180 Palm Tree Tattoo Designs that will Transport you to the Tropics.


Here we go 180 palm tree tattoo designs for your viewing pleasure. Seeing palm trees conjures up images of sunsets on the beach, pina colada’s all to the soundtrack of Harry Nilsson. It sounds cliche, I know. But sometimes cliches,s are a good thing. They provide a sense of familiarity and a universal understanding of what’s good in the world. Although like every aspect of human behavior there is the opposite. I think they call it duality or some shit like that. But this post is about cool palm tree art inked on the skin to give you some ideas for your next tattoo. Or even just for your viewing pleasure.


The Sihoulette Palm Tree Tattoo

Like an island in the sun and everyone’s having fun. Here is a nice postcard style palm tree tattoo. It’s a very simple design and the colors are very easy on the eye.

The Panther Chasing Coconuts

This panther loves a coconut or two. I love the tribalistic nature of this tattoo. It features great line work.

Shoulder Palm Tree Tattoo

Take me away to a tropical place to island filled with sunshine and palm trees, please. This is an interesting palm tree tattoo that uses color lots of color. It’s like the Hawaiian shirt of tattoos.

Forearm Palm tree tattoo

Palm tree designs can as simple or complex as you like. The one above is very simple but it looks good.

Hiding in the Shade

The shading in this palm tree tattoo is some really good work. It’s a little more subtle as opposed to those with a stronger outline.

Palm Tree Inspired Sleave

This is a cool sleeve with a tropical theme. It some very nice artwork that melds well and does the theme justice. Overall it’s a nice piece of art.

Palm Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a clever play on words and artwork. This guy is obviously a bit of a joker. I like his style.

Back Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a big old palm tree full of coconuts ripe for the pickings. The line work is very tidy. I look forward to seeing the end result with color.


Palms on the Arms

This is another fine example of palm trees on the arm. The rose is a bit off topic but somehow works well and balances the tattoo.

One Two Three on the Tree

Here is a simple design featuring three palm trees lining the shore of a beach. It leaves a lot to the imagination.


Torso Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a cool palm tree tattoo with skulls instead of coconuts.

Nice Breaks

This tattoo reminds of the Hawai. The surf is rolling on through and framed by two beautiful palm trees.

Cartoon Fun

Above is a fun cartoon style. I really like the different shades of green on the leaves.

It’s Bearable

I don’t really know what inspired this man to mix palm trees and bears but why the hell not. It’s his tattoo to bear.

Shoulder Palm Tree Tattoo

This palm tree tattoo has been done in a unique style. Simple yet detailed at the same time. The shading on the whale is subtle and really makes the tattoo pop.

The Skies are a Blazing

What an array of colors. The skies were ignited that day and this brush style tattoo looks great. It almost looks like a painting.

Shady Daze

The shading on this tattoo really sets it apart and makes the highlights really stand out. I especially love the islands in the background as they add depth to the design.

Trinomial Palm

A nice and simple forearm tattoo with some triangles in there for good measure. Triangle tattoos are often linked to greek as a representation of wisdom.


A Striking Piece of Art

This tattoo is easy on eye. The tattoo artist has done a great job with the use of colors as all the tones and hues match perfectly. The vortex at the top is a cool addition to add a bit of texture.

Leg Palm Tree Tattoo

The leg is as good as spot as any to get a palm tree tattoo.

This is a cool palm tree tattoo on the lower leg.

Forearm Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a detailed palm tree tattoo that uses a single color to perfection. The silhouette of the stalk tops it off to make a well rounded piece.

Color Me Bad

I don’t know if I’m showing my age here by mentioning that crappy pop group from the 80’s. Well, this is quite the opposite. I would call this palm tree tattoo. Color me good. The beautiful sunset is getting me thirsty for a pina colada or ten.

Voodoo People

This is a cool skull tattoo featuring a palm tree and the pyramids. It has a bit of a Voodoo black magic vibe.


This is an impressive sleave. The detail is fantastic although the eye on the right hand side is creeping me out.

Style for Days

I love this playful style of tattoo. It features heavy line work, pretty colors and is a bit child like in nature.

Mermaids, Sunsets, Flowers and Palm Trees

What more could you possibly want in a tattoo.

Simple Yet Effective

Side Body Palm Tree Tattoo

This a big old side body palm tree tattoo with great utilization of negative space.

Palm Across the Globe

This is a very detailed palm tree tattoo on the leg. The antique globe is a cool effect.


Japanese Style

I love the playful colors and simplicity of this tattoo. The line work has been done to perfection.

Skull Island

This reminds of the movie King Kong and skull island. A land where time forgot.

Simply Magnificent

What a fine specimen of a tattoo. The detail and color are truly amazing and the artist deserves some credit. The boat in the is also a nice touch.

Traditional Style

This is in the style made famous by Ed Hardy. It may be even one of his.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs always make for a great tattoo and this one is no different. I have no clue what it means but I like it.

Pink flamingo fun palm tree tattoo on the shoulder.

Sleave Palm Tree Tattoo

There is a lot going on in this tattoo. Each aspect is of a different nature yet it all blends well together.

A small island in the middle of nowhere.

Back Palm Tree Tattoo

Surf is cranking in this palm tree tattoo. That’s one huge wave. This guy must love to surf.

Tattoo After Care

It’s especially important to look after your tattoo once you have had it done. The healing process is an important phase and if you don’t look after it can become infected. That’s worst case scenario though. If you don’t look after it properly it will have an effect on the appearance and you may have to go back and get some touch ups.

Foot Tattoo

What a weird and wacky colorful tattoo. I love it and the foot is a great spot for it.

Tropical Sleave

The tattoo artist done a great job and the colors have really turned out superbly. It’s a pretty piece with nice shading and line work.

Tribal Styles

I love the tribal styles that we have seen on the list of palm tree tattoos. They simple and really represent the island life.

Brush Stroke Style

This brush stroke style is a testament to the artist and how the art of tattoo has progressed ove the years from humble beginnings.

Chest Palm Tree Tattoo

The chest is a good spot for getting larger tattoos for obvious reasons. The artist has used the contour of the body to his advantage by incorporating it into the design of the palm tree.

Surfer’s Paradise

A surfer’s paradise depicted in tattoo form.

In some cultures, palm fronds are a symbol of the Gods.

Take Me There

This is a scenario we all dream of. A magical moment of hitting the road with surfboards in the car searching for the endless summer.

Mighty Fine Coastlines WInding down the Seaside,

Happiness is work in the rearview mirror.

Another cool foot palm tree tattoo.

Here are some sweet silhouettes palm tree tattoos looking uber cool.

The Curse of Lono Strikes Again

If you are familiar with Dr. Hunter S Thompson you may be familiar with one of his books called the curse of Lono. Lono is a Hawaiian god and believes me you don’t want to upset him.


Leg Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is another crack at a colorful number and it’s damn fine job at the that. The silhouette of the person gazing out to the sun conjures up feelings of detachment and longing and the contrasting images of a complete and beautiful setting reflect the irony of the two feelings.

Using the Skin Wisely

Do you notice the way the sunshining is using the natural color skin. It’s a nice touch and the kids playing on the beach just make the tattoo.


Image and Text

This palm tree tattoo incorporates text. It’s a nice way to add depth and break up the image. It also adds an extra element.

Solid Black Palm Tree Tattoo

This solid black leg palm tree tattoo is a unique take and feature nicely done, solid line work. It’s a fresh take on a cool idea.

Hang Loose My Dude

Why don’t you stay just a little bit longer?

Torso Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a cool tattoo with many elements going on. I love the guy sitting on the shore meditating. It also uses simple line and dot work. It’s very nicely done.

Here is some good advice for all y’all.

Arrrrh Me Arties

By jingo, this is a huge pirate-themed tattoo with wench, treasure, and a sweet palm tree.

Calve Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a nice mono-color palm tree tattoo on the calf muscle or back of the leg.

Tropical Gold

The images, color, and style are the epitome of Hawaii.

Tiger Vs Snake

A fierce battle ensues at the beautiful setting under a palm tree on a deserted island. Who will win?

Good things can come from the strangest places.

Note to Self

This is a good reminder to take it slow and enjoy life.

A Mural of Paradise

This a mural encapsulates everything that is paradise. The linework is amazing and the shading is too.

A Play on Words

Nice Style

This style strays from the more prominent cartoon style that we have seen on the list. I like it. It’s a more realistic version of the palm tree.

More and More Forearm Palms

Matching Tattoos

This is pretty cute. These two have matching palm tree tattoos.

Some Handy Work

This tattoo uses color to its full potential and creates an amazing piece of art.

Another Palm on the Arm

What a cool collage of line and texture. No color needed, it’s fabulous without.

The Serpent

This is a take on the serpent eating the forbidden fruit. It has many connotations but I would prefer to leave it up to the individual to find meaning.

Big and Bold

This is a cool rendition of a palm tree tattoo. I like it how the artist has gone for a realistic approach. It spans all the way up the arm and then some.

Hello Hawai

This is a beautifully colored shoulder tattoo of a Hawaiian beach. Oh lord take me back. The waves are huge and the flowers are pretty.

Bicep Palm Tree Tattoo

This is a cool version of palm tree tattoo. It looks like it has been painted on.

Pink Flamingo

Pink flamingos are one of the most pretty birds and symbolize beauty and opulence.

This tattoo is downright cool.

Palm tree tattoos look great on any part of the body and are a fun and playful tattoo that reminds us of the islands.

Well, that’s the list of palm tree tattoos and what a big one it was. There were big, small, with all different styles. Hopefully, you got some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo and or even just enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful art work.



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