156 Collarbone Tattoo Designs That You’ll Be Daring to Bare


The collarbone is a very specific and interesting place to get a tattoo. The collarbone area provides a specific contour that can be enhanced by tattoos and they can look fantastic. It ones of those areas that can be quite painful but the pain is worth when you see the final result.

Branches of Humanity

Tattoos were apart of ancient cultures dating back to the 4th millennium BC. They have been found on defrosted ice man and even on mummies from way back when. Ancient societies all across the world have used tattoos as a representation of status and also for deep and powerful spiritual reason. It was a matter of time before they made their way over to the west and since then have flourished to what they are today. The tattoo industry is huge as more and more people feel the need to express themselves through body art.


A Whale of Time

I’m loving this whale as a collarbone tattoo. It looks as though it’s swimming peacefully in the ocean. The whale is a large majestic mammal of the sea and the tattoo represents grace and poise.


Text Collarbone Tattoo

Text looks great along the collarbone as it runs along the natural contour of the bone. It’s a cool way of getting one of your favorite quotes permanently on your body.


Flower in Bloom

This is a very nice piece of work using a sketch style paired with watercolors. I’m not sure what kind of flower this is because I’m not a botanist but who cares, it looks great.


The Mirror Effect

Collarbone tattoos are a great place to use the mirror effect as they are on both sides separated by the sternum. The space between the tattoo leaves something to the imagination.


Simplicity and Nature

Flowers don’t have to always contain color to look good. As you can see from the above tattoo. This is a nice little collarbone tattoo that has been executed nicely to create a cute little piece of art.


To the Moon and Back

Fill in the blanks. I don’t think it has to do with space travel either. This is a very nice sentiment for the person it’s intended for.

Branches and Nature

If you think of the human skeleton as nature everything seems to branch off the spine. So it’s only natural that collarbone tattoos frequently contain the use of nature in particular branches of tree or bush.


Back in Black

There is something about using only black that is attractive to many people who get tattoos. Just because it’s one color doesn’t mean it has to be simple or bland. As you can see in the above tattoo. It’s a quite intricate and detailed piece of what I believe may be a thistle.


Line and Color

Line and color in even balance are often used in great works of art to convey a certain meaning or message. This is collarbone tattoo is no different.


High Energy

Above is some simple text using the word energy. The text and the meaning of the word are represented by the font used. It’s nice little piece of work.



This lady has a part of a letter hand written by her child then had it tattooed permanently on her skin. It’s very cute and original at the same time.

Love Goes Where the Roses Grow

Here some nice little symetrical roses perched nicely on the collarbones. This collarbone tattoo is quaint and cute with perfect placement.



Cursive Font

This is a very nice and fluent cursive font and is the signature of her partner. It sits perfectly on the collarbone and is cute way of expressing her dedication to the love of her life.


One Color One Love

I’m talking about tattoos here. This tattoo is nicely done using a fine outline and sometimes that is all you need. Less is more, more or less.


I have no idea what urdently means but I am in love with font they have used. It looks like a school child that has just learned cursive and has miss spelled the word urgently.

America! F@#K Yeah!

Another proud American getting some ink to make a statement of their love of their country. Politics aside, America is a beautiful country with vast and expansive landscapes that are truly diverse.

Good Advice

Follow your joy. This collarbone tattoo reinforces the message and if I were walking by her in the street it would definitely bring a smile to my face. God bless her cotton socks.


Branching Out

Like a tree, we as humans should branch and explore the many facets of life and that includes tattoos. Don’t be afraid to explore new territory when it comes to tattoos as you may find out that you love it.

Not Need for Interpretation

I have no idea what this collarbone says or even means, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the individual is happy and understands the meaning and is happy with the end result.

Me and You

This is a great way of expressing love for your partner without the embarrassment of having your partners name tattooed on your skin even after you break up.

Origami Bird

This is a bit meta. The origami bird is a fantastic idea. Origami is a Japanese past time and is the art of folding paper into different shapes. It is used as a form of meditation and it provides decoration for various festivals.

A Whole Bunch of Kisses

Kisses and hugs represent love and this lady is full of it and has some x collarbone tattoos. Not the X as in ex lover but the good kind. Kisses.


To Fern or Not to Fern

Yolo. Yes of course fern. These ferns look amazing as a collarbone tattoo and sit nicely on the contour of the bone.


Everyone’s a Comedian

Well, maybe not everyone but this guy certainly is. Sometimes tattoos are done as dare or on a drunkin whima and sometimes they are the most fun.


No Fear

Be fearless in the face of adversity is a great skill that can take many years to aquire. For some it comes naturally and to those we solute.

The Old Pocket

This is an interesting ode to a fallen comrade collarbone tattoo. In the west or the countryside everyone carries a pocket knife because you never know when you might need one.

Fly High

Don’t be afraid to fly like a bird or soar like an eagle. A collarbone tattoo can represent that you a carefree.


She Be Comin Round the Mountain When She Comes

Mountain tattoos represent strength and stillness. Or it may just be a tribute to one of her favorite places in the world. The Colorado Rockies. Just like the John Denver song.


The Classic Rose

The rose tattoo is said to represent balance and protection due to its sharp thorns. It’s also the name of a seminal Australian rock band that was prolific in the 1980’s fronted by the small, bald, and energetic front man Angry Anderson.


Sketch at Best

This is a nice little flower collarbone tattoo that uses the sketch style and it uses it well. Simpe and effective. How can you go wrong?

Cool AF

Babe does look super cool now that she has nice collarbone tattoo with an endearing quote from her lover.


The Bible Never Lies

Or maybe it does but it doesn’t matter. The bible is full of cool quotes that can transferred to your life regardless of whether your religious or not.


The Vast Expanse

If you want something a little more prominent, a little more out there get a full piece that goes all the way across the chest from collarbone to collarbone.


Favorite Flowers

The flower power movement of the 60’s may well be dead and buried but lives on through getting some permanent ink. These flower look very familiar. I especially love the flowing petals.

Small and Cute

Here is a fine example of a small and cute collarbone tattoo and proves that bigger isn’t always better.


The Whole Hog

This guy has utilized the whole colorbone and as the text follows the contour of the collarbone it creates a natural tattoo necklace. It’s better than bling because you can’t lose it.


A Rose on the Shoulder is Worth One Hundred In a Vase

Above is a simple sketch of rose on the shoulder. It quite subtle but works all the same.

The Lover Who’s Bird Has Flown

The lover who’s bird has flown catches nothing only grains of sand. Well that is what the lyrics of the famous deep purple song predicate.

Anchors for Days

The anchor tattoo was popular with the Navy and seamen alike. In this case, it means stability and sturdiness. These are all characteristics that everyone should possess or at least aim to possess.

An Arrow Through the Heart

Wow! This is an accurate drawing of a heart with an arrow going straight through it. If you look closely the arrow is a paint brush which would lead one to think that this guy is an artist.


Hearts Are a Beating

This is a tattoo of a babies her babies heartbeat that has is registered on the machine that detects the heatbeat of an unborn babie and transduces it to an electronic signal. It’s so cute.


Match Stick Puzzle

We’ve all tried them. Puzzles where you have to move one match stick to create a certain shape. Why not get one as a tattoo and bust it out at a party. But guess what there is no moving these match sticks. They are staying right where they are.


Butterfly me Away

Here is a nice butterfly collarbone tattoo that sits nicely on the collarbone. The artist has used shadows to create the effect of butterflies popping off the skin.


Some Mirrored Roses

The mirror effect looks great especially as a collarbone tattoo. So use your imagination and come up with your own version, obviously it doesn’t have to roses there are a myriad of things that would look great on the collarbones.


Nice Font

I have no idea what this collarbone tattoo says or means but it doesn’t matter it looks really cool. Using a nice font makes for a great tattoo regardless of what it says.

Howling Wolf

Omg what a beast. This is a very interesting take on a wolf tattoo. I love the artist technique of not having a distinct outline.


Dedication is a Beautiful Thing

Tattoos of dedication are a beautiful thing as long as it’s not too specific like the name of your partner because you never know what the future holds. The ever changing nature of life can bring many suprises.


Too Cute

Yes, this collarbone tattoo is almost too cute and makes me wanna throw up. I like the way the artist has incorporated the collarbone into the tattoo as kind of a obstaclefor the puppy to peer over.

Text is Best

Here is another fine example of text looking amazing as it runs along the collarbone. You can’t really see what it says from this picture but who cares. It looks good and I’m sure it has some sort of meaning this girl.


The Not Tattoo

This is clearly not a tattoo and has been done with a bubble paint pen. It looks pretty cool and has texture though. Ha.


In Bloom

This collarbone tattoo is cool featuring a rose in different stages. It signifies the everchanging evergrowing aspects of life and love.

Where am I?

Sometimes it’s not necessary to know where you’re going as long as you know where you are at the present time. Getting lost is fun because you never know where you might end up. Probably someplace you have never been before. It’s a beautiful thing.


Detailed Flowers

The above collarbone tattoo is a prime example of what some detailed linework and color can do. It’s a beautiful flower in the perfect spot and is a fine place for it.


A Guide to the Galaxy

If you get lost easily it’s not a bad idea to get a map to your home tattooed on your body. The same goes for people who travel the cosmos. The above collarbone tattoo is the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy map.


An Oldie But A Goodie

This tattoo has been cemented into popular culture and features a childs hand reaching for it’s mother. It definitely makes for a cute tattoo. It’s quaint and small but has alot meaning.


Hello Sally!

A nice black tattoo paired with a little black dress and some pretty hair is a fashion statement. And boy isn’t Sally Rocking it well.


Would You Believe Me If I Told You You’re the Beat of My Heart!

This is a cute tattoo is an ode to the ever faithful man’s best friend and strength to carry on. I love the use of the heart monitor blip.



Roses Are Not Always Red

The Rare and exquisite black rose being displayed in tattoo form is a thing of beauty. From the stem all the way to blossuming flower has been penned to perfection.


Hefty Hearts

Carrying someone’s heart sound like a heavy task. On a positive note, it would be good excercise and before you know it the pounds would be flying off.



In the Mirror

Forget the collarbone tattoo. Check out the day of the dead inspired mickey and minnie tattoos in the background. Although this post is about collarbone tattoos, so it would be silly not mention the tattoo on the collarbone. Check it, front and back!


Freedom Baby!

Even though everyone has a different perspective of it. Everyone wants it and that’s freedom baby. And the sheer notiong is definitely worth some ink and real estate on your skin.



A Little Bit Mysterious

Who would have thought an eye suspended in goo in an oversized snow globe would look so good.


To the Brave Warrior Within

This collarbone tattoo is a reminder to summon the warrior within and be strong in all circumstances. Being strong does not necessarily mean shutting out emotions and avoiding vulnerability, it also can mean embracing these things and converting the energy to something positive.




Another Affirmation

This is such a lovely sentiment and positive way to start the day when you looking in the mirror getting ready for the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Glamour Girl

This girl looks like she could be a model for the sucide girls. The crossbones of her collarbone tattoo make me when a holla!. Let me hear you say “Hell Yeah”!


Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together as you can see by this woman’s hummng birds humming away on both her collarbones.

The Native Plant

People often go for the iconic rose or the cherry blossom but this woman has gone for a more natural native plant. It looks a bit like an Australian plant I once encountered while doing a bush walk.

The Animal Lover

This is a super cute collarbone tattoo for the animal lover. It’s so damn adorable to think about the puppies prints rubbing dog crap all over your freshly shampooed carpets.



I Heart Collarbone Tattoos

A cute little heart is all it takes too melt the coldest heart.


Nice and Fresh

As you can see from the redness around the tattoo this one was freshly done. Don’t forget to care for you tattoo after. It’s very important so your tattoo maintain its look.


Always ask your tattooist the best way to look after your tattoo so you get the best result.

Always keep the tattoo area moist and supple so that it flexes with the skin and maintains it first impression.

The flora is dense in the collarbone tattoo world. There is a good reason for that, it looks amazing.

Growing Pains

Well I guess growing pains are a must for you to grow and this girl feels it and has a constant reminder to stand tough and stand tall.


Pollenate Me

Yes, that’s right and yet another flower.

The beauty about tattoo’s or that any art form of that matter is that possibilities are endless although it’s said that knowing when to stop can be the real dilemma. The endless possibilities are the blessing and knowing what element to put together is the skill. collarbone-tattoo-design

Affirmation Nation

And yes lady, one day somebody will and they will also love your sweet tattoo butterfly and all

Only time will tell if this statement comes true. Have you ever wonder if reality is just some big dream anyway.

Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Arrow chest tattoo designs are quite popular and contain a significant meaning. Arrow tattoos have a dual meaning one being the about moving forward the other meaning is about protection.


Bright and Beautiful

The mighty Canadian maple leaf and the irish clover living harmoniously on this womans collarbones in tattoo form.


Doting on Quote Collarbone Tattoos

This list is a clear representation that a lot of the collarbone tattoo designs have text involved. Some amazing and some not so amazing but it doesn’t matter tattoos can personal or drunken fun. Regardless they will always mark a moment in your life and help you remember the time and place and the way you felt.


Small and Effective

I like these nifty little tattoos that use this style of cursive. They look great and are not too in your face.


A cheeky little heart tattoo in a cheeky position.

These women clearly love birds, flowers, and text.

The Wrap Around

This tattoo has a cool concept. It wraps around from his shoulder blades to his collarbone and that add an extra element to the tattoo. I wonder if hes going to get it filled.


Here are some more flower collarbone tattoos.


The Peacock Feather

The peacock flares it’s beautiful feathers to a potential mate. This is a beautiful looking peacock tattoo feather and the colors work so well together.


Something a Little Different

There is something foxy about this tattoo. Here is something we haven’t seen on the list yet a beautifully inked fox.

The Cats Meow

This a cute little version. I love the abstract shading and the nice line work.

What a cool looking hicky. This chest tattoo is a unique take on a set of lips and uses a an interesting splash style painting effect.


Look, everyone! It’s sweet baby Ruth.

So as you can see from the list there are plenty of bangin collarbone tattoos that look amazing from simple to most the intricate. Hopefully this list has got you skin itcing for your next collarbone tattoo.



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