75 Old School Cool Gypsy Tattoo Designs


The mysterious gypsies were a traveling ethnic group originating in northern India then migrating to eastern Europe where they traveled around to various places peddling their wares and reading peoples fortune. Now days people from around the world adopted gypsies into their culture in the form of art. Gypsy tattoo art. The gypsy tattoo represents freedom, mystery and a free spirit. Gypsy tattoos have been around for aeons and they are usually a show case of traditional tattooing. Some of the tattoos also feature Gypsy Rose Lee. She was an American burlesque dancer and writer famous for her style and was one of the pioneer burlesque entertainers that put comedy into her shows.


The Gypsy and the Moth

This gypsy tattoo done in the classic style features a moth. You may be wondering what a moth has anything to do with gypsies. Well there is such a moth called the gypsy moth that is located in most parts of the world.

Classic Gypsy

This classy gypsy tattoo in black features a rose that is commonly associated with the gypsies. Although I have searched for information high and low and have come up empty handed in finding the link between the two.

The Art of Color

This thigh piece is a nice example of a colorful gypsy featuring roses and lipstick and paint brush. I wonder what it means.

The Unique Styling

The gypsies unique styling come from their Indian heritage and European lifestyle. It’s colorful, playful and little bit sexy at the same time. They were also widely known for their musical talents and often called to places by royalty to perform for people of the kingdom.

The Traditional Gypsy

Gypsies were also well known for their fortune telling abilities and can often signify good luck or a positive future.

Gypsy Head Wear

Gypsies love to adorn themselves with scarves and flowers worn around the head and it’s common to see images of them wearing various trinkets. This gypsy tattoo is no different and features a bear head.

Gypsy and the Flower

After much research I have found that gypsy used to sell flowers as a source of income and that is why they are always featured with beautiful flowers.

Adorned With Jewels

Gypsies loved to use natural stones and believed that some of them contained magic. Their image is usually associated with large ear rings and necklaces featuring big bold gems as you can see from this image.

King and Queen of the Gypsies

This is a nice example of a simple gypsy tattoo. It contains very simple line work and uses color to bring it to life.

Roll the Dice

Gypsies are associated with good luck. So this gypsy tattoo features dice to reiterate the message of luck and good fortune.

Looking to the Future

This gypsy tattoo features a Romani woman looking into a bleak future. Perhaps hers or someone else.

Thigh High

The thigh seems to be a quite common place for a gypsy tattoo. Perhaps because of the size of the area available to use.

The Nomad

Gypsies traveled in horse and cart never staying in one place too long. The gypsy tattoo is also associated with a lust for adventure.


The Gypsy Style

You will notice that most of these tattoos are done in a traditional styling. This is synonymous with early designs and peoples infatuation with these beautiful women.

Day of the Gypsy

This gypsy tattoo combines the traditional style with art from the Mexican day of the dead. It’s a unique take on the traditional gypsy tattoo and looks great.

Another day of the dead inspired gypsy tattoo. It features nice understated color and more in depth shading to bring it to life.

Rose Pink

A lot of these gypsy tattoos feature beautiful reds and pinks usually on the cheeks of the gypsies themselves or on the flowers

The Hair

This gypsy tattoo is amazing and features some intricate work. The hair is amazing and the as a whole tattoo looks great on the arm.

Flower Power

It’s a common theme to see gypsies with flowers in this case it’s a peony flower. You can always substitute the flowers and make the design your own.


Tiger and the Moth

The gypsy and the gypsy moth both travelers of the world. The tiger head piece puts the icing on the cake. This is one cool gypsy tattoo.

The Gypsies of America

Gypsies were not only in Europe. The Romani people made it all the way across the ocean and spread their wings all the way to America. This tattoo is a cross over between cultures and features characteristics of Romani gypsies and native Americans.


Oldie but a Goldie

A perfect example of the old style. The line work is fantastic and the colors are deep and rich. It’s vivid, it’s bold and it’s gold.

The Future Looks Grim

This is one very worried looking gypsy. The future looks grim for some unlucky soul and so the crystal balls says so.

A Veil of Mystery

The future is a mystery to all except the gypsy. I love the colors in this tattoo, the deep purples and the black could easily be interpreted as smoke on the water, the fire in your eyes.

Woodstock Gypsy

Peace makes the world go around and the keeps the gypsies on their toes. This is a nice big gypsy tattoo. The hair ties the whole thing together and the splashes of color really give it life.

Blushing Beauty

As I said earlier about the pinks and the reds used often in gypsy tattoos this one features some beautiful pinks and reds.

The Demonic Damsel

This is a unique take on a gypsy tattoo. It uses the winter palette of colors really well and has a sinister feel yet beautiful feel about it.


Lady of the Night

Who doesn’t love an owl, a rose, and a beautiful women. Not many people. This girl obviously did and now it’s permanent.

Black Magic Woman

This gypsy tattoo reminds of the song Black Magic Woman by Carlos Santana. She is the epitome of gypsy, draped in jewels, and clutching a skull reminding us of the impermanence of life.

A Handy Spot

You can’t really go wrong with a gypsy tattoo on your hand or anywhere for that matter. It’s a beautifully bright colored woman.

The featured tattoo looks more like a Native American than it does a gypsy, but is cute none the less and looks great in that spot.

Gypsies and Alfred

I don’t know if you people remember MAD magazine and Alfred E Newman but “What Me Worry”, is one of his famous quotes. It seems odd that it’s paired with a gypsy tattoo but I’m sure this guy has a reason for it.

Dark and Mysterious

This is a heavy little gypsy tattoo. When I say heavy, I mean dark.

Home is Where the Heart is?

A lot of people identify with the gypsy lifestyle. There are many appealing aspects of it and that’s why the gypsy tattoos are so popular.

Fortune Favors the Brave

This tattoo features a third eye that represents the gypsies ability to read fortunes and look deep into their crystal ball to the future.

Creation and Contrast

This is old school down to a tee and done properly. The artist has really done his homework and is representin’.

Here is another example of a gypsy tattoo on the thigh. Again, it’s old school cool.


Another cool gypsy tattoo, with a gypsy moth for a mouth. Someone’s got a secret.

A Classic Shoulder Piece

This is a beautiful tattoo of a classic gypsy. I am totally mesmerized by her eyes.

This tattoo features another day of the dead inspired gypsy. I don’t think they made it all the way down south but that hasn’t stopped this guy from creating some fine work.


Forearm Charm

This is some seriously fine art work. Everything about it screams super cool. The limited colors create a nice effect throughout and really ties the two pictures together. They work stand alone or combined. It doesn’t matter as long as the art is good.

Curls Get the Girls

The standout feature of this gypsy tattoo is her beautiful curly hair.

Fine Art

This tattoo artist has mastered his craft and created a fantastic rendition of old school meets new. Everything about this tattoo is amazing. The hair, the colors, and the whole approach to design.

Concentric Circles

Do you notice how the hair has been done with concentric circles. I don’t know about you but I like the effect it has. The circles also match up to the ear rings.

Lines for Days

No not that kind. The tattoo kind. This gypsy tattoo features some very handy line work as well as shading. It’s pretty as picture and cute as a button.

An Army of Gypsies

During the holocaust the gypsies of Romani were head hunted for extinction. But luckily they out smarted the Nazi’s and their race has continued on through the ages and now a lot of them live in Brazil.


Color is great and really has the ability to bring a tattoo to life. Although not in all cases as demonstrated in this fine piece of gypsy tattoo art work.




Another old school cool version of the a gypsy using washed out colors and tidy line work to convey order and chaos at the same time.

One Color and Detailed Shading

When your only using one color shading has great impact and can make an average outline turn out to be an amazing thing.

Simply Brilliant

There are a million things to say about this tattoo. It’s easy to admire, from the color choices to the the line work and as a whole it’s absolutely stunning.

This is another old school gypsy tattoo. This time it’s a frontal view. It’s tidy work and the colors work well together.

It all about that hair. The common theme in these old school gypsy tattoos is the beautiful, luscious curly black locks. They are often seen swirling throughout the piece while combining all the elements. It’s such a crafty and creative way of doing it.

Music for the Soul

The gypsies were well renowned for their music playing abilities and everywhere they set up camp people would come from near and far to see them play and witness the free spirited race dance and sing around the fire.

The Chameleon

This gypsy tattoo represents the ever changing nature of life while traveling. Each day differs from place to place from sunrise to sunset. Change is one of the only things you can be sure of in life. Oh and there is death and taxes but that’s all going to change in the future.

What’s Up?

The moon and stars are an obvious answer to that question and this gypsy is using them to guide her way through the cosmos and onto her next adventure. This Italian inspired gypsy tattoo was done on an Italian man who’s priority was to see the world. Let’s hope he does.

Another gypsy tattoo looking up. This tattoo features some old cool techniques blended with the new. The colors leap out at you like a frog catching flies in the balmy nights on the bayou.

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The Romani people or gypsy were always fringe dwellers although of the best kind. They were often great artists, mystics, and of course fortune tellers getting by on the skills they had and however they could.

Green Eyes

The striking green eyes standout in this old school gypsy tattoo.

The gypsy and the skull can often be seen together. It’s a depiction of everyone’s immanent future. Our flesh may rot and our will be exposed but our souls will carry on.

Is she crying because a panther has ripped through her neck?

The matrimony of colors and well done lines make these old school tattoos and a good artist is a master at both.


A flamboyant beauty brandishing the colors of the European gypsy.


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