The 26 Best Harley Davidson Tattoos For Men Or Women


If you are motorcycle fan, chances are your ride of choice is a Harley-Davidson. Even if you’re not a motorcycle fan, the Harley-Davidson brand is instantly recognizable anywhere you go. Founded in a small garage by 20yo William S. Harley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903, Harley-Davidson has grown to become the leading motorcycle manufacturing company in the world.

Some die-hard Harley-Davidson fans show their brand loyalty (and dedication to the biker lifestyle) via tattoo art. We found some pretty amazing ink related to the Harley-Davidson brand and have compiled a list of some of the coolest ones for you here.

This is a cool Harley-Davidson letter logo. It looks nice on the hand, but could be worn anywhere on the body by a dedicated fan that wants a nice tattoo, but isn’t ready to go for a large, bold design just yet. This smaller Harley-Davidson could also be incorporated into a larger design as well.
This is the main logo for the Harley-Davidson brand that incorporates awesome flames into the design. This kind of tattoo would look great anywhere you want to show off your Harley-Davidson pride.
While this guy really isn’t related to Harley-Davidson directly, it’s still an awesome, realistic tat that pays tribute to vintage bikes and bikers. Think Speed Racer with an edge. Gray-scale tattoos like these can actually be quite appealing when tastefully done. Look at the amazing details in the face! It would be hard to beat this design, even with a full color sleeve.
Here’s another Harley-Davidson letter logo tat, but this one features a cool skull background with red shaded accents that make it pop. The shading on the letters gives a metallic effect to the design, which is pretty cool considering it perfectly matches the chrome on Harley-Davidson bikes!
Another Harley-Davidson tattoo that uses a skull in the design, red accent colors and a cool nod to the vintage bikers with the vintage helmet. This is probably a design you would seen on an old-school biker to prefers the vintage look over more colorful and intricate designs.
Harley-Davidson logo tattoos are popular, as you can see from these designs. This one is a gray-scale version that also features flame work across the top edge. The way the letters are shaded in this Harley-Davidson logo gives it a raised, sort of 3-D appearance instead of just a typical flat graphic.
The biker crowd has been notoriously linked to the outlaw lifestyle and this fab tat pays tribute to both. It features a cut-away design of the Harley-Davidson logo with an outlaw skeleton guy busting through the middle brandishing pistols. Super cool design!
This gray-scale tattoo features an awesome skull holding a traditional Harley-Davidson logo in his mouth. The bald eagles in the background add a majestic touch and are another nod to America and its Harley-Davidson brand.
Some people really, really love their Harley-Davidson bikes. In fact, some people love their bikes so much that they get them tattooed on their bodies to memorialize them….like this guy. Check out the awesome details in this one.
This cool Harley-Davidson tattoo is a modern circular logo design that features a black half-skull and a yellow background that adds a nice pop of color to the design. This is an interesting tattoo that breaks away from some of the more common Harley-Davidson tattoos, which is a good thing for people who prefer their ink art to be different from anything anyone has ever seen.
This amazing Harley-Davidson tattoo features the traditional bar and shield logo paired with a bald eagle with a wide wingspan. The bald eagle is the national bird of America so a design like this pays tribute to Harley-Davidson’s rich American history.
Another way that Harley-Davidson fans pay tribute to their lifestyle is to get themselves, loved one or friend tattooed on their bodies, along with their bikes. This scene depicts a biker riding along the open road with a bald eagle in the background and the bar and shield Harley-Davidson logo just out of view on the bottom left.
This awesome Harley-Davidson sleeve tattoo has some wicked details in it. Here, you see the bar and shield Harley-Davidson logo, the bald eagle in the background and some amazing detailed bike parts in the foreground.

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This freshly-inked Harley-Davidson tattoos features all the traditional details you would expect – the bar and shield logo, bald eagle and wicked skull at the bottom. This is a great design to incorporate into a sleeve tattoo for someone who is looking for a larger, more intricate tat.
This awesome half-sleeve Harley-Davidson tattoo is another design that pays tribute to someone special in the wearer’s biker life. There is one guy in the road, facing forward while another ride his bike into the distance. The Route 66 emblem pays tribute to one of the most famous historic roads in the United States, which bikers often travel in their leisure. This half-sleeve also features the Harley-Davidson logo with cool flame details at the top.
The “Number One” Harley-Davidson logo is popular with some bike enthusiasts, even though they may not know the history behind the change in design. The “Number One” Harley-Davidson logo was created in 1969 to commemorate the 1969 AMA Grand National Championship. In 1971, this logo was also incorporated into the blueprints for some of the bikes produced that year.
This edgy piece of Harley-Davidson body art is a real attention-getter. It features the bold black and orange Harley-Davidson color scheme along with a new twist on the old bar and shield logo design. The bar section of this awesome tat pays tribute to the history of Harley-Davidson by incorporating the year the company was established into the design.
Slashed skin tattoos are pretty dang awesome, especially when there’s another design hidden underneath. This wicked cool Harley-Davidson tattoo features a bold black and orange color-scheme in the bar and shield design hidden beneath what looks like skin that’s been slashed by claws. Edgy. Bold. Awesome.
Here’s another bold, yet classic Harley-Davidson tattoo. It features the bar and shield logo in the traditional orange and black color scheme. The cool thing about this tattoo is, even though it is smaller than some of the more popular Harley-Davidson tats, the shading around the edges gives it a raised appearance that adds interest and depth to the design.
The great thing about tattoos is that you can go as loud and bold as you want to because they’re all about individuality! This fabulous Harley-Davidson tattoo is the perfect example of that. It has an amazing American flag background in vivid colors with an equally awesome Harley-Davidson colored logo in the forefront. Even though this particular tattoo is on the leg, it would look just as cool on the arm as a sleeve.
Here’s a super cool Harley-Davidson logo tattoo that was made to look like a brand on the skin. The detailing and shading around the letters give it a raised look while the fading around the edges blends the whole image into the surrounding skin. In the background, there are also some neat skull faces that add interest to the design.
Tattoos do not have to be full color to be impressive. Sometimes a colored outline creates quite the dramatic effect. This Harley-Davidson tattoos is one that features a colored outline. It has the bar and shield logo in the orange and black color scheme with shaded accents on the skull that add depth to the design.
We’ve already established that sleeve tattoos are among the coolest. Their size creates a large canvas where tattoo artists can let their creativity flow. This amazing Harley-Davidson sleeve tattoo feature a cool skull with glowing blue eyes as the backdrop with a smaller skull with glowing eyes at the top. Above the upper skull, you’ll find the Harley-Davidson logo and a tribute to the bikes and bikers in the depiction of a rider at the bottom. Awesome!
Here’s another neat claw mark Harley-Davidson tattoo. The shading creates the effect of gashes in the skin while the bar and shield Harley-Davidson logo peeks out from underneath. Even though this is a gray-scale tattoo, it’s still a cool design because of the shading and clean lines that grab your attention.
Who said tattoos have to be colorful or contain lots of images? Sometimes, less is more – and that’s definitely the case with this awesome Harley-Davidson bold font tattoo. It features Harley on one arm and Davidson on the other. This design would also look just as good on the legs as well.
This is one of the more dramatic Harley-Davidson tattoos that we’ve seen and it’s super awesome. In the middle is the Harley-Davidson logo with bold outlines and heavy fonts. The background was inked to look like bruised, cracked skin where the logo broke through. You could do this tat anywhere on the body, actually – but it would also look really cool as part of a sleeve.


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