219 Amazing Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas


Dream catchers are an integral part of Native American tradition in the Ojibwe and Lakota tribes. They play an important role in the folk lore and legends passed down through tribal generations and have also gained in popularity among non-Native Americans as well, thanks to the American Indian Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The legend of the dream catcher states that when hung over the bed, bad dreams and negative energy get tangled in the web while the good dreams and positive energy are allowed to flow through. For this reason, dream catchers have become a symbol of protection of sorts among both tribal and non-tribal people.

How Dream Catchers Work

The Native American people believed that, as a person sleeps, energy and dreams flow through the air and make their way into our bodies. A dream catcher hung over the bed meant that all energy had to pass through the web of the dream catcher and the negativity would get caught in the web while the positive was allowed to pass through. The positive energy and good dreams would flow down the feathers of the dream catcher and into the head of the person below as they sleep. In the morning, the negative energy caught in the web of the dream catcher would be burned by the rising sun.

The Significance Of Dreams In Native American Cultures

Those who are not familiar with Native American cultures may be wondering why dreams were important enough to the Native American people that they needed to be protected. To Native Americans, dreams weren’t just entertaining displays from our subconscious minds. They delivered visions of the future, babies names to the elders, guidance and the answers to prayers. Native American people believed that important information was sent via their dreams from the Spirit World so protecting the passageway to the dreams was vital.

How Dream Catchers Are Made

Traditionally, dream catchers were small and crafted out of a hoop made from willow tree wood. Natural fibers were used to weave the web in the center, with beads and other trinkets added for decoration. Leather was wrapped around the hoop for added support and to give a finished appearance. Feathers and more beads were then fastened to bits of leather and tied to the bottom of the hoop to create the finished product. Today, it is not easy to find a traditional dream catcher as they were created by the Native American tribes. Most are mass produced using cheaper materials of a lower quality. However, some tribal nations have their own stores where handmade dream catchers are still being sold.

What The Parts Of A Dream Catcher Mean

Dream catchers are made from four parts: the hoop, the web or net, beads and feathers. Each one of these four parts plays an important role in the significance of the dream catcher.


The hoop is the foundation of the dream catcher and symbolizes the circle of life. We are born, we live, we get old, we die and then we are born again into the next incarnation, coming full circle.


The web in the center of the dream catcher attached to the hoop is what filters the good dreams from the bad dreams. The web is created in such a way that only the good dreams and energy are allowed to pass through while the negativity gets trapped.


There are beads in the center of the dream catcher have many purposes. They represent the caretaker and creator of the web – the spider. They are also to help catch the bad energies in the web and for adornment as well.


The feathers on a dream catcher serve a few purposes as well. Traditionally, feathers of sacred birds like the eagle were used in creating the dream catchers as an offering to the spirits sending the dreams. Since they are hung at the bottom of the dream catchers, it is also believed that they create a soft path down for the dreams to follow on their way to the person sleeping below. Of course, feathers are also used in dream catchers for adornment as well.

Choosing A Dream Catcher Tattoo

There are many reasons a person may choose to get a tattoo. Of course, those of Native American ancestry may get a dream catcher tattoo to represent their heritage. People who are not of Native American decent often opt for dream catcher tattoos as a symbol of protection against evil energies in the world. Sometimes, people just like the way dream catchers look and make their choice based solely on aesthetic appeal.

Obviously, the only way you can know for sure why someone chose a dream catcher tattoo is to ask them. Regardless of the reason behind them, they are super cool looking and can be customized to add your own personal touch. If you are trying to decide whether you want a dream catcher tattoo – keep reading! We have compiled a list (with pictures) of the best dream catcher tattoos out there to give you a little bit of inspiration.


Here’s a simple, understated dream catcher tattoo with a double hoop. You can see the hoops have been wrapped in leather or some other material, as in traditional designs, as well as the bead work in the middle. Three feathers hang below and are attached to small, thin strings.
This is another double hoop dream catcher tattoo. This one features twisted hoops instead of hoops that have been wrapped in leather. There are six feathers in this design as well as bead work that looks pearlized, which is super cool. Three skulls have been added to the top hoop for interest and detail.
As with any other tattoo, dream catcher tattoos can be altered to suit virtually any creative vision you may have. This awesome dream catcher tattoo features an owl holding the hoop with four feathers hanging below. The owl is significant in this tattoo because the Native American people believed owls were associated with the supernatural because they are creatures of the night. Owls also symbolize protection and wisdom.
Here’s a gorgeous example of how beautiful dream catcher tattoos can be. Just look at all the colors! The hoop of the dream catcher features twisted bits of fabric in muted shades and colorful random beads in the center. There is a wide array of various types of feathers hanging from beaded strings at the bottom. We think this type of dream catcher tattoo would look amazing on a woman, but some guys may opt for it as well.
This is another dream catcher tattoo featuring the wise owl symbol. Instead of holding the hoop as we saw in the previous one, this owl is perched upon the hoop in the center. This dream catcher features beads all the way around the hoop, as well as in the center. There is a key hanging on a string from the owl’s tail at the bottom while colorful pink feathers flank it on either side. This dream catcher tattoo also incorporates names at the top and the bottom of the design. The colors and details of this one are fabulous!
This dream catcher tattoo features a very intricate design with smooth, clean lines. The hoop of the dream catcher is plain, but the web is very detailed in a star flower pattern. There is a gorgeous gemstone jewel in the center along with beads and a beaded hoop at the top for hanging. Additional strings of beads hang from the bottom in a swag fashion and longer beaded strings with small feathers below. There are two additional hoops at the bottom along with an interesting moon charm that adds a mystical flare. Even though this dream catcher tattoo is beautiful as is, it would be especially stunning in color.
This dream catcher tattoo has a rustic vibe to it because of the twisted rope hoop and chunky beads around the edges. This design features a triple hoop and the other two have the same rope edges and chunky beads as well. The feathers are dark and worn which adds to the overall rustic charm of this piece. Even though this tattoo is more of a masculine design, we think it would look great on a man or a woman.
There is so much beauty and detail in this dream catcher tattoo that we don’t even know where to begin! The hoop is wrapped in a beautiful blue green ribbon and has lovely pearlized beads around the flower shaped web. There is a gorgeous gemstone at the bottom of the hoop, along with beautiful green feathers on beaded pink ribbons. The pink flowers and green leaves at the top of the hoop tie the colors all together and add a lovely feminine touch. Truly a stunning example of ink art!
This lovely little dream catcher tattoo is both rugged and feminine at the same time. It has a twisted rope hoop with large chunky beads and a dainty flower shaped web with a pearlized bead in the center. There are more pearlized beads hanging from the bottom of the hoop with very detailed feathers attached to them. The pretty flowers along the edges of the rugged hoop add a touch of girly softness to the design. While it is lovely as it is, this dream catcher tattoo would really be pretty in color.
This is a very interesting dream catcher tattoo because of the amazing detailed work put into it. If you look closely at the hoop, you can almost see the fibers in the string used to wrap it and create the web. The web itself is very tightly fashioned and features realistic pearlized beads in the center. On the bottom of the hoop are several ribbons with large, pearlized beads and two glittery feathers attached. We love this tattoo simply because it’s so unique.
The feathers on this dream catcher tattoo are what make it look so realistic. The exquisite detail used in their design makes them come to life. The shading and the lovely blue coloring really makes them pop. The hoop of the dream catcher features traditional leather wrapping around the edges with a flower shaped netting and small beads in the center. The feathers are attached to the hoop with leather strings that feature large chunky beads on either end. This dream catcher tattoo would be absolutely gorgeous filled in with color.
This cute little dream catcher tattoo features a fun, whimsical design for the young at heart. The hoop is a wrapped rope design with a beaded web in the center and five feathers evenly spaced across the bottom – everything you would expect to find in a traditional dream catcher. However, the folk style owl perched on top along with the roses on either side is what makes this awesome little tattoo so unique.
This is, by far, one of the most beautifully done dream catcher tattoos we’ve seen yet. The main hoop of this dream catcher tattoo is wrapped in traditional leather and features a colorful, intricate web in the center. Also in the center of the hoop is a large Jewish Start of David, which is likely a tribute to the wearer’s faith. There are four other leather wrapped hoops at the bottom of this dream catcher tattoo and each one features the same colorful web in the center. The lower hoops are adorned with gorgeous glass beads and stunning life-like feathers in coordinating colors finish off this amazing dream catcher tattoo.
Here’s another dream catcher tattoo that we love because of it’s rustic folk vibe. Instead of the traditional leather wrapped hoop, this one features a wooden one bound in place by small twigs. The web in the center has large, chunky beads with strands of smaller beads hanging from the bottom. Three lovely feathers are attached to beaded strands below, which a pretty sprig of wildflowers adorns the top edge. This really is a unique tattoo that would be a great choice for a female who is looking for a more non-traditional dream catcher tattoo design.
This is one of those 3D designs that jumps out and catches your eye. We love the details in this one! Even though this dream catcher tattoo does not have much color, the shading used in creating it really makes it pop. In the center of the hoop are pearlized beads on the web and three smaller hoops are attached below. Each one of the hoops has a twisted design that creates interest for the eye. The smaller hoops also have pearlized beads in the center and the gorgeous feathers at the bottom feature more of the pretty beads at the top of each one. We thing this one would look amazing on either a man or a woman just as it is!
If you are a fan of the Old West or the cowboy culture in general, this dream catcher might be the one for you! It features a beaded band across the top that looks like a band worn on a cowboy hat. The dream catcher itself hangs from the band and features a twisted rope design around the edges. Three large blue feathers at the bottom perfectly match the blue used in the beads throughout the design. We love this one!
Here’s another example of how dream catchers do not have to be colorful to be beautiful. This one has a very large hoop and a very tight web in the center with a large opening to draw the eye in. Three smaller hoops are attached to the bottom by pieces of rope and feature a twisted design and a flower shaped web in the center of each one. The double feathers at the bottom, while not colorful, are still very detailed and realistic, which complements the rest of the design perfectly.

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This is something you don’t see every day – sunflowers and daisies mixed in with a dream catcher! But as you can see, it totally works. The hoop itself is a leather wrapped design and the shiny colored beads in the center really draw the eye in. The feathers at the bottom are quite pretty, too – and feature more of the same colorful beads as in the web. This is a lovely feminine design that would be a great choice for any female considering getting a dream catcher tattoo.
This dream catcher tattoo is so tastefully done, it looks like a page out of a book rather than ink art on someone’s arm. The clean lines, small details and overall softness of this tattoo are what makes it perfect. The jewel in the center of the web adds a fancy touch and perfectly complements the strands of small beads that hang across the bottom, connected to each other. There is another small hoop on either side of an interesting moon charm in the center. Longer strands of beads hang beside the feathers, which look so very realistic. This dream catcher tattoo is an amazing example of how dream catcher tattoos don’t have to be traditional to be beautiful.


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