen preying in the high trees waiting for the opportune moment to swoop down and seize their prey.

The Classic Coy

The coy fish has been featured in tattoos throughout asia and as slowly made its way over to the western world in last half century.


Chalk Styles

This owl chest tattoo has been done in chalk/ sketch styles as the colors fade into each other creating an ambigous lines and color between the elements.



More Dragons

This tattoo is a unique take on the Chinese dragon and has been done to perfection.

Ramblers and Gamblers

Roll the dice and take the ride of life.


Big and Bold

The following tattoos are big and bold using black as there primary color and use minimal shading creating a very deep and dark look.


Wolf Tattoos

Wolves have a symbolism as a spiritual guide and this was the belief of the Native American Indians.


Text and Tattoos

The text is a great way to add an extra element and meaning to your tattoo. Some people get quotes from their favorite books and others get something personal. All in all it’s totally up to the person getting the tattoo.

More Wings and Things for Your Viewing Pleasure.


Anamorphic Designs

Anamorphic designs have been derived from ancient tribes that used animals as spirit guides and representations of certain cultural icons and values.


The Day of Dead

The Mexican Day of the Dead inspired artwork has made its way into the tattoo world and there is a good reason for it. It looks totally amazing.

Chest and Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos have become more popular or recent times as rappers and artists alike have been adorning them. Why not start with a chest piece and then add to it so it creeps up your neck.

The Gamble of Life

Card and dice tattoos are quite common and represent the risk that we take in life. Whether it be at the casino or in our everyday life. Don’t be afraid to take risks as they can lead to great fortune. Fortune favors the brave.


Motorcycle Culture

Motorcycle gangs and tattoos are like coffee and cigarettes. They go hand in hand as bikies from around the world all sport tattoos.

Crest on the Chest

Crest make great tattoos, especially chest tattoos. They usually contain certain element of symetry that look great spanning across the chest.

Note to Self

Self affirmations are quite common in tattoos and when you look in the mirror and see you affirmation it’s a good way to keep your head up and get on with it.

The Maple Leaf

Here is one proud Canadian sporting a very maple leaf chest tattoo.

Family Ties

Blood is thicker than water and these tattoos are a reminder that family is one of the most important people in our lives.


This chest tattoo is a bit scary yet I cannot look away. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


The Tools of An Artist

Here is one dedicated artist representing the tools of his trade in a big and bold chest tattoo.




Oh the Horror

This one scary tattoo. The demons face on the left pectoral has a menacing look and is clutching the hand that is keeping the skulls secret.

The Mural

This is a mural of old london town. The detail is quite intricate and the artist has done a bang up job of it.

Geometric Love

This geometic chest tattoo uses color and shape to give the appearance of depth. It almost looks like it’s popping off the skin.


Like Clockwork

Another chest tattoo over the heart sybolizing the relationship between the beating heart and the tick of a clock.


Colorful Creations

Am I on a DMT trip. This tattoo is amazing and features a very colorful depiction of what can be seen when traversing the astral plane while under the influence.


Strap on your Armour and Get Ready for Battle

The Crest is Best

Here is a Scottish inspired crest that uses all elements of the Scottish culture.

Family First, Second, and Third

Lilo and Stich

Does anyone remember this classic tale between two unlikely friends and their quest to stay together? Its a heartfelt movie and worthy of a tattoo.

An Ode to Children

Wow here is  a cute tattoo that has the footprints and names of this mans child.

The Crow

The is a symbol of mystery and wisdom all rolled into one. The dark birds are renowned for being clever.

Bold Lettering

This chest tattoo features some seriously big lettering. Not all tattoos have to have pictures. Sometimes the word is all it takes to get the message across.

The Art of Color

These next few tattoos are a prime example of how color can really bring a tattoo to life. They use well-matched colors to the best effect.

Silhouette Dreams

Silhouettes make for great tattoos and leave a lot to the imagination.

Getting Tribal

New Zealand’s Maori people have been sporting big bold tribal tattoos and they were used to create fear in their enemies. Maori’s are famous for their face tattoos and some of them even get their tongues tattooed.

A Mystical Vision

The imagination is the limit to your tattoo. Not all tattoos have to make sense and some of the best ones are rather ambiguous like the one featured above.

3D Tattoos

Tattooing is a 2D medium but tattoo artist use certain techniques so the tattoos can be perceived as 3D

A Deer in the Headlights

Here is another fine example of a deer chest tattoo.

Nautical Star

The nautical star has been a staple in the tattoo industry for quite some time and represents the navigation of life.

Well, you made it to the bottom of the list. Hopefully, you have gained some valuable insight and inspiration into the world of chest tattoos. So when it comes time to get your tattoo you will be armed with a bunch of ideas for your chest tattoo. Whatever you choose always remember that tattoos are permanent so you better love the design.

101+ 3D Tattoos You Won’t Believe: The Way Forward

Getting 3d tattoos is one of the ways that people use to express their personality, experiences, styles and all that concerns them. A 3d tattoo is one of those designs where these qualities can be emphasized. The stylist that’s doing the inking should have the ability to combine the various themes, colours and patterns in a way that’s appealing.

Finding the best type of tattoo that can expressly bring out all the qualities that one would want is vital. As much as there are several tattoos that one can consider; 3d tattoos stands out for its uniqueness.


Best 3DTattoo Ideas

3D tattoos consist of very complex inner workings that make the design to look quite spectacular. The wooden legs symbol used in the design below adds to the complexity and intricacy of the design.

Adding some ink and colour to your skin has a way of changing your emotions and feelings. The 3d tattoo design below looks so real with the red colour creating a beautiful look.

If you have some love for the animals then inking a 3d animal tattoo is a great way to express it. The tattoo below looks so magnificent and can easily be confused to having a real elephant head at the back

Wild 3D Tattoo Design Ideas

3d tattoos provide tattoo lovers with a variety of options. The tattoos can be designed into whatever one is excited about. The design below is quite eye-catching and surreal.

As much as the art of tattooing has been around for years; the 3d tattoo design is quite unique since it incorporates technological elements. The design below looks breathtaking and visually appealing.

3d tattoos create such an amazing visual appeal and are quite distinct from other tattoos. The design below looks more like a real compass has been fixed on the arm.

Before you ink a 3d tattoo; you need to take time and ascertain the professionalism of the artist. The final result that you get highly depends on the artist’s expertise since a lot of skill and experience is vital.

3d tattoos are considered to be special when compared to other tattoos. They have that realistic and that’s something that’s lacking with the other tattoos. The design below shows a very similar image of a true eye and all the elements used enhances the realism of the tattoo.

Attention to detail is key if an artist is to achieve the same results as the one below. Since the 3d tattoos are quite outstanding; any small mistake has the potential of compromising the look of the designs.

Placement of 3D Tattoo Designs

3d tattoos will always look great regardless of where they are placed in the body. There are amazing places where the tattoos can be featured such as the arms, shoulder, legs, wrists and even back of the ear. The design below looks cool at the back of the ear where its placed.

The ripped body 3d tattoo design below is not for the faint-hearted. The ripping of the flesh and exposure of flesh is something that very few people can stand having.

The closed-door 3d tattoo design below looks so cool. The place it’s worn and the symbol of the door is an indicator that the wearer has closed the door to their heart.

If you don’t take a second look then you are more likely to assume that the person is wearing shoes. The choice of colours and the style used for the design is quite epic.

As much as the 3d tattoos look great regardless of where they are placed, finding the right placement is critical. The type of shading used and the placement are key factors that should be considered when wearing tattoos.

Amazing qualities of 3d tattoos

The size of the tattoo that you intend to wear is a quality that should be looked into. Before you wear any tattoo; ensure that it fits well in the place you intend to wear it. The 3d tattoo design below looks cool and fits well on the chest where it’s worn

Skin splitting is another type of design that many find to be mind-boggling. The ripped skin looks so real with the underlying magazine prints enhancing the visual outlook.

Tattoos symbolize several things such as accomplishments; success, inner beliefs and more. The intertwined 3d tattoo design below is a complex piece of artwork. The colour combination also looks quite epic.

The tattoo design below symbolizes mechanical work. It could be a reminder to treat the body as well as other mechanical appliances that require care and attention.

Realistic 3d tattoo designs

The 3d tattoo design below shows a spider web covered heart with the spider crawling over it. It may symbolize diverse things that are buried in the wearer’s heart.

If you are a lover of snakes then wearing a snake-themed 3d tattoo design is one of the ways to express your love for snakes. The 3d snake tattoo design below looks great on the arm where it’s worn.

The skull tattoo is generally scary and not for everyone especially if it’s a 3d skull tattoo. You can find inspiration from the design below if you love some nerve-wracking kind of tattoos.

The 3d tattoo design below looks scary and so real. The shades of dark and grey enhance the outlook of the design.

Beautiful 3d tattoo design ideas

The ripped shoulder 3d tattoo design is a magnificent piece of design. The open skin and fixed button expresses scars that could be underlying below the unseen

Most of the common 3d tattoo designs consist of elements from nature such as animals, flowers, butterflies, infinity signs and dragonflies amongst others. The below 3d tattoo features an insect which looks more realistic.

Scissor 3d tattoo is another cool design and fits well in the place it’s worn. Some 3d tattoos have a story and a meaning behind them. The scissor looks more like a real one and can be confused to be new.

Flowers have a way of enhancing the visual appeal of tattoos. The 3d tattoo design below looks like an actual flower has been placed in the open space. Its full of life and so cool.

Having a lizard crawling on the shoulder can be quite scary. The colour combination used in the design below looks cool and blends well with the wearer.

Inking the babyface on the hand is such a cute reflection of one’s love for children. It can act as a constant reminder that you have people looking up to you.

Cute 3d anchor tattoos

The design below is one of the hot favourite 3d tattoo designs. The design is simple yet quite eye-catching. The plain and blue colours used in the tattoo below creates such a cool combination.

3d tattoos can be worn by both men and women. There are design elements that look great when worn by me and there are also those that look spectacular when worn by women. The design worn on the shoulder below symbolizes a deep connection with the wearer.

If you love pizza then having it inked would be a great way to show your desire. The pizza-themed 3d tattoo designs look more like actual pizzas.

Stunning 3d tattoo ideas

If you are into something unique that’ beyond the ordinary then you can find inspiration from 3d tattoos. The design below looks spectacular and very unique.

The tattoo design below is a complex piece of artwork. It looks great with the colours used adding to the complexity of the design. The image of a man looking trapped in that cage seems to symbolize what the wearer could be feeling.

Lovers of music can consider wearing the 3d guitar tattoo. The design looks cool with the ripped skin enhancing a cool outlook.

Beautiful music notes combined with roses in a 3d tattoo design is a way to express your love for music. The design looks spectacular with the colourful roses enhancing the beauty of the design.

Scary 3d tattoo ideas

A vampire with a blood dripping open mouth is another scary design that looks stunning yet very scary. Having such a tattoo in an open place like the neck can be quite scary.

The 3d tattoo design below exposes the head and the skull. It looks scary yet very artistically designed.

Another unique design that expresses ripped flesh that shows underlying ripped fingers. The design is unique and scary.

Regardless of the design for that 3d tattoo that one chooses to ink; you can enhance its outlook with a blend of colours. The below tattoo expresses a cool blend of colours; the shades of red and black shows a beautiful outlook.

If you are a fun of some mind-boggling designs then the below 3d tattoo design is a perfect inspiration. The design looks cool and the colour blends quite well.

Flowery 3d tattoo design ideas

Flowers have a way of bringing life to tattoo designs. The choice of colour and placement of the tattoo are however key features that should be considered.

The 3d tattoo design below shows someone whose heart is on fire. It’s an expression that the wearer could be feeling from within. The 3d tattoo provides a perfect way to express inner feelings.

Inking a 3d eye tattoo is a great way t express that you have another all-seeing third eye. It looks real and cool on the upper arm where it’s worn.

The tattoo design below is quite mindblowing and its hard to imagine the real eyes and the tattooed ones. The design is a perfect expression of 3d tattoo design.

Most of the 3d tattoos are more about the visual appeal that they generate. Having the right elements to incorporate the design with adds to the beauty and complexity of the design.

Factors to consider before inking 3d tattoos

Wearing 3d tattoos is quite is quite different from inking other types of tattoos.

Before you wear the tattoos; you should be aware of the following;

Start with a small tattoo. It’s vital that you take time and see how your skin responds to the ink and how fast the wound takes to properly heal.

By starting with a small tattoo; you will also be able to know your level of pain tolerance. The design below shows a huge 3d tattoo design. You should consider going for a huge tattoo once you are assured of the artist’s skill level.

The timing for the tattoo is another factor that should be considered. Too much exposure to the sun before the tattoo is healed can result into an infection. You also need to avoid exposure to water.


Pricing for 3d tattoo services

As much as pricing is an important factor to consider; you should not fall for the cheap price. Unless you have recommendations from a host of friends; doing your tattoo in a cheap parlour may not guarantee quality and good care.

If you want something that’s quite sophisticated like the 3d tattoo design below then you need to consider an artist that is well qualified. The moving car with splashing cash design is quite complex and it takes a professional to bring out the outlook.

Lovers of photography can consider inking the camera 3d tattoo design. Th design looks cool on the arm where it’s worn.

Before you consider inking a beautiful yet complex design like the one below; you need o take time and evaluate your artist. Have some assurance that the artist understands whatever design you are interested in and has the potential of delivering quality work.

Colourful 3d tattoo design ideas

Whether you choose to go for a small 3d tattoo design like the one below or a large one, working with a professional is vital. The tattoo design below looks spectacular and creates an appealing visual outlook.

Ink whatever element that you are ready to live with for life. Whether it’s inking the initials of best friends or choosing cool designs ensure that you only settle for something you can live with. It takes effort and a lot of pain to remove a tattoo and t

It’s one thing to choose a tattoo design and another to select a colour that blends well with it. The grey and dark colours used in the 3d tattoo design below looks spectacular.

The leg is a cool place to wear 3d tattoo designs. It looks spectacular with the exposed bones showing what exists beneath the skin.

Dark and grey colours are commonly used in designing 3d tattoos. The colour combines helps in creating some contrast with the designs that makes it cool.

Rose flowers are known for their beauty and vibrancy. Wearing 3d tattoos with flowery elements has a way of adding beauty and elegance to the design.

It’s very possible for the below 3d tattoo design to be confused for a real one. The design looks spectacular with the colour combination bringing life to the design.

Amazing 3d tattoo designs

The below 3 da tattoo looks amazing and is a complex piece of artwork. It depicts the real face of an angry animal with the eyes glowing as if ready to pounce on a prey. The colour combination is also great.

Another amazing piece of artwork with a cool combination of colour and elements. The design fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

There are no better ways of staying with the memories of a dear one unlike inking their faces. The design below is a clear expression of the actual person and it shows a great way of connection.

The below design is not only huge but is also magnanimous in diverse ways. It expresses a heart that’s packed with complex matters that are hard to interpret.

Popular 3d tattoo designs

Colours have a way of adding life and complexity to a design. The colourful shades used in the 3d tattoo design below enhances the visual appeal of the design.

There is no better way of enhancing your overall outlook like wearing tattoos in designated places. The floral design looks cute and blends well with the wearer’s complexion.

The below 3d tattoo design shows a strange creature peeping under the skin. The dark blue-eyed creature is so scary and the design is not for the fearful.

The elements used in 3d tattoos has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of the design. Some of the elements like the one used below have a way of adding to the realistic impact of the design.

Magnificent 3d tattoo ideas

Black and grey shades are commonly used in 3d tattoos and have a way of bringing out the true beauty of the design.

The design below looks more like a drawing done by a baby. It carries some sentimental meaning and connection with the wearer.

The lower part of the upper arm looks like an ideal place to wear 3d tattoos. The design looks spectacular and enhances the feeling of having extra eyes.

The metallic colours used in the design below are great and fits well on the space. The tattoo symbolizes an armed angel that’s ready to strike.

The design below looks epic. The head of the elephant expressing a deeper connection between the wearer and the animal.

Going by what a scissor is used for; the wearer could be finding inspiration from having the actual scissor on a tattoo.

Cool 3d tattoo design ideas

There is no better way of keeping fresh images of wealth in the mind like having the expressions inked. The 3d tattoo of a speeding car that has money falling off is a good expression of a wealthy lifestyle.

With 3d tattoos, you can get inspiration from any element. Just try out whatever you desire and see how it unfolds.

Beautiful butterflies in 3d tattoos. The colours used blends so well and fit well on the back.

Having a magnifying glass inked in a 3d tattoo is a reminder of areas that one should focus on.

The design below looks cool although the ripped skin can be a scary design for many people.

Before you ink tattoos; you need to consider the fact that its likely to stay for a very long period of time. Use of a lot of colours in a design may seem appealing for a season but not in the long-term.

Wild 3d tattoo designs

3d tattoo designs are considered to be quite versatile as one is free to incorporate whatever their mind can perceive.

The compass used in the design below looks cool and blends well with the other elements used.

The eye tattoo looks magnificent and it also means security to the wearer.

Having the image of your hero in a 3d tattoo is a great way to honour them. The design below looks cool and fits well on the upper arm.

Cool 3d tattoos

Get inspiration from some of the cool 3d tattoo design ideas.

A caged man at the heart is an expression of what the wearer could be feeling.

The bleeding heart could also be an expression of pain that’s covered.

Tears of blood express deep issues of the heart. The wearer looks pale and withdrawn.

3d tattoos come in all forms and designs. The patterns below expresses beauty.

A good way to combine technology with 3d tattoo designs.

Butterflies express beauty and freedom. The design below is beautifully styled.

Complex 3d tattoo design ideas

One complex design that fits well on the space it’s worn.

A unique design for those who desire to create an illusion of exposed flesh.

Another complex piece of artwork with a beautiful colour combination.

A good way to express your love for music.

The below 3d tattoo design enhances the features of the wearer.

Mind Boggling 3d tattoos

The 3d tattoo design below looks more like a real open mouth. It fits well behind the hand where it’s worn.


The tattoo design below is amazing to watch with the colours used adding to the sophistication.

The charred outlook of the back is something that’s tough to reconcile. It looks unbelievable how the torn flesh holds together.

Flying birds expresses freedom and growth. The design below fits quite well on the back where it’s worn.

Below is another mind-boggling piece of design. The underlying magazine expresses beautiful words that are inspiring to the wearer.

This is one complex piece of artwork. The colour combination looks magnificent.

Elements used in 3d tattoo designs

There are several elements that are used in 3d tattoos. The elements add to the beauty and complexity of the design.

The dark shade that has covered the heart area could be an expression of what the wearer feels. The 3 tattoo design is not for the fearful as the charred flesh looks scary.

A beautiful way to express your love for the small beetles is to have them inked.

If you have some love for mechanical work then wearing the below elements expresses that love in a cool way.

Such a beautiful design with an array of elements that blends quite well.

Technology themed 3d tattoo designs

A complex way to express love for technology in 3d tattoo format.

The two faces of a bird and a human look stunning and fit well on the arm

Before you wear 3d tattoos, you need to consider the aftercare that should be given. The wounds need proper cleaning so that any form of infection can be avoided.

A beautiful way to wear a lace on an empty back. It creates a perception that you are wearing something.

The 3d tattoo design below creates such an appealing visual appeal.

A nice way to express your fitness goals. The buttons wrap well around the body.

Some space at the back is great when relaxing. The 3d tattoo design looks elegant.

The peeping face behind the door is such an inspiring 3d tattoo design.

The face themed 3d tattoo design below is a cool piece of artwork.

Sentimental 3d tattoos

The below design is a combination of the compass and other cool elements.

The wooden leg is another beautiful 3d tattoo design. It looks awesome on the wearer.

The open skin expresses a complex 3d tattoo design.

The pink and black colours used in the design creates such an adorable outlook.

Cool shades of black and grey with the skull element blending quite well.

The 3d tattoo design fits well on the arm where it’s worn. The one colour used also to create a beautiful combination.

Colours have a way of adding beauty and life to designs. The complex 3d tattoo design below looks cool and the colours blend well.

Adorable butterfly 3d tattoos

Cool butterfly themed 3d tattoo design.

Magnificent 3d tattoos

Butterflies have a way of adding colour and life to the design. It looks bright on the wrist where it’s worn.

Music is beautifully expressed in the colour combination and the headphones.

If you find inspiration in skulls and other scary images then this design would be great.

A sophisticated piece of artwork looks cool with the colours blending so well.

The bat-themed 3d tattoo fits quite well on the arm where it’s worn.

Music lovers can express their connection by wearing the 3d guitar tattoo.

A nice way to express the complexity of what happens behind the skin.

Beautiful colours used in the butterfly tattoo design below

Wearing the compass as a 3d tattoo is a great way of expressing direction.

The 3d tattoo design below looks huge behind the hands where it’s worn.

A subtle way to express 3d tattoo design.

A simple 3d tattoo design. The colours used with the butterfly element blend well.

A good way of expressing the unique prints of a loved one. The shades used creates a beautiful blend.

The lace, flower and skull are cool features that blend well.

Flowery 3d tattoo design

Flowers express beauty and elegance and the below design has a beautiful blend of colours.

The 3d tattoo design below is quite huge with several elements joined together.

The below design expresses complexity and elegance.

Lace 3d tattoo design express beauty and elegant.

If you have underlying issues that are clouding the heart then this tattoo express a cool way to show them.


Butterflies are a good expression of freedom and beauty.

There is no better way to express love for a hero unlike wearing the image as a tattoo.

Such an adorable piece of design. It creates an illusion of one wearing a nude outfit.

A good design for the time conscious ones.

Animal themed 3d tattoos

Wearing animal themed 3d tattoo designs has a way of expressing one’s love for the animals.

A good way to express your love for animals in a 3d tattoo design. It looks cool and fits well on the body.

If you are afraid then this might not be the right 3d tattoo design for you. Looks like a real snake is finding its way under the skin.

A good way to express some of the values that one believes in. It’s great to see them embedded under the skin.

A beautiful way of creating an illusion for nice shoes. The design looks cool with colours used blending quite well.

The design below can easily pass for real nails and ignites feelings of pain.

The 3d tattoo ribbons worn at the feet creates such a cool and attractive outlook.

Stunning 3d tattoo designs

The 3d tattoo design below is a cool way of bringing life to the missing arm.

The skull within a chest is another beautiful piece of artwork. It looks magnificent yet quite scary.

The design below is quite intriguing and disturbing to look at.

The butterfly-themed 3d tattoo design below is a beautiful piece of artwork.

3d tattoos provide one with the best way to express their feelings and emotions.

The open skin with sophisticated mechanical tools is an expression of love for the job.

Cool symbols on the back that could be expressing a deeper meaning for the wearer.

The tattoo below is not only beautiful by consists of an array of colours which is quite adorable.

The symbol of a lace is another cool piece of artwork. It looks great and adorable.

Having a piece of jungle life on your body is a cool way of connecting to nature.

An amazing piece of artwork with the blue colours adding beauty to the design.

Dynamic 3d tattoo design Ideas

The 3d tattoo design below looks quite realistic and elegant.

Flying birds are cool to watch and expresses a feeling of freedom.

A good way to express your love for the bats. This is one bird with complex meanings.

A colourful piece of artwork. It’s large and fits well with the place it’s worn.

This is another mind-boggling piece of design. The connection to the brain is something that’s beyond comprehension.

The hacked side 3d tattoo design looks scary with the exposed ribs expressing a tormenting look.

Seeing a hole where no hole exists is a cool way of expressing 3d tattoos. The black colour used also forms a beautiful pattern.

Cute 3d tattoos

An adorable spider tattoo. It looks cool and colourful

Covering the entire back with a 3d tattoo is such a bold move. one should be aware of the aftercare required before deciding to ink such a magnanimous tattoo

The design below expresses a beautiful piece of artwork. It’s cool with a beautiful blend of colours.

If you have goals of staying fit and elegant then the design below can be a good inspiration.

Some inner feelings can easily be expressed in the form of 3d tattoos.

Wonderful 3d tattoos

The design looks cool with such a realistic outlook. The design is spectacular and fits well on the leg where it’s worn.

If you have some phobias with crawling insects then wearing a 3d tattoo of the same can be a great way to overcome the feeling.

The scary face is a magnificent design that captures diverse feelings and emotions in one place.

The design is a reflection of a very fit body. The buttons and the covered skin looks amazing.

Adorable 3d tattoos

The below design looks fantastic with the initials adding to the beauty of the design. The colours used also blends perfectly well.

The 3d tattoo design is a beautiful expression of peace and harmony. It fits quite well on the back where it’s worn.

An all-seeing eye is not only assuring but equally acts as a sign of awareness. The design looks great.

An epic combination of both style and creativity. Seeing the face peeping beneath the charred skin is breathtaking

The design below is a good symbol of freedom and beauty. It looks great on the shoulder where it’s worn.

155 Best Anchor Tattoos for 2019 (with Meanings & Placement Ideas)

Tattoos are not only a form of art but also a sense of expression. Anchor tattoos have become quite popular and are considered to be quite versatile and carry different meanings to do different people. To the sailors at sea, wearing anchor tattoo symbolizes stability as the feeling of being steady creates some element of assurance while at sea.

There are different meanings that are associated with the anchor tattoo; and part from the sea its also away of hiding the cross symbol.


Best Anchor Tattoos with Meanings

Before you wear any tattoo; it’s great that you take time and find out what the tattoos actually mean. Anchor tattoos look simple yet very stylish and that’s one reason that endears many people to them. The anchor tattoos can be worn by both men and women and they look quite chic and classy on women.

Anchor tattoos were originally worn by sailors ad they used the tattoos to design their way of life. The tattoo design below looks quite intricate with the colours used blending well.

The origin of anchor tattoos is associated with sailors, however; the tattoos have featured in most of the Native American cultures. Anchor tattoos have been used to express diverse things ad carry different meanings to different people. The tattoos have been used to express, dreams, history, warfare, hunting amongst other historical activities.

There are limitless ideas that you can use for designing anchor tattoos. If you find the historical features to be inspiring then you can incorporate some historical ideas in the design

Placement of Anchor Tattoos

If you have designed a beautiful tattoo then it looks great when its placed in a place that’s visually appealing. Places like the upper and lower parts of the arm look great with arrow tattoos. The lower abdomen is another epic place for wearing the tattoo just like in the design below.

You can also give the tattoos a real personal touch by incorporating it with some personal ideas. The design below looks quite complex and equally cool with several elements incorporated in the design.

Anchor tattoos can be as simple as the one below. It looks cool on the upper arm where its placed with the sky blue colour creating a magnificent outlook.

Apart from choosing the right place to wear the tattoos, it looks great when its incorporated with adorable elements. The tattoo design below is quite eye-catching with the colours used blending so well.

The meaning of the anchor tattoo can also be derived from how its design and where it’s worn. The design below is fascinating with the combination of colours blending well.

There are several meanings that are associated with an anchor tattoo. The tattoo can be worn in places that are significant such as the finger if you want a tiny piece of the design.

Amazing anchor tattoo designs

The design below is quite elegant and looks cool on the arm where it’s worn. The beautiful splashes of blue with the red shades look stunning.

The anchor tattoo acts as a way of hiding the symbol of the cross. It’s possible to still feel stable and grounded without raising eyebrows.

Most anchor tattoos take very tiny shapes and styles or even wider and large shapes. The place you are wearing the tattoo on should be taken into account before inking the tattoo. The design below fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

Since an anchor is a component used in holding ships in place; wearing one is symbolic of having your life secured. The one coloured tattoo design looks cute with the chain element well fastened on the anchor.

Wearing anchor tattoo brings some element of ope that despite the life storms, you will stay grounded. The beautiful blend of the colours in the tattoo below enhances the outlook of the wearer.

Stunning Arrow Tattoo Designs

The design below looks spectacular and seems to carry rich memories going by the elements incorporated. The colour combination with the little stars creates such an adorable outlook.

Anchor tattoo designs look elegant regardless of whether they are decorated or not. The stylish design below with the beautiful flowers looks magnificent.

Tattoos have a way of expressing culture, feelings and emotions. The anchor tattoo design below is beautifully designed and fits well on the arm.

The below is a magnificent way of expressing the anchor tattoo. It looks cute on the legs of the wearer and expresses some feminine qualities with elegance.

The way colours are used when designing anchor tattoo designs is another key issue. Well balanced colours are visually appealing and enhance body features.

Flowery anchor tattoo designs

Incorporating beautiful flowers with an anchor tattoo has a way of enhancing the beauty of the design. The tattoo below is not only stylish but looks amazing on the lady’s thighs. The design is also large enough and covers the entire space quite well.

Anchor tattoos can be worn anywhere in the body right from the fingers, legs, thighs hands, and any other part. All you need is choosing the best design and working with an artist that’s well versed in inking the designs. The bold grey tattoo design below looks spectacular on the legs.

The below anchor tattoo is a beautifully hidden cross that looks stunning. The design is slim and fits well at the back of the neck where it is worn. The design is classy and looks great on a lady.

A subtle way of wearing an anchor tattoo with the one colour creating a cool outlook. If you don’t feel comfortable with huge designs then you can still draw inspiration from the tiny designs.

Beautiful anchor tattoo designs

The anchor tattoo design below looks great with the butterfly element enhancing the oerall outlook. The dark shades used in the design also creates such an appealing visual outlook.

Flowery anchor tattoo below looks epic and blends with the wearer’s complexion well. Flowers have a way of bringing life to a design and it fits well on the leg where it’s worn.

The anchor tattoo design below looks magnificent with all the elements used blending quite well. It enhances the association of anchor tattoos with the sea and oceans and the beautiful red and blue colours create such a breathtaking appeal.

The below design is such a classic anchor that fits well on the back where it’s worn. Its a cool depiction of dark shades and blends well with the wearer’s complexion.

Roses are beautiful flowers and look great when incorporated with anchor tattoos. The below design is such a classy piece of artwork with the dots, rope and flowery elements creating a dynamic outlook.

Small anchor tattoos have a way of creating some feminine appeal. The design below looks simple yet quite elegant.

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Tattoo Aftercare Tips

As you decide on the tattoo to wear and the ideal size; it’s also important to note that it needs proper care. Failure to take good care of the tattoo after you have inked them can lead to unnecessary infection. Aftercare begins immediately you are done with inking the tattoo.

Here are some of the aftercare ideas that you can consider;

  • Ensure that your skin is kept clean daily and treated in order to prevent bacteria from infecting the wound.
  • Ensure that your hands are clean whenever you are dressing the tattoo or even touching it.
  • If you notice signs of infection then you should immediately notify your doctor or the tattoo artist.

After inking the tattoo; you need to avoid engaging in the following;

  • Try to avoid covering the tattoo with a sunblock until its fully healed.
  • You can also avoid scratching or picking at the tattoo
  • Wearing a very fitting and tight clothing over the tattoo should also be avoided
  • Avoid swimming or immersing your entire body in water before the tattoo heals.


Below is a classy arrow tattoo design. It’s tiny and looks great on the wearer.

The flowery anchor tattoo design is cool with the bold black colours and flowery elements creating an adorable outlook.

For aftercare services; it’s important to note that your faster healing depends on the kind of care that you give the tattoo. For big tattoos like the one below; you need to be quite careful on how you handle the tattoo after the inking.

Unique anchor tattoo designs

The below anchor tattoo design looks cool and fits well next to the ear where it’s worn. The bold dark colours used also gives the design a distinct outlook

The anchor tattoo design below is quite detailed with the beautiful flowers giving it more life. The combination of grey and darker shades also look cool alongside the elements used.

The tiny tattoo design behind the ear looks classy with the initial connected to the string enhancing the beauty. Places like behind the ear are great for wearing small versions of anchor tattoos.

The beautiful colour combination in the design below creates an air of feminity and elegance. The design sits perfectly well on the leg where it’s worn.

If you fancy wearing bracelets then there isn’t a better way to enhance the beauty of the bracelents like wearing a tattoo around the wrist. Just like in the design below; it slooks stylish.

Several elements can be used to enhance the beauty of anchor tattoos and that makes them unique. The combination of the numerical signs with the design carries a great meaning for the wearer.

Faith, hope and love are some of the emotions that get expressed with anchor tattoos. The bright coloured flowers bring life and elegance to the design.

The fading tattoo design below looks elegant and is creatively designed. The design also fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

The anchor below acts as a good replacement for a ring. It’s dynamic and looks brigher on the wearer.

Appealing anchor tattoo design ideas for both men and women

Anchor tattoos can be worn by both men and women. The elements used also has a way of enhancing the overall outlook.

Colouring and traditional styling are great ways to enhance the beauty of the anchor tattoo. The deep blue colour looks magnificent with the red flowers creating an adorable look.

This minimalist anchor tattoo sits well on the ankle where it’s worn. You can enhance your visual outlook by wearing tiny tattoos like the one below in preferred places.

The combination of the compass and the anchor is a clear expression of direction and stability. The dark shades look great and fit well on the wearer.

Outstanding anchor tattoo designs

If you love bold and visually appealing designs then the below design is a good inspiration. Its quite visually appealing and enhances the masculine features of the wearer.

The design below expresses a cool way of having a tattoo as a bracelet. The connection of the breaking anchor tattoo with the flying birds looks amazing.

When combining several elements with your anchor tattoo, use of colours has a way of making the design distinct. The beautiful flowers that are chained to the anchor express such a complex style.

Factors to consider before inking a tattoo

Before deciding on inking a tattoo; there are factors that one should put into consideration. Apart from choosing a design that fits you well; you also need to work with an artist that’s well versed with the design.

Inquire about the price and settle for what you’re comfortable with. The choice of the design may not matter quitemuch if the artist is not well versed with it.

Consider having some insight on the expected before and aftercare. There are some artists that are not careful enough and they might use needles that are not sterilized when working on your design. Take time and ensure that the artist has taken the neccesary precautions in ensuring that you are safe.

Whether you’re inking a tiny minimalist tattoo or a larger one; you need to choose your placement well. Wear it in a place where you will be comfortable with in the long-term.

Trendy anchor tattoo designs

Wearing tattoos have become a popular trend with many people associating them with diverse meanings. Anchor tattoos are not only cool but very trendy and you can combine the designs with diverse elements.

When deciding on the placement for your tattoo; ensure that you wear it in a place you’re comfortable with. The design below enhances the outlook of the wearer’s upper features.

The anchor tattoo design below looks cools on the hand. It can easily be confused for a ring. The bold black colour used on the design looks great and fits well on the place it’s worn.

The 3D version of the anchor tatoo design looks elegant. The crowned anchor design is artistcally designed and looks great on the wearer.

Colourful anchor tattoo designs

When styling a tattoo design; how colour is used is quite critical. Colours have the potential of enhancing the beauty and elegance of the design. The yellow chain hangs well on the below-coloured design.

You can make the anchor tattoos as versatile as you may want. Just ensure that you have a talented artist that’s capable of bringing out the elements well.

Elements used alongside the anchor tattoos has a way of adding complexity and style to the design. The shades of grey with the anchored elements look great and blend so well.

If you’re comfortable with bold designs then the below anchor tattoo design is a great inspiration. The numerous colour shades and elements used blends perfectly well.

Cool anchor tattoo design ideas

The beautiful flowery anchor with the heart shape looks elegant and expresses a cool outlook. The magnificent way in which the elements intertwine is quite inspiring.

Even as you go for large anchor tattoo designs; you need to ensure that space you choose to place it is big enough. The below design is not only cool but also fits well on the place it’s worn.

A combination of bright and dull colours blends quite well. The magnificent anchor tattoo design looks amazing and the colours blend well.

Anchor tattoos normally mean stability, peace, determination and passion alongside other great virtues. The below design encompasses most of the meanings that the anchor tattoos are associated with.

Symbols associated with anchor tattoos

There are amazing symbols and elements that are associated with an anchor tattoo. Symbols such as the heart; rope and compass amongst others help in enhancing the beauty of the design.

Flowery anchor tattoos don’t only look great on women but on men as well. The below tattoo looks cool on the upper shoulder where it’s worn.

Another dynamic symbol is the cross used in the design below and it expresses faith and deep beliefs. Wearing the tattoo can act as a reminder to what one believes in and their connection to their faith.

The symbol of flowers and the heart expresses love and beauty. The tattoo looks cool with the colour combination enhancing visual appeal.

Several symbols used in the anchor tattoo below expresses a cool meaning. The cross symbol looks significant in the design.

The combination of grey and black colours in the design below looks stylish. The anchor tattoo design is filled with an array of cool flowers.

The compass and the hummingbird are great symbols to incorporate in the design. It expresses a sense of direction and beauty.

The 3D anchor tattoo design below looks spectacular. The grey shades and the compass symbol creates such a magnificent outlook.

Best places to wear anchor tattoos

One of the best places that you can consider wearing an anchor tattoo is the leg. You can get inspiration from the design below. It looks cool with the bright red colours blending well with the grey and yellow colours.

Another amazing place to wear an anchor tattoo is the arm. The sprouting flowers bring life and beauty to the design.

The upper body part is another cool place to wear the tattoo. If you don’t intend to expose your beautiful design to everyone then you can consider the place.

The way colour shades have been used in the design below expresses such a spectacular outlook. The background of faded blue with light dark shades looks epic.

Such an artistic design that looks cool on the back where it’s been worn. The theme expresses a sense of patriotism and belonging.

Traditional anchor tattoo designs

There is no greater way to express your connection with your culture than wearing a themed tattoo. There are symbols that are rich in expressing culture, Incorporating them into the design is a perfect way to stay connected with the culture.

A ship anchor expresses the constant change in life that people experience. The splashing waters act as a reminder of how we need anchors to hold on to.

The writings on the anchor tattoo below alongside the symbols used looks magnificent. The tattoo looks cool on the leg where it’s worn.

There is no other way to feel connected to a family member always like inking their names. Wearing a tattoo with the name of your loved once expresses sincere love and connection.

Anchor and wheel designs

Most of the anchor tattoo designs have the combination of both anchor and the wheel. The one colour used in the designs looks great. The quote from the bible also expresses a strong belief in the word.

If you are a fun of high definition inking then you can get some inspiration from the below design. It looks cool with the chain well intertwined.

Another simple design of the anchor and the wheel design. It’s stylish and gives a clear expression of the sea.

The design below looks quite surreal and with a cool colour combination. The tattoo fits well on the arm where it’s worn.

The blend of beautiful bright colours is not for everyone. You need a great stylist that can harmonize the colours in a way that’s appealing.

A colourful anchor and wheel design below looks spectacular. The yellow, blue and pink colours used blends quite well.

Adorable anchor tattoo designs

The bold colours used in the design below blends quite well with the design. The beautiful yellow, red and dominant blue enhances the visual appeal of the design.

If you are a fan of big and bold tattoos then the anchor tattoo design below is a great inspiration. The colours blend quite well and enhance the overall outlook of the design.

The shades of grey and black in the design below blends quite well. The chain also joins the wheel and anchor elements perfectly.

Having a symbolism of the sea alongside the anchor tattoo expresses a deeper meaning of the tattoo. It demonstrates stability and focus in the midst of the storm.

If you prefer the larger anchor tattoo designs like the one below then the back seems perfect. The tattoo design below is quite magnanimous and require artistic skills if its to look great.

Classic anchor tattoo designs

Rose flowers symbolize femininity and beauty. The anchor tattoo design below looks cool with the yellow, blue and red colours expressing a vibrant outlook.

There is no better way of expressing a connection with a dear one unlike having their names linked. The design below is quite classy and appealing.

Use of background shades of orange bring life and elegance to the design. The tattoo looks great and fits well in the place it’s worn.

The symbol of birds flying above the anchor with a name tag looks visually appealing. The colour combination and the symbols used blends quite well.

Best anchor tattoo designs

Get inspiration from a range of complex and appealing anchor tattoo designs. The complexity is evident in the beautiful choice of colours and how they all blend well.

Most of the anchor tattoos look great when worn at the upper part of the body such as the arm. It’s spacious enough and looks magnificent. The design below is a combination of several symbols that blends well with a dynamic design.

Such a classy and elegant anchor tattoo design. It fits quite well on the le where it’s worn. The colour choice is cool and blends so well.

Wearing the anchor tattoo on the upper part of the back is beautiful and enhances the outlook of the wearer. The place is spacious and brings out the beauty and elegance of the tattoo.

The below design enhances the masculine features of the wearer and looks great. The shades of black and grey also blend quite well.

You can also consider the chest as another cool place for wearing anchor tattoo designs. The beautiful blend of colours and the overlapping wings enhance the features of the wearer.

119 Best Friend Tattoo Designs for BFFs Forever

We’ve all been there. A late night with your bestie, maybe a few too many drinks and a tattoo shop seems to appear out of nowhere. You both look at each other with a devilish grin and before you know it your flipping through the look book to see which matching tattoo to get. Or maybe you just want something special to remember them by. Either way, matching tattoos are cute.

The Best Friend Tattoo for the Best of Friends


Why not a nice little star tattoo on the hip. These matching tattoos are small and cute.

Or you could do something like this. The sun and moon representing night and day. Would one exist without the other? This tattoo has simple line work with a splash of color.

Maybe you and your best friend could get this one if you share a common love for cutesy Japanese cartoon cats.


This couple has gone for a travel-related theme and the tattoo features the Eiffel tower and some other large building that I don’t know the name of.

Well, this couple is committed, they even wear the same sneakers. Let’s hope that they do follow through on their commitment. Preferably not in the near distant future.



These besties have gone for a cross on the upper spine. The tattoo works well in that position.

A crown affair. A nice and simple wrist tattoo with heavy solid lines.

The classic heart tattoo. These don’t look like they were done at the same time or even by the same artist, but it’s a cute thought.

Do you remember making these as children? This cute tattoo is a great representation of childhood friendship that has carried on throughout the years. Nice line work and I like the fact that you can’t see the girls face making it more ambiguous and permits the viewer to speculate.

These three girls have the right idea and have all opted to get the same tattoo in different locations. Sisterly love is a beautiful thing.

Ankle tattoos may hurt a little bit but the pain is worth it in the end result. A trio of hearts with simple line work. 

Namaste y’all. The classic OM symbol. A representation of the world and the truth behind it.



You may notice that most of these tattoos are small and these cute elephants are another small gesture of love and friendship.

I can’t tell if this if this tattoo is on one human or two. Symmetrical tattoos are cool and a great way of covering up space.


These girls had a wild night. This one looks like they tattoo’d themselves. This type of smiley face has been featured on Nirvana and Blink 182 merchandise.

This couple has taken it a step further, rather than getting a tattoo that is ambiguous and can be explained even if you do split up. T this couple has opted to get their initials. Good luck to them and if they do split up at least the position is inconspicuous.

Another set of sun and moon matching tattoos with a chandelier effect. They look like they were done at the same time by the same artist.

These cute little colorful ladybugs look great on the outer wrist. It has nice detail and line work for a small tattoo.

If you look close enough you will see that these two lovely ladies have wings tattoos behind their ears. Small tattoos behind the ears have the potential to look really good or really bad so maybe do some research and fine a competent tattoo artist.

This complete work depicts the all the phases of the moon. It’s a clever idea and an interesting place to get it. The arc of the moon contours with the arches of the feet.

Another simple sun and moon design. This one has a bit of an Aztec feel and uses solid black lines to make the tattoo more prominent.

A cool and whimsical take on a skull and crossbones that doesn’t actually uses a heart and arrow.

You complete me. Matching moon tattoos. The solid black is a nice effect. A very nice and tidy piece.

The moon and Saturn or is it Jupiter. I always get those two confused. Anyway, the one with the ring around it. Some nice small finger tattoos of child like drawings. I wonder if they sketched them up on the spot.

With our powers combined, we become the sailor moon squad or something like that. I never really understood that cartoon. But these girls have a moon tattoo on the wrist. It’s a weird spot but the more I look at it the more I like it.

Ch ch ch cherry bomb. These two were either fans of the band the Runaways or a fan of video games. Regardless these are cute matching tattoos form a correlation in your mind as soon as you see them.


This couple must be fans of horror movies, or are the hands from the monster in The Goonies. Its a unique take on the pinky swear that is often performed between friends.


These matching dragon flies look great on the wrist and the shape suits the contour of the arm. It just goes to show that less can sometimes be more.


This is a line from the Gorillaz song Clint Eastwood and it’s a cool representation of it. It’s very playful and even if they do split up they will both have a cool tattoo.



Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


These are sexy little doves. I love the position and they add an extra element when your rocking the side boob.

Make a wish. I wonder who came up with the weird ritual and belief of snapping a chicken bone will bring someone good luck. Either way, it’s a universal symbol and looks great as a tattoo.

The perfect fit. I love this lock and key jigsaw that has the double meaning. One unlocks the heart of the other with the key to the puzzle.

Little hearts on the wrist or feet are quiet common when it comes times to get matching tattoos. It looks cute and doesn’t require large amounts of time spent in the chair.


The arrow is a symbol of flight and it’s also considered a protection tattoo in some parts of the world. It’s also mean friendship. Don’t ask me how this came about.

Some itty bitty hip tattoos for this pair of queens. Definitely the result of a wild night on a holiday in some tropical place.

Well, this about as cutesy as it gets. The elephant from Babaar and his friend the giraffe. The childlike sketches add another element of fun.

Quaint little sun and moon designs. Very very simple stuff but the artist has done well.

The lettering work on these matching tattoos is impeccable. I wonder what it means. Maybe a birthday.

More Roman numerals on the wrist. It’s not as cleanly done as the one before but the rough nature of the tattoo adds a certain charm.

The cup o phone or whatever those things a called. This one is way more simple and childlike than the one we saw earlier. Very cute indeed.

Oh no. Double trouble. These two have been terrorising the neighbourhood and matching tattoos along the way. The text looks cool and adds an extra element to this simple design.

Well, this is cool. They look great as separate tattoos but look even better when you join them together to complete the piece. This looks pretty fresh and that spot is notorious for being quite tender.


Two strong hearts tattoo in solid black on the shoulder. Small, simple and effective.

I love the position of these matching tattoos. The only thing with tattoos on the finger is that they take time to heal becuase of the movement and sometimes even loose alot of ink in the healing process. So be careful.

A couple of cute broach inspired love hearts featuring some cartoon sweet hearts. It’s a great start to a full sleeve and leaves a lot for the artist to add to.

What’s better than half an avocado. A full one and this is saying I would share my avocado with you, baby. The actual tattoo has been done to almost perfection. The shading and the line work is amazing.

I wonder how they decided who was the bow and who was the arrow. These twin sisters can not survive without out each other. One is the catalyst for the others mischievous adventures.

I think this is a Harry Potter reference or something from the wicker. It’s some sort of resurrection stone from one of the movies.

Butterflies anyone. These two have done alright with a rabble of butterflies in mid-flight. I like the way have stuck to one color silhouettes.

These boys are having a bit of bromance and decided to get matching hand tattoos. Aw, so cute.

We are all stars exploding into the night. These sisters have matching nautical star tattoos on their shoulders. Its a cool position for a star or round shaped tattoos.

Best friends for infinity and back. These small infinity signs represent this couples friendship to well after the grave and into rebirth again and again.

I don’t know if these tattoos are matching maybe they bumped into each other at a gig and bonded over their love of the looking at the stars.

What’s better than one dragon. Two dragons of course. These lovely ladies love a bit of fantasy in their lives with cute dragons and stars. The coloring not too bright which blends well with the natural tones of the skin.

This looks like two stages of the same tattoo. You will notice the one on the right has more detail and fill than the one on the left.

Another take on the old classic of the cup o phone. These tattoos draw inspiration from the early 20’s. Notice the children’s pea-coat school uniforms.

This is too cute. I love these two little love birds sitting on a perch. The artist has given it such detail with color and shading for a small tattoo.

A little hug from one pointer finger to the other. If this isn’t a tattoo it should be. It’s so fun.

The sun and moon on the same body. And a little bit astronomically correct as the moon rotates around the sun.

The three amigos strolled in with similar ideas for tattoos and came out with this cute trio of sunflowers and moons all in the same position.

This Egyptian themed sun and moon rocks with their lavish draping jewellery. Great line work that just proves that thin lines can create amazing effects. It seems to be a the trend in the tattoo world these days.

Birds of a feather flock together and these girls metamorphosed it into a tattoo to represent their friendship. Cute silhouettes of birds on a wire.

If you look closely at the moon it appears this tattoo is incorporating some pre existing scars into the work. This is so clever and adds definition to the piece.


Diamonds are a girls best friends. This tattoo is a common finger tattoo and you can see why. It looks gangster AF.

Would you believe me if I told you, your the key to my heart. This was obviously on this couples minds when it came to choosing their ankle tattoos. Nice line work for a simple design.

Buzz Lightyear would be flattered that someone got his famous quote tattooed on themselves. Great line work and little birds give it some added flair.

This is a fun use of bright colors and represents the polarities of life. It looks like someone has done a stencil cut out and uses the inverse as well.

Another take on the cut out heart. Its a lot rougher than the previous one but it still looks good in a totally different sort of way. A very unique take on the dueling hearts.

The classic anchor wrapped in a bow. These two items are used in many traditional style tattoos and these sisters have got a good piece that uses both elements well. The line work and shading give it an embossed look.

A couple of cute little anchors with hearts on the inside of the wrist. The color of the hearts is very interesting and unique.


Text as tattoos looks cool and a good way to mix it up is to break the sentence in two and put them on opposing limbs. Or maybe your bestie can finish the sentence for you.

This group of friends has all got anchors at the same time. Each anchor is a little bit different representing their different personalities yet remaining in unison.

The triple cup o phone. This is super cute. Each tattoo could stand alone and together they look great as well. Very simple and child like.

Music and friendship for life. Matching music clefts is a way of saying that you sing my heart song and share a love for the same bands as I do.

The classic friendship arrow on the biceps. A bicep is a good place for the elongated skinny tattoo as it makes your biceps look bigger if you have any at all.

These girls are taking flight with matching paper planes following the currents of the wind. It’s a nice and simple piece with clean line work.

This pair of Day of the Dead inspired skulls looks like its still in the healing phase. You can see the dead skin starting to protrude from the outline. It’s a nicely detailed job for such a small tattoo.

‘PB ‘n’ J. The classic combination of peanut butter and jelly in tattoo form is a fun way of expressing your everlasting love for your partner or friends.

Sisters stick together. And these two will have something to remember each other by no matter how far they are apart. This font looks great on top of the foot.

This is cool. These almost matching hearts use each other’s personal fingerprints as the fill. It’s a very clever and unique take on the little black heart.

These interlocking hearts remind me of those old puzzles that as a kid. The artist has done a great job. The line work and perspective would have been hard to do.

The infinite heart representing a love that will carry on through the ages. A nice and simple design that works as a stand alone piece.

This is a bold infinity heart. It’s on the wrist which is a great spot for these small and simple tattoos.

A two color infinity heart. Nice and quaint and it uses negative space well.

Another infinity heart that incorporates text. The line work is amazing and I love how the artist has used thick and thin lines to represent these old chums standing by each other through thick and thin.

This is a cute infinity heart that uses fat line work. The skinny lines of the text mix it up a bit and provide texture and balance.

This text seems like it was taken from the couples wedding vows. The spot on the outer edge of the fore arm is a great place for text or long and slender tattoos.

This is kind of bleak and cute at the same time. It uses a font from the movie title of  A Nightmare Before Christmas and works well on the bicep.

The pinky swear was the childhood equivalent of a legal document. These two best friends live and die by the pinky swear.

Roses are red, violets are blue let’s go get drunk, and get a tattoo.

It’s no wonder this unlikely duo has made it onto the skin countless times all over the world. The cartoon developed a cult following by people young and old.


Now this is a handy little tattoo that is complete when these two friends meet.

The lion symbolizes strength and loyalty and the arrow is the symbol for friendship so it makes sense that two chums would get it inked on their forearms.

We all have the wild friend in the bunch and there is always someone who is stuck with the task of looking out for them.

These best friends love ice cream so much they got it tattooed on their arm.

This nice biplane forearm tattoo features tidy line and shading work.

I don’t know the meaning of this symbol but it looks like a rabbit with special needs. When you and your baby love cupcakes it a great idea to get them tattooed on your above your ankle.

This is a very unique tattoo of some hippy looking merman playing banjos. WTF?

Roses are red, violets are blue, lets go get drunk and get a tattoo.

I’m being followed by moon flower, moon flower, moon flower.

A simple yet effective friendship arrow tattoo done with style.

Caption this: “Yay, we got matching tattoos”.

These three girls drink and swear like sailors so they got these anchor tattoo to remind them to get their sea legs on a night out.

It’s tattoo for these best friends. Nothing brings friends close than sitting in a chair and going through extreme pain together.

This is another classic cup o phone.

Have you heard the tale of the rose and the turtle? I haven’t and I don’t even think one exists but as you look at these two tattoos hopefully one forms in your mind.

These two friends be the new PBnJ.

These leg tattoos are so cute.

Only this couple know the meaning behind this tattoo. Perhaps it’s their initials.

Well I haven’t seen Dumbo in while. It’s good to see him turning up in ink on someones skin.

We are all aware of these two friends in the gang.

The cup o phone is ringing again.

Flower power may have been a thing in the sixties and these two besties are calling for a revival.

Here is a tidy tattoo of a Japanese symbol just above the ankle.

I swear by the moon and the stars and the sun.

Dear lord the cup o phone is ringing again.

75 Old School Cool Gypsy Tattoo Designs

The mysterious gypsies were a traveling ethnic group originating in northern India then migrating to eastern Europe where they traveled around to various places peddling their wares and reading peoples fortune. Now days people from around the world adopted gypsies into their culture in the form of art. Gypsy tattoo art. The gypsy tattoo represents freedom, mystery and a free spirit. Gypsy tattoos have been around for aeons and they are usually a show case of traditional tattooing. Some of the tattoos also feature Gypsy Rose Lee. She was an American burlesque dancer and writer famous for her style and was one of the pioneer burlesque entertainers that put comedy into her shows.


The Gypsy and the Moth

This gypsy tattoo done in the classic style features a moth. You may be wondering what a moth has anything to do with gypsies. Well there is such a moth called the gypsy moth that is located in most parts of the world.

Classic Gypsy

This classy gypsy tattoo in black features a rose that is commonly associated with the gypsies. Although I have searched for information high and low and have come up empty handed in finding the link between the two.

The Art of Color

This thigh piece is a nice example of a colorful gypsy featuring roses and lipstick and paint brush. I wonder what it means.

The Unique Styling

The gypsies unique styling come from their Indian heritage and European lifestyle. It’s colorful, playful and little bit sexy at the same time. They were also widely known for their musical talents and often called to places by royalty to perform for people of the kingdom.

The Traditional Gypsy

Gypsies were also well known for their fortune telling abilities and can often signify good luck or a positive future.

Gypsy Head Wear

Gypsies love to adorn themselves with scarves and flowers worn around the head and it’s common to see images of them wearing various trinkets. This gypsy tattoo is no different and features a bear head.

Gypsy and the Flower

After much research I have found that gypsy used to sell flowers as a source of income and that is why they are always featured with beautiful flowers.

Adorned With Jewels

Gypsies loved to use natural stones and believed that some of them contained magic. Their image is usually associated with large ear rings and necklaces featuring big bold gems as you can see from this image.

King and Queen of the Gypsies

This is a nice example of a simple gypsy tattoo. It contains very simple line work and uses color to bring it to life.

Roll the Dice

Gypsies are associated with good luck. So this gypsy tattoo features dice to reiterate the message of luck and good fortune.

Looking to the Future

This gypsy tattoo features a Romani woman looking into a bleak future. Perhaps hers or someone else.

Thigh High

The thigh seems to be a quite common place for a gypsy tattoo. Perhaps because of the size of the area available to use.

The Nomad

Gypsies traveled in horse and cart never staying in one place too long. The gypsy tattoo is also associated with a lust for adventure.


The Gypsy Style

You will notice that most of these tattoos are done in a traditional styling. This is synonymous with early designs and peoples infatuation with these beautiful women.

Day of the Gypsy

This gypsy tattoo combines the traditional style with art from the Mexican day of the dead. It’s a unique take on the traditional gypsy tattoo and looks great.

Another day of the dead inspired gypsy tattoo. It features nice understated color and more in depth shading to bring it to life.

Rose Pink

A lot of these gypsy tattoos feature beautiful reds and pinks usually on the cheeks of the gypsies themselves or on the flowers

The Hair

This gypsy tattoo is amazing and features some intricate work. The hair is amazing and the as a whole tattoo looks great on the arm.

Flower Power

It’s a common theme to see gypsies with flowers in this case it’s a peony flower. You can always substitute the flowers and make the design your own.


Tiger and the Moth

The gypsy and the gypsy moth both travelers of the world. The tiger head piece puts the icing on the cake. This is one cool gypsy tattoo.

The Gypsies of America

Gypsies were not only in Europe. The Romani people made it all the way across the ocean and spread their wings all the way to America. This tattoo is a cross over between cultures and features characteristics of Romani gypsies and native Americans.


Oldie but a Goldie

A perfect example of the old style. The line work is fantastic and the colors are deep and rich. It’s vivid, it’s bold and it’s gold.

The Future Looks Grim

This is one very worried looking gypsy. The future looks grim for some unlucky soul and so the crystal balls says so.

A Veil of Mystery

The future is a mystery to all except the gypsy. I love the colors in this tattoo, the deep purples and the black could easily be interpreted as smoke on the water, the fire in your eyes.

Woodstock Gypsy

Peace makes the world go around and the keeps the gypsies on their toes. This is a nice big gypsy tattoo. The hair ties the whole thing together and the splashes of color really give it life.

Blushing Beauty

As I said earlier about the pinks and the reds used often in gypsy tattoos this one features some beautiful pinks and reds.

The Demonic Damsel

This is a unique take on a gypsy tattoo. It uses the winter palette of colors really well and has a sinister feel yet beautiful feel about it.


Lady of the Night

Who doesn’t love an owl, a rose, and a beautiful women. Not many people. This girl obviously did and now it’s permanent.

Black Magic Woman

This gypsy tattoo reminds of the song Black Magic Woman by Carlos Santana. She is the epitome of gypsy, draped in jewels, and clutching a skull reminding us of the impermanence of life.

A Handy Spot

You can’t really go wrong with a gypsy tattoo on your hand or anywhere for that matter. It’s a beautifully bright colored woman.

The featured tattoo looks more like a Native American than it does a gypsy, but is cute none the less and looks great in that spot.

Gypsies and Alfred

I don’t know if you people remember MAD magazine and Alfred E Newman but “What Me Worry”, is one of his famous quotes. It seems odd that it’s paired with a gypsy tattoo but I’m sure this guy has a reason for it.

Dark and Mysterious

This is a heavy little gypsy tattoo. When I say heavy, I mean dark.

Home is Where the Heart is?

A lot of people identify with the gypsy lifestyle. There are many appealing aspects of it and that’s why the gypsy tattoos are so popular.

Fortune Favors the Brave

This tattoo features a third eye that represents the gypsies ability to read fortunes and look deep into their crystal ball to the future.

Creation and Contrast

This is old school down to a tee and done properly. The artist has really done his homework and is representin’.

Here is another example of a gypsy tattoo on the thigh. Again, it’s old school cool.


Another cool gypsy tattoo, with a gypsy moth for a mouth. Someone’s got a secret.

A Classic Shoulder Piece

This is a beautiful tattoo of a classic gypsy. I am totally mesmerized by her eyes.

This tattoo features another day of the dead inspired gypsy. I don’t think they made it all the way down south but that hasn’t stopped this guy from creating some fine work.


Forearm Charm

This is some seriously fine art work. Everything about it screams super cool. The limited colors create a nice effect throughout and really ties the two pictures together. They work stand alone or combined. It doesn’t matter as long as the art is good.

Curls Get the Girls

The standout feature of this gypsy tattoo is her beautiful curly hair.

Fine Art

This tattoo artist has mastered his craft and created a fantastic rendition of old school meets new. Everything about this tattoo is amazing. The hair, the colors, and the whole approach to design.

Concentric Circles

Do you notice how the hair has been done with concentric circles. I don’t know about you but I like the effect it has. The circles also match up to the ear rings.

Lines for Days

No not that kind. The tattoo kind. This gypsy tattoo features some very handy line work as well as shading. It’s pretty as picture and cute as a button.

An Army of Gypsies

During the holocaust the gypsies of Romani were head hunted for extinction. But luckily they out smarted the Nazi’s and their race has continued on through the ages and now a lot of them live in Brazil.


Color is great and really has the ability to bring a tattoo to life. Although not in all cases as demonstrated in this fine piece of gypsy tattoo art work.




Another old school cool version of the a gypsy using washed out colors and tidy line work to convey order and chaos at the same time.

One Color and Detailed Shading

When your only using one color shading has great impact and can make an average outline turn out to be an amazing thing.

Simply Brilliant

There are a million things to say about this tattoo. It’s easy to admire, from the color choices to the the line work and as a whole it’s absolutely stunning.

This is another old school gypsy tattoo. This time it’s a frontal view. It’s tidy work and the colors work well together.

It all about that hair. The common theme in these old school gypsy tattoos is the beautiful, luscious curly black locks. They are often seen swirling throughout the piece while combining all the elements. It’s such a crafty and creative way of doing it.

Music for the Soul

The gypsies were well renowned for their music playing abilities and everywhere they set up camp people would come from near and far to see them play and witness the free spirited race dance and sing around the fire.

The Chameleon

This gypsy tattoo represents the ever changing nature of life while traveling. Each day differs from place to place from sunrise to sunset. Change is one of the only things you can be sure of in life. Oh and there is death and taxes but that’s all going to change in the future.

What’s Up?

The moon and stars are an obvious answer to that question and this gypsy is using them to guide her way through the cosmos and onto her next adventure. This Italian inspired gypsy tattoo was done on an Italian man who’s priority was to see the world. Let’s hope he does.

Another gypsy tattoo looking up. This tattoo features some old cool techniques blended with the new. The colors leap out at you like a frog catching flies in the balmy nights on the bayou.

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The Romani people or gypsy were always fringe dwellers although of the best kind. They were often great artists, mystics, and of course fortune tellers getting by on the skills they had and however they could.

Green Eyes

The striking green eyes standout in this old school gypsy tattoo.

The gypsy and the skull can often be seen together. It’s a depiction of everyone’s immanent future. Our flesh may rot and our will be exposed but our souls will carry on.

Is she crying because a panther has ripped through her neck?

The matrimony of colors and well done lines make these old school tattoos and a good artist is a master at both.


A flamboyant beauty brandishing the colors of the European gypsy.

150+ Butterfly Tattoo Designs That’ll Have You In A Flutter

Butterfly tattoos are an attractive option for tattoo devotees the world over. While they’re generally spotted on the female form, men can also be allured by the pull of the butterfly tattoo. If you’re on the hunt for some inspo, check out this list.


This large butterfly on the outer arm captures a colorful, cartoony essence and uses bold black line work to create a vivid yet fun arm piece.

These cascading butterflies down the spine are a great start to bigger piece.  Each butterfly is unique which gives the tattoo a more natural random appeal. 

This colorful arm piece complete with shading in between the butterflies is a fun, colorful and looks great. It also leaves a lot of room to do some add ons later down the track.

This small blue butterfly appears to take inspiration to early 80’s childhood fairy tales. Simple, sweet, and looks great on the scapula.

These butterfly tattoos on the right side rib cage use simplicity and primary colors to it’s advantage. The shading also gives the art work more depth and contour to the shape of the body.

This shin piece appears to draw inspiration from old Aztec Hieroglyphics. Using simple patterns and symmetry to create a beautiful shin piece. The line work is defined and the colors look great.

This is a clever use of the butterflies environment to join the tattoo together to create one complete piece of the butterflies flying around the flower branch. An elegant and understated large back piece. The butterfly on back tattoo is quite popular these days.

The cats meow with a butterfly on his snout. I love the playfulness and use of color in this watercolor butterfly tattoo and its unique line work gives it an alternative appeal.

The butterfly disguised as mistletoe or vice versa. This the perfect size for a standalone shoulder/back tattoo. You can really tell the artist knew their way around the gun with delicate shading and beautiful line work.

Who said butterflies have to be light and colorful? This monarch butterfly tattoo is a solid black piece and looks great on the upper thigh is a great alternative to the cliche bows that everyone seems to have these days.

Legs 11. These two butterfly designs have been waiting for their coloring session for a very long time. The intricate line work looks great and I can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with when it comes time to shading.

A nice little tribal inner forearm piece. Simple yet effective. The understated colors gel well together and the symmetry and line work are very well done.

This butterfly thigh piece looks more like a moth. The artist has done well to incorporate fine detail and blends the colors well. Thigh tattoos look great and sexy but it all depends on the design.

This is skull butterfly tattoo is a unique take and seems to make it a little more masculine than a traditional butterfly tattoo. The artist has done a great job on this piece to give it an Escher type feel.

Another rib piece using multiple butterflies. The artist has maintained uniformity with colour and shape throughout. This makes a very nice starting point for future add-ons.

This butterfly tattoo on the arm uses contrasting colors well. The earthy tones of the butterfly wings somehow look great with the brighter colored under wings.

A nice forearm piece. Not to whimsical, but has tribal undertones and is of a simplistic nature. Sometimes simple works better than the more intricate designs and this one of those occasions.

A nice little finger piece of the classic butterfly we have come to know and love from cartoons. Finger tattoos can look really good or really bad and this one luckily is one of the good ones. Nice line work and shading.

This is a unique take on the traditional butterfly tattoo the unruly shading give it an element of depth and makes the tattoo cover a generous amount of the forearm. It has nice line work and flows beautifully.




This is a big stomach piece that looks great. Awesome use of colors and the patterns really pop off the skin. The colors work well together making this a complete well-done piece.

A small yet simple butterfly on the top of the foot. A very easy design that works well. I also love the positioning of it. Slightly off a screw and fluttering away.


A nice minimalist exoskeleton of a butterfly. Tidy line work and great position on the right side rib cage. It looks great and the angle of the art matches the contours of the body. If you wanted to be a little bit naughty a butterfly tattoo on the ass.

This isn’t the greatest picture but its great spot just on the back of the shoulder. These butterfly and rose tattoos look great together. The x design looks cool and matches well with the flowers. Nice colors and line work there.

A clever use of the inked to create a butterfly with the body of a key. The rough nature of the tattoo really does it justice and looks great as a shoulder piece.

A nice piece for the back of the arm. Perfect size and the contrast of colors works well in that position. The classy butterfly piece with some fine detail in there.

A nice arm piece with the butterfly markings looking like jewels. Nice fat line work and great use of patterns and colors, make this piece work well. An ideal style for that part of the arm.

A simple outline butterfly design. Nice and simple for the inside wrist. It looks cool and it’s very easy to do – if you’re a trained professional obviously. It’s also a great use of negative space; the semi colon butterfly tattoo.

Nice shoulder piece that uses shadows to bring the butterflies to life and make them appear to be hovering above the skin. These 3d butterfly tattoos are cute. This piece has left room for future additions. Nice line work and coloring.

A nice forearm piece with a 3d effect. The shadow has used multi colors which is a really nice effect. The position is a little weird but grows on me the more I look at it.

This sketchy whimsical piece is fun and bright. I like the ethos of coloring outside the lines and it represents the fun and playfulness of the piece. 

This is a cool upper back piece using only one color. The shading and line work are detailed and intricate. It’s more of a moth than a butterfly but looks great none the less. The shading adds an extra level and lifts it off the skin.

This back piece is a beautiful piece of work. The colors are vivid and intricate and the shading makes the butterfly appear lifelike. The white dots really add to the piece and make it look complete.

This back piece gives the illusion of a watercolor painting which is a testament to the artist because replicating watercolors with a tattoo gun is hard. Very Hard. The abstract nature of the piece allows the viewer to perceive it through their own eyes.

I love this ink splatter piece that represents the symbiotic relationship between butterfly and flower. The colors leap off the page and the black line work is amazing. It’s an unusual spot, but it looks better every time I see it.


A nice back piece that has been done with care and precision. The actual butterfly has lovely shadow that makes it come alive and really fly off the skin.


This cool shoulder butterfly tattoo uses the area well and is this is a great technique for a large tattoo that uses negative space well. It uses older style lines to capture the folklore element.

This back tattoo is amazing. This is a unique take on a back tattoo and links well together drawing the eye around the piece. Everything works together to showcase the centerpiece of the tattoo, the large illustrated butterfly in the center of the back.

This is one cool foot tattoo. The pastels look stunning and it looks like the artist has drawn inspiration from early botanical book illustrations. Its cute and easy on the eye.

This is a cool arm tattoo: a little bit street style and the colors gel well together. It’s a very vivid moth arm tattoo.

This is a great hand tattoo and uses darker shades to give off a mysterious look. The diamond is a nice effect. Simple yet effective. The dark maroon really makes the piece stand out from other butterfly tattoos.

This forearm tattoo is larger than life and uses very bold lines and features to make up for the lack of color. It’s quite large for a forearm piece and covers the area adequately.

This is a fun psychedelic hand tattoo that is non-confrontational. It’s just so fun and the colors look great. It has ambiguous visual appeal and allows the person viewing it to get lost and makes their own visuals. 

This underarm tattoo would have tickled a bit. The colors look absolutely beautiful. It’s a nice use of round and curved line work. The yellow and purple go well together and really help elevate the piece.

A beautifully simple design that relies on the unity and color to really bring it on home. The small white bands separate the colored areas which have a slight gradient. A very clean and colorful arm tattoo.


This is a very creative way of blending a butterfly and floral design. The flowers do well and give markings to the butterfly. The black really brings the other colors forward to balance the piece.

This Alice in Wonderland inspired arm tattoo rocks. I love the large colorful patterns and the melancholy look and feel. Everything is a little loft like the butterfly is caught in a draft. If you look closely you can see a heart near the abdomen of the insect.

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I love the use of reds and greens. The dots and symmetry perfectly balance the arm tattoo. The line work is clean and you can see from the definition of the circles that the artist has really mastered their craft.

This inner arm tattoo uses shading to make the image pop off the arm. The lines draw the eye from one section to the other than to main image of the orange butterfly.

Wow, this is a sexy shoulder tattoo. This lady has gone a bit butterfly crazy and the results look spectacular. The tattoos flow well from one piece to another and it’s easy to be mesmerized as your eyes explore the rest of the tattoo.

This is a cute thigh tattoo that marks the magical occasion of a child’s birth. The ink splatters are a nice effect and add to the overall piece to make it look complete.

This matching forearm tattoo uses the autumn palette well. The browns and pinks of the leaves really remind of the season. The moth and dragonfly blend well with leaves that provide the perfect backdrop of the piece.

Another piece of handy work. Ha ha see what I did there. So clever. This is a nice and dainty hand butterfly and flowers tattoo that incorporates natures beauty with rich colors and nice line work. The flowers could be any variety you could even go for a butterfly tattoo with rose.

Well, that’s handy. A handy little butterfly design on the palm. A nice use of solid black line works with minimal detail to give the look of a silhouette.

This tattoo is for the rebel with a soft side. It represents the duality of life. The beauty of living nature and the imminent impending day that we all die. A butterfly has a short life, some of only three days. One can’t help but wonder if death weighs heavily on the butterflies mind.

This surrealist portrait has fine detail contrasting with the simplicity of the butterflies. The colors and design are use contrast but somehow this arm tattoo retains its an overall unity. 

This is a fun. A cool use of size to give depth to the overall side rib cage piece. The face is a cool addition to mix it up from conventional butterflies. It has an oriental persuasion.

The thing that sets this shoulder tattoo apart from others is the intricate shading and color blending. If you look closely you can see the detail gradient and highlights of the red. The and white around the outside really highlights the beauty of the wings.

This is a clever afterthought. It looks like the elephant was done first then the butterfly was done later. A clever way of linking two completely opposite styles together.

This is a cool and colorful psychedelic butterfly shoulder tattoo. The colors really highlight the detail and shading that has gone into the piece. The light outline is a great way of bringing it to life.

I love this butterfly shoulder tattoo. The colors are amazing and the line works denotes a serious edginess. Its a far cry from the colorful whimsical butterfly tattoos we are used to seeing.

I don’t exactly know what is going on here but it is what it is and is worth a look. If you look closely enough you will see a butterfly tattoo in the background on his upper pectoral.

Face tattoos are all the rage with the kids today and are sported by many of their favorite music acts. Whether or not you agree with the positioning of it, this is a cool tattoo with smooth clean lines.

A nice inner wrist tattoo. Simple yet intricate in a lovely shade of blue. A classic butterfly design executed with precision and the fill color is done to perfection.


It’s important to keep small tattoos simple with not too much details as they tend to lose some detail after time progresses. It’s a cute semi colon butterfly tattoo drawn to perfection. This a great example of a small tattoo done right. Unless she has really big ears.

This forearm butterfly tattoo has a great use of highlights and the base color is a really nice subtle tone that is easy on the eye. It displays a very tidy line and detail work.

The semi matching moths on the lower hamstring look great and work well in that area. It’s kind of like a reverse polarity thing with the butterfly on the right using darker shades and the one the left using lighter shades.

The mad fold in a piece. A cool little idea with half and half. The tattoos look great by themselves and even better when together. If you look carefully you will notice the intricate use of color and the slight gradients in the circles.


butterfly tattoo

This shoulder tattoo uses color very nicely. It uses white to make the blue look metallic yet maintaining shape and beauty. The use of shadow gives it three-dimensional effect.

This a watercolor masterpiece that celebrates the woman’s children, it’s great abstract rendition of the classic butterfly. The soft colors and dark linework, work well together.  The dripping ink effect takes this tattoo up a level.


This cute shoulder tattoo was done to precision. A very nice piece of artwork and the artist has maintained symmetry. This is a great example of the use of text to really add style to a tattoo. This a could easily be a butterfly tattoo with names instead of quote.

This rib cage tattoo is a minimal approach to a butterfly tattoo and allows the viewer some space to fill in the blanks. The central core of the tattoo is a nice blue shade and looks good with the undefined edges. Very sassy indeed.

This is a great action piece of a butterfly about to take flight. It’s a great foot tattoo and I really like the positioning. The interesting angle of the shadow completes the piece.



A simple whimsical minimalist design that works well with the slight use of color and surrounding to make the piece look whole and cover some space.

I love this approach for a back tattoo. It really trails down the back nicely and works with the smooth sexy lines of the back. The flowers are a nice touch as well. I wonder if she is going to color it. Either way it looks spectacular.

The flower is the centerpiece of this tattoo. The bright vivacious orange and the purples and blues of the butterfly work well together. This tattoo also leaves a lot of room to be added to.

This is a nice piece just above the ankle tattoo. The classic butterfly in a beautiful shade of blue.

A shoulder tattoo that captures the moment the butterfly is about to take flight. The tattoo artist has left some of the outline exposed so the blue really shines through and the shadow gives it definition.

Above is a beautiful intricate wrist tattoo. It’s a great use of only one color and keeping it simple.


A rabble of blue butterflies as a shoulder tattoo. The differing sizes give the tattoo depth and coverage.

This cool abstract inner forearm tattoo uses color as form rather than relying on an outline. The color works well together and the black ink spatters add depth.

A nice minimalist back tattoo. It’s a very tidy and unique take on the butterfly.

The colors look great framed by the black. The color work on this butterfly is a testament to the artist. The gradient of the colors draws the eye to the outer wings of the butterfly.

Matching wrist tattoos in blue. Blue seems to be the hot color for butterflies. These are nice little tattoos in a cool spot.

Check out this sexy rib cage tattoo that correlates with the contour of the woman’s figure. The text is cool and adds an extra element to the piece.

This is a big wrist tattoo. A nice take rendition of a whimsical butterfly. The purple really pops.

Another sweet wrist tattoo using black as the main color. The shading works give the definition and tone that is needed with the absence of color.

A simple little design with all the trimmings featuring sparkle and swirly lines. It’s very child like and endearing.

Not the greatest photo but the highlight of these butterflies is the very careful line work. It’s quite intricate would have been tedious to do.

A nice simple silhouette styles with some colored sprinkles. It’s a cute tribute to a new born baby.

An off skew wrist tattoo. The curved lines and an interesting use of colors look cool.

A nice little butterfly on a heart. It’s a cute piece for that part of the body.

This butterfly was obviously an after thought to try make the rose look a bit prettier. You can also see where the artist has touched up the colors.

This is a cool piece that uses beautifully drawn lines to create visual fluency and the butterfly is the ice cream on the cake.

A nice back tattoo of a butterfly using the line to portray a natural yet tribal look. The rose is a nice touch and the shadows of petals tie the two pieces together.


This a cool effect. The artist has used a really bright pink as a highlight and has the appearance of the butterfly being illuminated by an exterior light.

I love this. A simple approach that is balanced by the black and the natural skin tone. A cool forearm tattoo.

Wow! A butterfly chandelier, who would have thought? But this design really works well and the side rib cage is a great spot.


This is a unique spin on the butterfly. The smaller butterflies are used to make up the whole image of the butterfly and I like the fact that they have left it “unfinished” to give the appearance of the butterflies flying away.

This simple inner bicep tattoo is cute, well designed and well placed. The inner bicep is a nice area for those who want to be discrete but not too discrete.

butterfly tattoo designs

The colors on this butterfly foot tattoo are electric. The neon colors really bring the tattoo to life and make it unique.

I’d say this is more of a moth, but who cares. It looks amazing. The whole tattoo works seamlessly together as the lines and symmetry coincide with the visual aesthetic. The dot work gives it depth and texture. It’s far from basic.

Another nice single color tattoo that used great line work to convey the artwork and make the back of this guys arm looks great.

This back piece features electric neon colors buzzing away on the butterflies wings as it prepares to take flight.

This a cool Gothic rendition of the classic butterfly that has elements of Indian tapestries. It has very intricate line work and looks amazing on the upper forearm.

This is a cool tattoo. The butterfly still maintains some elements that remind that it was once a caterpillar while demonstrating the metamorphosis of our ever-changing lives.

The more the merrier when it comes to butterflies.  This shoulder/chest piece flows with the contour of the body and draws the eye in with it’s beautiful designs.

These varying butterfly silhouette tattoos are simple and look great as subtle little tattoos on the wrist.


Some more of our favorites when it comes to the butterfly tattoo

A nice big back tattoo that is not intrusive. It sits well with the natural curves of the back and the colors mellow out the whole aesthetic.

Woah damn I love this tattoo. There is so much going in this tattoo and it still looks great. The butterflies are riding on stardust deep into the cosmos.


This shoulder tattoo is a real show stopper.  The 2d black butterflies provide a welcomed contrast to the butterfly of colour. This effect is a really cool way of accentuating the star of the tattoo.


Some people go with wings across the shoulder blades. This lady has gone for the butterflies and flowers and the result is amazing.

This simple tattoo design puts the butt in butterfly.

The monarch butterfly tattoo done perfection x3.

This arm tattoo is a sure fire winner. From the intricate detail of the flower to the immaculate line work and shading this tattoo is 10 out 10 in my books.

Who the hell is Vida? I know!!! She’s the girl that inspired someone to get a tattoo.

This is another blue and pink butterfly tattoo combo inked on the side of her back.

This back tattoo reminds of skipping through a field of flowers while butterflies fly around on the tails of the draft.

I’m not sure what’s going on here but it works.

This geometrical butterfly tattoo is a little bit cosmic and a little bit cool.


Splash me in color and take me to the meadows of whimsy.

This tattoo looks like it’s half phoenix and half butterfly. Let them rise from the ashes and reach for the stars.

Let’s get creative and do some painting. This hip tattoo is so cool. I love the two different styles of wings.

A monarch in the garden is worth two in on the hip.


I think I’m nearly out of creative things to say about butterfly tattoo except that I compiled this list for your viewing pleasure and maybe get some ideas for your next tattoo.

Come ah come ah come ah come ah come ah Amelia.

This one lower back tattoo has some crazy colors and I can’t decide whether I like it or not.

This robin is rocking in the Elvis pose hence the crown.

Guess what? Another tattoo of a butterfly on the ankle. It’s a pretty cute tattoo.

This person has taken the classic flowers and butterfly tattoo to the next level. I love the larger than life rose. The tattoo artist has done a great job on this piece.

This cool little pink butterfly tattoo with nice calligraphy is a nice and flowing leg design.

My neck, my back, tattoos of butterflies are not whack.

If you separate the hands it works as a solo piece of a butterfly in side view and together they form the top view. This is very creative indeed.

This tattoo has bit of everything. It kind of reminds of the yellow submarine animations of the famous Beatles song.

I love the colors and the shadowing on this bright back tattoo.

This lady ate a butterfly and it got stuck down her neck.

This is a cute little lower leg butterfly tattoo with a nice colorful gradient. Thumbs up.

I have to say out of all the butterfly tattoos in this list the black ones seem to appeal to me the most.

Does anyone know what a proboscis is? Well you do now because I’m about to tell you. It’s the elongated snout that butterflies and other insects use to feed.

When in doubt go for these colors. They always work well together on any tattoo.

The 26 Best Harley Davidson Tattoos For Men Or Women

If you are motorcycle fan, chances are your ride of choice is a Harley-Davidson. Even if you’re not a motorcycle fan, the Harley-Davidson brand is instantly recognizable anywhere you go. Founded in a small garage by 20yo William S. Harley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903, Harley-Davidson has grown to become the leading motorcycle manufacturing company in the world.

Some die-hard Harley-Davidson fans show their brand loyalty (and dedication to the biker lifestyle) via tattoo art. We found some pretty amazing ink related to the Harley-Davidson brand and have compiled a list of some of the coolest ones for you here.

This is a cool Harley-Davidson letter logo. It looks nice on the hand, but could be worn anywhere on the body by a dedicated fan that wants a nice tattoo, but isn’t ready to go for a large, bold design just yet. This smaller Harley-Davidson could also be incorporated into a larger design as well.
This is the main logo for the Harley-Davidson brand that incorporates awesome flames into the design. This kind of tattoo would look great anywhere you want to show off your Harley-Davidson pride.
While this guy really isn’t related to Harley-Davidson directly, it’s still an awesome, realistic tat that pays tribute to vintage bikes and bikers. Think Speed Racer with an edge. Gray-scale tattoos like these can actually be quite appealing when tastefully done. Look at the amazing details in the face! It would be hard to beat this design, even with a full color sleeve.
Here’s another Harley-Davidson letter logo tat, but this one features a cool skull background with red shaded accents that make it pop. The shading on the letters gives a metallic effect to the design, which is pretty cool considering it perfectly matches the chrome on Harley-Davidson bikes!
Another Harley-Davidson tattoo that uses a skull in the design, red accent colors and a cool nod to the vintage bikers with the vintage helmet. This is probably a design you would seen on an old-school biker to prefers the vintage look over more colorful and intricate designs.
Harley-Davidson logo tattoos are popular, as you can see from these designs. This one is a gray-scale version that also features flame work across the top edge. The way the letters are shaded in this Harley-Davidson logo gives it a raised, sort of 3-D appearance instead of just a typical flat graphic.
The biker crowd has been notoriously linked to the outlaw lifestyle and this fab tat pays tribute to both. It features a cut-away design of the Harley-Davidson logo with an outlaw skeleton guy busting through the middle brandishing pistols. Super cool design!
This gray-scale tattoo features an awesome skull holding a traditional Harley-Davidson logo in his mouth. The bald eagles in the background add a majestic touch and are another nod to America and its Harley-Davidson brand.
Some people really, really love their Harley-Davidson bikes. In fact, some people love their bikes so much that they get them tattooed on their bodies to memorialize them….like this guy. Check out the awesome details in this one.
This cool Harley-Davidson tattoo is a modern circular logo design that features a black half-skull and a yellow background that adds a nice pop of color to the design. This is an interesting tattoo that breaks away from some of the more common Harley-Davidson tattoos, which is a good thing for people who prefer their ink art to be different from anything anyone has ever seen.
This amazing Harley-Davidson tattoo features the traditional bar and shield logo paired with a bald eagle with a wide wingspan. The bald eagle is the national bird of America so a design like this pays tribute to Harley-Davidson’s rich American history.
Another way that Harley-Davidson fans pay tribute to their lifestyle is to get themselves, loved one or friend tattooed on their bodies, along with their bikes. This scene depicts a biker riding along the open road with a bald eagle in the background and the bar and shield Harley-Davidson logo just out of view on the bottom left.
This awesome Harley-Davidson sleeve tattoo has some wicked details in it. Here, you see the bar and shield Harley-Davidson logo, the bald eagle in the background and some amazing detailed bike parts in the foreground.

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This freshly-inked Harley-Davidson tattoos features all the traditional details you would expect – the bar and shield logo, bald eagle and wicked skull at the bottom. This is a great design to incorporate into a sleeve tattoo for someone who is looking for a larger, more intricate tat.
This awesome half-sleeve Harley-Davidson tattoo is another design that pays tribute to someone special in the wearer’s biker life. There is one guy in the road, facing forward while another ride his bike into the distance. The Route 66 emblem pays tribute to one of the most famous historic roads in the United States, which bikers often travel in their leisure. This half-sleeve also features the Harley-Davidson logo with cool flame details at the top.
The “Number One” Harley-Davidson logo is popular with some bike enthusiasts, even though they may not know the history behind the change in design. The “Number One” Harley-Davidson logo was created in 1969 to commemorate the 1969 AMA Grand National Championship. In 1971, this logo was also incorporated into the blueprints for some of the bikes produced that year.
This edgy piece of Harley-Davidson body art is a real attention-getter. It features the bold black and orange Harley-Davidson color scheme along with a new twist on the old bar and shield logo design. The bar section of this awesome tat pays tribute to the history of Harley-Davidson by incorporating the year the company was established into the design.
Slashed skin tattoos are pretty dang awesome, especially when there’s another design hidden underneath. This wicked cool Harley-Davidson tattoo features a bold black and orange color-scheme in the bar and shield design hidden beneath what looks like skin that’s been slashed by claws. Edgy. Bold. Awesome.
Here’s another bold, yet classic Harley-Davidson tattoo. It features the bar and shield logo in the traditional orange and black color scheme. The cool thing about this tattoo is, even though it is smaller than some of the more popular Harley-Davidson tats, the shading around the edges gives it a raised appearance that adds interest and depth to the design.
The great thing about tattoos is that you can go as loud and bold as you want to because they’re all about individuality! This fabulous Harley-Davidson tattoo is the perfect example of that. It has an amazing American flag background in vivid colors with an equally awesome Harley-Davidson colored logo in the forefront. Even though this particular tattoo is on the leg, it would look just as cool on the arm as a sleeve.
Here’s a super cool Harley-Davidson logo tattoo that was made to look like a brand on the skin. The detailing and shading around the letters give it a raised look while the fading around the edges blends the whole image into the surrounding skin. In the background, there are also some neat skull faces that add interest to the design.
Tattoos do not have to be full color to be impressive. Sometimes a colored outline creates quite the dramatic effect. This Harley-Davidson tattoos is one that features a colored outline. It has the bar and shield logo in the orange and black color scheme with shaded accents on the skull that add depth to the design.
We’ve already established that sleeve tattoos are among the coolest. Their size creates a large canvas where tattoo artists can let their creativity flow. This amazing Harley-Davidson sleeve tattoo feature a cool skull with glowing blue eyes as the backdrop with a smaller skull with glowing eyes at the top. Above the upper skull, you’ll find the Harley-Davidson logo and a tribute to the bikes and bikers in the depiction of a rider at the bottom. Awesome!
Here’s another neat claw mark Harley-Davidson tattoo. The shading creates the effect of gashes in the skin while the bar and shield Harley-Davidson logo peeks out from underneath. Even though this is a gray-scale tattoo, it’s still a cool design because of the shading and clean lines that grab your attention.
Who said tattoos have to be colorful or contain lots of images? Sometimes, less is more – and that’s definitely the case with this awesome Harley-Davidson bold font tattoo. It features Harley on one arm and Davidson on the other. This design would also look just as good on the legs as well.
This is one of the more dramatic Harley-Davidson tattoos that we’ve seen and it’s super awesome. In the middle is the Harley-Davidson logo with bold outlines and heavy fonts. The background was inked to look like bruised, cracked skin where the logo broke through. You could do this tat anywhere on the body, actually – but it would also look really cool as part of a sleeve.

65 Royally Awesome King and Queen Tattoo Designs for Couples

The duality of life is always being represented in some form or another, whether it be yin and yang or sun and moon. These also represent the feminine and masculine energies that make the world whole. This can also be represented as a King and Queen tattoo.

Let’s hear it for these King and Queen tattoos!


The classic king and queen feature in a deck of cards. Obviously, the kind is waiting to be colored. It really goes to show how color can really pretty up a piece. Although the line work looks good without the color.

These king and queen finger tattoos squeeze a lot of detail into a small tattoo. This would have been very intricate work and is a testament to the tattoo artist steady hand.

You can kiss the ring but you can never touch the crown. This a fine example of matching crown tattoos. The crowns are adorned with jewels and the detail that has gone into this works is amazing.

Some cute, little, and simple his and her tattoos.  Very nice line work.

This couple has opted for some text and it really completes the tattoo. The font is nice and flowing and matches the tattoo nicely.

A royal affair. Every Queen needs a crown whether it is on her head or tattooed on her ass. In this case, the tattoo is on the edge of the wrist. This is a great spot for small simple tattoos.

These are some burly jail tat crowns. The homemade aesthetic has a charm of its own. I wonder if they drew them on each other.

I’m not sure if these are white tattoos or brands. But it’s nice to get a tattoo in this style if you have to be discreet for work purposes or you are still afraid of your parent’s reaction.

Big, black, and bold is the best way describe this tattoo. This couple has opted for the big old crown done in black. The detail and coloring has held well over time. The artist has done a great job with only using one color.

This is the simple playing card style. It features very nice lettering and solid fill. This is a great spot for those simple little tattoos. It’s a great spot for any tattoo for that matter.

Some nice little finger tattoos are done in a very simple style as this couple commits to each other. Wedding rings are so yesterday. Tattoos are the new way of confessing your infinite, undying love.

This such a cool bicep tattoo that has many layers and elements that keeps you looking and finding new things after first glance. The blue really adds some depth and texture to the piece.

This is a bright crown done in the classic style has nice fat outlines and heavy on the color. The gradients in the color give it a bit of lift. The colors are matched well and look great on the skin.

This is an intricate crown done in black. The artist has done well to maintain such line, form and shading throughout. It’s a very tidy above the ankle tattoo.

A lovely tribute to the birth of this guys son Arthur. Well, King Arthur as a matter of fact. Each element looks great together and the text marks the occasion.

This is oddly terrifying but I can not look away. The colors look great together and the piece has a lot of depth. It would have been an intricate piece to do and requiring many hours in the chair.

This couple must like a spot of chess. These two-piece use highlight to give it a 3d effect and the board has been skewed that also adds to the 3d effect.

Some very nice work done with a lot of detail and fine precision. The colors used look metallic. The text at the bottom adds to the piece and provides some smooth lines.

This couple has shown their commitment to each other and to being baller king and queens with a pair of small matching crowns on the inside of the wrist with their initials. This tattoo displays great line and font work.

These his and her skulls take inspiration from old-style horror movies. The red looks really good with the shading of the skull. An unholy matrimony.

The king and queen of the jungle. This is a couple of nice finger tattoos but the only problem with finger tattoos is that they often need a touch up every couple of years. But if you like spending time in the chair will be not a problem.

The key to the heart. A classic rendition of you can’t have one without the other. The chains or dots really tie the piece together and they both look great together or stand alone.

The king and queen of hearts in red looks good on the outer edge of the finger. This spot is also great for some long and slender line work.

Chess pieces have been part of tattoo designs since the profession began. The classic tale of good vs evil and the companionship of king and queen who essentially keep the whole team together. The highlights create more definition.

These chess piece tattoos look like they have been done some time ago yet still maintain some detail and shading. The flowing text really compliments the images.

This is very tidy work with a street art graffiti inspired text and crown. Very solid fill and clean lines make these tattoos a winner in my book.

This is a cool take on the royal heirlooms and uses watercolors to add some contrast to the tidy lines. A lot of texture is added through shapes and line work.

This is a great spot for the classic playing card King and Queen tattoo. Simple yet effective and the color remains vibrant.

These two crowns really jump off the skin with the help of fine detail and intricate shading. The text gives depth and flow to the above crowns.


This is a very unique his and her tattoo. The skull is a little bit day of the dead which is Mexican and it looks a little bit Viking as well.

It’s amazing what great perspective and use of light can do to a tattoo. These two are both really simple outlines with some amazing shading and fill to create the overall aesthetic.


Another happy couple celebrating their love with some small crown tattoos. This is a great position on the body for some nice small pieces and really makes a statement.

Wim oh way oh wim oh way. In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion and lioness sleep tonight wearing beautiful crowns. These are great pieces using minimal colors. It’s all about the shading.

These crowns are very fresh. Fresh as in recently done and fresh as in cool. The text lends well to the bigger picture. Nice line and detail work on both pieces.

There can be only one said the Highlander and this couple who have pledged their love forever condemning them to a life of companionship. The artist has used white to makes this piece come to life.


Look it’s another cute hand tattoo. The lettering is graffiti inspired and uses nice thick lines that have been drawn super clean. Overall, it’s a very tidy tattoo situated on the old snuff box.

These jail tattoos have their own element of charm with the unique etchings above the letters. I especially like the positioning.

Confessing your love for each other doesn’t have to be a walk down an aisle. There is nothing more permanent in life than taxes, death and of course tattoos. This tattoo features some majestic looking crowns and some tidy flowing font.

This is a finely detailed tattoo of a king and queen found on playing cards. Although this one is a little more sadistic and uses a skeleton for the man and an ice queen for the woman. The red in this tattoo looks great on the rose and on the heart.

Here is a couple of basic finger tattoo designs in a unique spot. It’s not often you see finger tattoos on the inside of the finger.

One life, One love. Yes indeed, Bob Marley was a wise man and spoke these words. This couple has taken it to the next level and imprinted them on their arm, together, forever. The flowing font looks great situated below the crown.

These matching king and queen tattoos are more about the lettering the than the crown. The beautiful line work really makes this tattoo work well.

There seems to be a familiar pattern here. Most of these tattoos are done on the wrist and this one is no different. It’s a very tidy piece of work with great lines and solid fill.

The wrinkly skin in this photo tells a story. This couple has been king and queen for a long time. These tidy tattoos on the snuff box ( the little dip between the thumb and pointer finger) are done well and recently by the look.

The classic king and queen on the pointer finger. When it comes to getting finger tattoos it’s better to keep them simple so they will remain looking good over time.

These are some bold black wrist tattoos. It just goes to show that black can look as interesting and defined as color.

The classic in a classic spot. That’s all I’m going to say.

A pair of nice crowns. I love the sharp and jagged lines. A very nice simple and small tattoo ideal for the wrist or ankle.

These crowns are very cartoony and remind of early Disney cartoons. It’s a lot more fun and whimiscal than many of the other tattoos on the list that have gone with a more detailed intricate crown jewels style.

The crown affair yet again. These two designs are simple with a little bit of detail and sometimes that all you need to get the message of unity across.

Another great use of a cursive font and the crown do more of the job of complimenting the font.

Here’s a lovely couple sporting some lovely crown tattoos. I like the chandelier look on the females shoulder tattoo. The inside of the shoulder is a great spot for almost any tattoo. If you go too big it will turn into a shoulder piece so it’s a good idea to keep it small unless of course, you want a shoulder piece.

These two simple crown tattoos on the hand have been really well done. They look cool with their simple lines and shading. A great way to represent the togetherness of the couple.

This is one of the best Day of the Dead inspired tattoos featuring crowns that I have seen. The colors look amazing and the line work is second to none. I love the use a red and the detail on the jewels.

Another one that uses font and a small crown. This one has colors and it really adds to the tattoo. Very cool.

Nothing says I love you like stumbling the streets drunk on a big night and getting some matching crown tattoos.

Hand me the royal tattoo gun please. These two have gone for the King and Queen hand tattoo’s with a lovely font and solid colored crowns.


This crown affair is one of fine color matching and shading. The crowns look great together and great as stand-alone tattoos. The gradient of the colors really make these tattoos pop. Well done.

This is a larger version of the king and queen from playing cards that still looks good. It just goes to show that this style can look good in a bigger form. It’s very minimal but still works well.

The iconic playing card tattoo on the hand. Imagine strolling down the street with your love one looking bad ass as your tattoos match and complement each other.

This tattoo features the king and queen of the dead. The skulls have a gothic yet comical aesthetic and the red K and Q look out of place in a good way.

Another take on the king and queen of the dead but this one takes it to the next level with both skeletons offering their heart to one another. Very nice work indeed.