65 Royally Awesome King and Queen Tattoo Designs for Couples


The duality of life is always being represented in some form or another, whether it be yin and yang or sun and moon. These also represent the feminine and masculine energies that make the world whole. This can also be represented as a King and Queen tattoo.

Let’s hear it for these King and Queen tattoos!


The classic king and queen feature in a deck of cards. Obviously, the kind is waiting to be colored. It really goes to show how color can really pretty up a piece. Although the line work looks good without the color.

These king and queen finger tattoos squeeze a lot of detail into a small tattoo. This would have been very intricate work and is a testament to the tattoo artist steady hand.

You can kiss the ring but you can never touch the crown. This a fine example of matching crown tattoos. The crowns are adorned with jewels and the detail that has gone into this works is amazing.

Some cute, little, and simple his and her tattoos.  Very nice line work.

This couple has opted for some text and it really completes the tattoo. The font is nice and flowing and matches the tattoo nicely.

A royal affair. Every Queen needs a crown whether it is on her head or tattooed on her ass. In this case, the tattoo is on the edge of the wrist. This is a great spot for small simple tattoos.

These are some burly jail tat crowns. The homemade aesthetic has a charm of its own. I wonder if they drew them on each other.

I’m not sure if these are white tattoos or brands. But it’s nice to get a tattoo in this style if you have to be discreet for work purposes or you are still afraid of your parent’s reaction.

Big, black, and bold is the best way describe this tattoo. This couple has opted for the big old crown done in black. The detail and coloring has held well over time. The artist has done a great job with only using one color.

This is the simple playing card style. It features very nice lettering and solid fill. This is a great spot for those simple little tattoos. It’s a great spot for any tattoo for that matter.

Some nice little finger tattoos are done in a very simple style as this couple commits to each other. Wedding rings are so yesterday. Tattoos are the new way of confessing your infinite, undying love.

This such a cool bicep tattoo that has many layers and elements that keeps you looking and finding new things after first glance. The blue really adds some depth and texture to the piece.

This is a bright crown done in the classic style has nice fat outlines and heavy on the color. The gradients in the color give it a bit of lift. The colors are matched well and look great on the skin.

This is an intricate crown done in black. The artist has done well to maintain such line, form and shading throughout. It’s a very tidy above the ankle tattoo.

A lovely tribute to the birth of this guys son Arthur. Well, King Arthur as a matter of fact. Each element looks great together and the text marks the occasion.

This is oddly terrifying but I can not look away. The colors look great together and the piece has a lot of depth. It would have been an intricate piece to do and requiring many hours in the chair.

This couple must like a spot of chess. These two-piece use highlight to give it a 3d effect and the board has been skewed that also adds to the 3d effect.

Some very nice work done with a lot of detail and fine precision. The colors used look metallic. The text at the bottom adds to the piece and provides some smooth lines.

This couple has shown their commitment to each other and to being baller king and queens with a pair of small matching crowns on the inside of the wrist with their initials. This tattoo displays great line and font work.

These his and her skulls take inspiration from old-style horror movies. The red looks really good with the shading of the skull. An unholy matrimony.

The king and queen of the jungle. This is a couple of nice finger tattoos but the only problem with finger tattoos is that they often need a touch up every couple of years. But if you like spending time in the chair will be not a problem.

The key to the heart. A classic rendition of you can’t have one without the other. The chains or dots really tie the piece together and they both look great together or stand alone.

The king and queen of hearts in red looks good on the outer edge of the finger. This spot is also great for some long and slender line work.

Chess pieces have been part of tattoo designs since the profession began. The classic tale of good vs evil and the companionship of king and queen who essentially keep the whole team together. The highlights create more definition.

These chess piece tattoos look like they have been done some time ago yet still maintain some detail and shading. The flowing text really compliments the images.

This is very tidy work with a street art graffiti inspired text and crown. Very solid fill and clean lines make these tattoos a winner in my book.

This is a cool take on the royal heirlooms and uses watercolors to add some contrast to the tidy lines. A lot of texture is added through shapes and line work.

This is a great spot for the classic playing card King and Queen tattoo. Simple yet effective and the color remains vibrant.

These two crowns really jump off the skin with the help of fine detail and intricate shading. The text gives depth and flow to the above crowns.


This is a very unique his and her tattoo. The skull is a little bit day of the dead which is Mexican and it looks a little bit Viking as well.

It’s amazing what great perspective and use of light can do to a tattoo. These two are both really simple outlines with some amazing shading and fill to create the overall aesthetic.


Another happy couple celebrating their love with some small crown tattoos. This is a great position on the body for some nice small pieces and really makes a statement.

Wim oh way oh wim oh way. In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion and lioness sleep tonight wearing beautiful crowns. These are great pieces using minimal colors. It’s all about the shading.

These crowns are very fresh. Fresh as in recently done and fresh as in cool. The text lends well to the bigger picture. Nice line and detail work on both pieces.

There can be only one said the Highlander and this couple who have pledged their love forever condemning them to a life of companionship. The artist has used white to makes this piece come to life.


Look it’s another cute hand tattoo. The lettering is graffiti inspired and uses nice thick lines that have been drawn super clean. Overall, it’s a very tidy tattoo situated on the old snuff box.

These jail tattoos have their own element of charm with the unique etchings above the letters. I especially like the positioning.

Confessing your love for each other doesn’t have to be a walk down an aisle. There is nothing more permanent in life than taxes, death and of course tattoos. This tattoo features some majestic looking crowns and some tidy flowing font.

This is a finely detailed tattoo of a king and queen found on playing cards. Although this one is a little more sadistic and uses a skeleton for the man and an ice queen for the woman. The red in this tattoo looks great on the rose and on the heart.

Here is a couple of basic finger tattoo designs in a unique spot. It’s not often you see finger tattoos on the inside of the finger.

One life, One love. Yes indeed, Bob Marley was a wise man and spoke these words. This couple has taken it to the next level and imprinted them on their arm, together, forever. The flowing font looks great situated below the crown.

These matching king and queen tattoos are more about the lettering the than the crown. The beautiful line work really makes this tattoo work well.

There seems to be a familiar pattern here. Most of these tattoos are done on the wrist and this one is no different. It’s a very tidy piece of work with great lines and solid fill.

The wrinkly skin in this photo tells a story. This couple has been king and queen for a long time. These tidy tattoos on the snuff box ( the little dip between the thumb and pointer finger) are done well and recently by the look.

The classic king and queen on the pointer finger. When it comes to getting finger tattoos it’s better to keep them simple so they will remain looking good over time.

These are some bold black wrist tattoos. It just goes to show that black can look as interesting and defined as color.

The classic in a classic spot. That’s all I’m going to say.

A pair of nice crowns. I love the sharp and jagged lines. A very nice simple and small tattoo ideal for the wrist or ankle.

These crowns are very cartoony and remind of early Disney cartoons. It’s a lot more fun and whimiscal than many of the other tattoos on the list that have gone with a more detailed intricate crown jewels style.

The crown affair yet again. These two designs are simple with a little bit of detail and sometimes that all you need to get the message of unity across.

Another great use of a cursive font and the crown do more of the job of complimenting the font.

Here’s a lovely couple sporting some lovely crown tattoos. I like the chandelier look on the females shoulder tattoo. The inside of the shoulder is a great spot for almost any tattoo. If you go too big it will turn into a shoulder piece so it’s a good idea to keep it small unless of course, you want a shoulder piece.

These two simple crown tattoos on the hand have been really well done. They look cool with their simple lines and shading. A great way to represent the togetherness of the couple.

This is one of the best Day of the Dead inspired tattoos featuring crowns that I have seen. The colors look amazing and the line work is second to none. I love the use a red and the detail on the jewels.

Another one that uses font and a small crown. This one has colors and it really adds to the tattoo. Very cool.

Nothing says I love you like stumbling the streets drunk on a big night and getting some matching crown tattoos.

Hand me the royal tattoo gun please. These two have gone for the King and Queen hand tattoo’s with a lovely font and solid colored crowns.


This crown affair is one of fine color matching and shading. The crowns look great together and great as stand-alone tattoos. The gradient of the colors really make these tattoos pop. Well done.

This is a larger version of the king and queen from playing cards that still looks good. It just goes to show that this style can look good in a bigger form. It’s very minimal but still works well.

The iconic playing card tattoo on the hand. Imagine strolling down the street with your love one looking bad ass as your tattoos match and complement each other.

This tattoo features the king and queen of the dead. The skulls have a gothic yet comical aesthetic and the red K and Q look out of place in a good way.

Another take on the king and queen of the dead but this one takes it to the next level with both skeletons offering their heart to one another. Very nice work indeed.


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