35 Hindu Tattoo Designs That Will Have You In Awe


Some tantalizing Hindu tattoo designs that will give some inspiration and insight into the amazing culture. The Hindu religion and way of life is a diverse and interesting tapestry of science, belief, and mythology. The many deities of the Hindu religion take the form of many different spirits and assume interesting forms that make for amazing artwork and it’s only natural that the world of tattooing would adopt this beautiful culture and create some inked masterpieces. The colorful country of India is rich in culture, vibrant colors, and beautiful food


Ganesha Hindu Tattoo

Ganesha is one of the most famous and easily recognizable Indian deities due to his elephant head. He is known to be the patron arts, sciences and the remover of obstacles and is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is often the subject of much Indian art due to his uniques and interesting appearance. A god with elephants and head a man’s body.

There are many stories about how Ganesha got his elephant head but I find the most interesting one is that Parvati created him out of clay to protect the kingdom while Shiva was away. When Shiva arrived home riding on his elephant Ganesha refused him entry to the kingdom. But Shiva being the supreme lord that he is, chopped off his head to Parvarti dismay. She was very upset, so Shiva cut the beheaded the elephant he was riding and put it on Ganesha’s body. How cool is that? Well maybe not for Ganesha but it makes for a cool story.

Shiva Arm Hindu Tattoo

Shiva is the supreme god or deity in Hindu culture. He is the protector, the creator, the destroyer, He is often depicted in art and sculptures with a snake around his neck and holding his famous trident. Shiva is also the said to be the original Yogi that transcended in reality and is often referred to as the lord of Yoga.

Cute and Colorful

This Hindu tattoo features Lord Ganesha looking pretty damn cool and blinged up with all his amazing jewelry. This some great work by the artist and the style is fun and detailed.


Torso Hindu Tattoo

This is a cool yet freaky depiction of the Deity Pavrati. It’s very tribalistic in nature and features mandalas all around her face. I love the detailed and art and jewelry.

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Female Hindu Tattoos

Parvati also was known as Shakti is the goddess of love, fertility, devotion, and divine strength and power. She is an inspiration to women across the world as you can see by the tattoos she is a badass babe and wears some seriously cool outfits and jewels.


Take No Prisoners

I wouldn’t want to mess with this goddess or I might end up like that guy. She looks menacing and oddly beautiful at the same time. I wonder why she is always poking out her tongue.


Worshipping the Cow

In Hindu, culture cows are revered and worshipped for their gentle nature and being the givers of life as well as providing Indian people with much of their dairy products. In some festivals, cows are decorated and adorned with headpieces and jewels as a sign of respect to the divine creature.

Leg Hindu Tattoo

Here is a cool tattoo of Shiva holding his famous trident with a beautiful mandala in the background. The artist has done great work and the shading is and line work is not far from perfect. Namaste.


Old School Cool

This is an old school Hindu tattoo featuring Shiva and is a good representation of early Hindu art that can be found in sculptures and paintings dating back to the early orientation of the religion and way of life.


Blue Cool for School

I love the color work in this tattoo. The blue and purples really bring the tattoo to life and I believe it’s a Hindu tattoo of Shakti daughter and of course the faithful and majestical cow.

Om Tattoo

The Om symbol in Hindu culture represents the essence of ultimate reality and is used in prayer and meditation techniques to clear the mind. It is the sacred sound of the Hindu culture and is often chanted in ceremonies and prayer.


Big and Beautiful

The above Hindu tattoo features a very detailed elephant that was often Shiva’s mode of transport. I love the beautiful and colorful mandala’s in the background. This is some seriously nice color and line work.


Shoulder Hindu Tattoo

Here is an Indian Goddess with flute in hand. She embodies the feminine side of the balance in the universe.


Arm Hindu Tattoo

Here is a tidy yet simple tattoo design featuring a lotus flower and the Om symbol. The lotus flower is the national flower for India and looks great when it’s inked.


The Famous Hindu Tattoo

This is a classic version of a Ganesha picture tattooed to perfection. The artist has done some fine intricate work and absolutely nailed it. Good effort.


Sleave Hindu Tattoo

This a beautiful Indian Hindu inspired tattoo that uses color to perfection. It has depth, range, and dimension. It’s a very impressive sleave.


Ganesha Tattoo

Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu tattoos because he looks so damn cool with his elephant head and amazing jewelry and headpieces.

Simple Line Work

Above is a simple tattoo of Ganesha that has been inked with a simple outline. I wonder if she is going to get some color. Regardless it’s a nice leg tattoo.



Say Hello to Hanuman

In this Hindu tattoo is of Hanuman. He is the deity that represents inner self-control, faith. He is also part man part monkey.

Wow Wow Wow

This is an awe-inspiring Hindu tattoo of Ganesha is outstanding. From it’s electric colors to its amazing design its a fine piece of artwork and the tattoo artist deserves a mention and a medal.

Finger Hindu Tattoos

The Om symbol is a great tattoo for those smaller areas such as on the fingers on behind the ear. I have a Shiva’s trident tattooed on my middle finger. Namaste.


More Ganesha

Another great tattoo of Ganesh in mono-color with impeccable linework and design.



Close up portrait of attractive tattooed Caucasian woman in Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Kali Hindu Tattoo

This is a mean and nasty version of Kali one of the Hindu goddesses. This huge back tattoo that would have taken a long time to complete and a lot of money. The color and detail are amazing. I wish I had the dedication to get a piece of artwork that big inked on my body. Pity I can’t sit still for long enough but luckily, I still get to admire the great works.


Hand Tattoo

Well, this is super cool. I love how the trunk extends onto the finger and fine detail of the work makes for a very fine tattoo. This is one my favorites so far.


Back tattoo

What a huge mono-color back tattoo that embodies Indian artworks to the fullest. The detail is very intricate and the tattoo artist really had their work cut out for them but they executed it to perfection. The detail on the snake is amazing.

Shakti Hindu Tattoo

This a nice piece of colorful work of the goddess Shakti. I love the artist use of simple color and design with accentuated facial features and the cheeky poking on out of the tongue.

Side Body Tattoo

This is visually stunning. The detail and design of one of the most recognizable Hindu deities, Ganesh is remarkable and no amount of adjectives will do it justice. It’s simply amazing.


Another cute colorful version of Ganesha done with precision and style.

Hindu Tattoo Jewellery

Buying jewelry is expensive and you always have to be careful not to lose it. Although jewelry inked on your body is a sure fire way of looking great and you don’t have to worry about losing it. This tattoo features beautiful line work and design is amazing.



Colorful Culture

India is a very colorful and vibrant country filled and a feast for the eyes. It is certainly represented in their artwork and fashion and of course, the tattoo world has embraced it with open arms and created beautifully colored artworks.

Shiva Hindu Tattoo

As you can see, this is a very detailed and very colorful tattoo of Lord Shiva. It covers the shoulder all the way down to the elbow. Furthermore, it contains many integral parts of Indian culture and if you look carefully you can see many cobras emanating from the radiant glow. There is so much going on in this tattoo. It would be easy to get lost while gazing at it for hours.


That’s the list of 35 Hindu tattoos of all sizes, all gods and goddess, some containing vibrant colors and others relying on the fine detail. We hope that this list will give you some inspiration and ideas for your next tattoo and who knows you might even get the travel bug and go to India to explore the weird and wonderful world filled with amazing artwork and immense history and culture.


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