100+ Amazing Virgo Tattoos That Anyone Passionate About Astrology Will Love


There are many ways that people use to express themselves. Some choose to compose a song or write poems while others just prefer to write their thoughts on the skin. Tattoos are one of the most popular methods people use to tell what they are thinking about. Apart from tattooing the names of their beloved one, drawing their astrological sign is one of the symbols that people prefer to use and send a message to those around them.

If you were born between the 22nd of August and the 23rd of September, then you are a Virgo. Even though it may seem an astrological sign like all the others, Virgos have many meanings behind them. In comparison to all the other constellations, Virgo is the second in size, being also the sixth Zodiac sign. If you wonder how the Virgo sign looks like, then you should think of an “m” with the third leg containing a loop. Despite looking pretty simple, the Virgo symbol is a heavy one, saying a lot about those who are born under this sign. Take a look at some of the most popular Virgo tattoos listed below.


It is believed that this sign comes from Greek mythology and it is often associated with purity and innocence. Back in the ancient times, there was a Greek goddess named Astraea who is considered to be the one who inspired astrologists to create this sign.

Meanings of a Virgo Tattoo

The first thing someone thinks of when he sees the Virgo tattoo is the idea of virginity. The legend says that it is an Earth Zodiac Sign because Astraea was the last Immortal who left the Earth. Moreover, the Virgo symbol was also associated with the harvest idea. Therefore, there are many people who combine this Zodiac Sign with a field full of crops.

Moreover, the Virgo constellation cannot be visible all year round. You can see it only during the spring. Why? The explanation goes back to the Greeks as well. The Greek mythology talks about Ceres who was the goddess for harvest. Thus, if you want to transmit the idea of prosperity and wealth, you can combine the Virgo sign with the sun.

Based on these meanings, there are various ways how you can tattoo the Virgo on your body. If you want to be discrete, you can draw the astrological sign only. You can go even further and choose the Virgo constellation as a sign of more in-depth knowledge of astrology. For those of you who are passionate about the Greek gods and mythology, you can draw the image of Astraea. If you want your message to be less obvious, you can induce the idea of purity and innocence associated with the Virgo sign by drawing a small child on your body. Purity can be also symbolized by drawing nudes.

If you want to connect yourself to the idea of harvest and prosperity, then having the goddess Ceres on your body is the way to go. On the other hand, the place where you choose to position your tattoo can also influence your message. If you want to be more discrete, you can ink it on your neck, lower back, or abdomen. You can choose to tattoo your arm or leg with the Virgo symbol and transmit a powerful message to the people around you.

What should you know about a Virgo personality?

If you have a Virgo in your life, then you should do anything you can to keep him or her in your life forever. Virgos are one of a kind humans, possessing unique personality traits. The person born in the sign of Virgo possesses high observing skills, being also extremely analytical. When it comes to their professional life, Virgos work very hard and will not give up until they deliver the task as requested. They are also highly practical and use a variety of methods to make things happen.

On top of that, Virgos are extremely kind. They will never leave a friend or relative in need to suffer without trying everything they can to solve their problem. They will take care of other people’s wellbeing and do their best to contribute to an increased state of happiness for the people around them. The people from their network appreciate Virgos for their ability to solve things fast and without errors. In addition, Virgos are considered to be some of the best friends thanks to their ability to stay open-minded and offer valuable advice on any cause.

On the other hand, Virgos can also be very shy and would rather prefer less attention from others than being on the spot. Their analytical skills help them be successful in domains like mathematics or science, as well as arts or literature. Their great attention to detail helps them obtain excellent results in these areas. In addition, Virgos calculate every step they make, which makes them never leave something to chance. They like to have everything well-organized and have predictability over what it’s going to happen next.

What variations can you use on Virgo tattoos?

Virgo tattoos are one of a kind. This sign is very special and given its variety of meanings it can be combined with various design elements to transmit a more powerful message. Moreover, given its high versatility, it is very easy to create a unique design and never meet someone with a similar tattoo than yours. You can draw this Zodiac Sign using a variety of colors, shapes, and combining it with many other symbols. Take a look at the examples below and get your inspiration for your next Virgo tattoo.

You can also choose to draw a very discrete symbol on your wrist, leg, or arm. You can draw even the tiniest Virgo symbol on your body, but you cannot diminish its power. Drawing this Zodiac Sign shows power, but also innocence and purity.

You can also combine the Virgo symbol with colors. Think of Ceres, the goddess of harvest, who transmits the idea of prosperity and wealth. Use vivid colors to show the world who you are and let your tattoo speak for itself. A tattoo full of colors shows that you are a happy person who enjoys life. In general, optimistic and happy persons are the ones who manage to obtain anything they want in their life. Moreover, if you are also a Virgo, then it becomes normal to follow your dreams with ambition and don’t give up until you succeed. Therefore, a tattoo full of color will always rememeber you about your dreams and will bring you back on track when you feel that things become too difficult.

The Virgo constellation is one of a kind. Being the second biggest constellation, it can be transformed in a great tattoo. Drawing the Virgo constellation on your body shows a higher understanding of this astrology sign and shows the others how proud you are to be born on such a strong Zodiac Sign.

Moreover, if you think of the tattoo placement, the Virgo constellation fits practically eveywhere. There are various drawings of this constellations. Therefore, you have enough flexibility to choose the one that represents your sign best and is also suitable for the place where you want to make your tattoo. In addition, this constellation looks good in any size and location. If you want to make people wonder what is your tattoo representing, then you can draw it on your arm or in a very visible place. On the other hand, if you want to keep this tattoo just for yourself, then having it in a rather hidden place like the back or chest can be a more suitable idea.

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The Virgo sign is suitable for any part of the body. You can draw it on your arm and combine it with other Zodiac signs and symbols. Moreover, if you want to draw the goddess symbolizing the Virgo, then the arm is the perfect place where you can try it.

On the other hand, if you opt for the minimalistic version, then you can ink it in smaller places like behind the year, on your back, or on your wrist. It doesn’t matter how big or small your Virgo tattoo is. It will transmit the same powerful message on any variation.

When you are a Virgo and you want a tattoo with this Zodiac sign, you know very well who you are and what you want to expose about your personality. Therefore, it happens often times that people add close to their Virgo tattoo also two or three of their character traits. So, the next time you meet someone who doesn’t know too much about you, it is enough to just show your tattoo and it will speak for you. Moreover, the shape you choose for your Virgo sign transmits a message as well. For example, if you want to emphasize your analytical skills, then you will more likely add geometrical precision and draw clear lines for your astrology signs. On the other hand, if you want to talk about your playful side, then you combine your sign with flowers, poetry, or stars.

Tattoo FAQs

What are the basic rules to follow to prepare for a tattoo?

It is very important that you keep your skin hydrated and you are rested. When you have taken care of your skin, the pain will be a bit less intense as you will be more relaxed and have a higher tolerance to pain. Moreover, if you are planning to have a tattoo covering a large size of your body part, then you should eat well before leaving home and eventually take a friend or two with you to accompany you.

What are the best clothes to wear while having a tattoo?

You should wear comfortable clothes. Imagine that you will spend hours on the tattoo chair and stay still in the same position. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that if you would wear tight clothes you wouldn’t feel comfortable.

DOs and DON’Ts when having a tattoo

It is recommended that you take a shower before and be ready to spend several hours on the tattoo chair. You should also have a talk in advance with the artist and prepare all the requested documentation. Finally, you should eat well and also have a desert in advance as your sugar level might drop.

How painful is actually a tattoo?

If you think of a scale from 1 to 10, then having a tattoo is at level 3. In comparison to a tattoo, having a piercing is on a scale of 7 out of 10. You can compare it with the moments when you had a scratch on a sunburn. Moreover, the pain is not constant while you are having your tattoo done.

How much time will your skin need to heal?

In general, your skin will heal in about two weeks. However, not all skins are the same which means that the healing process might be different from one person to another. You should wait between 4 to 6 weeks until you have your skin back to its initial state.

Is getting a tattoo safe for everyone?

A tattoo is perfectly safe as long as you have a healthy skin. Your tattoo artist will ask you a set of questions before doing your tattoo and ask you for a set of documents to prove that you are a healthy person.

Bottom Line

Having the Virgo symbol tattooed on your skin talks a lot about your personality. Virgos are considered to be innocent and pure, but they are also some of the most reliable friends. If you are proud of your birth Sign and you want to always remember that you are a powerful person, then drawing the Virgo symbol is the best idea you can have. Live your life to its fullest and use tattoos to express your feelings and messages. This article will help you decide which drawing of your Virgo sign works best for your personality. Moreover, it will help you understand if you should colors and where is the best place on your body to add it.


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