92 Wolf Tattoo Designs To Get You Howling at the Moon


The wolf is a creature of power and mystique. Humans have embedded the wolf into our culture through film, art, music and of course tattoos. Everybody loves wolves from the werewolf to the mountain unless of course you’re little red riding hood. In this post, we take a look at some of the most banging wolf tattoos online. Get ready to howl at the moon while you scroll through these absolutely stunning wolf tattoo designs.

wolf tattoos

Arm Wolf Tattoo

This wolf tattoo is a blend of some druid style art and a cartoon wolf. It’s a good way of mixing it up and creating something unique. When going for your next tattoo you could maybe try something like this. Maybe bionic meets nature.

Wolf and Prey

The wolf wrapped in sheep clothing is a common saying meaning that you’re a boss dressed as a peasant or something like that. Is the sheep wearing a wolf hat or is the wolf eating the sheep?

Tricep Wolf Tattoo

This is another mash-up wolf tattoo featuring a wolf and a nautical star. It features some very tidy line work. The shading on the wolf is done using dots and lines making for an interesting looking tattoo.


Lower Arm Tattoo

This is an interesting piece. I like how the artist has used shapes to design the wolf. The colors are dark and haunting making this piece an absolute winner.

Gypsy and the Wolf

This wolf tattoo is done in the old school Sailor Jerry style. It has a gypsy with her spirit animal, a big bad wolf. The colors are not too bright which is nice sometimes when you’re going for a more sedated or natural look.

Bionic Wolf

This tattoo is totally badass. The bionic wolf has circuitry and everything. The blues and greens are stunning. A fine tattoo indeed.


Forrest Wolf

A wolf is his natural environment. He is probably staking little red riding hood, waiting for her grandma to get home and for a nice tasty meal.

Fractal Wolf Tattoo

Another split wolf tattoo featuring some beautiful fractal work on one side of his its face. Its blue eyes finish off the piece nicely and create a haunting effect.

Forearm Tattoo

Here is a nice portrait of a wolf in a triangle. It kind of looks like a hunters trophy. The detail is fine and it’s a very tidy piece of work overall.

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Dead Wolf

This little wolf drew the wrong end of the stick. He got stabbed through the stomach on his way to the river and now it’s dead. But its legend will live on through the tattoo.

Leg Wolf Tattoo

Here is a huge leg tattoo. The hamstring is an ideal spot for big tattoos as it has lots of surface area. This tattoo clearly needs some more work done.


Shoulder Wolf Tattoo

Wow! That’s one vicious looking wolf. The Native Americans were one of the first humans to ever interact with wolves. Some even had them for pets. There are many Native American folktales with wolf characters.

Head Wolf Tattoo

This head tattoo is pretty gnarly. It’s an evil looking skull tattoo. Skull tattoos are more popualr than ever as society is embracing the tattoo culture.

Hand Wolf Tattoo

This sleeve tattoo is enormous and brightly colored to boot. If you look closely you can see the wolf on his hand. It’s a bit cartoony although features tremendous detail.


Thigh Wolf Tattoo

Here is a big old doe-eyed wolf tattoo right on the thigh. The blue of the eyes really sets it if off and mingles well with the blue jewelry.

Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cool wolf tattoo on the bicep. The artist has done a bang-up job using brush strokes to create a very realistic portrait of the noble wolf.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Let’s get tribal. This is a tribal wolf tattoo. It looks like something from the Maori culture. It’s very old school and was done a long time ago as you can see from the fading.

What on Earth is going on Here?

This a strange wolf tattoo. At first, it seems kind of messy then emerges as a work of art the more you look at it. It looks like it has been done with crayon.


Princess Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos don’t have to be big and scary. This wolf tattoo has an element of femininity. The wolf looks very girly and the flowers reinforce this appeal.

Chest Wolf Tattoo

Here is a big and badass chest tattoo of a wolf or bear. It’s hard to distinguish. The shortness of the snout would suggest a bear but the ear would suggest a wolf. Anyway, I’m confused. Not to worry.


Crescent Moon Wolf Tattoo

The classic tale of the wolf and the moon. A man turns into a werewolf on a full moon. So that’s only once a month. Luckily or we would have to fend them off more often. Luckily it’s only a crescent moon in this tattoo so we should be ok.


Hand Wolf Tattoo

This is an interesting take on a wolf tattoo. It’s a colorful snarling little beast that looks pretty damn cool.


Simple Wolf Tattoo

I like this one. It’s a simple design of a wolf using minimal color. The framing of the forest completes the piece.

Japanese Style Wolf Tattoo

These next few tattoos look a bit Asian. It’s a very cool style and a colorful one at that. The wolf tattoo below features a heavy outline and some really nice shading.

Colorful Tattoo

This is a unique take on a wolf tattoo. It’s fun and whimsical far from the big and scary like the other ones. The colors gel well together and it’s a really cool design.


Black and White Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cool black and white wolf tattoo. It’s big, bold, black, and badass. The eyes are left glazed over which is a cool effect.

Old Blue Eyes

Not Frank Sinatra. It’s a wolf tattoo featuring some really cool blues. The highlights of the tattoo create a three-dimensional aesthetic. Overall, this tattoo is a winner in my book.


Full Moon Wolf Tattoo

The classic full moon and wolf with some sacred geometry weaved in there too. The detail is amazing on the wolf and the moon.


Bold Wolf Tattoo

This wolf tattoo uses heavy shading to get the message across and that message across. It has really heavy shading which would have taken quite some time to do.

Paisley Wolf Tattoo

You wouldn’t think that paisley and wolf tattoos go together but the artist had made this one work. It’s a unique take on the half and half tattoo. It represents the dualistic nature of the wolf.

Leg Tattoo

This is some seriously good tattooing. It contains some very nice lines with uniques symbols. The artist is a very creative cookie indeed.

Chest Wolf Tattoo

Here is a wolf vomiting up a skull. Wolves eat all the fleshy bits and leave the bones for the vultures. The bones can get caught in their throat and cause them to choke.


Visually Stunning

This wolf tattoo is absolutely amazing. The detail is on point and the artist has nailed it. The wolf’s gaze is ambiguous and vacant.


Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

The above tattoo features a watercolor effect which has become quite popular in the tattoo world. In watercolor tattoos an outline is never used so the colors can wash into each other creating a cool natural paint effect.



Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are getting more and popular as culture has accepted the tattoo culture into society. If you ever wanted to get a neck tattoo now is the time to do it. This one features some really nice line work. The artist has done some nice work.


Tattoo Aftercare

It’s very important to take good care of your tattoos after you get them so they maintain their original color and lines. Always keep the area moist using a cream recommended by your tattooist. If you have any problems give your tattooist a call or head to your local doctor. The internet is also a wealth of information when it comes to tattoos.


Big Bad Leg Tattoo

I’ve seen this picture on a shirt. It’s a classic image of the forest and a wolf howling at a full moon. It some really handy work and the tattoo artist did an amazing recreation.

Sternum Tattoo

The sternum is another spot to get a tattoo rather than on the pectoral. The wolf tattoo above looks as fresh as a daisy as you can see the redness around it.


Flowers and Wolf Tattoos

Pairing a badass wolf with some flowers is a nice way to freshen the whole situation. It makes the wolf seem not as scary and powerful.

Amidst the Forest

Wolves love to prowl around in forests and eat people’s grandmothers then wait for their grandkids to come over and try to eat them too.


Calf Wolf Tattoo

This wolf tattoo is still new. Look at red this pale man’s leg is. It’s a cool rendition using a natural sketch style. The coloring is not too in your face which is a nice change from the more vivid looking tattoos.



Logo Tattoo

This is a simple yet cool design for a wolf tattoo. It kind of looks like a logo from a band or product. If you have any skills in graphic design you won’t have any trouble whipping up your own tattoo.


I don’t know what is going on here. But I like it. The above tattoo is one crazy style but I can still make out that it’s a wolf. The end result is amazing.

Side View Front View Wolf Tattoo

Here is a cool double take of an angry wolf. The tattoo features a wolf from two perspectives which is a nice little touch.

She Wolf

The wolf mother or she-wolf is a symbol of strength courage and power. It’s a great way to show you’re proud of being a woman.

Arm Tattoo

This is one hefty arm tattoo and would be hard not to spot if you were walking down the street. The red background really brings the wolf to the forefront and the red scratches blend the overall images together.

Asian Styles

Here is a cool Asian style tattoo. If you look closely you can see that it’s a cover-up job. The artist has done nicely to cover up the old tattoo.

Upper Stomach Wolf Tattoo

This is one crazy looking wolf with some nice geometric pattern. The artist has done an interesting job on the tattoo and has nailed it.


Here is another cool design. The wolf has a third eye. hahaha. It’s a very cool style and features no outlines. It’s all simple thin lines and some nice coloring.

The Prize for Most Unique Wolf Tattoo Goes to This One!

I love this tattoo. It’s so simple. All the elements work well together and it’s a very unique take on a wolf tattoo.




Is it a horse, or a wolf tattoo. I would have to say it’s wolf due to the big teeth but the elongated neck would suggest a horse. Anyway, I’m confused and I hope you are too.

Back Wolf Tattoo

Here is one of the first back tattoos on the list. The back is the ideal spot for getting large murals. You could even get a number of different large back tattoos, there is plenty of room back there.


There it is people. The ninety-two wolf tattoos. There was quite a variety on the list so I hope you got some ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo. If you didn’t wait until there is a full moon and go howl at it. The ideas will come flooding in and before you know it you will be slung down in a chair enduring some of that lovely tattoo pain that we all love. Good luck and may the spirit of the wolf be with you on your journey down the road of life.



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