173 Big, Bold and Bad ass Chest Tattoo Designs to Feast Your Eyes On


Chest Tattoo Designs

Here are some amazing chest tattoo designs to feat your eyes on. The chest is one of the largest areas on the body to get a tattoo done and if you want to fill up the whole area you should get ready for some serious time in the chair. We have compiled a list of 173 chest tattoos large and small, to provide you with some inspiration for your next chest tattoo.


It’s Time to Sail Away on a Magical Journey of Chest Tattoos

Ship tattoos are quite popular and represent the swashbuckling freedom of explorers and pirates alike. This is a huge chest tattoo that covers the full expanse of the abdomen.  It looks like it has been done over a fair expanse of time and has been added to gradually.

A Cog in the Machine

This chest tattoo features many different cogs and is a constant reminder that we are all cogs in the machine trying to break free and live our true purpose.

The Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is home to sushi, fast trains and a distinct style of art that has filtered into the western tattoo scene. These guys have chest tattoos of Japanese inspired dragons that seep over to the sleep. If you are getting a chest tattoo it’s a good idea to leave it open to be added to later. You might decide that want to cover your shoulders and arms and make a big old mural.

East Meets West

In eastern culture, the dragon represents strength, wisdom, and power.  There are a variety of different dragons that have different meanings and it’s interesting to look into. In some cultures, dragons represent darkness and evil. Either way, they make for great tattoo’s and there is a myriad of styles to choose from. Do your research and discover the dragon that will suit your personality or aesthetics.

Pectoral Pieces of Art

Chest tattoos don’t have to expand over the whole chest or even begin in the center. This guy has opted for a pectoral piece featuring a dragon and tiger. It’s such a fierce combination of animals that bring out the inner power within.

Chinese Dragon

This guy has a Chinese dragon chest tattoo. In the Chinese culture, dragons are a representation of power, strength and, fear. This huge tattoo features detailed and colorful work that spans across his chest and abdomen. It’s a tidy piece of work that would have taken a really long time and many man-hours to complete.

This is another classic Chinese dragon with smoke emanating from the nostrils. It’s quite a popular style in the tattoo world. As you can see the tail the spirals around the arm and into another Asian inspired samurai design. It a cool way of linking one tattoo to the other.

Duality of Pectorals

Here is a nice chest tattoo that features two different tattoos that cascade onto the shoulder while meeting head-on in the sternum region. If you look closely they have very cute and dainty flowers in their ears.

The Beast from Below

This is one badass dragon that’s climbing onto this guys chest. The eyes are spitfire red and look like they will burn holes through your body. It’s a very tidy piece of art using only two colors.

Deer Skull Madness

This is my favorite one so far although we aren’t very far down the list. This an amazing chest tattoo of stag skull that incorporates a crow’s feathers that form the left ears. Mind=Blown.

Dragons are a popular choice for chest tattoos.

Japanese Style

The above tattoo has been done in a Japanese style made famous by the notorious Yakuza gang of Japan. The Yakuza first formed in the early 1600’s and are famous for their full body tattoos featuring ancient Japnese artworks. They often get their full bodies adorned in tattoos that are done the old fashioned way with a steel needle or bamboo.

Stone the Crows

What an amazing sight. This a unique and interesting chest tattoo. I love how the artist has inverted the circles on each shoulder. There are so many objects in this tattoo but it really ties together well.

Elementary Elephant

My god that is a big tattoo. Don’t worry about the elephant in the room, look out for the elephant on this guy. Elephants are a noble, strong and powerful beast and their tattoo represent something along the lines according to these traits. Oh yeah, and they look super cool.


And the Birds flew North

Here are is cool ink to sate your eyes. Here are some very nice chest tattoo of birds. Well crows as a matter of fact and these dark and mysterious birds represent, love, and the days yet to be had. The owl, on the other hand, is the almighty power and the almighty wise bird of the bunch. The sketch style chest tattoo done below is rockin’.

Center Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos can come in a variety of different alignment and orientations. A centre chest tattoo focuses on the tattoo on the ceter or sternum of the chest.

Left Side Chest Tattoo

This chest tattoo is off camber from the sternum and is sitting nicely on the left pectoral. It’s a good idea to think about placement when designing your tattoo because some pictures will naturally look better in different places onthe body.

Heart Beats and Angels Flutter

Whatever that means. This is a cool tattoo using the skin’s natural tone as the rays of light radiating from the heart.


Outline Time

When embarking on the journey of getting a large chest tattoo the first part is usually getting the outline done. The above tattoo has really intricate line work. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it has had the color work done.

Wing Tattoo

The wing tattoo is a symbol of flight, freedom, and overcoming obstacles. The chest and the back are the most common places to get wings although the feet and ankles are also a great spot for wings also.


Say a Little Prayer for Me

Wings are associated with angels and angels are associated with heaven or hell. Angels are also associated with protection and being watched over by a ethereal being.

King of the Angels

The crown with wings can portray flight and power. As you can see above this tattoo is partially complete. The wings are yet to be shaded but if the outline is anything to go by this chest tattoo is going to look amazing.


Religious Mural

The chest tattoos have a large area to cover and you could even say it’s a wall for a mural tattoo. The above tattoo features art from early religious pictures. The detail is quite intricate and it’s spectacular.

Balance Is Key

Balance is key to a happy life. Like the ying and the yang, these scales represent the good and the evil, the input and output of life.

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Angel Tattoo

Angels are the protector between heaven and earth. This angel is seen praying to the fallen. See the halo above her head that uses the negative space of the skin color. It’s a clever way of using negative space.

Negative Space

Using negative space, rather than color is great for when your only using black for your tattoo. It creates depth and dimension and really brings a tattoo to life.

The Inner Goth

This tattoo really exemplifies the neo-goth movement featuring an angel with a gas mask clutching what appears to be a weird doll. It’s a very interesting chest tattoo and has been executed to perfection.

Angel Of Life

This angel is the protector of the heart. She is the one who watches over us when we embark on the journey of life. It also means that if you are guided by your heart you will never be lost.

Geometric Tattoo

These tattoos rely on repetition and form rather than spectacular images. Geometric tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and can be traced back to the mandalas in India. Mandalas first appeared in Hindu and Buddhism religion and represent the universe. Each different mandala represents a different diety and aspect of the world.


Scratch Style

This tattoo uses scratch or sketch style to create some nifty looking wings and is looks great as a chest tattoo. Don’t you think?

Sailor Jerry

Norman Keith Collins also nicknamed Sailor Jerry is one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world. He coined this style and was a prominent figure in the tattoo world in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Sailor Gerry was responsible for many tattoos on sailors at the time and his style has been emulated throughout the years. He even has a brand of rum named after him as his legacy continues on today.

Panther and Roses

Here you can see a panther done in the famous Sailor Gerry style. This distinct style lends itself to bright vivid colors. Sailor Jerry was famous for experimenting with colors and he even created his own pigments by mixing colors.

Soaring Like an Eagle

The bald eagle is an American icon and has been the subject of many tattoos. The eagle represents courage and focus and makes a damn fine tattoo.


Truth, Justice and The American Way

The eagle tatoo also stands for truth and justice. America has adopted the bald eagle on their emblem and is the totem animal for many Native tribes.


Owl Tattoos

Owl tattoos are probably one of the most common bird tattoos of the bunch. It would be a close tie between the eagle, the crow and the owl. An owl tattoo usually mean wisdom and foresight.

If You Can’t Grow Them

If you can’t grow wings and fly the second best option is to get them tattooed on your chest. Perhaps you’re a wayward angel that lost their wings forced to roam the earth with mortals until you redeem yourself.

Serious Ink

Some people are really serious about their ink. This guy definitely is and is covered has covered in tattoos. He has spent alot of money and alot of time in the chair resulting in some nice art work. The tirbal tiger is a great chest tattoo.

A Dagger Through the Heart

This tattoo represents a heart that is broken and as it mends stronger than ever before and elevates this man to be stronger and more resilient to cruel and beautiful world of love.


Dare to be Bare

Omg, this is my second favorite tattoo. Or is it my first? I can’t decide, either way, this a beautiful chest tattoo that uses color that blend well while looking amazing.

A Blend of Style

This tattoo demostrates that you can blend styles effectively if you choose the right elements. It’s not how you do it, it’s the way it’s contructed and it looks great.

The Moth

This big old moth chest tattoo is a fine piece of work. Moth tattoos represent transformation as the moth transforms from a grub to a beautiful creature with expansive wings.

The Old Chestnut

This tattoo has been replicated in some way or another countless times. The bikers adopted the wings and skull as their crest and the chest is the perfect spot for it.


Abstract Art

Abstract art tattoo is ambiguous and allows the observer to make their own interpretations. The above piece is open to interprestation. The art work is very well done and it’s fine example of what can be done with a needle and ink.

This is an abstract chest tattoo that combines the human eye with the gears of a clock leaving the viewer to interpret it as they please.

Heart Beat

The heartbeat and time have been associated by the beating heart is relevant to the ticking of clock. As the heart pumps without missing a beat so do watches. Well until they break of run out of battery. haha.

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the tiger is the famous song from the movie Rocky. Who can forget the training montage that ends with him running up the stair with his arms raised in the air for victory.

Get in Touch with your Tribal Side

Tribal tattoos were very popular in the early ninties and slowly subsided. They are making a come back and recent years. Tribal tattoos are a great way of covering large areas and they are fun to have a go at designing one yourself.


Octopus Tattoos

The octopus represents complexity, mystery and the diversity of life. They are also one of the smartest creatives in the ocean and have been known to able to unscrew lids of jars to get food.

Negative Space

Instead of color trying using the negative and the tone of your skin to create interesting tattoos. Using negative space not only looks cool but acts an extra element to place with when designing your tattoo.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan was a great film and this guy obviously love it enough to get this extremely detailed chest tattoo.


This owl has been done in the Sailor Jerry Motif.

Here is a tattoo that has been executed nicely in the Japanese style.

Rockin Robin

Rockin Robin tweet tweet. The robin has transformed the innocent singing creature into a beautiful beast.

The Mystic

Mystics have long been apart of different cultures throughout the world. They were generally sought after for advice and to predict the future of a battle won or lost.


Old School Cool

These old-school cool chest tattoo are amazing and it just goes to show that some things never change. If it works, why mess with it.

Collage Coalition

Collage tattoo use elements from all aspects of life and do that don’t neccesarily mean anything but that look great so who cares.

Gypsy Rover

This gyspsy chest tattoo uses different elements to create the mural. The gyspy is renowned for their ability to look into the future.

Native American Tattoos

Native American tattoos were very popular before everyone got so polictally correct. Now for a person to wear one is quite a taboo.


Deconstructed Eagle

This interesting chest tattoo is of an eagle. One could percieve it as the breaking down of the American moral standard of truth and justice.

Bat Shit Crazy

This chest tattoo of the bat is a bit loco, as in crazy. But it looks really cool none the less. One thing I love about the tattoo is the choice of colors. The deep greens and blues which are apparently not to be seen together work like charm.


Samurai Love

This tattoo is the depiction of a samurai love story that has echoed through the ages and has been passed down from generation to generation.


Wild Horses

Just like the Neil Young song these horses are wild. Wildly cool that is. This is an interesting tattoo and encompasses many uniques elements.

And the Ships be Sailing

It’s hard to get over the detail of this work. The artist has done an amazing job on this chest tattoo and has all the elements of a briliant piece of art.

Never Look Back

Never look back is really good advice as you don’t want to live in the past. Live in the now and make plans for the future.

Fine Outlines

As a tattoo takes shape and outline is complete you can  really use your imagination to see what the fill will look like. Sometimes it’s good to get the outline done first and then you have time to deliberate and ponder which fill colors you might want to use.

The Owl and Snake

The mighty owl is one of that birds that can take down the dangerous snakes of the world. They can often be seen preying in the high trees waiting for the opportune moment to swoop down and seize their prey.

The Classic Coy

The coy fish has been featured in tattoos throughout asia and as slowly made its way over to the western world in last half century.


Chalk Styles

This owl chest tattoo has been done in chalk/ sketch styles as the colors fade into each other creating an ambigous lines and color between the elements.



More Dragons

This tattoo is a unique take on the Chinese dragon and has been done to perfection.

Ramblers and Gamblers

Roll the dice and take the ride of life.


Big and Bold

The following tattoos are big and bold using black as there primary color and use minimal shading creating a very deep and dark look.


Wolf Tattoos

Wolves have a symbolism as a spiritual guide and this was the belief of the Native American Indians.


Text and Tattoos

The text is a great way to add an extra element and meaning to your tattoo. Some people get quotes from their favorite books and others get something personal. All in all it’s totally up to the person getting the tattoo.

More Wings and Things for Your Viewing Pleasure.


Anamorphic Designs

Anamorphic designs have been derived from ancient tribes that used animals as spirit guides and representations of certain cultural icons and values.


The Day of Dead

The Mexican Day of the Dead inspired artwork has made its way into the tattoo world and there is a good reason for it. It looks totally amazing.

Chest and Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos have become more popular or recent times as rappers and artists alike have been adorning them. Why not start with a chest piece and then add to it so it creeps up your neck.

The Gamble of Life

Card and dice tattoos are quite common and represent the risk that we take in life. Whether it be at the casino or in our everyday life. Don’t be afraid to take risks as they can lead to great fortune. Fortune favors the brave.


Motorcycle Culture

Motorcycle gangs and tattoos are like coffee and cigarettes. They go hand in hand as bikies from around the world all sport tattoos.

Crest on the Chest

Crest make great tattoos, especially chest tattoos. They usually contain certain element of symetry that look great spanning across the chest.

Note to Self

Self affirmations are quite common in tattoos and when you look in the mirror and see you affirmation it’s a good way to keep your head up and get on with it.

The Maple Leaf

Here is one proud Canadian sporting a very maple leaf chest tattoo.

Family Ties

Blood is thicker than water and these tattoos are a reminder that family is one of the most important people in our lives.


This chest tattoo is a bit scary yet I cannot look away. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


The Tools of An Artist

Here is one dedicated artist representing the tools of his trade in a big and bold chest tattoo.




Oh the Horror

This one scary tattoo. The demons face on the left pectoral has a menacing look and is clutching the hand that is keeping the skulls secret.

The Mural

This is a mural of old london town. The detail is quite intricate and the artist has done a bang up job of it.

Geometric Love

This geometic chest tattoo uses color and shape to give the appearance of depth. It almost looks like it’s popping off the skin.


Like Clockwork

Another chest tattoo over the heart sybolizing the relationship between the beating heart and the tick of a clock.


Colorful Creations

Am I on a DMT trip. This tattoo is amazing and features a very colorful depiction of what can be seen when traversing the astral plane while under the influence.


Strap on your Armour and Get Ready for Battle

The Crest is Best

Here is a Scottish inspired crest that uses all elements of the Scottish culture.

Family First, Second, and Third

Lilo and Stich

Does anyone remember this classic tale between two unlikely friends and their quest to stay together? Its a heartfelt movie and worthy of a tattoo.

An Ode to Children

Wow here is  a cute tattoo that has the footprints and names of this mans child.

The Crow

The is a symbol of mystery and wisdom all rolled into one. The dark birds are renowned for being clever.

Bold Lettering

This chest tattoo features some seriously big lettering. Not all tattoos have to have pictures. Sometimes the word is all it takes to get the message across.

The Art of Color

These next few tattoos are a prime example of how color can really bring a tattoo to life. They use well-matched colors to the best effect.

Silhouette Dreams

Silhouettes make for great tattoos and leave a lot to the imagination.

Getting Tribal

New Zealand’s Maori people have been sporting big bold tribal tattoos and they were used to create fear in their enemies. Maori’s are famous for their face tattoos and some of them even get their tongues tattooed.

A Mystical Vision

The imagination is the limit to your tattoo. Not all tattoos have to make sense and some of the best ones are rather ambiguous like the one featured above.

3D Tattoos

Tattooing is a 2D medium but tattoo artist use certain techniques so the tattoos can be perceived as 3D

A Deer in the Headlights

Here is another fine example of a deer chest tattoo.

Nautical Star

The nautical star has been a staple in the tattoo industry for quite some time and represents the navigation of life.

Well, you made it to the bottom of the list. Hopefully, you have gained some valuable insight and inspiration into the world of chest tattoos. So when it comes time to get your tattoo you will be armed with a bunch of ideas for your chest tattoo. Whatever you choose always remember that tattoos are permanent so you better love the design.


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