250+ Henna Tattoo Designs that will Stain your Brain


Henna tattoos are temporary tattoos are made from a dye prepared from the Henna tree also known as the mignonette tree, and the Egyptian privet. It has been primarily used in the middle east throughout the ages to dye skin, hair, and also textiles such as silk,wool, and leather.

Henna leaves are crushed and made into a paste to make the dye available to artists who can then paint it on the skin. Henna is applied in many different ways depending on the location. In Morocco it’s common practice to use a stick to create henna tattoos whereas in other cultures a piping bag is used similar to what a baker would use to apply icing on a cake.

henna tattoo

Hand Henna Tattoo

This hand henna tattoo looks like has been freshly done. With henna tattoos the pastes is applied and left six to eight hours and sometimes even overnight. The paste in then cleaned off to reveal the tattoo. The above henna tattoo is the color when the tattoo has first been cleaned off. When cleaning your henna tattoo you can’t use water as it interferes with the oxidization process. Cooking oil is recommended.

Some Handy Work

Henna tattoos usually incorporate radial patterns such as flowers and swirls to form mandala like pieces of art. The good thing about henna is that it’s not permanent so if you don’t like the design you can always get another one done in a few weeks time.

Leg Henna Tattoos

The top of the thigh is great place for henna tattoos. It has a large surface area and gives the artist big canvas to create their beautiful creations.

Arm Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos go through a color shift from the time they are done until the time they disappear. The above tattoo is about mid way through the cycles. As you can see from the amber hue that the tattoo is still visible but has softened in color from when it was first done.

Freshly Done

The above henna tattoo has been freshly done. You can tell because the paste is yet to be washed off. It’s a very dark dye and once the paste is washed will lighten to a deep red then eventually to an amber color.

Back Henna Tattoo

The above back tattoo has some really intricate work. The artist must have taken some serious time and care along with having a steady hand. Usually henna tattoos are as detailed and the line work is a lot thicker. I wonder what the artist used to apply the henna?


Solar Flare Henna Tattoo

This is nice little freshly done solar flare tattoo on the inside of the wrist. It’s a very simple design and perfect for the henna style.

Semi Permanent Jewels

This Arabian inspired henna tattoo looks like jewellery. I love the ring style on the fingers more than I like real jewellery.

Henna Tattoos to Woo

Henna tattoos were used in the middle ages as women adorned them at special holidays or when they were going to meet their future husbands. They basically like make up of yesteryear except more interesting.


Sleeve Henna Tattoo

Wow what a beautiful creation. The women above is plastered in henna from feet to fingers and it looks amazing. The artist has done a fine job and the work is intricate. It must have taken hours to complete and a lot of henna paste but the results are worth it.



Extreme Close Up

Here is a close look at a henna tattoo on the hand. Humans weren’t the only ones to receive henna. It was common practice at celebrations to paint your horse or donkey in henna. At wedding, battle victories and celebrations Arabs used to paint the hooves of horses and donkeys.


Punisher Henna Tattoo

This is a henna tattoo with the symbol of the comic book character from the famous series. It’s the Punisher logo which he used to wear on his superhero kit. Unlike other super heroes the Punisher struggled between fighting for good or evil. But as per usual in the end he fought for good.

Cross Culture Designs

Henna originated in Arabia and went down as far as south east Asia. This henna tattoo features Chinese or Japanese symbols and is mixing two cultures together.

More Henna Hand Tattoos

The hand is a very common place for hand tattoos. The Arab women used to cover up so there was not many places to showcase their beautiful henna artwork hence the hand tattoo is so popular.


Henna and Nails a Girls Best Friend

The above picture is an interesting view. Next time you get a henna tattoo try matching your nails color with the color of the henna to create a masterpiece.


Kids Henna Tattoo

Kids may not be able to get real tattoos but they are totally allowed to get henna tattoos. Hopefully it will get them interested in tattoos so when they are old enough they can get the real deal. Or it could work the other way and turn them off tattoos for life.

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

If you can’t afford really diamonds get then done in henna. It’s a lot cheaper.


Henna Tattoo Kits

If you are interested in doing some henna on yourself or friends kits are available online and feature different colored dyes so you can mix and match to your liking. Henna tattooing is a fun way to get started and maybe once you have henna down you can get a tattoo gun and step it up a notch into something more permanent.


Foot Henna Tattoo

The good thing about tattoos is that they don’t hurt a bit. There are no needles involved and you don’t have to spend weeks healing.

Almost Time for a New Henna Tattoo

This henna tattoo is on it’s way out. It won’t be long before it has disappeared and the skin will be ready for a new one. Henna tattoos usually last about a week but can last up until three weeks depending on how much your skin exfoliates.

Globules of Henna Paste

I love the look of freshly done henna with it’s beautiful patterns and textures that the globules create. I wish you didn’t have to wash the paste off.


Weddings Bells and Henna Tattoos

In India, Hindu, Moslem, and Sikh culture henna is applied to the brides hands and feet before the wedding ceremony, and it was thought that the darker the Henna tattoos were the more the bride’s husband would love her.

The Different Shades of Henna

Henna usually comes in three different shades of color. There’s dark henna which is very brown. Then there is red henna and an bronze amber henna, although recently more colors are becoming available as people are experimenting and mixing the colors.

Henna and the Middle East

Henna is widely used in the middle east for all celebratory occasion and that includes anything from birthdays to weddings, pretty much all occasions that require traditional dress.

Arm Henna Tattoo

Henna is a great way of seeing what a real tattoo will look like on certain parts of the body. Even if its not the desired design you will some idea of how an image will look.

Love Henna Tattoos

This is a dark henna tattoo which in some cultures means that her husband will love her as with much intensity.

Lots of Henna

This is an amazing looking henna tattoo on the forearm and stretches all the way to the hand. Its a very concentrated piece that doesn’t leave much skin uncovered. The intricate patterns are precisely done using the piping method. Its kind of like icing a cake but replace the cake with skin and the icing with henna.

Tribal Band Henna Tattoo

The above tattoo features a beautiful tribal band with a flower as the centerpiece. That’s the beauty of working with ink or henna. The artist has the freedom to design and execute any image they can imagine.

White Henna?!

The white paint featured in the above tattoo is often referred to as white henna but in fact, its not henna at all. It’s a white adhesive used for decorative purposes and can be used to create beautiful body art.


Flora Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoos often contain flora and natural designs such as flowers and ferns. The above henna tattoo features some very nice line work and I especially love the fingertips. It kind of looks like reverse finger less gloves.

Red Handed

This person was caught red handed with some amazing henna designs. This henna tattoo looks fresh as a daisy as it retains a very solid color throughout. The design is very uniform and is clearly the work of seasoned professional.

Mandala Magic

This is a fine example of a henna mandala and deserves the title of magic. I love the concentric circles with the leaves on that curl outwards from the main pattern. The whole arm has been done to perfection and is balanced and even. When doing you henna design think of the arm as canvas and try to balance your henna work in a holistic manner.


Ying and Yang with feathers are a Thang.

Well this pretty cool, a ying and yang symbol with a touch of native American influence.

Marilyn Monroe Henna Tattoo

Happy birthday Mr President. Wow, here is a cool rendition of Marilyn Monroe done in henna. May her soul rest in peace and her spirit live on through the art of henna.

Wedding Time

As you can see in the above picture they have used “white henna” or the body adhesive to stick jewels on this blushing brides hand and judging by the color of the henna she is in for some intense loving after she ties the knot.

Fancy Feet Amazing Arms

The above henna tattoos look absolutely superb and have been executed in a marvelous fashion. The artist had high ambition when embarking on such a journey and has nailed it. This probably the best work I have seen on the list so far.


Sexy Hands

The combination of manicured nails and henna tattoos are super sexy and the above image is proof of that. It reminds of the Taj Mahal for some reason perhaps the sparkle and opulence of the nails and the lines of henna. It has an Indian feel.

Shoulder Henna Tattoo

This a cool mandala shoulder henna tattoo. Its a simple design but sometimes simple things are the best.


Ankle Henna Tattoo

This is an interesting take on the a henna tattoo. It’s a bit different from patterns we have seen earlier in the list. It has more a western influence.

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Fine Arts and Fingers

Here are some pixie inspired designs that will get you wanting to get your own henna tattoo kit and become a henna artist. You can easily pick up henna tattoo kits online and they are quite cheap so there’s no excuse not to get your kit and start being creative.


Getting Tribal

Here is a Maori inspired Henna tattoo. The Maori are indigenous to New Zealand and often have tribal tattoos similar to the one featured in the image. They are also famous for having tattoos on their face.

A Work in Progress

In the above image you can see the henna artist at work with their piping tubes carefully applying the henna. The woman in blue has just received a masterpiece. Lucky her.

Here Comes the Sun

We love the sun. We worship the sun so why not celebrate the fact by getting a nice and juicy henna tattoo as a tribute.


Copper or Bronze

This is one of my favorite tone of henna. It’s beautiful bronze copper look really sparkles in the light. Its a very unique color that gels well with the natural tones of the skin.



There is puppy love in the air and why not show it off with a henna tattoo. As legend has it the darker the henna the more you love your puppy.

Green Henna

What a lovely shade of green featured in the above henna tattoo. It looks so natural and is hard to replicate without using natural dies. This lady is covered in it and would camouflage well in the jungle.


An Interesting Piece of Work

This henna tattoo strays from the traditional work but looks great anyway. I love the way it carries over to the other fingers in a flowing motion. The fingertips are the cherry on top and further enhance the look.



Thumbs Up

This is some seriously nice henna. It’s a thumbs up from me.


Under the Veil

This is a beautiful piece of artwork that reminds me of a middle eastern brides veil. I love the moon and the symbols on the toes.


Friends who Henna Tattoo Together are Friends Forever.

Lower Leg Henna Tattoo

Featured above is some beautiful henna work. The flower looks absolutely stunning paired with the vines and the patterns. I cannot look away.


Some More Red Henna

The red henna tattoos paired with the beautifully bejeweled nails is a winner in my book. Check out how the detailed work on the nails and the henna.


Egyptian Henna Tattoo

Walk like an Egyptian. Here some precise looking Egyptian styled henna tattoos on the hands. It looks awesome paired with the silver jewelry and black nails.

My Oh My

The above image is the perfect example of some serious henna artwork. The artist would have some serious time on this piece. I especially like the designs on the feet and toes.


Fingers and Henna Bling Rings

Finger tattoos are in at the moment and if your not willing to go the whole hog and get something permanent henna tattoos are the perfect alternative.

Faded not Jaded

This henna tattoo is on its way out yet still looks amazing. It’s a bit more subtle than freshly done henna but I like it anyway.


Henna Tattoo Gloves

There is no need for gloves at your wedding when you have a henna tattoo artist on hand. Get it. On hand. OK, so my jokes aren’t great but I hope you have enjoyed the list. Its a fine display of what can be achieved with some natural dye and an cake icing applicator.

Simply Beautiful

This is some beautiful henna art. I love the design above the wrist and the band around the wrist just sets it off. It has to be one of my favorite designs in the list. I can’t help but mention the designs on the fingers. They look fantastic.


Well, there it is. 120 henna tattoos that will give you inkling of what can be done with henna. If you do decide to get a kit and get creative try using multiple colors and see what amazing designs you can come up with. This list will give some ideas and inspiration whether you want to give or received some henna. The best part is that’s it’s totally naturally and doesn’t is harmful to human skin.


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