150+ Butterfly Tattoo Designs That’ll Have You In A Flutter


Butterfly tattoos are an attractive option for tattoo devotees the world over. While they’re generally spotted on the female form, men can also be allured by the pull of the butterfly tattoo. If you’re on the hunt for some inspo, check out this list.


This large butterfly on the outer arm captures a colorful, cartoony essence and uses bold black line work to create a vivid yet fun arm piece.

These cascading butterflies down the spine are a great start to bigger piece.  Each butterfly is unique which gives the tattoo a more natural random appeal. 

This colorful arm piece complete with shading in between the butterflies is a fun, colorful and looks great. It also leaves a lot of room to do some add ons later down the track.

This small blue butterfly appears to take inspiration to early 80’s childhood fairy tales. Simple, sweet, and looks great on the scapula.

These butterfly tattoos on the right side rib cage use simplicity and primary colors to it’s advantage. The shading also gives the art work more depth and contour to the shape of the body.

This shin piece appears to draw inspiration from old Aztec Hieroglyphics. Using simple patterns and symmetry to create a beautiful shin piece. The line work is defined and the colors look great.

This is a clever use of the butterflies environment to join the tattoo together to create one complete piece of the butterflies flying around the flower branch. An elegant and understated large back piece. The butterfly on back tattoo is quite popular these days.

The cats meow with a butterfly on his snout. I love the playfulness and use of color in this watercolor butterfly tattoo and its unique line work gives it an alternative appeal.

The butterfly disguised as mistletoe or vice versa. This the perfect size for a standalone shoulder/back tattoo. You can really tell the artist knew their way around the gun with delicate shading and beautiful line work.

Who said butterflies have to be light and colorful? This monarch butterfly tattoo is a solid black piece and looks great on the upper thigh is a great alternative to the cliche bows that everyone seems to have these days.

Legs 11. These two butterfly designs have been waiting for their coloring session for a very long time. The intricate line work looks great and I can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with when it comes time to shading.

A nice little tribal inner forearm piece. Simple yet effective. The understated colors gel well together and the symmetry and line work are very well done.

This butterfly thigh piece looks more like a moth. The artist has done well to incorporate fine detail and blends the colors well. Thigh tattoos look great and sexy but it all depends on the design.

This is skull butterfly tattoo is a unique take and seems to make it a little more masculine than a traditional butterfly tattoo. The artist has done a great job on this piece to give it an Escher type feel.

Another rib piece using multiple butterflies. The artist has maintained uniformity with colour and shape throughout. This makes a very nice starting point for future add-ons.

This butterfly tattoo on the arm uses contrasting colors well. The earthy tones of the butterfly wings somehow look great with the brighter colored under wings.

A nice forearm piece. Not to whimsical, but has tribal undertones and is of a simplistic nature. Sometimes simple works better than the more intricate designs and this one of those occasions.

A nice little finger piece of the classic butterfly we have come to know and love from cartoons. Finger tattoos can look really good or really bad and this one luckily is one of the good ones. Nice line work and shading.

This is a unique take on the traditional butterfly tattoo the unruly shading give it an element of depth and makes the tattoo cover a generous amount of the forearm. It has nice line work and flows beautifully.




This is a big stomach piece that looks great. Awesome use of colors and the patterns really pop off the skin. The colors work well together making this a complete well-done piece.

A small yet simple butterfly on the top of the foot. A very easy design that works well. I also love the positioning of it. Slightly off a screw and fluttering away.


A nice minimalist exoskeleton of a butterfly. Tidy line work and great position on the right side rib cage. It looks great and the angle of the art matches the contours of the body. If you wanted to be a little bit naughty a butterfly tattoo on the ass.

This isn’t the greatest picture but its great spot just on the back of the shoulder. These butterfly and rose tattoos look great together. The x design looks cool and matches well with the flowers. Nice colors and line work there.

A clever use of the inked to create a butterfly with the body of a key. The rough nature of the tattoo really does it justice and looks great as a shoulder piece.

A nice piece for the back of the arm. Perfect size and the contrast of colors works well in that position. The classy butterfly piece with some fine detail in there.

A nice arm piece with the butterfly markings looking like jewels. Nice fat line work and great use of patterns and colors, make this piece work well. An ideal style for that part of the arm.

A simple outline butterfly design. Nice and simple for the inside wrist. It looks cool and it’s very easy to do – if you’re a trained professional obviously. It’s also a great use of negative space; the semi colon butterfly tattoo.

Nice shoulder piece that uses shadows to bring the butterflies to life and make them appear to be hovering above the skin. These 3d butterfly tattoos are cute. This piece has left room for future additions. Nice line work and coloring.

A nice forearm piece with a 3d effect. The shadow has used multi colors which is a really nice effect. The position is a little weird but grows on me the more I look at it.

This sketchy whimsical piece is fun and bright. I like the ethos of coloring outside the lines and it represents the fun and playfulness of the piece. 

This is a cool upper back piece using only one color. The shading and line work are detailed and intricate. It’s more of a moth than a butterfly but looks great none the less. The shading adds an extra level and lifts it off the skin.

This back piece is a beautiful piece of work. The colors are vivid and intricate and the shading makes the butterfly appear lifelike. The white dots really add to the piece and make it look complete.

This back piece gives the illusion of a watercolor painting which is a testament to the artist because replicating watercolors with a tattoo gun is hard. Very Hard. The abstract nature of the piece allows the viewer to perceive it through their own eyes.

I love this ink splatter piece that represents the symbiotic relationship between butterfly and flower. The colors leap off the page and the black line work is amazing. It’s an unusual spot, but it looks better every time I see it.


A nice back piece that has been done with care and precision. The actual butterfly has lovely shadow that makes it come alive and really fly off the skin.


This cool shoulder butterfly tattoo uses the area well and is this is a great technique for a large tattoo that uses negative space well. It uses older style lines to capture the folklore element.

This back tattoo is amazing. This is a unique take on a back tattoo and links well together drawing the eye around the piece. Everything works together to showcase the centerpiece of the tattoo, the large illustrated butterfly in the center of the back.

This is one cool foot tattoo. The pastels look stunning and it looks like the artist has drawn inspiration from early botanical book illustrations. Its cute and easy on the eye.

This is a cool arm tattoo: a little bit street style and the colors gel well together. It’s a very vivid moth arm tattoo.

This is a great hand tattoo and uses darker shades to give off a mysterious look. The diamond is a nice effect. Simple yet effective. The dark maroon really makes the piece stand out from other butterfly tattoos.

This forearm tattoo is larger than life and uses very bold lines and features to make up for the lack of color. It’s quite large for a forearm piece and covers the area adequately.

This is a fun psychedelic hand tattoo that is non-confrontational. It’s just so fun and the colors look great. It has ambiguous visual appeal and allows the person viewing it to get lost and makes their own visuals. 

This underarm tattoo would have tickled a bit. The colors look absolutely beautiful. It’s a nice use of round and curved line work. The yellow and purple go well together and really help elevate the piece.

A beautifully simple design that relies on the unity and color to really bring it on home. The small white bands separate the colored areas which have a slight gradient. A very clean and colorful arm tattoo.


This is a very creative way of blending a butterfly and floral design. The flowers do well and give markings to the butterfly. The black really brings the other colors forward to balance the piece.

This Alice in Wonderland inspired arm tattoo rocks. I love the large colorful patterns and the melancholy look and feel. Everything is a little loft like the butterfly is caught in a draft. If you look closely you can see a heart near the abdomen of the insect.

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I love the use of reds and greens. The dots and symmetry perfectly balance the arm tattoo. The line work is clean and you can see from the definition of the circles that the artist has really mastered their craft.

This inner arm tattoo uses shading to make the image pop off the arm. The lines draw the eye from one section to the other than to main image of the orange butterfly.

Wow, this is a sexy shoulder tattoo. This lady has gone a bit butterfly crazy and the results look spectacular. The tattoos flow well from one piece to another and it’s easy to be mesmerized as your eyes explore the rest of the tattoo.

This is a cute thigh tattoo that marks the magical occasion of a child’s birth. The ink splatters are a nice effect and add to the overall piece to make it look complete.

This matching forearm tattoo uses the autumn palette well. The browns and pinks of the leaves really remind of the season. The moth and dragonfly blend well with leaves that provide the perfect backdrop of the piece.

Another piece of handy work. Ha ha see what I did there. So clever. This is a nice and dainty hand butterfly and flowers tattoo that incorporates natures beauty with rich colors and nice line work. The flowers could be any variety you could even go for a butterfly tattoo with rose.

Well, that’s handy. A handy little butterfly design on the palm. A nice use of solid black line works with minimal detail to give the look of a silhouette.

This tattoo is for the rebel with a soft side. It represents the duality of life. The beauty of living nature and the imminent impending day that we all die. A butterfly has a short life, some of only three days. One can’t help but wonder if death weighs heavily on the butterflies mind.

This surrealist portrait has fine detail contrasting with the simplicity of the butterflies. The colors and design are use contrast but somehow this arm tattoo retains its an overall unity. 

This is a fun. A cool use of size to give depth to the overall side rib cage piece. The face is a cool addition to mix it up from conventional butterflies. It has an oriental persuasion.

The thing that sets this shoulder tattoo apart from others is the intricate shading and color blending. If you look closely you can see the detail gradient and highlights of the red. The and white around the outside really highlights the beauty of the wings.

This is a clever afterthought. It looks like the elephant was done first then the butterfly was done later. A clever way of linking two completely opposite styles together.

This is a cool and colorful psychedelic butterfly shoulder tattoo. The colors really highlight the detail and shading that has gone into the piece. The light outline is a great way of bringing it to life.

I love this butterfly shoulder tattoo. The colors are amazing and the line works denotes a serious edginess. Its a far cry from the colorful whimsical butterfly tattoos we are used to seeing.

I don’t exactly know what is going on here but it is what it is and is worth a look. If you look closely enough you will see a butterfly tattoo in the background on his upper pectoral.

Face tattoos are all the rage with the kids today and are sported by many of their favorite music acts. Whether or not you agree with the positioning of it, this is a cool tattoo with smooth clean lines.

A nice inner wrist tattoo. Simple yet intricate in a lovely shade of blue. A classic butterfly design executed with precision and the fill color is done to perfection.


It’s important to keep small tattoos simple with not too much details as they tend to lose some detail after time progresses. It’s a cute semi colon butterfly tattoo drawn to perfection. This a great example of a small tattoo done right. Unless she has really big ears.

This forearm butterfly tattoo has a great use of highlights and the base color is a really nice subtle tone that is easy on the eye. It displays a very tidy line and detail work.

The semi matching moths on the lower hamstring look great and work well in that area. It’s kind of like a reverse polarity thing with the butterfly on the right using darker shades and the one the left using lighter shades.

The mad fold in a piece. A cool little idea with half and half. The tattoos look great by themselves and even better when together. If you look carefully you will notice the intricate use of color and the slight gradients in the circles.


butterfly tattoo

This shoulder tattoo uses color very nicely. It uses white to make the blue look metallic yet maintaining shape and beauty. The use of shadow gives it three-dimensional effect.

This a watercolor masterpiece that celebrates the woman’s children, it’s great abstract rendition of the classic butterfly. The soft colors and dark linework, work well together.  The dripping ink effect takes this tattoo up a level.


This cute shoulder tattoo was done to precision. A very nice piece of artwork and the artist has maintained symmetry. This is a great example of the use of text to really add style to a tattoo. This a could easily be a butterfly tattoo with names instead of quote.

This rib cage tattoo is a minimal approach to a butterfly tattoo and allows the viewer some space to fill in the blanks. The central core of the tattoo is a nice blue shade and looks good with the undefined edges. Very sassy indeed.

This is a great action piece of a butterfly about to take flight. It’s a great foot tattoo and I really like the positioning. The interesting angle of the shadow completes the piece.



A simple whimsical minimalist design that works well with the slight use of color and surrounding to make the piece look whole and cover some space.

I love this approach for a back tattoo. It really trails down the back nicely and works with the smooth sexy lines of the back. The flowers are a nice touch as well. I wonder if she is going to color it. Either way it looks spectacular.

The flower is the centerpiece of this tattoo. The bright vivacious orange and the purples and blues of the butterfly work well together. This tattoo also leaves a lot of room to be added to.

This is a nice piece just above the ankle tattoo. The classic butterfly in a beautiful shade of blue.

A shoulder tattoo that captures the moment the butterfly is about to take flight. The tattoo artist has left some of the outline exposed so the blue really shines through and the shadow gives it definition.

Above is a beautiful intricate wrist tattoo. It’s a great use of only one color and keeping it simple.


A rabble of blue butterflies as a shoulder tattoo. The differing sizes give the tattoo depth and coverage.

This cool abstract inner forearm tattoo uses color as form rather than relying on an outline. The color works well together and the black ink spatters add depth.

A nice minimalist back tattoo. It’s a very tidy and unique take on the butterfly.

The colors look great framed by the black. The color work on this butterfly is a testament to the artist. The gradient of the colors draws the eye to the outer wings of the butterfly.

Matching wrist tattoos in blue. Blue seems to be the hot color for butterflies. These are nice little tattoos in a cool spot.

Check out this sexy rib cage tattoo that correlates with the contour of the woman’s figure. The text is cool and adds an extra element to the piece.

This is a big wrist tattoo. A nice take rendition of a whimsical butterfly. The purple really pops.

Another sweet wrist tattoo using black as the main color. The shading works give the definition and tone that is needed with the absence of color.

A simple little design with all the trimmings featuring sparkle and swirly lines. It’s very child like and endearing.

Not the greatest photo but the highlight of these butterflies is the very careful line work. It’s quite intricate would have been tedious to do.

A nice simple silhouette styles with some colored sprinkles. It’s a cute tribute to a new born baby.

An off skew wrist tattoo. The curved lines and an interesting use of colors look cool.

A nice little butterfly on a heart. It’s a cute piece for that part of the body.

This butterfly was obviously an after thought to try make the rose look a bit prettier. You can also see where the artist has touched up the colors.

This is a cool piece that uses beautifully drawn lines to create visual fluency and the butterfly is the ice cream on the cake.

A nice back tattoo of a butterfly using the line to portray a natural yet tribal look. The rose is a nice touch and the shadows of petals tie the two pieces together.


This a cool effect. The artist has used a really bright pink as a highlight and has the appearance of the butterfly being illuminated by an exterior light.

I love this. A simple approach that is balanced by the black and the natural skin tone. A cool forearm tattoo.

Wow! A butterfly chandelier, who would have thought? But this design really works well and the side rib cage is a great spot.


This is a unique spin on the butterfly. The smaller butterflies are used to make up the whole image of the butterfly and I like the fact that they have left it “unfinished” to give the appearance of the butterflies flying away.

This simple inner bicep tattoo is cute, well designed and well placed. The inner bicep is a nice area for those who want to be discrete but not too discrete.

butterfly tattoo designs

The colors on this butterfly foot tattoo are electric. The neon colors really bring the tattoo to life and make it unique.

I’d say this is more of a moth, but who cares. It looks amazing. The whole tattoo works seamlessly together as the lines and symmetry coincide with the visual aesthetic. The dot work gives it depth and texture. It’s far from basic.

Another nice single color tattoo that used great line work to convey the artwork and make the back of this guys arm looks great.

This back piece features electric neon colors buzzing away on the butterflies wings as it prepares to take flight.

This a cool Gothic rendition of the classic butterfly that has elements of Indian tapestries. It has very intricate line work and looks amazing on the upper forearm.

This is a cool tattoo. The butterfly still maintains some elements that remind that it was once a caterpillar while demonstrating the metamorphosis of our ever-changing lives.

The more the merrier when it comes to butterflies.  This shoulder/chest piece flows with the contour of the body and draws the eye in with it’s beautiful designs.

These varying butterfly silhouette tattoos are simple and look great as subtle little tattoos on the wrist.


Some more of our favorites when it comes to the butterfly tattoo

A nice big back tattoo that is not intrusive. It sits well with the natural curves of the back and the colors mellow out the whole aesthetic.

Woah damn I love this tattoo. There is so much going in this tattoo and it still looks great. The butterflies are riding on stardust deep into the cosmos.


This shoulder tattoo is a real show stopper.  The 2d black butterflies provide a welcomed contrast to the butterfly of colour. This effect is a really cool way of accentuating the star of the tattoo.


Some people go with wings across the shoulder blades. This lady has gone for the butterflies and flowers and the result is amazing.

This simple tattoo design puts the butt in butterfly.

The monarch butterfly tattoo done perfection x3.

This arm tattoo is a sure fire winner. From the intricate detail of the flower to the immaculate line work and shading this tattoo is 10 out 10 in my books.

Who the hell is Vida? I know!!! She’s the girl that inspired someone to get a tattoo.

This is another blue and pink butterfly tattoo combo inked on the side of her back.

This back tattoo reminds of skipping through a field of flowers while butterflies fly around on the tails of the draft.

I’m not sure what’s going on here but it works.

This geometrical butterfly tattoo is a little bit cosmic and a little bit cool.


Splash me in color and take me to the meadows of whimsy.

This tattoo looks like it’s half phoenix and half butterfly. Let them rise from the ashes and reach for the stars.

Let’s get creative and do some painting. This hip tattoo is so cool. I love the two different styles of wings.

A monarch in the garden is worth two in on the hip.


I think I’m nearly out of creative things to say about butterfly tattoo except that I compiled this list for your viewing pleasure and maybe get some ideas for your next tattoo.

Come ah come ah come ah come ah come ah Amelia.

This one lower back tattoo has some crazy colors and I can’t decide whether I like it or not.

This robin is rocking in the Elvis pose hence the crown.

Guess what? Another tattoo of a butterfly on the ankle. It’s a pretty cute tattoo.

This person has taken the classic flowers and butterfly tattoo to the next level. I love the larger than life rose. The tattoo artist has done a great job on this piece.

This cool little pink butterfly tattoo with nice calligraphy is a nice and flowing leg design.

My neck, my back, tattoos of butterflies are not whack.

If you separate the hands it works as a solo piece of a butterfly in side view and together they form the top view. This is very creative indeed.

This tattoo has bit of everything. It kind of reminds of the yellow submarine animations of the famous Beatles song.

I love the colors and the shadowing on this bright back tattoo.

This lady ate a butterfly and it got stuck down her neck.

This is a cute little lower leg butterfly tattoo with a nice colorful gradient. Thumbs up.

I have to say out of all the butterfly tattoos in this list the black ones seem to appeal to me the most.

Does anyone know what a proboscis is? Well you do now because I’m about to tell you. It’s the elongated snout that butterflies and other insects use to feed.

When in doubt go for these colors. They always work well together on any tattoo.