125 Of The Best Cat Tattoos Ever!


Cats are believed to be the oldest domesticated animals in the world. They also have a long, rich history in cultural symbolism, especially with the ancient Egyptians. Some cultures believed that having a cat was a status symbol of sorts and were usually only owned by the wealthy. In fact, Egyptian hieroglyphics have been found depicting cats as god-like creatures that were adorned in gold and jewels. In later times, having a common house cat wasn’t enough. People began purchasing bigger, more exotic cats – like lions, tigers and panthers as their pets. Again, only the wealthy could afford a pet like that so maybe there is something to the old belief that cats are only for the wealthy!

Cat were also believed to be incarnations of important goddesses in various cultures. If you were to research most cultures extensively, you would likely find that people believed in the divine presenting themselves in feline form. The Egyptians believed that cats were an incarnation of a moon goddess and therefore, they were highly revered. The Romans believed that cats were an incarnation of Diana, the goddess of motherhood, so cats were very respected in that culture as well.

However, cats were not always revered as symbols of divinity. Some cultures associated cats with the occult and witchcraft, both of which were punishable by death. In the Middle Ages, Europeans believed that cats were omens of death and misfortune. Because cats have traditionally been the pets of choice for people who were believed to be witches, it is no wonder that cats got a bad rap from people who feared witchcraft and dark-sided things. That said, black cats were thought to be especially evil simply because of their color! Black cats are not really bad luck, although this superstition remains prevalent in virtually every country in the world today. Let’s take a look at some other myths about cats and see how much truth there is to any of them.

Four Cat Myths – Debunked

Cats have nine lives.

Like any other living creature, cats only have one life. This rumor probably got started by the ancient Egyptians and other cultures who believed gods were reincarnated as cats over and over, thus seeming like nine times. Cats are also notorious for surviving falls, captivity in small spaces and many other dangerous situations as well, making them seem a bit immortal.

Cats are nocturnal.

Nope – cats are not nocturnal. They tend to be most active at dusk and dawn – which makes them crepuscular. Cats do have amazing vision in low-light situations, but they cannot see in total darkness, much like their human counterparts. Some cats may change their routines to match their owner’s, meaning they may become more active during the day and less active at night – much like people!

Cats do not get along with other animals.

There actually may be some truth to this one. Cats do prefer to be the only animal in the home because they tend to be very territorial and private. Introducing another animal – be it cat or dog – into the environment likely will not sit well with a cat because they are used to being in charge of their space. On the other hand, cats who are raised together and live together as adults do fare better when it comes to relationships, but there will always be a bit of friction between them throughout their adult lives.

Cats absolutely need milk in their diet.

Actually, cats do not need milk and it could do them more harm than good. As they age, most cats become lactose-intolerant, which means milk can make them sick. All cats need is a good brand of cat food that contains lots of vitamins and nutrients to provide them with a balanced diet to help them thrive.

More Interesting Cat Facts

  • The first year of a cat’s life is equal to 15 human years, in terms of development.

  • Cats cannot taste sweetness.

  • Cats sweat through the pads of their feet.

  • A purring cat doesn’t always mean a content cat. They also purr when feeling stressed, excited or sick as well.

  • Cats rub against people to mark their territory – not because they particularly like them.

  • Black cats are symbols of good luck in the United Kingdom and Australia.

  • Cats have 24 more bones than humans and can rotate their ears 180 degrees.

  • Cats use their whiskers for navigation, sensing their surroundings and recognizing danger, not for balance.

  • Cats close their eyes when happy or content – not just when they are napping.

  • Cats can make 100 different sounds, compared to dogs who can only produce about 10.

  • Cats can jump five times their height.

  • Most cats sleep around 16 hours per day, which is 70% of their lives.

  • Pregnant cats reach full term gestation in about nine weeks, compared to a human’s nine months!

  • Like Eskimos, cats greet each other by rubbing noses together – assuming they are in the mood to be friendly!

  • Domesticated cats have been around for 3,000+ years.

  • Cats have 30 teeth – and they are super sharp!

As you can see, cats are pretty cool for a lot of reasons. It is no wonder so many people have them as pets or can relate to them on some level. In fact, some people think that cats are so cool that they want to have them tattooed on their skin. Here’s a pictorial overview of some of the best cat tattoos that we have found.

This is an interesting cat tattoo because it is very different from what you would expect a cat to look like. It has all the feline features and characteristics, but it could be a cartoon or even an alien cat. The mystery about what it actually is only adds to the coolness of this design.
This gorgeous cat tattoo is likely a tribute to someone’s beloved pet. The fur, whiskers and eyes on this cat are so realistic, you might expect to hear him purr! The blue background really makes this design pop, while the ball of yarn at the bottom adds a great punch of color.

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This beautiful tattoos pays tribute to both a pig and a cat. Notice the realistic features on their faces created by shaded details. The pretty flowers surrounding the two add a nice touch and lots of details to this piece. The words “There is no difference” probably means the wearer owns both a pig and a cat and is of the opinion that pigs are not a source of food, but pets just like a cat would be.
We don’t know why this cat looks so angry – or bloody – or injured, but it seems like he is not having a good day at all.
This cat tattoo features a very regal creature dressed in Egyptian garb. He is probably the Cat King of something because he is very fancy with his scarf, earring and eye makeup. The wearer of this tattoo may be of Egyptian heritage and is paying tribute to that through this unique cat tattoo.
Awww. Who said cats do not like to cuddle? This lovely little cat tattoo features two cats – one black and one white – cuddled together to form a nice, tight, warm ball. Maybe these cats are siblings. Maybe they are a couple. Maybe they are BFFs. Regardless of their relationship to each other, they are cute and cuddly for sure.
This cat tattoo is super cool because it looks like the cat is poking its head through the wearer’s skin. The details of the face, eyes and whiskers are extremely life-like and create a very realistic effect. The interesting thing about this cat tattoo is the third eye in the forehead area. The Third Eye comes from a Hindu belief that everyone has a third eye in their forehead area that deals with deeper wisdom and the ability to sense the unseen.
Even though we do not know the story behind this cat tattoo, we still love it because it is so unique. The cat itself is gorgeous and has a long mane under its chin, a realistic nose and beautiful multicolored eyes. The blue and pink paint splatters of the background put emphasis on the outline of the cat in the center, drawing the eye in.,
What is better than a beautiful grey cat with gorgeous green eyes? A beautiful grey cat with gorgeous green eyes hiding in a garden of colorful flowers! We love this design because it is so colorful and so well done that you can almost picture this scene in your mind in real life. This definitely must be a tribute to someone’s beloved pet.
Half cat, half bionic feline! The best of both worlds, for sure. The cat half is very realistic and features perfect shading and life-like details in the fur and whiskers. The bionic feline half looks just like something out of a sci-fi movie. Super nerdy, yet super cool.
We have not seen many black cat tattoos yet. Perhaps, that’s because of some of the superstitions we spoke of earlier in this piece. This cat tattoo seems to agree with the beliefs that black cats are associated with the occult, Wicca and Paganism due to the pentagram appearing on the collar. On a side note, the pink inside his ears and the gorgeous green eyes really bring this interesting tattoo to life.
Here’s an interesting cat tattoo that features the side profile of the head instead of the actual face. Isn’t he gorgeous? His long neck gives a very regal appearance and the wispy lashes and whiskers add a soft, yet very artsy touch. This cat seems to be wearing eyeliner, which makes him even more mysterious. We do not know who he is, but we think you will agree that he’s quite fancy!
Mirror, mirror on the wall – who’s the most gorgeous cat of all? Why, you are, beautiful calico one! Even though the cat image in this tattoo is quite basic of any other calico cat, it’s the gorgeous ornate mirror with jewels that make it beautiful. Perhaps this cat tattoo is a tribute to someone’s beloved pet that enjoys looking at himself in the mirror.
This adorable cat tattoo is a perfect example of how tattoos do not have to be elaborate to be beautiful. This simple outline drawing perfectly depicts a cat in its natural form using just a few soft lines. It is almost elegant in its simplicity and that’s why we adore it!
These fun little cat tattoos are the perfect tributes to that special pet in your life. The black and white one seems to be indifferent about being immortalized in ink on its owner’s arm while the grey one looks almost afraid! We do not know these cats, but we are sure they are loads of fun to be around – even if only in tattoo form.
Everyone knows cats are stealthy creatures and this one portrays that role perfectly. The face is done in random blank shapes that almost look like a paint-by-number design. He is peeking out from behind what looks like a wall – keeping a watchful eye on his owner. This tattoo would be beautiful colored in, especially the eyes.
Everyone can relate to Alice In Wonderland. If you did not read the book as a child, you surely saw the movie. This fun cat tattoo pays tribute to the Cheshire Cat character in the story and features his wide, toothy grin. A quote from the story appears at the bottom of the design and reads, “We are all mad here.”
Have you ever seen a punk rock cat? We haven’t either, but this guy is definitely the coolest of the cool cats. He’s sporting a leather jacket, graphic tee, rocker belt, animal print leggings and hip combat boots. He even has on studded shades and is playing an electric guitar! The mohawk hair do is the perfect finishing touch to his rock star ensemble.


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