175 Heart Tattoo Designs That You Will Love


Heart tattoos are one of the classics. Whether it’s a life like heart or a whimsical heart that you would draw when saying I <3 you. Heart tattoos are a great way of saying I love you or attaching meaning to the moment you cherish. The heart can also symbolize bravery and courage in the face of adversity. Well, it takes a lot of heart to sit in a chair and put up with the pain of getting a heart tattoo. Unless of course you’re a bit sadistic like me and love it. Let’s take a look at some heart tattoo designs, shall we?


Arm Heart Tattoo

The above arm tattoo is a black piece featuring some intricate line work and beautiful roses. Oh, and of course a human heart. Does this person love roses? The artist has done some exemplary dot work for the shading.

Forearm Heart Tattoo

Where ever this guy goes there will always be a home in heart for Holland. If he ever forgets he just has to look down at his arm to remind himself of his home.

Leg Heart Tattoo

This is a brightly colored leg heart tattoo with ventricles and arteries. It’s a cartoon style with thick outlines that really set the piece off. The highlights give the artwork a three-dimensional effect and it really leaps off the skin.

Thigh Heart Tattoo

This is some seriously nice line work. The heart tattoo in only an outline but it looks amazing. The detail on the sunflowers is quite in depth. I love the flowers growing out of the arteries.

Chest Heart Tattoo

OK, so I think we are seeing a common theme here of heart tattoos growing flowers out of there ventricles. I think when I die I will get my heart turned into a vase or a nice pot plant.


Simplicity at its Best

This arm heart tattoo is so simple yet looks so cool. I love the heavy line work with simple detail. It has a sketch aesthetic and uses the natural color of the skin nicely.

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Bicep Heart Tattoo

I love the colors in this bicep heart tattoo. The gradient from the stunning grey to orange then to deep red really make the tattoo pop. The vivid outline paired with cool detail make this tattoo an absolute winner and full credit should be given to the artist whoever that may be.


We All Bleed

This heart arm tattoo has a slogan we should all live by. We all bleed the same color regardless of what’s on the outside. Everybody should be treated with equal respect. If you hate everyone you should hate everyone equally. Jokes.


Shoulder Heart Tattoo

Wow, this tattoo is intense. It has a skull and a clock which is a reminder that death is imminent. The heart is attached to the skull which looks pretty cool. The arteries look like hair in a strange sort of way.


Pectoral Heart Tattoo

The above heart tattoo is a spectacular piece of artwork. The detail is absolutely amazing. It almost looks real. The positioning is directly over this mans heart. This tattoo would have taken quite some time. The artist has done a tremendous job of creating a lifelike heart tattoo.


Side Body Heart  Tattoo

Just when I thought that I had seen it all and then this masterpiece piece come along gleaming its beautiful indifference. The detail is tremendous and I would be delighted to have this tattoo on my body.


Sternum Heart Tattoo

Wow! This is a huge heart tattoo with a chastity cage to boot. Let your heart guide you and you will never be lost but if your heart is caged you may lose yourself. I don’t know who said that but it’s a nice thought. It may have even been me.

Bloody Heart Tattoo

The above heart tattoo is the result of a messy heart transplant. As the doctor was lifting the heart out he dropped on the hospital floor and blood splattered everywhere. It went all over the nurses and on the doctor’s spectacles. But luckily he had those novelty glasses with built-in windshield wipers.


Arm Heart Tattoo

Here is a nice colorful rendition of a heart tattoo with an arrow going through it. It makes getting heart broken fun. The fractals are a nice touch and add some color to the piece. If you look closely you will notice the arrow is broken as well.


Memories Marked

Heart tattoos are a great way of marking an occasion like the birth of a child. This guy has both his kids marked on there. I wonder will happen if he gets a third. It might be time for new a tattoo.

Weird and Wonderful

This is a bit wild. The colors are amazing and really come alive. The artist has used solid shading and some nice dot work to add texture and depth to the heart tattoo.

Black and White Heart Tattoo

This is a very detailed black and white heart tattoo that looks absolutely stunning. This list of heart tattoos is pretty impressive. It features some of the best work I’ve seen in ages. The detail on this tattoo looks like something out of a graphic novel.

Geometric Heart Tattoo

This is a near perfect tattoo featuring some sacred geometry and amazing patterns. The designer has done a great job and has used multiple elements to create a work of art. It’s absolutely brilliant.

The Heart of Gold

OMG! This tattoo is almost too realistic. The artist has done a fine job. It must have taken them a long time and steady handwork to complete such a task. The arrow looks super cool and the blood drips jump off the skin.


My Babies Got My Heart


Old School Cool

This heart tattoo is in the classic styling made famous by Ed Hardy back in the day.  It’s simple but somehow works a treat.


The Tree of Life

From the heart grows love and from love grows happiness. Love is the key to peace. I think the Beatles were onto something when they coined that phrase. Well, it was something like that anyway.


Two Strong Hearts

Two strong hearts sticking together like the honey and the bee. These matching hearts are a beautiful sentiment signifying the couples everlasting love for one another.


The Key to My Heart Tattoo

Would you believe me if I told you you’re the key to my heart? This is a cool heart tattoo featuring a lock. I wonder who has the key?




Hearts and Flowers

The above tattoo is a beautiful design. I love the flowers. They are so simple but so prominent and are like the cherry on top of the cake.

Super Cute

Home is where the heart tattoo is.


Paper Planes and Colorful Circles

I love the colors in this heart tattoo. They are so vivid and the paper plane is a nice touch. It looks like this person loves to travel and the tattoo is a constant reminder that a rolling stone gathers no moss.


Yes Yes Yes

I’m almost lost for words. Almost I said. This heart tattoo is worth a mention for its uniqueness.

Another Cracker of a Colorful Design

This heart tattoo is absolutely stunning and uses negative space to well. It’s a fine example of what can be achieved with a little imagination.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

If you want your tattoo to really stand out fill the background in with a contrasting color to the design. If your tattoo is red, a black background will really intensify the imagery. Alternatively, you could do the opposite for a similar effect.


Hand Heart Tattoo

Put your hand or your heart tattoo and tell me it’s all over. They are almost the lyrics from a Kylie Minogue song. Almost but not quite. Anyway enough about Kylie and more about tattoos.

Black Heart Tattoo

The black heart is a symbol of someone incapable of love. I think vampires also have black hearts.


Dot Heart Tattoo

Dot work is becoming more popular in the tattoo world because it creates an interesting effect and adds an extra element of texture to the work.

Heart in a Bottle

When you break up with someone and tear out their heart it’s best to store it in a bottle full of formaldehyde to preserve it for years to come and don’t worry about their feelings they won’t need them in the future.

Full Chest Hear Tattoo with Wings

This is one badass heart tattoo on the chest. It bloody huge. The wings are a nice touch and it would have taken many hours to complete. The colors used compliment each other well. This tattoo is absolute fire.



This heart tattoo looks like it’s the result of a dare. It’s a bit funny. The artist done a great job and I’m sure he wondering what the F this person was doing.

Neck Heart Tattoo

Neck tattoos are becoming more popular as tattoo culture is accepted in society. Gone are the days of having to hide your tattoos from potential employers. This tattoo is a cracker.


Stomach Heart Tattoo

This is a whimsical heart tattoo on an interesting part of the body. Oh, I get it now. Her heart is in stomach meaning she loves food. The pudgy stomach is a dead give away.


Heart Tattoo Designs

This is a cool design and I would gladly put it on my skin for life. It has a Japanese feel and the colors are bold. It’s a great design.

Sketch Style Heart Tattoo

The sketch style tattoos are simple in design but look great. If you ever want a tattoo using only one color sketch style is the way to go. The shading has been done using a cross-hatching method which is also used in comics.


Wandering into the Unknown

Falling in love can feel like wandering into the unknown as you leave yourself vulnerable and open to get your heart broken. But love is worth the heart break. The suffering comes from a persons inability to adapt to an ever-changing life. So enjoy life for what it is right now. You will be happier that way.

More Geometry

This geometric heart tattoo is a great design and a little different in a good way. Geometric patterns can make the most boring tattoo subjects interesting. So if you want to spice up your design try using some geometric patterns.



She Loves Birds

This lady loves a robin. Or could she mean that she is a love bird? That’s the beauty of tattoos is that they are open for interpretation.

Three Dimensional Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is really leaping off the skin. The shading and detail really do add another dimension. It’s all about the way the artist uses highlights to create depth.


Tattoo After Care

Caring for your tattoo after it’s finished is very important if you want the tattoo last and look as fresh as it did when you first get. Always consult your tattoo artist for the best way of looking after your tattoo. Try and keep it out of the water until its healed and always make sure the tattoo is moist to avoid it cracking and tarnishing the line work. Your tattooist will tell you exactly how to care for it. Bepanthem cream is generally used for aftercare.


For the Love of Puppies

Puppy love is something that should be shown all the time especially in tattoos as this person has. It a fun and whimsical take on the tattoo.

Locket Heart Tattoo

Another beautiful heart tattoo in the form of a locket. It’s some tidy work that uses the natural color of the skin for highlights. It’s a clever way to save on ink and create amazing effects.

A Small Heart Tattoo

Sometimes small tattoos are just as good as big tattoos. I think I prefer to have lots of small tattoos rather than one big one. Small tattoos mean you can have many different designs.


Vietnam is Cheap

If your looking for a great holiday destination and a place to get cheap tattoos Vietnam is a beautiful country with cheap tattoos. If you go to the old quarter in Hanoi you will find many tattoo parlors. They do good work at the fraction of the price of a Western tattoo joint. All the good things in life are cheap there also like beer, food, and cigarettes.


Crying Heart Tattoo

A crying heart is not very funny but this tattoo makes it fun. It’s cute and simple yet still looks great. That’s the beauty of tattoos.


Small Wrist Heart Tattoo

Small heart tattoos on the fingers or wrist look really cool. Try a small tattoo next time your in the chair.


Wrist Heart Tattoo

What’s better than one heart tattoo? Two heart tattoos of course. The hearts contain the fingerprint of her children. It’s a clever way to express your love and make it personal.

Mother and Baby Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo is a splendid way to mark the occasion of a newborn child. The above tattoo has some beautiful colors and the simple outline of mother and baby embracing for the first time. There is nothing more powerful than a mothers love for her children.

Water Color Heart Tattoo

The watercolor effect in tattoos is gaining popularity. The washed out colors can be hard to achieve in the tattoo medium and takes the work of a real professional to pull off. The above heart tattoo does it nicely. The colors wash into to one another and drip down to the geometric pattern of lotus. It’s simply beautiful.


Side Belly Heart Tattoo

Here is a cool tattoo using only black. The simple outlines create a memory from childhood wrapped in a big old heart. It’s heart warming and belly good.


Don’t Seal it With a Kiss

Seal your love with a heart tattoo. That way when you break up there is no need to get it removed. It beats getting someone’s name tattooed on your skin.

Palm Heart Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it would have hurt like hell and that’s probably why the heart is crying. It represents what this person felt when the needle is being dragged across their skin. Of course, they are tears of joy though.


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This is a huge forearm heart tattoo is a work of art. The linework is impeccable and the artist has shown some real skill. The shading work is what makes this tattoo a great and it would have taken a long time to do.


Well folks, there it is. All 175 heart tattoo designs to get you in the mood to jump in the chair and get some ink. Hopefully, you have got some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo. Tattooing isn’t just ink on the skin, it becomes a lifestyle and one could say it’s very close to the heart. So what are you waiting for? Book in and see your tattooist and get some more ink done!


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