135 Feather Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Fly


Feather tattoo can have many different meanings such as freedom, travel, friendship, courage, and bravery. Some cultures often adorned themselves in feathers and the type of feather varied from culture to culture. Now we adorn ourselves in feather tattoos. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best feathers tattoos and some of the worst.


Arm Feather Tattoo

A feather tattoo looks great everywhere and that includes the arm. The lady above has some great work on her arm. The feather designs look simple but are quite intricate due to the line work involved.

Colorful Feather Tattoo

The best thing about tattoos is that you get them any color you want and don’t have to stick to traditional colors. If you want a pink and purple feather tattoo you can get a pink and purple feather tattoo.

Wacky Feather Tattoo

This tattoo is a bit wild and I like it. It combines geometric patterns, color, and feathers to nicely and looks great as a whole piece.

Forearm Feather Tattoo

This feather tattoo is a nice addition to the list. The artist has done a great job of recreating the flowing state of a feather. It looks like it’s being blown around in the breeze.

Bird’s of a Feather Flock Together

What a weird and wonderful feather tattoo we have here. It’s leg feather tattoo with a unique twist. I wonder where he got the inspiration for something like this.


Bicep Feather Tattoo

The bicep is a great spot for a feather tattoo. It’s long and slender unless of course you’re a beefcake. The above tattoo features a nice red feather with black lowlights and is some very tidy work indeed.

Chest Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather is one of the most beautiful feathers of them all and it makes for a great tattoo. This lady has got a nice one right on her chest. I especially love the coloring on this one.

Dreamweaver Feather Tattoo

Holy moly! This is an absolutely stunning leg tattoo featuring some beautiful colors and line work. The artist has really outdone themselves on this one. I love the bold outlines and vivid colors.

Back Feather Tattoo

Here is a superb example of a back tattoo. The feather has been done in three different colors. If you look carefully you can see some jigsaw puzzle pieces. I wonder what this means?

Forearm Feather Tattoo

Here are multiple views of the same tattoo. It features some pretty cool lettering with a nice quote to top it off. “Roots to Grow. Wings to Fly”.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather is an integral part of Hindu culture. The god of war, Lord Kartikeya rode one around. Imagine that! Riding a peacock to work every day instead of driving a car.

Leg Feather Tattoo

Here is a nice version of a leg tattoo featuring a dream catcher and a feather. The artist has used shadowing to make the tattoo leap off the skin. The shading looks especially cool on the dreamcatcher and would have taken a steady hand to do.

Neck Feather Tattoo

A tattoo behind the ear on the upper side of the neck is a great spot for something pretty small. A feather looks great there. I have also seen some musical notes and even a smiley face. The options are unlimited.

Forearm Feather Tattoo

Here is a big forearm tattoo that has taken inspiration from nature. I like the way the artist has incorporated flowers into the design.

Big, Badass Back Tattoo

This tattoo nicely combines the three elements of the rose, the feather, and the skull. It’s a huge tattoo and would have taken a very long time and multiple visits to the tattoo studio to complete.

Side Body Feather Tattoo

There is a common theme going on here. A lot of Native American inspired artwork. The above tattoo is of a dreamcatcher with some brightly colored feathers attached to it. The Native Americans believe that an eagle has an attachment to the heavens because it flies so high.

Color Me Bad

No not the boy band from the late eighties or early nineties. This feather tattoo features some seriously iridescent colors. When getting bright colorful tattoos, it’s important that you look after them well so the colors don’t fade. Try to avoid getting them sunburnt as this will make the colors fade.

Tattoo Within A Tattoo

The above feather tattoo is a very cool approach to getting a tattoo. The outline is a feather and peering out is a well drawn jungle cat that looks like it’s stalking prey.


Wrist Feather Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are good for those who want to show some discretion. They can be easily hidden or covered up with a long sleeve shirt if you are working at a prudent establishment that still finds visible tattoos repulsive. In a perfect world, we would be allowed to get tattoos wherever we please.


Lower Leg Feather Tattoo

This is a pretty cool lower leg piece that is done is solid black. Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best and that goes for tattoos as well.

Chest Feather Tattoo

Chest tattoos look pretty cool if you have the muscles to back them up. If you have man boobs and want a chest tattoo it might just be the incentive you need to hit the gym and get fit. The last thing you want to see is a man with boobs with a chest tattoo flopping around everywhere as he walks.


Geometric Feather Tattoo

Adding geometric designs or shapes to your tattoo can turn something conventional into something a bit more askew. Get creative and have fun with it, and if you can’t draw, don’t worry. You can tell your tattoo artist your idea and they will come up with something.


Leg Feather Tattoo

This a bold design and uses a lot of black ink in the process. It would have taken a seriously long time to get this piece done. The jewel on the bottom is the cherry on top if you catch my drift.


An Expanse of Feathers

This feather tattoo is vast and expansive. I love the way the feather fan and create the entire image. It spans across this person’s whole upper arm and around the bicep.

Eagle Feather Tattoo

The eagle is one of the most majestic birds to ever fly the sky. The Native American Indians worshipped the eagles in one of the oldest religions. Animism is said to be one of the oldest religions where animals are the subject of worship. You can find a lot of signs of Animism in Native American art and culture.


Full Leg Feather Tattoo

Woah! This a huge leg piece that looks amazing. It’s a very fine tattoo indeed and the artwork is amazing. This would have taken quite some time in the studio.


Adorned in Feathers

The feather in this piece isn’t really the main focus but that’s okay. It’s good to get creative and combine multiple elements to make for an interesting tattoo.


Tri-color Feather Tattoo

This simple tri-color tattoo is done to perfection and the colors work well together. The bold outline makes the tattoo jump off the skin.

Owl About It

This owl is looking is looking mighty fine on the skin. The single color and patterns on the owl make it a top-notch tattoo. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and perception.

Jewelry Feather Tattoo

Do you always lose your jewelry? If the answer to this question is yes, try getting it tattooed on your skin. That way it will be almost impossible to lose.


Spine Feather Tattoo

A tattoo on the spine adds definition and tone to the area. It also follows the bodies natural contours which makes for a good tattoo.


Watercolor Feather Tattoo Magic

This is a cool and uniques take on the feather tattoo. It uses a watercolor effect blended with some solid line and looks stunning. The birds cap it off nicely to create a masterpiece.

A Pen Feather

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but before the ballpoint pen was invented people used to dip feathers in ink and write like that. Can you imagine how long it would have taken to write a book back in the day? The idea of writing with a feather is romantic but the practicality isn’t there.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal designs usually feature thick line work and are a bit blocky. Just because they lack detail it doesn’t make them as beautiful as more intricate designs.

Johnny Cash Feather Tattoo

Correct me if I’m wrong but is that Johnny Cash walking on down the railroad. The man in black strikes again in this super cool tattoo.

Feather Make Wings. Wings Make You Fly

Wing tattoos are pretty cool and the above tattoo is no exception. On the shoulder or a big set on the back looks amazing.


Simple Yet Effective

Here is a lovely quaint feather done superbly. The linework is A one and the simple style compliments this part of the body well. In contrast to one down below which is highly detailed and very solid in color. It stands out a lot more than the one above.

Mural Tattoo

A mural tattoo is a good way to combine multiple elements that don’t necessarily have any relationship to one another. Mural tattoos are good for sleaves or full back pieces.

The Best

This would have to be one of my absolute favorites on the list. It combines multiple different elements and I also like the fact that it doesn’t use too much color and leaves something to the imagination.

Ink Spattered Style

This ink spattered is really cool. The solid black goes well against the pale background of the skin.

Tattoo Aftercare

Caring for your tattoo is very important so that your tattoo maintains it vigor and it will prevent infection. It’s very important to keep the area clean and away from dirt and grime. Also, keep the area nice and moist using a moisturizer that is antibacterial. There are a number of products on the market that will do the job. Also, consult your tattooist as they will know the best way to look after your fresh new tattoo. Avoid getting sunburnt or going swimming until your tattoo has healed. Your tattoo artist will give you the rundown after you have received it and if they don’t ask as many questions as possible.

Arrows in Quiver

This guy must love archery or love having an old school quiver as large as life on his back. It’s an interesting choice for a tattoo and man is it huge. It some very good artwork and it would taken many hours and a lot of money.


Hakuna Matata

It means no worries for the rest of your days according to the song that Timon and Pumba sang in the lion king. Let’s hope that it remains true for this person or for everyone for that matter. This is such a cool tattoo. It’s fun and colorful.

A Coool Tribal Style

The next few tattoos are a bit tribal and bit colorful. They are very cool indeed.



Cool and Unique

This is a cool take on the feather tattoo. It uses a layering effect like that you would see using photoshop or doing a colage. It adds depth and dimension to a tattoo and could be worth a try next time your in the chair.

Another classic peacock feather tattoo spanning the length of the forearm. I like the lover heart in the middle with it’s beautiful colors. The blue and green work great together.

Old School Cool

This tattoo is bit old school featuring an anchor and feather. It’s the perfect spot for it and loos amazing.


Well, that’s about it for the list. 135 feather tattoos for you to wrap your eyes around. There were some amazing tattoos on the list from simple small ones to big bold and beautiful ones. Hopefully you got some ideas for your next stint in the chair. I know I did.


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