119 Best Friend Tattoo Designs for BFFs Forever


We’ve all been there. A late night with your bestie, maybe a few too many drinks and a tattoo shop seems to appear out of nowhere. You both look at each other with a devilish grin and before you know it your flipping through the look book to see which matching tattoo to get. Or maybe you just want something special to remember them by. Either way, matching tattoos are cute.

The Best Friend Tattoo for the Best of Friends


Why not a nice little star tattoo on the hip. These matching tattoos are small and cute.

Or you could do something like this. The sun and moon representing night and day. Would one exist without the other? This tattoo has simple line work with a splash of color.

Maybe you and your best friend could get this one if you share a common love for cutesy Japanese cartoon cats.


This couple has gone for a travel-related theme and the tattoo features the Eiffel tower and some other large building that I don’t know the name of.

Well, this couple is committed, they even wear the same sneakers. Let’s hope that they do follow through on their commitment. Preferably not in the near distant future.



These besties have gone for a cross on the upper spine. The tattoo works well in that position.

A crown affair. A nice and simple wrist tattoo with heavy solid lines.

The classic heart tattoo. These don’t look like they were done at the same time or even by the same artist, but it’s a cute thought.

Do you remember making these as children? This cute tattoo is a great representation of childhood friendship that has carried on throughout the years. Nice line work and I like the fact that you can’t see the girls face making it more ambiguous and permits the viewer to speculate.

These three girls have the right idea and have all opted to get the same tattoo in different locations. Sisterly love is a beautiful thing.

Ankle tattoos may hurt a little bit but the pain is worth it in the end result. A trio of hearts with simple line work. 

Namaste y’all. The classic OM symbol. A representation of the world and the truth behind it.



You may notice that most of these tattoos are small and these cute elephants are another small gesture of love and friendship.

I can’t tell if this if this tattoo is on one human or two. Symmetrical tattoos are cool and a great way of covering up space.


These girls had a wild night. This one looks like they tattoo’d themselves. This type of smiley face has been featured on Nirvana and Blink 182 merchandise.

This couple has taken it a step further, rather than getting a tattoo that is ambiguous and can be explained even if you do split up. T this couple has opted to get their initials. Good luck to them and if they do split up at least the position is inconspicuous.

Another set of sun and moon matching tattoos with a chandelier effect. They look like they were done at the same time by the same artist.

These cute little colorful ladybugs look great on the outer wrist. It has nice detail and line work for a small tattoo.

If you look close enough you will see that these two lovely ladies have wings tattoos behind their ears. Small tattoos behind the ears have the potential to look really good or really bad so maybe do some research and fine a competent tattoo artist.

This complete work depicts the all the phases of the moon. It’s a clever idea and an interesting place to get it. The arc of the moon contours with the arches of the feet.

Another simple sun and moon design. This one has a bit of an Aztec feel and uses solid black lines to make the tattoo more prominent.

A cool and whimsical take on a skull and crossbones that doesn’t actually uses a heart and arrow.

You complete me. Matching moon tattoos. The solid black is a nice effect. A very nice and tidy piece.

The moon and Saturn or is it Jupiter. I always get those two confused. Anyway, the one with the ring around it. Some nice small finger tattoos of child like drawings. I wonder if they sketched them up on the spot.

With our powers combined, we become the sailor moon squad or something like that. I never really understood that cartoon. But these girls have a moon tattoo on the wrist. It’s a weird spot but the more I look at it the more I like it.

Ch ch ch cherry bomb. These two were either fans of the band the Runaways or a fan of video games. Regardless these are cute matching tattoos form a correlation in your mind as soon as you see them.


This couple must be fans of horror movies, or are the hands from the monster in The Goonies. Its a unique take on the pinky swear that is often performed between friends.


These matching dragon flies look great on the wrist and the shape suits the contour of the arm. It just goes to show that less can sometimes be more.


This is a line from the Gorillaz song Clint Eastwood and it’s a cool representation of it. It’s very playful and even if they do split up they will both have a cool tattoo.



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These are sexy little doves. I love the position and they add an extra element when your rocking the side boob.

Make a wish. I wonder who came up with the weird ritual and belief of snapping a chicken bone will bring someone good luck. Either way, it’s a universal symbol and looks great as a tattoo.

The perfect fit. I love this lock and key jigsaw that has the double meaning. One unlocks the heart of the other with the key to the puzzle.

Little hearts on the wrist or feet are quiet common when it comes times to get matching tattoos. It looks cute and doesn’t require large amounts of time spent in the chair.


The arrow is a symbol of flight and it’s also considered a protection tattoo in some parts of the world. It’s also mean friendship. Don’t ask me how this came about.

Some itty bitty hip tattoos for this pair of queens. Definitely the result of a wild night on a holiday in some tropical place.

Well, this about as cutesy as it gets. The elephant from Babaar and his friend the giraffe. The childlike sketches add another element of fun.

Quaint little sun and moon designs. Very very simple stuff but the artist has done well.

The lettering work on these matching tattoos is impeccable. I wonder what it means. Maybe a birthday.

More Roman numerals on the wrist. It’s not as cleanly done as the one before but the rough nature of the tattoo adds a certain charm.

The cup o phone or whatever those things a called. This one is way more simple and childlike than the one we saw earlier. Very cute indeed.

Oh no. Double trouble. These two have been terrorising the neighbourhood and matching tattoos along the way. The text looks cool and adds an extra element to this simple design.

Well, this is cool. They look great as separate tattoos but look even better when you join them together to complete the piece. This looks pretty fresh and that spot is notorious for being quite tender.


Two strong hearts tattoo in solid black on the shoulder. Small, simple and effective.

I love the position of these matching tattoos. The only thing with tattoos on the finger is that they take time to heal becuase of the movement and sometimes even loose alot of ink in the healing process. So be careful.

A couple of cute broach inspired love hearts featuring some cartoon sweet hearts. It’s a great start to a full sleeve and leaves a lot for the artist to add to.

What’s better than half an avocado. A full one and this is saying I would share my avocado with you, baby. The actual tattoo has been done to almost perfection. The shading and the line work is amazing.

I wonder how they decided who was the bow and who was the arrow. These twin sisters can not survive without out each other. One is the catalyst for the others mischievous adventures.

I think this is a Harry Potter reference or something from the wicker. It’s some sort of resurrection stone from one of the movies.

Butterflies anyone. These two have done alright with a rabble of butterflies in mid-flight. I like the way have stuck to one color silhouettes.

These boys are having a bit of bromance and decided to get matching hand tattoos. Aw, so cute.

We are all stars exploding into the night. These sisters have matching nautical star tattoos on their shoulders. Its a cool position for a star or round shaped tattoos.

Best friends for infinity and back. These small infinity signs represent this couples friendship to well after the grave and into rebirth again and again.

I don’t know if these tattoos are matching maybe they bumped into each other at a gig and bonded over their love of the looking at the stars.

What’s better than one dragon. Two dragons of course. These lovely ladies love a bit of fantasy in their lives with cute dragons and stars. The coloring not too bright which blends well with the natural tones of the skin.

This looks like two stages of the same tattoo. You will notice the one on the right has more detail and fill than the one on the left.

Another take on the old classic of the cup o phone. These tattoos draw inspiration from the early 20’s. Notice the children’s pea-coat school uniforms.

This is too cute. I love these two little love birds sitting on a perch. The artist has given it such detail with color and shading for a small tattoo.

A little hug from one pointer finger to the other. If this isn’t a tattoo it should be. It’s so fun.

The sun and moon on the same body. And a little bit astronomically correct as the moon rotates around the sun.

The three amigos strolled in with similar ideas for tattoos and came out with this cute trio of sunflowers and moons all in the same position.

This Egyptian themed sun and moon rocks with their lavish draping jewellery. Great line work that just proves that thin lines can create amazing effects. It seems to be a the trend in the tattoo world these days.

Birds of a feather flock together and these girls metamorphosed it into a tattoo to represent their friendship. Cute silhouettes of birds on a wire.

If you look closely at the moon it appears this tattoo is incorporating some pre existing scars into the work. This is so clever and adds definition to the piece.


Diamonds are a girls best friends. This tattoo is a common finger tattoo and you can see why. It looks gangster AF.

Would you believe me if I told you, your the key to my heart. This was obviously on this couples minds when it came to choosing their ankle tattoos. Nice line work for a simple design.

Buzz Lightyear would be flattered that someone got his famous quote tattooed on themselves. Great line work and little birds give it some added flair.

This is a fun use of bright colors and represents the polarities of life. It looks like someone has done a stencil cut out and uses the inverse as well.

Another take on the cut out heart. Its a lot rougher than the previous one but it still looks good in a totally different sort of way. A very unique take on the dueling hearts.

The classic anchor wrapped in a bow. These two items are used in many traditional style tattoos and these sisters have got a good piece that uses both elements well. The line work and shading give it an embossed look.

A couple of cute little anchors with hearts on the inside of the wrist. The color of the hearts is very interesting and unique.


Text as tattoos looks cool and a good way to mix it up is to break the sentence in two and put them on opposing limbs. Or maybe your bestie can finish the sentence for you.

This group of friends has all got anchors at the same time. Each anchor is a little bit different representing their different personalities yet remaining in unison.

The triple cup o phone. This is super cute. Each tattoo could stand alone and together they look great as well. Very simple and child like.

Music and friendship for life. Matching music clefts is a way of saying that you sing my heart song and share a love for the same bands as I do.

The classic friendship arrow on the biceps. A bicep is a good place for the elongated skinny tattoo as it makes your biceps look bigger if you have any at all.

These girls are taking flight with matching paper planes following the currents of the wind. It’s a nice and simple piece with clean line work.

This pair of Day of the Dead inspired skulls looks like its still in the healing phase. You can see the dead skin starting to protrude from the outline. It’s a nicely detailed job for such a small tattoo.

‘PB ‘n’ J. The classic combination of peanut butter and jelly in tattoo form is a fun way of expressing your everlasting love for your partner or friends.

Sisters stick together. And these two will have something to remember each other by no matter how far they are apart. This font looks great on top of the foot.

This is cool. These almost matching hearts use each other’s personal fingerprints as the fill. It’s a very clever and unique take on the little black heart.

These interlocking hearts remind me of those old puzzles that as a kid. The artist has done a great job. The line work and perspective would have been hard to do.

The infinite heart representing a love that will carry on through the ages. A nice and simple design that works as a stand alone piece.

This is a bold infinity heart. It’s on the wrist which is a great spot for these small and simple tattoos.

A two color infinity heart. Nice and quaint and it uses negative space well.

Another infinity heart that incorporates text. The line work is amazing and I love how the artist has used thick and thin lines to represent these old chums standing by each other through thick and thin.

This is a cute infinity heart that uses fat line work. The skinny lines of the text mix it up a bit and provide texture and balance.

This text seems like it was taken from the couples wedding vows. The spot on the outer edge of the fore arm is a great place for text or long and slender tattoos.

This is kind of bleak and cute at the same time. It uses a font from the movie title of  A Nightmare Before Christmas and works well on the bicep.

The pinky swear was the childhood equivalent of a legal document. These two best friends live and die by the pinky swear.

Roses are red, violets are blue let’s go get drunk, and get a tattoo.

It’s no wonder this unlikely duo has made it onto the skin countless times all over the world. The cartoon developed a cult following by people young and old.


Now this is a handy little tattoo that is complete when these two friends meet.

The lion symbolizes strength and loyalty and the arrow is the symbol for friendship so it makes sense that two chums would get it inked on their forearms.

We all have the wild friend in the bunch and there is always someone who is stuck with the task of looking out for them.

These best friends love ice cream so much they got it tattooed on their arm.

This nice biplane forearm tattoo features tidy line and shading work.

I don’t know the meaning of this symbol but it looks like a rabbit with special needs. When you and your baby love cupcakes it a great idea to get them tattooed on your above your ankle.

This is a very unique tattoo of some hippy looking merman playing banjos. WTF?

Roses are red, violets are blue, lets go get drunk and get a tattoo.

I’m being followed by moon flower, moon flower, moon flower.

A simple yet effective friendship arrow tattoo done with style.

Caption this: “Yay, we got matching tattoos”.

These three girls drink and swear like sailors so they got these anchor tattoo to remind them to get their sea legs on a night out.

It’s tattoo for these best friends. Nothing brings friends close than sitting in a chair and going through extreme pain together.

This is another classic cup o phone.

Have you heard the tale of the rose and the turtle? I haven’t and I don’t even think one exists but as you look at these two tattoos hopefully one forms in your mind.

These two friends be the new PBnJ.

These leg tattoos are so cute.

Only this couple know the meaning behind this tattoo. Perhaps it’s their initials.

Well I haven’t seen Dumbo in while. It’s good to see him turning up in ink on someones skin.

We are all aware of these two friends in the gang.

The cup o phone is ringing again.

Flower power may have been a thing in the sixties and these two besties are calling for a revival.

Here is a tidy tattoo of a Japanese symbol just above the ankle.

I swear by the moon and the stars and the sun.

Dear lord the cup o phone is ringing again.


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